Samurai Champloo, Michiko to Hatchin Recommendations

Samurai Champloo
If you liked
Samurai Champloo
Michiko to Hatchin
...then you might like
Michiko to Hatchin
Have a similar sharp visual style plus a modern edginess.
report Recommended by EStaples8504
Although the plot is not similar at all, both Michiko and Samurai are influenced by differnt cultures, when concerned with the music and style throughout the animes. Michiko being having a Latin vibe while Samurai had a more Hip Hop thing going on. Both of them were drawn wonderfully in my opinion and involve the main characters setting out on a journey to find someone. Both a just full of action and all have moments of humour as well.
report Recommended by Krio
The animation and plot remind me a lot of Samurai Champloo. I'd recommend this as a similar story, with gangsters instead of samurai.
report Recommended by RyanBebop
they are both from the same studio, the same crazy weird funny characters. a journey filled with actions, fun and strong moment if you liked one, you like the other
report Recommended by Old_Dream
I've you've read my recommendations for Bebop then you've probably already seen this recommendation coming. I'll try to not retread old ground; but the feelings, themes and character interactions of all these anime are very similar. Both Champloo and Michiko are buddy stories are about a journey to find a particular person. The characters in Michiko can be paralleled to ones in Champloo but I'll leave it at that. Watch Michiko and decide for yourself if I'm full of $h!t. But I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
report Recommended by davemanspiff
- both shows involve a long journey. - both groups of MC's in each are looking for a person. - many interesting characters are met during said journey. - the soundtracks for each of the shows are magnificent. - animation is about the same quality. - lots of action, though Champloo has more. - each episode provides an interesting side story.
report Recommended by TheJengaJam
Both anime are exemplary of themes such as "how the journey is more important then the destination". Both animes essentially possess characters that follow each other to accomplish a single goal.
report Recommended by RicardosFlick
Both series are short, beautifully animated, and have a wide variety of characters while still only focusing on the development of two. It also takes place in more diverse worlds that you don't find in most anime; making you interested in the worlds the characters live in. Both series also include strong women who don't fall easily into many negative tropes.
report Recommended by bakaburg
In this series, we see how both female protagonists long to meet their father who abandoned them at an early age due to unknown reasons. However, due to their lack of strength they will be forced to depend on their travel companions that have a highly distinct personality and traits to their own. It is the coalition between their personalities and their constantly evolving relationship, which makes both journey’s highly engaging. Both of this series have AMAZING soundtrack, which is highly differentiable from the other animations. The soundtrack fits neatly with the ambience the show creating even more compelling action scenes.
report Recommended by boub
after i finished Samurai Champloo i craved for another anime like this, then i clicked on Michiko E Hatchin, needless to say, it was more then i could ask for. If you finished Samurai Champloo this is a good anime to cope with.
report Recommended by _Salsa
It has the same premise and from the same studio, but it arguably has better characters,better plot, and better music.(fite me)
report Recommended by VivavideoUserJP
Both animes shows the two main characters looking for a missing person. The influence of culture is remarkable in both: Hip Hop in Samurai Champloo, and the South American way in Michiko to Hatchin. They are two excellent adventure animations, produced in the same studio (Manglobe), with a lively and fluid animation, are also episodic and with many action scenes. If you liked one, you'll sure like the other.
report Recommended by Orlando_Artur
Both are Manglobe road movie action comedies. Both feature big-hearted, good natured criminals protecting a girl on a journey in search of a McGuffin. Both have great animation, badassery, fights, meandering side arcs, and are episodic with the overarching quest plot. The endings are bittersweet and similar as well, won't spoil. Differences are that Samurai takes place in historic Japan, M&H in modern Brazil. M&H also has a much larger cast with recurring supporting characters, where Samurai focuses on the mains.
report Recommended by inim