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Similar feeling, in both main characters have some secrets from their past,unique style of fighting and reason to travel a lot .Both take place in the past.
report Recommended by helensan
Both Katanagatari and Samurai Champloo feature historical elements, while at the same time incorporate modern culture. The main characters have semi-unique methods of fighting and aid a girl on her journey to find something. They also hint on romance, Katanagatari more so than Samurai Champloo. If you liked one, I highly suggest giving the other a try.
report Recommended by malanth
Similar animation style. Slightly similar in story of a girl in need of someone to accompany her on a journey. Both have comic relief, as well as tear-jerking episodes.
report Recommended by kbearrr
Both series employs the theme of historical genre in the older era mixed in with modern pop culture. The stories of both of these anime(s) focuses on the journey that the main protagonist take while meeting with others. In other words, each episode reflects the different setting and circumstance the characters must endure. Of course, both series also contain swordsplay so expect action mixed in with some epic soundtracks. Both series are quite entertaining and moves away from the traditional "save the world" sort of theme. Finally, the setting, characters, and style of both series are similar.
report Recommended by Stark700
1. A journey between strangers. (Which grew deeper as the shows progress.) 2. Samurai, ninja and blades.
report Recommended by RedvelvetDaisuki
Both portray a reveange journey with a well-defined objective, but in my opinion everything is about the journey itself. A lot of cool samurai figths.
report Recommended by kokuso
Similarities between the two series: Take place in or around Edo era Japan Similar genres: historical adventures with a touch of comedy Include characters who travel Japan in search of "something" Have an episodic feel while also having a climatic plot Have unique soundtracks that are unorthodox to their genres Characters from each series have a unique fighting style Include an overpowered or very skillful female character Lots of swords Characters develop during journey Side characters that feel fleshed out even if only given one or two episodes Have characters that grew up on islands (Mugen and Shichika) (Not a spoiler this is revealed in each series first episode)
report Recommended by Corinthians98
They are similar in terms of: -Deals with great sword style techniques -Characters are both looking for something -Gives you good sword battle scenes -Unique art styles
report Recommended by atKatlin
I mean these 2 animes are really similar to each other, because the in both series they travel together with a girl whom they protect both animes are about swords and swordsmanship
report Recommended by Cambeezee