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If Bahamut is similar to anything, what it's similar to isn't anime. The wheel scene in ep1, in particular, rammed home the dark-yet-funny tone that's reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean, which has the same two male (Mr. Uptight Honest & Mr. Laid-back Criminal) and one BEAUTIFUL female lead trio as Bahamut. ...but, yes: if there's an anime Bahamut IS similar to, Samurai Champloo is it. Bahamut is an anime that will be enjoyed and appreciated more by Western audiences than the Japanese, and that's Watanabe's claim to fame as a director: WESTERN STYLE. Champloo has the same male lead duo dynamic where both want to   read more
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
The two shows have a very similar dynamic between the three main characters. A goofy, loveable idiot with exceptional combat skills. A far more serious and down-to-earth character with a grudge against the idiot, whose seriousness is often played up for laughs. And a mysterious girl trying to find a member of her family.
report Recommended by Lindle
While Shingeki no Bahamut takes place in a fantasy setting both have strong points on combat involving the main characters. The dynamic of goofy but kickass male lead coupled with a second serious with silliness male lead who wants to kick his butt is very much present. Toss in a girl that will send them on a journey and much fun will be had.
report Recommended by fiore777
Also similar in some ways to Cowboy Bebop & Space Dandy, the group dynamic and the inclusion of an unusual musical/aesthetic theme make it hard to believe that Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis isn't directed by Shinichiro Watanabe. In Samurai Champloo, two male samurai who are constantly at each others' throats work together to escort a female. In Bahamut, it seems as though a similar formula of two rival males escorting a female will be used. It's early, but the use of Old West-style music and visuals in a fantasy anime reminded me immediately of Watanabe's similar hip-hop & samurai love-child. Also, bounty hunters. INCREDIBLE!
report Recommended by SheepishNate
Both feature a uptight straight arrow and a fan favorite criminal helping a beautiful Lady. Great and fluid action scenes and amazing graphics!
report Recommended by lite_albel
They aren't exactly familiar with eachother, they both have different distinct atmospheres but they do share similarities in that we have two contrasting male protagonists who travel together because of a heroine. One thing is for sure though, both of these shows have some of the best art/animation I've ever seen, seriously. Quality stuff here, at least in terms of art & animation.
report Recommended by anonypc
Both main characters have afros. The art style is very reminiscent of Samurai Champloo with realistic and abstract drawn characters, while maintaining a high level of detail. The animation is as fluid as Champloo. They are both rule of cool shows, but Rage of Bahamut feels more exciting due its extraordinary fantasy setting and having very exciting characters.
report Recommended by sullynathan