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Not very similar in era, but Black Lagoon is very similar in style to Cowboy Bebop. One parallel one could make is that both Champloo and Lagoon deal with pirates. But do take my word for it, you'll definately enjoy Black Lagoon.
report Recommended by Zubatuba
For me this is one of the best recommendations I can give you.The characters are really similar for example Mugen and Revy -they both have urban language.Of course the great action,also taking care of their personal issues while doing their job.I am ABSOLUTELY sure if you liked one of them you would like the other.
report Recommended by jazzabelle
Oh? So you've got a gun/sword and are in my way? Well, wouldn't it be best just to shoot/cut your head of your shoudlers and move on as usual?
report Recommended by Stromoror
Two series, where the protagonist tired of the same routine and the injustice that he saw before his eyes. He/Her sees his opportunity to escape, when he engages with certain people, and seeks what he has always wanted to find, although problems may arise in the attempt, due to his lack of experience in the outside world, but little by little he will demonstrate his true strength . He will have to work in a dark world, where he has practically lost his old identity, together with people who are in that fight, trying to do what they do best: fight.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Both feature an ordinary person who winds up following people who live on the outskirts of society. The protagonists are only the lesser of two evils in most cases and nobody is really "good." Both Revy and Mugen have a "shoot first, ask questions never" attitude to them. If you like one, you should give the other a try.
report Recommended by Basicpleb420
Black Lagoon is a modern crime anime with a similar setup to Champloo, in that the lead charter is a normal person taken under the wing of dangerous killers after he is cut off from his previous life, joining the mercenaries who had once held him hostage. While it lacks the genre-bending style or overarching story of Champloo, BL stars equally charismatic, almost tongue-in-cheek killers while also containing much stronger action than Champloo.
report Recommended by TAYLORtCC