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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Apr 10, 2016 11:51 PM
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Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm
Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm
Mar 28, 2016 8:24 PM
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Haikyuu!! Second Season
Haikyuu!! Second Season
Mar 26, 2016 7:41 PM
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Hunter x Hunter
Apr 1, 2011 7:35 PM
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Apr 1, 2011 7:34 PM
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Apr 1, 2011 7:34 PM
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KOU_SOU Mar 21, 2016 2:02 PM
hey Keo~it's been a while..or rather..a long time..==''

and oh my god..that's plain awful..
but i'm so proud of you..
u held on..u pulled's been tough..but u faced it.. :)
so how's the external healing going? is it fully recovered?

docs are like that in most matter's like we don't get info unless we ask..u rarely get to meet with docs that are in how they take their job and tasks wholeheartedly.

and weren't reading too much into had sucked..but it wasn't anything i couldn't handle. I mean i still had sanity in check..but now..i'm not so sure..i feel like i'm losing one of my masks..unless that's already broken.. ^^''

thank u.
yeah~thanks!! =)
thanks..haha..well..this is the only place where i can stay true to myself anyway~lol..
u too!!! sometimes,,we can't really rely on the people around us..they don't always get's friends on the net that understands to me if u're having issues too~i'll be able to come back here often again now~
KOU_SOU Oct 16, 2015 12:18 PM
dude..forget the small stuff..
i don't mind really..
was just curious how u've been doing..

but u having health issues.that's a BIG deal!!!
i'm glad u're feeling better now..but do tell me about it if u don't mind sharing.. taking my degree and doing part time job..
i do retail stuff on weekends and after classes on much life..
which is also why i haven't log in for the last 3 months..
but u just came back last't really matter..

like i said..forget the small stuff..just good to know u've started feeling better..hope to hear from u soon..
Tensho Aug 18, 2015 6:57 AM

click here
Hello there, friend!
We at the Australian & New Zealand Anime Club are proud to present... Our very first newsletter!

This community was founded on the 28th of January - 2015, and since that time we've come a very long way.
You are only reading this because YOU made it possible by being a very important piece of what makes this club what it is.

That said, we are happy to announce that we're coming close to reaching the 1,000 Member Milestone!
It's a wonderful thing to know that there are so many fellow Aussies and Kiwis who love Anime and we hope that we only continue to grow from here on out.

About the newsletter:
So you might ask, what's this newsletter all about?
Well, great question. We've scratched our heads a few times and figured that this newsletter will be dedicated to letting you know that we're active!

Despite the substantial growth of our club, there is still a handful of you that we still haven't had the pleasure of getting to know.
We want you to understand that this is a safe and fun club, but if you're shy then we're not going to force you to participate, this is simply to remind you that there is a place for everyone at this club, so if you ever warm up - come and say hi!

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So, other than that, there isn't much to say this time around but hopefully the next time we have to do this, there is much more to look forward to.
We again are thankful to have you, and hope that you come and have some fun with us sometime soon.

- Yours truly,
The Australian & New Zealand Anime Club.

KOU_SOU Apr 24, 2015 7:30 AM

u still around?

how have you been?
been almost a year since we last chat~^^''
Crazy_Cofee_Cat Aug 11, 2014 10:44 PM

P.S. Due to the club having so many members, we aren't able to send out newsletters to all of our members. If you would like to receive newsletters from the Slice of Life Club, post here.
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KOU_SOU Aug 4, 2014 11:24 AM
hmmm..this confirms it..u're the 2nd who prefers the current design..
good for u!! haha
heh~figured as much~

oh God..please..this past 1 n a half month is torture enough~
i can't believe u lived 6 moths of it~x_x

1 second that!!!

Tobio Ou-sama!! haha

i saved the one u sent me before~haha



do watch the 2nd..there's only 2 anyways~

*clap clap clap* XD

urgh..i highly doubt it..but..well..time will tell..haha

GOD i love the way u describe the ending for that shit

ikr..haha.. proud..i nvr did go for Lucky Star~haha
despite my nephew kept bugging me to watch it in the past..

well~now u know~haha

just a few drops..
i swear something's wrong with me since May..
i mean i used to get all touchy with touchy stuff..i cried watching Clannad with the Futaba case..needless to say the obvious..but..Nagisa's cases..with her debut performance..etc..
i cried watching Ao no Exorcist..despite the craps..n the bullshit..the story on their anime mom..n the bond between the twins got to me..ya remember?when Rin was trying to get Yukio back..those 2 parts got to me..heck i even cried watching Gundam Seed episode 31, i think.when i though my beloved Kira died,killed by Athrun..i believe there were more..which i can't recall..n of course the last ep..
i believe there were more animes that made me cry..though i can't really recall anymore right now..

to my understanding..yes..
what's pretty???????the designs??or the story???

define.. second brain..?? ==''

lol~n you're exaggerating it much~though i take it as a compliment n 1 of the highest praise!!
thanks!! >_<

"Can't focus on story if what I'm looking at hurts my eyes." i honestly can't think of anything better to describe it than u already have..which is why i'm disappointed in FT 2014..coz the deign isn't to my liking coz it reminds me off One Piece..Nana..etc..the designs that i've never liked..of course..this is my personal taste..XD

haha..key-pal then..coz we use keyboards to type..n not pen to write
lol's kinda..abusive for the eyes..haha
but the selection of the clips are the good parts..let's just was a good spoiler for me..haha
i think the part that got me interested was..when Hinata spanked the ball towards Tobio's head~lololololol

ahhhhhhhhh..nice scheduling u got there~
i tend to watch stuff..skipping parts after downloading spoilers..if i'm really interested..only then i'll properly watch it..haha
as of now..i got quite a few finished series that i haven't watched in my hard disk..

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! hahaha..ok~
pfft!!how can we not????!!! he's the Kind-Hearted Sweet Big Whale!!!!!!!!!! >_<
haha..yeah..gotta agree with ya on Rokujouma
Madoka? don't know this 1..Fate/ this related to Fate/Stay Night???lol
i don't know these 2.. ^^''

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..nope..totally don't know the ones u mentioned~gomen~^^''
but u got me interested.."This protag is actually quite likeable and can be really badass or evil" as u mentioned it..badass protag..hmmmm

is that so~gomen!!!! well of course i believe a lot shares ur thoughts..i mean..otherwise they would have stopped making those..genre of animes!!
it's simply my own..personal taste that i got bored of such genre n find it cliche~my apologies..*bows*
KOU_SOU Jul 23, 2014 4:28 PM
u didn't really count how many times he got hit,right~haha!!
ahhhhhh~~Gray's gonna die!!!! damn!!! but at least he died to save Juvia~*holding that me tears* *sob* *sob*
but seriously man!!!
what's with the design???!! love Fairy Tail 2009-2013's design waaaaaaaaayyyyy better!!!

yup~the project stuff..
well it's all over got too much time in my hands that i don't know what else to do.. i've been living the life of a NEET for about a month now~~ ==''
n owh~Happy Belated Birthday btw..can't believe it's already almost the end of July!!
was away for too long~

ahhhh..i get what u mean..>.>

same here!!gotta go all out sometimes!!gotta shake off all the tense stuff~~

nope~haven't watched Haikyuu!! yet..well..that was..until yesterday!!haha
even ended up downloading the series from ep 1 til 16..
wha...seriously???i hardly notice any resemblance in the art though??? o.O
totally wouldn't have figured it out if u hadn't told me about it!!

oooooooooooooooohh!!!cute stuff!!!
this is your first??awesome man!!! keep it up!!!ganbatte~~

well..most people think differently~
can't be helped~^^''

does what work???

ahahaha~squeeze in time then~~
Yato's past is revealed~n so much more!!! n owh~even Yato's real name is revealed!!!
btw~Noragami OVA 2's out!! haha~have u watched it??
hillarious!!! just like ep's also from a chapter in the manga~~

i can seriously make a dirty joke out of this one..

congrats!!! i'm totally dropping it without even watching it properly~

yes!!! moe gets better with colors!!! banzai!!!!!!!!!!!
though...i somehow doubt it with the way they ended the series..
just like showed hints of "THE END"
n owh..for's kinda like Ao no Exorcist..they changed the story line..that Yabou..original anime character as far as i know..coz he's definitely not in the manga!!hence..the ending that we watched..

allow me to rephrase that~new seasons that r better kicks in!! :)

hahaha..u don't need a large amount of time to kill for Tonari no Seki-kun!!
1 ep is about 5 min long~just skip the op song..n the ending song~*thumbs up*

if it does exist..we're both blind..
or..i'm gonna need new glasses!!

completed Sakamichi no Apollon in 1 day!!!
ep 11 made me cry~when Sen was like.."why was i even born"
well..the part when u said..quote :"It's about a guy who has trouble being around people and he makes a couple of "friends"."
but..they're totally nothing alike...haha!!

Boku wa Minna Kawaisou..the way u introduce this seems like it's seriously interesting!!
hmmm..if my understanding is correct..than the tittle would be.."I Feel Bad For Everyone"???or.."I Feel Sorry For Everyone"??or is it "I Pity Everyone"??
how many times have u got me interested in series i didn't give a damn at first??!!RLAB!!

yeah~thanks man!!
hahaha!! i really find it hard t believe i survived myself!! ROFL

oh god..another thing we have in common...
we judge art!!!!
honestly..1 of the main reason i could read that manga coz i was lacking of choices back then..n i had too much time to kill that i went was after i fin high school i think..
n well..the story got interesting..n i was like.."oh well..what the heck.."haha!!
another companion who judge arts~~yay!!
u know~i have this friend..who gave me the look when he found out i judge art..i even received a lecture from him after i said.."art comes first!! only then i'll check the story line"
i mean..dude..when we start getting to know something~of least we want to look at something nice right??x_x

oh com'on~
writing letters would be bothersome~i mean..we have to actually write..then put the letter in an envelope..put on a stamp..bla3...
yay~i have a pan-pal!!!

watched the llink!!!!
which lead me to another link..n another..n then..this... the 3rd reason that made me go gaga over Haikyuu!! after your introduction..n your link..haha!!

n u said u don't have much time???!!!
ur list is longer than mine!!!

Haikyuu!! - u my me addicted!!! Ao Haru Ride - well i managed to catch up with the manga in 1 day after watching season 2~too much feels!!!SAO 2 - lol..why SW???!! n i agree with's kinda boring..this chapter is rather slow,huh~ for Free 2 - dayuummmm for me~*nosebleed* Makoto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rokujouma no Shinryakusha - don't really get the story yet..but made me laugh~hard!!! my case..quite rare after watching just 1 ep..Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance - seems like a typical..shounen stuff.but somewhat different..

as always..u really know how to get me interested in u weren't even trying!!
u got me interested in these 2..Aldnoah.Zero and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun..gonna check them out later..

mind telling me ur POV about Sabagebu???
well if u don't have much time i can always google it myself~ XD
just got used to being pampered by ya~heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Don't feel like watching these..Baby Steps...sounds like troublesome..Akame ga Kill...seems like typical..usual shounen stuff..same goes for Tokyo ESP and P4 Golden~as well as Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen...Rail Wars! sounds kinda boring..
KOU_SOU Jul 20, 2014 11:22 AM
i meant grey color!!haha~~
but i was over excited for Fairy Tailthat time~thinking of
n u asked "what colour is sweat and man-odour? " so~double meaning??? XD
OMG!!!! can't believe i've been off so long!! how've u been??
God i miss spazzing with ya!!

can't wait for Kuroko Season 3!!!!

u..don't still do those..molding a skeleton out of ya?

well~MAL likes to keep things at moderate?? x_x''
or simply just lazy?
or..just..too many anime database to update???

youtube..the best source to learn!!
though i don't use it myself~my friends an even seniors have said so..or..something along the line~

ikr~ikr!!!! Noragami should soooooooooooo get a season 2!!
i mean just read the manga!!
so much going on!!! good stuff to boot!! >_<

awww com'on!!!!
they were ur own words~~
i should have put quote there..hmph!! >o<
like this maybe: quote :"So going by what I said... it's like DTB and DRRR had a baby. Yep. ._."

so did u drop Mahou Sensou????

why didn't they show it??? i wanna see Hakuya as a big black dog~~(kinda reminds me of Sadaharu though he's white)
do u read the Mikakunin de Shinkōkei manga??? was it ever shown in it??

did u drop it? Witch Craft Works

hahaha!!dont know about u~but i gotta catch up on Tonari no Seki-kun!!1

is there?? ==''
quote :"a search filter on MAL for "Delinquent Hero" "

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica's gonna have to wait then~i feel like watching some sad stuff now!! so Sakamichi no Apollon's gonna be my next anime!! n why does the setting reminds me off Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai?????!!!!

i definitely have them now!!!
i've finished my studies n now seeking for employment~~thinking of gaining working experiences first before getting a degree~

so did u end up reading it??
Hana to Akuma??
thinking back~it's really sweet~they even got 2 kids!! a pair~~
it's 58 chaps long~

i'm definitely fine with it!!>..<
i don't know about u~but i find it fun writing long stuff rather than replying to short random stuff~~

n what's this????
it's been removed~~i didn't get to watch it~ :'(

what are ur anime this season???
i'm going with Ao Haru Ride~SAO 2 n Free! 2~
also in consideration~~Re:Hamatora~Rokujouma no Shinryakusha n also Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance ~
though..i'm gonna have to watch Hamatora first to watch Re:Hamatora~~ :)
ozy Jul 15, 2014 10:37 PM
Happy 21st birthday! Have a good one!!
Usagi Mar 20, 2014 8:59 PM
Slice of Life Club Newsletter
KOU_SOU Mar 10, 2014 10:41 PM's cool with me~

erm..Gray,i guess? that so..

hahahah!!no kid'!!!

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh..sounds tough???!!!!

well,,u do give details like serious details!!!
normally when i ask for infos, others would just tell me to read the page of the anime..nvr really gave their own opinion n insight~

haha..then go learn them?

Noragami..Stray God..why must it end after 12 eps???!!! too short!!
it's my new fav anime damn it!!!

"DTB and DRRR had a baby"..somehow..that just sounds so wrong..haha
but maybe i'll give it a shot then~haha!!

ahhhhhhhhh..Mahou Sensou is probably a "no" for me then..

hahahaha!!! he's a Dog!!!!!

i don't get this anime 1's kinda..fucked up..yet it's so Shounen like..

Tonari no Seki-kun is kinda addicting..haha..

ooooooooh..ho really now..
got a list on the genre??? Delinquent Hero..

rather than different,it seemed kind absurd to me..haha..but maybe i will give it a go?

i love Delinquent Hero stuff!!!'s cool~i don't mind~~ >_<

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica..heard this before..haha!!gonna get to it soon!!

Sakamichi no Apollon haven't heard of this one before..what's it about?

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu hahaha!!that sounds interesting!!!!!

haha~thanks a lot..these should keep me busy for a month,perhaps?
at most..

Hataraku Maou-sama oh this 1!!!! came across this 1 before..
hahahahaha!!!wth????'s that interesting,huh..maybe i'll get to it..tomorrow??

ooooooh..kinda remind me of a manga i read before..Hana to Akuma i think?
a demon coming to the human world with his servants..housemaids n all..started living in the human world..then 1 night found baby girl abandoned in front of his front gate..ended up taking care of the girl~it was him who named the girl remind himself that he shouldn't get to close to the girl..something like that..
coz apparently when a demon touches a flower..he flower will rot..or something like that..
it's a romantic/comedy story..though there are some hardships..all in all it's a sweet story..i don't really know how to explain it..haha..

it's fine!!
i enjoy replying ur texts~~ >_<

ahh..did i type too long..making it hard for u to reply?
dolamroth Mar 5, 2014 9:21 AM
Hi! Would you like to support Tachibana Kanade in ISML 2014?
KOU_SOU Feb 2, 2014 9:02 AM
i went to have a look on how he looks..i mean the supposed delinquent hero~~
looks = hawt!!! 90% marks for looks~
first phase..cleared..
second phase..his voice..Konishi Katsuyuki???!!
he's practically my fav Badass Voice's CV!!
Shounen Onmyouji as Touda/Guren..Ren Tsuruga/Kuon in Skip Beat!~Sekaiichi Hatsukoi's Masamune Takano..Laxus Dreyar from Fairy Tail!!! and of all..Tatsumi from Beelzebub!!! my fav Delinquent Hero!!! *melts*

God!!seriously~you have no idea how much i appreciate that u gave an introduction for this's not too early for me to thank u,right?i mean~i haven't even watched the anime yet and all~~am i making too much of a fuss???heck~i'll start searching for the anime now!!!
KOU_SOU Feb 2, 2014 1:19 AM
teenagers all around the world are pretty much the same then???
o~kie?? fthen what is the color of ur Christmas??? o.O

nope~just the usual.."another day have passed"
haha..pretty lame i must say~
what about on your side?

i'm telling u..that would definitely be scary +creepy+ gross

oh God *face palming*
but hey~first thing first~ Kagami hits it off with Aomine in The Zone!!!
seriously can't wait for it!!! kyaaaaaaaaahh~~>_<

haha!!well of course!!!
use what we have to the make the best out of it!!!

ahhhh~~not that long as well~u'll be outta there before u know it!! :)

oh man~seriously i can't think of anyone else who can introduce anime like u do!!!
thanks man~
ahhh~i've received some of these anime from my friend who seriously loves downloading..haha!! Noragami..this anime got me interested no doubt!! i watched it a lil~n i immediately copied it from my friend..haha..but only have til ep 2..planning to watch a lil later though..but the way u stated how it's ur fav is seriously making me want to watch it early~~ o.o''
hmmm? how does Hamatora be similar to DTB?
i don't think i've come across Mahou Sensou yet~n the way u introduced it seems like its lame?? is it??is it boring?????
as for Mikakunin de Shinkoukei..ahhhhh!! it's that Engaged to the Unidentified or something right???it seems like a sweet anime.. also copied it from my friend..and of course i havent really started watching it..haha..
Witch Craft Works seems like a rather confusing anime??? i too a lil sneak peak..n what's with the witch calling the guy her princess???? o.O
hahahahah!!! yes.. Tonari no Seki-kun.. it is most certainly funny~makes me feel like trying out those thing he do in class~~
oooh..D-Frag..delinquent..i have a lil delinquent hero fetish u see~so u kinda got me interested now~i might start hunting this anime down right after i'm done replying ur comment here~haha!! >.<
Nobunagun..i watched a lil of the ep..n it kinda got me i didnt copy this anime from my friend..i mean..there was mecha~but it had Nobunaga i was like.."what the hell is this mind f&#$ing plot???" it good in reality?

haha~it's cool~its no like i would know even if u stated them~i prefer u introduced them the way u did anyway~~ =)
thanks for the detailed info as always!!!!
KOU_SOU Jan 15, 2014 10:11 AM
ahhhhh~~no worries..fellow students all around the world are basically like that..hahah..XD
huh??ok..that really doesn't make sense.. o.O''

n uh..yes..sorry..though i'm wayyyy too late..Merry Christmas n Happy New Year!!
hope u had a splendid New Year's Eve~ :)

-_- fingers..hmmm..i'll think about it..*thinking hard*

probably coz u wouldnt wanna spoil the excitement of waiting??
coz if u read the manga~u'd know the plot~??

aye!!i've been watching animes none stop..or rather..i was.. :(

my vacation is over n i'm now back in college..facing my last year..hbu? :)