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Soft, personable to some, the series leaves the audience with a warmhearted feeling, but the plots are simple to follow. The one difference between the two is Nichijou leans more towards the crackfic genre than Acchi Kocchi does, as the latter takes a more realistic take.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Although the comedy in Acchi Kocchi isn't as extreme as Nichijou it definitely has the same amount of laughs with an added bit of cuteness.
report Recommended by exin
-Both contains School Life/ Slice of Life/Romance and is centered around comedy. -Both animes are compiled of short stories, and are full 30 minute episodes.
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Acchi Kocchi is like a laid back version of Nichijou.They both have a similar type of comedy,but Nichijou is a little more extreme.Even with the outrageous comedy Nichijou has both shows also share adorable heartwarming moments as well.
report Recommended by Ropera
The art style for both animes are very similar. They both have a light hearted humor as well. Both were very enjoyable, and strongly recommended!
report Recommended by ThisDreamcatcher
Acchi Kocchi (Place to Place) and Nichijou have a similar trait of humor and pace. They don't have as quick humor as Osomatsu-san or One Punch Man, but still keep it entertaining. Personally both art styles are incredibly appealing to look at.
report Recommended by KojiNeko-chan
These 2 anime are somewhat similar to each other, both about easygoing and crazy school kids, doing stupid things, exaggerating simple events and a notch of cuteness in both of them. If you liked either of these, watch the other one.
report Recommended by FarKiD
both are funny, their the kind anime that you can sit down and forget all your troubles.
report Recommended by unlmtdbldwrks