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Both shows emphasize on their style and have similar music, sharing a mutual music composer, Tsutchie. Gangsta and Samurai Champloo both have 2 main male characters who are skilled in combat and 1 female character in its central cast. They both encompass slow paced action and are produced by the same animation studio Manglobe. The main contrast is that Gangsta's setting is more modern while Samurai Champloo is set during the Edo Period.
report Recommended by LeFlower-kun
The focus on style is very similar! Also the main characters of both series are two skilled fighters and one lady!
report Recommended by Dan-Te
very gritty
features 2 badass men who are protecting a women
fighting styles are similar
features jazzy and hip-hop type music
both main characters end up fighting against some type of mobsters and gangsters
report Recommended by Ai-nii
Both series take place in seedy settings; Gangsta. largely takes place in a European-influenced city run by crime lords, while Samurai Champloo takes place in an ancient Edo period setting with corrupt authority figures being the norm. Both series also incorporate elements of drug use and prostitution, though those elements are presented/used in different ways in the two series.

There are two main male characters looking after a main female character in need of assistance. The main male characters are also stronger-than-average fighters.

Both series use really nice-sounding jazzy hip-hop as background music. The OP tracks of both are also pretty   read more
report Recommended by ecoraid