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Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time
Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time
Aug 14, 2021 4:58 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - The Animated Series
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - The Animated Series
Apr 1, 2021 7:51 PM
Watching 2/12 · Scored 7
Re:cycle of the Penguindrum
Re:cycle of the Penguindrum
Apr 1, 2021 7:06 PM
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Eden: It's an Endless World!
Eden: It's an Endless World!
Feb 4, 2021 8:07 PM
Dropped 31/127 · Scored 5
Yubisaki to Renren
Yubisaki to Renren
Feb 1, 2021 10:47 PM
Reading 10/? · Scored 7
Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Jan 31, 2021 8:49 PM
Reading 76/? · Scored 8

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Spheromancer Jan 13, 1:42 PM
Happy Birthday. Hope you've had a good day.
Hovari Jan 6, 5:09 PM
You wrote my exact thougts on rental oniichan and I must thank you for that because my writing is ass making it close to impossible to do it myself. I am not saying that your writing is good because it definitely isn't, it fucking sucks, but beggars can't be choosers. Atleast someone said what had to be said.
CriticalShock Aug 18, 2021 1:34 PM
Rich Anno keeps saying he's depressed and maybe it's true, who knows. What really matters is that he was fed up with Evangelion, Rebuild was a passionless project and it shows. The intention was to make Eva more accessible to a wider audience, it was doomed to be inferior to NGE and EoE since the beginning for that reason alone.
miyagitard Feb 8, 2021 1:23 PM
bruh how you gonna rate rental oniichan a 1/10 smh
Spheromancer Jan 23, 2021 5:13 AM
Mustang and many other FMAB characters are great. Unfortunately, I'm afraid he won't stay in my top 10 for much longer, there are just too many great characters (that's why I made a top 50 in my profile, but I haven't updated it in a long while).
Returnbywaifu Jan 18, 2021 5:12 PM
Hi, how are we doing? Hope everything is going well for you.

What would you like to know about the web novel? I think this request is a first lol.

Before we begin, please keep in mind that I have read the WN only up to the content related to the last episode of the anime and know only bits and pieces after the events of the Sanctuary. Now that I have more time on my hands I should be able to continue reading the WN a bit and see if I can reach arc 5 in a week.

Anyway, if you go back here to the threat about the Subaru and Emilia's scene, there is another user that has said that this kind of behaviour on Subaru's part keeps repeating to a certain extent in arc 5 and 6 (I believe both the WN and LN are on arc 6). Apparently Subaru is jelous of Julius again. I think Emilia grabs Julius' hands for some reason or something like that and Subaru gets extra mad.

That being said, I can tell you a bit about what the Web Novel + the anime says about Subaru and my interpretation of him and the relationship he has with girls.

You and I both seem to agree with how toxic and entitled Subaru is with Emilia, and this is stemming from a very low self-esteem and self-hatred. In fact, in the Rem's speech scene in season 1, the anime paints that as if Subaru has overcomed his faults and hatred for himself but the truth is that the WN makes it clear that he still hates himself. When Rem "cheers him up" after that point, it's more that he still feels awful about himself but needs to keep going because there is a girl that loves him instead of changing his perception of himself. He has had a very limited interaction with the opposite gender up to this point, too, so hopefully he can better himself in the future.

Anyway, in case it interests you, I will share some fragments of the WN that show Subaru's creepiness and jealousy.

Of course, SPOILERS for the WN (Translator: Nicholas Ipsen, Editor: Translation Chicken)

- On the carriage:

Emilia: You always just naturally sit next to me huh, Subaru?
Subaru: Well, it’s natural for someone to want to sit next to the girl they like, so I want to sit as close as I can, and breathe the same air as you
Subaru: loving Emilia-tan, me looking at Emilia-tan in a perverted way, and me wanting to help Emilia-tan are all my true, honest feelings
Subaru: I was just thinking how nice it would be to lift up your hair so I could stare at your neck pervertedly.
Subaru: Just to make it clear, I love Rem a lot, but Rem still loves me WAY more, you know? She’s completely fallen head over heels for me, and I seriously can’t understand why

When they return to the mansion:

Subaru (when addressing Otto): I see you’re happily chatting with Emilia-tan while I was gone, it would be nice if you go and drop dead now.

Subaru: By the way, where’s Frederica gone off too? How could her good judgment be so lacking that she would leave my Emilia-tan and Otto alone together…

Subaru (when addressing Otto): It’s just that when I think of you touching my Rem with your dirty, money-grubbing hands, I can’t help myself…… I’m really sorry

Subaru: He’s a travelling merchant you know? Once his business is over, he’ll be out of here before you know it…… Actually, just the thought of an un-shipped male character other than myself coming near Emilia-tan, aaah I can’t stand it!

Narrator: In a way, those exaggerations were actually his true feelings. Ever since baring his heart to Emilia, Subaru chased her with an air of indomitable invincibility, and his heart is set ablaze with jealousy whenever another guy approaches her.

And much, much more. I suggest you take a look at the WN when you have the time, as iit expands a lot on the characters. What the anime does is to generally is to leave out most of Subaru's disgusting traits so that he may be more tolerable to readers I imagine.

Hope that helped.

Nice to meet you!

ZJude Dec 29, 2020 6:45 AM
Maybe we will get to see his full story soon 😔
_anita Dec 28, 2020 8:42 PM
mmmm IRDK ó﹏ò the only manga off the top of my head its Hirunaka no ryuusei, the FL wants someone who had everything to win but keeps the youngest. in other works by the same sensei, the heroine actually choose the one with the greatest age gap... also Kuzu no honkai (but nobody stays, except one, with who they really wanted at first) es alguno de esos?

what i can do is write with concrete sentences in engl, for the mistery LOL, and meter algunos slangs en latam
ZJude Dec 28, 2020 4:53 AM
Himmel from Sousou no Frieren.
_anita Dec 27, 2020 9:23 PM
pero hablas naturalmente español o solo entendes? depending on what you answer me, am still in english or empiezo a contestar en latam
_anita Dec 27, 2020 9:45 AM
i added about the second lead syndrom to my profile ಠ⌣ಠ apparently really exists ajajajjgkjlk
_anita Dec 23, 2020 6:40 PM
i like reply you cuz its naisu to have similar tastes and i can trust to start something that you rated high.

and yugami-kun is hilarious, he's so determined it makes me love him! and how his world makes so much sense TO HIM yet for the rest its a kind of complicated jajaja. the girls and the kohai are also great. for now its very enjoyable!

my taste for shoujo started when i wanted to complete the plot of (which already told you) that i prefer to call "unfinished shoujos of a single season to promote the manga" and by association i found good, average or really interesting things (with or without anime adaptation). its not that i don't like generic shoujos, it's that i get bored if they're so long. if its going to be cliché i prefer it to last between 6 and 20 chapters and happy ending for the entire cast. if its more extensive and its the same commonplace of misunderstandings and submissive heroin, it gives me anxiety. there, i preferer a big sad drama ajajaja and if its going to develop slowly, prefer a slice-of-life that stops at the humor, precisely, of everyday events
my guilty pleasure of generic works is the BL, all the shit i buy it. but also its frecuent to find short works, more pleasant to me. tho sometimes you can find gems from this subgenre

talking about gems, GK is over for now and the season finale was impressive T⌣T btw, sometimes you write some words with accent mark, your native is a romantic languages?

have naisu holidays! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

_anita Dec 16, 2020 7:26 PM
well as usual, i started to reply and then checked your list and it turned out that you did read mairimashita senpai. sorry for my all sweet but useless advise ajajahljkjkñ
_anita Dec 16, 2020 7:12 PM
only one episode of GK left from this season ノಠДಠノ

i must to say i watched yugami kun has no friends' onas cuz you have the mangaka in your fav list (/w\) and truly rated with 6 cuz its a promotional manga short, didnt find it wrong or anything. in fact, i started reading the first 10 chapters and really like it for now!
i didn't read much else because am in the final stretch of the year at my job and also got hooked up with mairimashita senpai, a (not so) generic yet wholesome school shoujo. i like that it avoids popular-girl x withdrawn-boy or shy-girl x fuckboy tropes. both are able to interact socially like regular people (in a good way lol) and have their groups of friends, they've some other communication problems but its not the exaggerated and constant misunderstandings common place. its very cute

ufghh of course i know the Junji Ito's work, one of my tattoo artist friends is a huge fan and has designs inspired by him. but i never really caught up. when i get a little less mental issues and don't feel like can be triggered, i'm going to devour them

i think avoided mushishi and natsume simply cuz at their airing time i had stopped watching anime so often and when caught up again, they didn't quite appeal to me. BUT... how knows, my holidays are near jajajaj

biscuit hammer and insomaniacs, write down :) have a nice day too!
_anita Dec 13, 2020 8:07 PM
impressive, how fast! ajajja am not update with the manga, only read the chapters that were adapted in the second season cuz i was curious about Inkarmat. but when the third season was announced, i held back. golden kamuy is gold (once again lol) i totally agree with the depth of character building. even with all seriousness of action and historical elements, there's no lack of humor!

i'm not watching kingdom because i never hooked on the previous seasons. pierrot can animate VERY good choreographies but they're also masters of filler jeje

very glad that you liked my suggestions, can also advise me something that catches your eye and you think i might be interested ^w^

the one of the tanukis you mean Uchouten Kazoku? i really love that show! the magic element with the slice-of-life vibe its so wholesome. nd the characters show not only they nuances also weaknesses. i think i can identify with any of the brothers, and the frog-tanuki-brother represents me many times. the novel autor is the same of The Tatami Galaxy and Yoru wa Mijikashi Arukeyo Otome. and the designer of characters is the mangaka from Kakushigoto and Sayonara zetsubou-sensei (and Katte ni Kaizou, some very bizarre and hilorious anime that i watched yesterday)
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