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Samurai Champloo
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Samurai Champloo
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Afro Samurai
Very stylized action sequences. Both are samurai themed. Each has a very serious samurai as well as a more laid back, energetic samurai.
report Recommended by Phill-z
Both of these have high level samurais shed alot of blood, also the animes contain blood, violence and a sex scene.
report Recommended by y0l3itches
Afro samurai is more like a mixture of samurai champloo and samurai Jack, with a darker tone.They both offer a completely different take on the samurai genre as well as the action. Afro's action is a lot more exaggerated while samurai champloo's goes for more realistic sword fights. They're Recommended to anyone looking for some great samurai action
report Recommended by eyerok
They both have a unique hip-hop flair that, somehow, coincides with the samurai theme. They also both contain amalgamation of the past and present (like monks with rocket launchers, beat-boxing peasants). It's a weird little niche that both of these titles somehow fell into, and we haven't really seen anything like them before or after.
report Recommended by MFGreth
Nice music, nice fight scenes, similar atmosphere, but AS is obviously more EPIC
report Recommended by helensan
Both the shows are about samurai! But the most common and rare thing the shows have in common is their Hip-Hop inspired theme!
report Recommended by 50-Yen
Both are Samurai action series. Both have a Hip Hop theme. Both have badass action scenes. Afro Samurai has Samuel L. Jackson. Samurai Champloo has Mugen.
report Recommended by lxtazl
surreal fighting; samurais with the unexpectable devices
report Recommended by heynope
Both are samurai shows that have a hip hop theme. The action scenes are good in both, but I think Samurai Champloo had a lot more comedy.
report Recommended by T_LOWE
Afro Samurai and Samurai Champloo are both about rogue samurai warriors and the way they overcome any appearing problem, always with a based-on-the-tip-of-their-sword attitude. They both have a nice blend of bumpin' hip-hop tracks and samurai action that leads to a unique experience. The fight sequences are stylish and entertaining and the characters in both series are well developed and you won't forget about them the minute you start watching a new anime. If you enjoyed watching one of them then you should definitely check out the other.
report Recommended by FireHeart
If you like style, Samurai Champloo and Afro Samurai are definitely two series worth mentioning when taking its action and characters. Among other factors, both series takes place in a samurai-like age where there are feuds and conflicts. From these conflicts, characters usually solves them through power and dominance. The action in both series are solid and the main character is a skilled samurai capable of combat. They're also quite brash and often speaks out what's on their mind towards their peers. Both series are also noticeable for their catchy soundtrack as well.
report Recommended by Stark700
They each have the elements of hip-hop music fused in samurai themes mixed within the context of each other.
report Recommended by HybridMedia
Wandering nearly unbeatable samurais looking for one man. Going through a great number of people to get to him. They both give the same feel due to the hip-hop music and the fight scenes.
report Recommended by Lohvo
both of the animes have this "American" styl, some times same animation
report Recommended by UMB
Both series have some really good fighting scenes in them, which make up for the weaker story aspect. With Mugen from Samurai Champloo being the badass, rough gem of a fighter in contrast to Jin, the uniform, well practiced rounen, and from Afro Samurai you have Afro, who is the "number two" of the fighting world, who's so focused on his past that nothing else matters to him at all.
report Recommended by Rizzles
Chanbara and Hip-Hop. Two styles that sound like they wouldn't work together. But these two anime both prove that the two styles blend perfectly. Both shows have amazing fight choreography, similar but still unique soundtracks, and urban inspired design. Samurai Champloo takes it to a more adventure oriented zone, while Afro Samurai takes it to a more cruel place. Either way if you like one, you will like the other.
report Recommended by bennitori
Samaurai era, sword, blood, and interesting plot
report Recommended by SpookiDjinn
Very tailored for Western audiences with a spectacular dub. Both sport hip-hop tracks that are rarely seen in anime and feature traveling swordsmen that no one wants to mess with.
report Recommended by Protaku
Both main character(s) are BADASSES. Although Afro samurai is alot shorter than samurai champloo but is a pack a punch of action. if you like samurai animes or badass characters then this is a try out.
report Recommended by AdunToridas11
Nice and well done action scenes, and both are samurai themed. The series are based on travel for some quest, and there we can see diferent types of personality present in the groups and change the mood based on them.
report Recommended by STEREOo
Both hip hop based Samurai shows
report Recommended by Greaseboy
Good Samurai anime which share a similar style
report Recommended by AnimeTide
Hip-hop themed samurai anime, Afro Samurai is a tad less eccentric than Champloo, but has a score produced by the legendary RZA.
report Recommended by Tinybox
Both incorporate rap/hip-hop elements and some modern day American aspects. Both feature samurai and similar level of maturity and brutality.
report Recommended by Polaeris
They both have Hip-Hop, they both got Samurais, and they appeal to westerners like us.
report Recommended by Kyougi
If you are looking for interesting Characters, a unique Artstyle and something that is also samurai themed, I highly recommend giving Afro Samurai a chance. It has a darker note to it, but is definitely just as intriguing as Samurai Champloo.
report Recommended by CaptainDazai
Both are hip hop oriented storylines,musical scores and also over the top action and characters.
report Recommended by Crow_Black
- both shows are centred around samurai - both shows combine popular culture from different era - both shows are heavily influenced by western music
report Recommended by Nikiforova
this is similar to Afro samurai because they both take place in the Edo period of japan when everyone was a samurai. they are both are on a quest full of action and heartbreak.
report Recommended by ripjako
Both Samurai Champloo and Afro Samurai combine the art of samurai with Western (namely hip-hop) elements in their own ways. They also pair interesting stories of their main characters' pasts with unadulterated, violent fun.
report Recommended by MeanMrMusician
Great fighting scenes Both are samurais good english voice acting Hav similarities to the main characters
report Recommended by Harenn_Amoranto