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both samurai and have awesome art and fighting scenes
report Recommended by amade0
Easily two of the best swordfighting series out there. Both are set in a fictional historical setting of Japan, where the samurai way of life is strong. When it comes to fight scenes, we see amazing choreography that does't require supernatural abilities. Fight scenes are realistic, fluid, without having to resort to superpower moves, repetitive movements, long in-between conversations, and so forth. Samurai Champloo is episodic in nature and more light-hearted, but Sword of the Stranger is a film with a straightforward and serious plot.
report Recommended by Tachii
Both are recommended to to anyone looking for some impressive sword fights and strong characters. If you loved the action in one of the two, you should definitely check the other out. Champloo's action focuses more on the details and fluidity while sword of the stranger's has a more emotion driven and cinematic 'feel' to it.
report Recommended by eyerok
Both facing a similar plot: traveling samurai. Both anime placed in similar ages, and both having pretty good strong samurai as main characters. Sword of the Stranger is a pearl (sadly a single movie) of animation and i can say that both anime are masterpieces in their own way.
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Both have beautiful art and thoughtful stories. Also both have action that is executed well and without being gratuitous or over done.
report Recommended by eklie
It has the same type of fighting style, in my opinion - it's wild, anything goes!
report Recommended by Tavia-chan
They're both samurai themed with verry stylized fighting sequences, and both Mugen and Nanashi have a thing for saving the helpless (then of course getting so attached to the ones they saved that they risk their lives for them em' everytime they get in trouble... -.-)
report Recommended by P0llUT3R
Both series has great and crazy fights, a lot of humour and also main characters are similar. I think when you liked Sword of the stranger, you will definitely like also this one.
report Recommended by Karin21
Both Sword of the Stranger and Samurai Champloo were well done, and had intense sword fighting scenes. However Sword of the Stranger was more serious that Samurai Champloo. That being said, Sword of the Stranger had more realistic fighting scenes. You could actually see the swords being swung instead of white lines where they were swung. If you can, get Sword of the Stranger in 1080p because the animation was really well done, and you don't want to loose any quality.
report Recommended by Hakenkruez
Awesome fight in both anime. They both take place in a feudal Japan. They both don't lack of blood.
report Recommended by minouneetzoe
One of the few shows that can truly rival the animation and pure intensity of the sword fights in Samurai Champloo.
report Recommended by JoshuaDavid
The fight scenes in both anime are beautifully executed. Both feature a travelling samurai who considers himself to be a lone wolf until meeting another lone wolf. Set in similar periods of time. A main character from both anime happen to have an animal companion. THE SOUNDTRACK!
report Recommended by Liza
Both are set in a similar era and follow Samurai traveling. The movie and the series contain many great swordfights and have sympathetic characters.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Badass sword fights and strong characters. Both of story are set in feudal Japan. Especially, soundtracks was awesome in both anime.
report Recommended by geovannyboss
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