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Samurai Champloo

Alternative Titles

English: Samurai Champloo
Japanese: サムライチャンプルー


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: May 20, 2004 to Mar 19, 2005
Premiered: Spring 2004
Broadcast: Saturdays at 10:30 (JST)
Studios: Manglobe
Source: Original
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.501 (scored by 295,810 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #1062
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #66
Members: 539,317
Favorites: 19,379


The music is a big influence for both anime. Hip-hop and jazz. Same director, but completely different settings. Even so, they match up very well. You can't watch one without the other. 
report Recommended by BlueYoshi
Very stylized action sequences. Both are samurai themed. Each has a very serious samurai as well as a more laid back, energetic samurai. 
report Recommended by Phill-z
both samurai and have awesome art and fighting scenes 
report Recommended by amade0
Have a similar sharp visual style plus a modern edginess. 
report Recommended by EStaples8504
Similar feeling, in both main characters have some secrets from their past,unique style of fighting and reason to travel a lot .Both take place in the past. 
report Recommended by helensan
Both samurai, sword cutting Anime with enough comedy to keep you entertained 
report Recommended by -steez-
If Bahamut is similar to anything, what it's similar to isn't anime. The wheel scene in ep1, in particular, rammed home the dark-yet-funny tone that's reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean, which has the same two male (Mr. Uptight Honest & Mr. Laid-back Criminal) and one BEAUTIFUL female lead trio as Bahamut. ...but, yes: if there's an anime Bahamut IS similar to, Samurai Champloo is it. Bahamut is an anime that will be enjoyed and appreciated more by Western audiences than the Japanese, and that's Watanabe's claim to fame as a director: WESTERN STYLE. Champloo has the same male lead duo dynamic where both want to  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
In case you didnt know, the only difference is mecha. Look out for the baseball special in Champloo, genius! Also the GIGA arrow in samurai 7 is one to look out for too. Classic. 
report Recommended by dec
Not very similar in era, but Black Lagoon is very similar in style to Cowboy Bebop. One parallel one could make is that both Champloo and Lagoon deal with pirates. But do take my word for it, you'll definately enjoy Black Lagoon. 
report Recommended by Zubatuba
these two shows are similar in that they both deal with a woman, in the old days of the samurai, hiring 1 or 2 strong guys to help them pursue their goals. they both have comedy and a LOT of action 
report Recommended by nate23nate23
Samurai Story. In genre these anime are totally different as far as action, comedy, adventure, etc. They are however historical and involve samurai, so if you are search of those, you might like to watch Saraiya, but don't expect to see a lot of fighting in it.  
report Recommended by mangos
Both are similar in the way that they are both samurai anime with some anachronisms and silly humor with the protagonist being very strong. Even the main girl character of both series eats a lot.  
report Recommended by SatokoChan
Both shows emphasize on their style and have similar music, sharing a mutual music composer, Tsutchie. Gangsta and Samurai Champloo both have 2 main male characters who are skilled in combat and 1 female character in its central cast. They both encompass slow paced action and are produced by the same animation studio Manglobe. The main contrast is that Gangsta's setting is more modern while Samurai Champloo is set during the Edo Period. 
report Recommended by LeFlower-kun
The art style and overall vibe is very similar. 
report Recommended by Yumkoalameat
they both involve samurai meeting a young female and agreeing to travel together in search of another samurai. i think both are really good and if you liked samurai champloo you will also like samurai deeper kyo! 
report Recommended by arialee
Samurai Champloo and Seirei no Moribito are very unique anime that stand apart from the rest. Taking place in feudal Japan, both have to offer high production values that shine in the highly detailed landscapes and very fluid animation. The fighting scenes are pieces of careful choreography that blend with the soundtrack. While Samurai Champloo is zany and filled with pop culture references that make it deliberately anachronical, Seirei no Moribito reproduces the period rather accurately and is a sober anime about human emotions; both defy a too strict categorization in a particular genre.  
report Recommended by Nocturnal
In both series there's rap and beatboxing and they fit perfectly with their respective themes 
report Recommended by Doomzey
It's kind of similar in the concept of two guys traveling with a girl. Although both animes are quite different, where in Hatenkou Yuugi, in my opinion, there is much more comedy and romance, I think you might like this anime a lot. 
report Recommended by Peace_Child
Champloo and Kenshin are both samurai stories. Cruel and impressively realistic, these series show us fields of honour for every character. They meet their destiny with blade in their arms and love in their hearts. You'll also enjoy great love stories without verbiage and superfluous expressions. 
report Recommended by Iahel
If you like "slow" anime, easy ones. I think you will love it. 
report Recommended by RebeccaBee
The plot and setting in these series are nothing alike but they both give you the same feeling. Both series start off with a bang and are super addicting. Both have moments that make you laugh until you can't breath, moments that make you go WTF? and moments that bring you to the brink of tears. Both shows make it look like they'll be ridiculous at first, but in reality they have deep meanings hidden away. If I had to describe these shows in one word it would be: FUN 
report Recommended by roselovespuppies
Both are about awesome Samurais. Both involve fusion of medieval japan with hip hop culture. 
report Recommended by Suave_
They're both similar in terms of coincidental meetings between male and female in the samurai era where the male has to protect the female even though he doesn't really want to, except Samurai Champloo has 2 males and 1 female and is more realistic to the era where as Brave 10 has a mix of several powers and more colour. 
report Recommended by Keodara
The way the story is told is similar. There is an over all goal which they are headed towards but the focus of the anime is not on that goal but more on the journey and comedy. They also share the whole 'happen-to-run-into-each-other-and-travel-together' plot like classic adventure animes. 
report Recommended by bavoshiasb
Why these anime, they are so original, have a lot of action and comedy, if you watch both you will love them. 
report Recommended by Xzorcist
Two serious samurai who protect and travel with a young naive girl looking for her father.  
report Recommended by Stachipopp
Darker than Black has a similar episodic style to Samurai Champloo. Also similar to Samurai Champloo, Darker than Black has a core group of characters whose histories and motives are gradually revealed as the plot progresses, along a bevy of interesting minor characters. 
report Recommended by Ephesus
Similar but Different ♥ A perfect combination to describe them differing from any other samurai story. - Both series evolve around an awesome and epic samurai period. - Of course, battles with swords wont miss in either of them. - Main characters have the same badass side in both series, obviously. - Now, it may be not be important for someone but i think is another good point to mention: the main characters (Mugen and Masamune) have been both played by the same voice actor (Nakai Kazuya) which makes high up the level of their charism even more. Okay, all the above stuff maybe can be found in little doses  read more 
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Both have astounishing, stylish, well choregraphied fights. And to support that fact, Samurai Champloo's animation director Jun Nakai has worked on Tokyo Majin as chief animation director. 
report Recommended by BlackRicePoutine
The atmosphere Kurozuka gives off reminds me of a darker Samurai Champloo. Both have samurai sword fights and the like. 
report Recommended by RaitoTheReaper
This action comedy has some similar characters. Although instead of a steampunk western this is a historical samurai series. Expect the same kind of humor and epic plots. This is the only anime i can think of that even holds a candle to the epic masterpiece that was trigun. Same great production quality and similarly deep plots with a little less humor. 
report Recommended by myahon
Similar format. The show is largely episodic but has a main story that develops over time. In addition, they both have top-notch animation, sound design, editing etc. Doesn't have the "feel" of most conventional, commercial anime. 
report Recommended by rdeyoung8
Both revolve around a charismatic trio fighting nameless baddies, with fighting as the main appeal. 
report Recommended by Brady_Saylor
Watanabe Shinichiro is the director of each of these series. Music is a huge focal point in both series, Hip-Hop being Samurai Champloo, and Jazz being Kids on the Slope. There is strong bond between a group of three friends that grows stronger as the series goes on. 
report Recommended by certeefiedpr
Both are set in a "historic" setting. Friendship and betrayal are also themes existent in both shows. Both casts set out on a journey which encompass the visiting of various places in different scenarios and situations, at times also aiding those who need help. Both set of characters are extremely similar, including the comedy incorporated and the colloquial yet hilarious interactions between them. These characters also undergo a series of trials and adversity, as well as ecstasies and triumphant moments, and most importantly, the character development in both series is constantly emphasised and done amazingly.  
report Recommended by LeFlower-kun
Onihei plays in the same era as Samurai Champloo and invloves some neat sword fighting. It is, however portrayed from the perspective of a police chief (essentially) and although there is no greater over all story, more and more characters are introduced with each episode, which all have their role to play. I think it has less fighting than Samurai Champloo and isn't quite as charming but the characters are sympathetic and feel human. Overall a pretty underrated anime but very worth it. 
report Recommended by King_Fisto
Both set in Edo period with lots of action and mini journeys. 
report Recommended by J-Pop
In both Clamploo and Black Cat, individuals capable of holding their own groups together and travel together. Sometimes their styles can coexist other times they seem to bump heads. 
report Recommended by AceTheHanyou
A series of short stories and adventures. Both animes also have similar style and setup. 
report Recommended by Aichiro
Both start of as comedies but hide a deeper meaning both are really voilent and make us feel like we are watching a comic series but practically they drop real dark hints. 
report Recommended by akash_kise
I know, main plots are TOTALLY DIFFERENT. But somewhere they give me the same feeling. It has action, adventure and comedy. Both fun to watch and will make you cry rivers on some part! Well, Samurai Champloo reminded me of Tsubasa Chronicles when talking about travelling. Both have samurais and awesome fights! Some parts will make you laugh your ass off. 
report Recommended by binsu
Both anime series are about samurais. I recommend Juubee Ninpuuchou Movie just because the series really sucks comparing to the original movie. 
report Recommended by susan00
Both are great Action/Adventure shows with interesting characters and a good story  
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Guy protecting a girl,while she's searching for someone.samurai in both anime and lots of other similar things. 
report Recommended by anko96
- Hip-hop and rap music - Strong lines and shadows - Samurai era anachronisms - Reference to real historical events Samurai Noodles is only a minute long CM, but the production values are high (being Nissin and all) and you get a nice snippet of the history of instant noodles. 
report Recommended by Lemon
If you watched this show and liked the plot, this gem could be your next favorite anime 
report Recommended by Riskshocker
Music carries the show be it Samurai Champloo with hip hop. Lupin with jazz. They both have great art styles and nonstop action and instances of comedy and character development. Each episode has its own little story of exploration or new things. 
report Recommended by Crashdumy16
If you enjoy sword fights and the different take on the era of swords approach then check this out. 
report Recommended by Instabang
both have epic fights both have great plot both have samurai theme  
report Recommended by uchiha27
- Quirky, cool, and anachronistic music. - Great action sequences; fights in the case of Samurai Champloo and the magical realism elements in Miss Hokusai. - Setting in both series are very similar (Edo-era Japan/alternate universe Edo Japan). - Miss Hokusai is closely based on real events and people, whereas Samurai Champloo only references certain real events and people in a fictionalised context. The big difference between the two is that Samurai Champloo is an action-based anime with a major plotline, and Miss Hokusai is a collection of stories from the lives of the featured artists jigsawed together into a biopic. 
report Recommended by Lemon
Both are action-packed anime that take a seemingly overdone genre (vampires/samurai) and put it in a refreshingly humorous and contemporary perspective. The protagonists are distinctly strong and violent, but one way or another end up on a quest to help a ditzy girl. If you liked one, then you'll likely enjoy the other too. 
report Recommended by lovelything
Both have dark atmospheres at times. Mostly sword fights with lots of action. Also a bit of drama in both anime's. 
report Recommended by LenDrizzle
The journey of life to achive dreams - that's the main motive of both anime. Pair from "Spice and Wolf" had to fight with many difficulties when they were traveling, just like three "Samurai Champloo" heroes... but in quite different way. 
report Recommended by 2Pack
Both anime are about a group of friends that met on their road and that are travelling through the world or their country together. Also both anime are episodic and most of the episodes focus a lot on the costum, tradition, beliefs... of the country they're visiting. And friendship is one of the main theme in both anime.  
report Recommended by HooHiraiBunny
Both are action-packed stories that focus on two warriors with a contrasting philosophies towards combat and life: one is a free-spirited, boisterous soul who relies on instinct and determination (Mugen and Kazuma) whereas the other is a taciturn, disciplined soul who beats his opponent through skill honed through training (Jin and Ryuhou). Both series spend a large part of their running time exploring the contrast between the two outlooks and even have the protagonists adopt elements of his opponent's outlook as part of his character developement.  
report Recommended by Uriel1988
Although these series’ respective settings and genres are disparate, their similarities lie in mutual employment of innovative cinematography, circumstantially driven storylines, and intertwining character interactions, all of which combine to spin seemingly ordinary tales in unconventional media. 
report Recommended by grimmfeather
Again Two boys and one girl (Akatsuke remainds me of Mugen,Shito of Jin and Michiru of Fuu) They both work together to survive. Both action and shounen animes,so if you like the one you will like the other..^^ 
report Recommended by fuu_chan
Like the sengoku/edo period? Lots of awesome action in historical japan? This is the less tits equivalent with higher production values funnier jokes and all the semi-historical locales and characters you love. 
report Recommended by myahon
Despite the very different story lines, the sound tracks are both of a hip hop genre where if you enjoyed one, you'll enjoy the other.  
report Recommended by ArtRodriguez
Both are about Samurai. While Champloo is comical and Shigurui serious, they are both very good anime. 
report Recommended by sakR9
The first episode of each series has a character cursing, with a character of a smaller role telling them to watch their mouth. The series has a theme song done by the guy who does the music (Skankfunk and Nujabes). And if Air Gear was on [as], the profanity would be handled by edits that relate to the theme (Record scratch is to SC as rollerblade scratch is to AG). My suggestion: if you need something to get your mind off of Ringo and her sisters getting all mad on Ikki, watch SC afterwards. 
report Recommended by PokeNirvash
Similar concept: a group of people traveling around searching for a certain person. The comedy is similar as well as the art style. 
report Recommended by Danish
Both shows feature a female who is searching for something and two other male features who seem to argue a lot and are complete opposites, when in reality they balance each other out. Overall the two shows give off a similar vibe – they contain action, humor, and drama while still being fresh. If you loved one of them, try the other out! 
report Recommended by ZOMBIE
Both series are short and sweet, include a slightly more mature mind-set than many other anime, and include a nice display of fight scenes. 
report Recommended by Pwnobi
Both of these animes contain characters which possess differnt attributes and qualities, and in both animes they are wound up together to start an epic journey getting to know more about each other on the way. Both animes being set in the Feudal era Japan and both containing battles and intense sword fights, But these are only obstacles that that need to overcome to reach there goal at the end of the road.  
report Recommended by Captian_Yoodol
Leader of Amakusa (In the first arc) is exactly like Mugen. 
report Recommended by SamuraiBlue19
sick characters with two main guys/ girl 
report Recommended by SamuraiBlue19
swords and hip hop 
report Recommended by Ronin-dono
Both anime series are sort of episodic - the main story is thrown in the back as each new episode unfolds is packed with infinite randomness. The action-packed, slapstick fighting scenes are prevalent in both. Matoi (Kill la Kill) and Mugen (Samurai Champloo) are both hot-headed and impulsive. 
report Recommended by TrulyAJ
I know alot of people will be scratching their heads at this... But I found them similar in two ways. First off they both have very defined and clear cut fight scenes, which I absolutely love in anime. All though Scrapped Princess isn't as action packed as Samurai Champloo they both have very enjoyable fight scenes. Another similarity is the long trip where one helpless female is protected (more so in Scrapped Princess for obvious reasons -.-) by two strong fighters. Anyway, hope it helped! :) 
report Recommended by yuk-girly-girls
both involve samurai but the stories are different. Samurai Champloo involves comedy and Shura no Toki has historical events. 
report Recommended by johan0122
I think both of these anime have pretty much the same feel. Guy main characters, girl antagonist, and both have action/comedy/adventure and some drama. I think some of the parts might thrill you and give you goosebumps but I think Samurai Champloo takes place in another century. This anime definitely shows fantasy than Samurai Champloo does. 
report Recommended by Pitrocks14
Both anime's plots are from the same time period. Both have to do with Samurai and strong female leads. Similar humor and overall great character driven stories. 
report Recommended by Moon_River
Samurai in Champloo are like the Hunters in HxH. Fuu is like Gon: they wish to travel, in order to find their own missing father. Then Fuu and Gon start their long journey together with strong companions. Many dangerous tasks and adventures await them, and they will be often in troubles. 
report Recommended by Disillusion
What's unfortunately rare in anime is: both these anime treat the viewers with respect. They don't need to repeat the plot/point or make things blatantly obvious, they assume that we're all intelligent people with our own personal opinions that can come to our own conclusions. And that's what really made these 2 distinct series shine. Both are made by Manglobe, but that's not why you'd enjoy one if you enjoyed the other. As far as setting goes, it's the complete opposite: feudal Japan vs post apocalyptic. Characters are also quiet different, but any good anime has character's so unique that only in a sequel would  read more 
report Recommended by skyscan
Basically people just going around trying to get cash. 
report Recommended by robfoster
Wildest adventures Funny characters+more background information about them Has that samurai athmosphere to it. 
report Recommended by LegendGoldDark