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If you want an anime with Samurai and a good story, also a great theme song, this is a great one.
report Recommended by 21_Wishes
Both are set in the history of Japan, wherein Samurai Champloo is set in modern-Edo Japan and Dororo is set just before that timeline, where samurai were more prominent. They both also include: - a pair/trio that travel in order to find something/someone - an abundance of fighting - conflict between the characters themselves #angst - self-discovery and great character development - learn a lot about the characters’ origins - touches on the topics of family and friendship - both have 20+ episodes - perhaps a budding romance ?? What sets Samurai Champloo apart from Dororo is that it includes a a few filler episodes but it also successfully incorporates hip hop and modern rap   read more
report Recommended by ajasmines
Both animes are set in the medieval Japan. MCs travel through the land. Lots of action, katana (sword) fights and adventure.
report Recommended by ShikiSajiTomoya
They actually aren't so similar apart from the setting, samurai theme and lots of action. Dororo have supernatural elements and is much serious, while Samurai Champloo has more comedy and is kinda more realistic. But still, if you liked one you will also like the other.
report Recommended by Bernex7
Aside from the very similar setting of a group of wandering people going on a journey to find something in the Samurai era, another thing that is very similar in the two shows is the suspense and emotion in the finales. Both series' finales had me on the edge of my seat and on the verge of crying.
report Recommended by KingJanjua
1) Both are anime about Samurai 2) The Characters are phenomenal 3) They both travel on a long journey 4) Amazing fights scenes and beautiful music
report Recommended by Wiszwa
Both have a young girl travelling with an older boy/s Both are historical with sword fighting. Dororo, unlike Samurai Champloo, has a supernatural element(Demons).
report Recommended by Teeshya23
The two "short run" animes, with almost identical adventure stories between both. Set in feudal Japan era, are definitely two animes with a strong historical theme.
report Recommended by apinzunime_
Samurai sword fighting. One girl and 1/2 boys. Hints of romance. Great plot...
report Recommended by AnimeHero0121
Samurais with a twist. Samurai Champloo is about samurais mixed with hiphop and Dororo is about samurais mixed with ghouls/demons.
report Recommended by ricochett
both set in ancient japan, lots of sword fighting, engaging storyline, great animation, and just the general feel of both shows are the same. both worth watching
report Recommended by Cleptomanic
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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