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The music is a big influence for both anime. Hip-hop and jazz. Same director, but completely different settings. Even so, they match up very well. You can't watch one without the other.
report Recommended by BlueYoshi
Animes from the same directors. What Cowboy Bebop is to Jazz music is the same as Samurai Champloo to Hip Hop. Beautiful animation in both and very episodic.
report Recommended by xaynie
Same Director, pretty much the spiritual successor to Cowboy Bebop,completely different world/story, their main similarity is...the awesomeness of the music, other than that, it's totally different.
report Recommended by yukumushio
Although set in opposing eras, both have a strong musical theme weaving through the engaging journey of a group of accidentally travellers (for Champloo) / bounty hunters (for Bebop). Both series may seem episodic but every one is highly enjoyable. Plus all the characters have fascinating deep/dark backstories.
report Recommended by Stripey
The same director is enough to put these series together, because Watanabe's way to create is somehow the same with Miyazaki, who share many ideas in his works. The crew contingent is almost the same, a woman and two men (with some exceptions). The story contingent is also almost the same, one episode - one story, with a great story line which has resolution in the end. You'll find moments to laugh yourself to death and to burst into tears. Besides all the above listed you'll enjoy an awesome work with music in these series. It isn't just a background for the main performance, but   read more
report Recommended by Iahel
Samurai Champloo is like Bebop taking place in the 'Edo-Era'. Both are made with the same style of animeation, and both have their own music themes, Bebop(Jazz/Blues), Champloo(DJ-Mixing/Rap.) Both are highly entertaining filled with action, drama, comedy, ect.. all in the right parts at the righ time. You can't like one without the other.
report Recommended by Little-Curty
How many Anime series do you know of where there is a character of color? Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop are some of the first series to feature a character from a demographic of Japan from within Japan that's often under represented within the entertainment industry, but this character is also a main character. The two series also have a similar feel overall, but are both action packed and highly character driven.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both anime include a group of odd characters, who eventually develope a relationship. The have the same writer and basically the same style. Samurai Champloo : Cowboy Bebop :: Hip-Hop : Jazz.
report Recommended by btj88
same guy behind the direction and story (shinichiro watanabe) with the same idea of fusing a music culture with a genre ( retro hip-hop and rap + historical samurai setting = samuraichamploo,   read more
report Recommended by eyerok
Samurai Champloo is pretty much an inverted Cowboy Bebop. One's a futuristic show about the past, the other's a historical one about the future. They definitely seem like two parts of a whole to me.
report Recommended by Nyuu3
They're both made by Shinichiro Watanabe, and they both share his unique flare. Instead of Jazz in Space meets Western, though, Samurai Champloo is Feudal Japan (Edo Period, I believe) with hip-hop stylings. It makes for a very unique anime, and the characters are awesome.
report Recommended by Wybock
Champloo offers the same kind of artistically edgy depth as the masterpiece that is Bebop. While the two do not share similar story types nor art styles, i believe that there is a certain unspoken class of anime these two are filed under. We all i know how diverse anime can be in terms of art style as well as theme. Though i like to believe there was a resurgence in the popularity of anime in the West with animes in this class im talking about. In my opinion, this is where it truely got started folks. These animes turned a lot of us into   read more
report Recommended by extti
Same director~ Basically a group of people that travel around place to place. There's a similar feel in atmosphere in both of these animes. Of course, Fighting Scenes are awesome! Although one has to do with samurais and the other is more futuristic. A bit of comedy as well :]
report Recommended by LenDrizzle
Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo were both done by the same guy, and so both are based around music concepts. While Cowboy Bebop centers around the free-form of Jazz (Spike) versus ordered form (Jet), Samurai Champloo centers around hip-hop (Mugen) vs. classical music (Jin).
report Recommended by joshspeagle
They're by the same director and one incorporates hip-hop music and culture with samurai, while the other incorporates jazz with cowboys (well, space cowboys). Both are episodic with an overarching plot, and the main characters are somewhat similar.
report Recommended by supersloth
The two are mostly an episodic series with an interesting main story to tie it all together. Although different in atmosphere both have a good balance of humour and action. There are definite differences between the two but if you have watched Cowboy Bebop (or vice versa) you might notice the style reflects that of the director Shinichirō Watanabe.
report Recommended by aesthesises
Both series are made from the same creators so if you liked the style and "coolness" of Bebop, you'll probably like the edgy and cool style of Champloo just as much. Plus the voice of Mugen is the same voice actor who did Spike, Steve Blum!
report Recommended by GoThIcGeek111888
Champloo is another gem from Shinichiro Watanabe, director of Bebop. On the surface that's about the only thing that could be listed as similar. Shinichiro Watanabe has a knack for juxtaposing two well tread ideas to create something completely new and interesting. Bebop can be described as a futuristic, retro 70's, wild west, space cowboy story with a bit of noir sprinkled in for good measure; Champloo can be described as a hip-hop samurai journey. Even though they aren't similar they do compliment each other perfectly.
report Recommended by davemanspiff
Same director, same vision... different setting. Cowboy bebop is on some futuristic cowboy era bounty hunters with a jazz/blues undertone. Samurai Champloo is on some edo period samauri sword swingin drifters with that real hip hop finish. The character development progresses in the same "bits and peices" style. Spike from cowboy bebop has the same badass smooth tough guy tip as Mugen in Samurai Champloo. I give them both 9's in my animelist... check em out
report Recommended by metaldoom
I'm not going to beat this into the ground. Both go hand in hand perfectly. Each similar in their own unique ways, musically and character wise. If you loved one your going to love the other.
report Recommended by TheJis
-Each episode has its own small story. -Major plot end ties up everything and wraps up the series. -Interesting cast of main characters, all having a generally vague backstory. -Side characters are very interesting as well. -Stylistic action with subtle humor mixed in (not mostly slapstick) -The characters act very similarly (Spike-Mugen, Jet-Jin, Faye-Fuu) -Both directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, which explains the similarities.
report Recommended by TheJengaJam
The main characters, Spike and Mugen are very similar if not related. What I mean by similar might come out strange for some but I believe it'll present itself after more study. The voice actor is the same and the same people worked on both. Both fun to watch and I suggest watching both.
report Recommended by charmischarming
Aside from the fact that they were both directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, the two are chaotically fun cultural mishmashes with amazing art, music, and fight scenes. (Of course, Bebop has a lot more substance...)
report Recommended by imbecilic
Both are great cultural mashups that involve completely different music styles from the era presented and yet work wonders. Cowboy Bebop takes western culture, space travel and jazz and blends them perfectly creating quite the energising experience. Samurai Champloo takes the Edo period and hip-hop and surprisingly it works, especially due to the amazing soundtrack. A key features that is seen in both is the pacing. Both are episodical but not to an extremei. They take different routes and breaks but still you feel like they're getting closer to the main path thanks to the way above average character development. The soundtrack is amazing for both series, mainly   read more
report Recommended by AdventDeath
They have different themes, but both are animes very attached to their soundtracks. Love themes are present, but it is ambiguous, leaving a lot of interpretations to the audience.
report Recommended by fiilisboa
They are both directed by Shinchiro Watanabe. They are built on a similar premise: Cowboy Bebop is space bounty hunters set to a mostly jazz soundtrack while Samurai Champloo is samurai set to a hip-hop soundtrack.
report Recommended by DrGorillaPrince
Samurai Champloo's main character is as skilled as Spike and both have afros. The same director created both shows. Cowboy Bebop is a show that mixed the future with past whereas Samurai Champloo mixes the past with the future.
report Recommended by Cornercircle
Both groups are in search of something, and in the process, they live day by day trying to find food and money to get by. Excluding Ed (regretfully), the characters are pretty similar. Spike=Mugen, Jet=Jin, Fey=Fuu, and (kind of, in the sense that they are both supporting animals) Ein=Momo. Both groups don't start out being great friends and all, but as time and adventures go by, they end up warming up to each other which makes it hard for them to go their own ways.
report Recommended by b4
There are other great recommendations on these anime, so i just want to talk about their great use of music. Although they have different styles of music, both are very music centric, using it to mould the scenes and give a great sense atmosphere. Both are rightly praised on their music and they are used in similar ways which are accompanied by familiar settings. You will own both soundtracks before you know it.
report Recommended by Mem521
- same Director, Shinichiro Watanabe - episodic format. The characters set on an adventure and encounter lots of side characters that take part on each main character's development and back story. - badass male MC. - both have anachronistic setting. - both have nice music. Cowboy Bebop is jazz, while Samurai Champloo is hip-hop. Both OPs are also great!
report Recommended by raviel_ken
Both are directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, follow the misadventures of a small group in an episodic format, have superb music which creates a unique style, and often deal with philosophical issues in their conflicts. Both brilliant!
report Recommended by SheepishNate
Both have similar characters, good music, one episode - one story (at most two episodes), a good plot, and describe life situations and problems in different worlds. They have similar humor and don't hide violence and blood.
report Recommended by Croat
Both done by same people and have similar art styles . Main characters are very similar in a certain way; both of them also very Era/Culture-influenced .
report Recommended by Silent_Vizard
Mugen and Spike. Two of the most badass, laid-back and expressions of cool for any character in anime. Whilst both stories surrounding the characters are not similar, the struggles and fights of both these said characters offer entertainment and the same vibe to interest you, if these characters are to your liking.
report Recommended by Saul_L
Music influences both series in different ways and the characters are unique and really make the anime amazing
report Recommended by roshnixp
Same director. Where Bebop combines a sci-fi setting with a jazzy, western vibe, Champloo combines a Japanese samurai setting with a hip-hop vibe. Both animes are also relatively episodic rather than serial.
report Recommended by Losha
One trait that sets Shinichiro Watanabe’s work apart is his refusal to accept this Japanese conformity. In his anime, all of the characters define themselves by their individuality, fighting for themselves and ONLY themselves in a vast and lonely world. In Cowboy Bebop, the characters were thrown together by chance and stayed together only as long as convenience allowed. Although the anime was for the most part an action comedy, even the hilarious moments were subdued by this profoundly forlorn undercurrent of internal solitude. Samurai Champloo has a very similar feel; in the series, three misfits who would otherwise have nothing to do with each other   read more
report Recommended by vivafruit1
Both series have the same director, focus on a small cast of characters, and episodic adventures with enjoyable action. While Bebop has more experimentation with film noir and exploring the characters themselves, Champloo is more about the adventures the characters partake in. I will say that it's not on the same level of quality as Bebop and suffers from things Bebop never did, but it does have it share of pros like the animation and action (which is obviously based on sword fighting, giving the anime its own sense of identity).
report Recommended by Aenglaan
Both Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo are written by the same author and feature the same episodic nature. Additionally, the three main protagonists of each respective series are of the same archetypes. If you enjoyed Bebop, you'll likely enjoy Champloo.
report Recommended by SuperVegetarott
The focus of both series is the mix of different styles especially music: Cowboy Bebop is a mix of cowboy western, film noir, Jazz and Blues setting in space. Samurai Champloo is a mix of samurais, modern-day Japan and hip hop setting in Edo-era Japan. Also both series have an episodic storytelling with an overall story. Another important and common aspect is the journey into the main character's past.
report Recommended by Dan-Te
These two anime have an extremely similar vibe. They share many of the same production crew so it is no surprise that stylistically and aesthetically are in many ways comparable. There is a similar character dynamic in Samurai Champloo as in Bebop, but what makes me think you will enjoy this anime is actually how the two shows are different. Many of the plot choice in Samurai Champloo seem to be parallel to the choices in Bebop; however, in Samurai Champloo, many of the subtle issues that were passed over lightly in Bebop are explored in greater depth. These two shows are in no way   read more
report Recommended by mader527
Two absolutely brilliant anime with incredible characters. No significant plot in either anime because the characters take the spotlight and the interactions between characters are amazing. Wicked, smooth fight scenes, great dialogue and absolutely awesome characters. Both anime are memorable for, did i mention, the characters? On a serious note, amazing, character-driven anime. Period.
report Recommended by XOkabeCitykeyX
Made by the same guy. Both have a group of protagnists who travel for a single goal while encountering random misadventures along the way. Both have amazing art, action, characters, soundtrack and unique during its time.
report Recommended by EmNeM
The principal idea of my recommendation is based on different factors. First of all we got an awesome opening, the kind of stuff you can download an put on your mp3 to listening on daily routine. Second, even if the story happens in different timelines (Space, 2071 for Cowboy Bebop and Japan, Edo Period for Samurai Champloo), we can see a presente of a "road trip" in both, with all the crew together and helping each other. Different plots, where you have a new adventure in each episode. Same kind of comedy and some resemblance between main characters.
report Recommended by STEREOo
Same style , Same Genres , Same Pattern of events , and both Depends on the course of events more than story , and both have their own music themes , same type of characters
report Recommended by semmarabd14
This recommendation is based on the English dub. Same director, same main character voice actor (Mugen and Spike). Both of these characters are interesting and badass to say the least. Group dynamic is even the same within the main cast; two guys who are skilled at their roles then an annoying female character who brings more trouble than fortune. The 2 male main characters make up for this however. Both anime are episodic; although Cowboy Bebop has the better overarching plot from the get-go. Both are enjoyable nonetheless.
report Recommended by SgtSpringRoll
While Cowboy Bebop often accrues more glory, both of these shows are made by the same directors, and, personally, I enjoyed Champloo more. The main characters are all very similar, and both series maintain an episodic style up until the last few dramatic episodes, which are both fantastic in their own ways.
report Recommended by catullus_d_rus
Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop. They present us to the trio, who join, for the same purpose. Mini-histories appear before them, where they must contribute a grain of sand to get money and food, although things always get complicated. We have the boy who only thinks of struggling to get what he wants, sometimes without caring about anyone else's life. The type who prefers not to get involved, if not necessary. The girl can sometimes be a nuisance, subject to looks, but she can be cunning. Two series full of action and comedy along with different events, where they talk about different topics of interest,   read more
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Both are made by the same director. Both have a big influence with music ( OST are awesome !) and are really similar in many points
report Recommended by _Pingu_
Both are long action packed adventures that end with an expected and ideal ending. Both have similar art style and both have a heavy influence on the music that is present in the anime.
report Recommended by Smelly-Jelly
These two anime share the same episodic narrative (they're both directed by Watanabe Shinichiro), have very unique and iconic characters and are highly influenced by a specific music genre in their epic soundtracks and overall style, although Samurai Champloo feels more "wacky" in a -indeed- positive way. The two series have some epic fight directing/coreographing, and as much as the settings are very different, both of these two great must-watch shows will feel very similar inspite of their unique characteristics, which will just add value to their overall quality.
report Recommended by p1va
Just finished watching Samurai Champloo after having no prior knowledge of its existence, and wow. If you like great character and world development with an interesting story and great beats, then boy have i got the anime recommendation for you. Now i recommend both to anyone reading this. but if you have seen one of the anime and enjoyed it, i guarantee you will find something in the other worth your time. "I hope that the rain will never stop. If it continues, then I can stay here forever."
report Recommended by DataRemoved
Same director, and the style of story telling is the same. They both have an overarching story, but most episodes don't really matter in terms of the whole plot itself.
report Recommended by princesjelyfish
Two offerings from Watanabe, and both are definitely worth watching. The stories and characters are similar - the spirited and determined female character, the rebellious young man that doesn't obey society's rules, and that man's quieter and more reserved counterpart, each journeying together across space/Japan, searching for something. Whereas Cowboy Bebop has a jazz + space combination, Samurai Champloo has a hip-hop + ancient Japan combination, one that might sound strange, but the two work together to create an interesting world, with plenty of humorous moments.
report Recommended by SionnachD
-Action, adventure and comedy packed anime with great plots -Similarities between characters and their relationships (i.e. Spike/Mugen, Faye/Fuu) -Badass characters -Phenomenal fighting scenes and martial arts -Both anime have different but unique settings and timelines (futuristic but retro space western style for one and alternate japanese edo style for another) -Music and OST have a big influence in both anime and are what make them stand out (jazz and blues for cowboy bebop and J hip-hop for samurai champloo) -Both anime share the same director, Shinichirou Watanabe -As much as cowboy bebop is known to be a classic and a must watch anime, I'd say so is samurai champloo despite   read more
report Recommended by jasminekes
Both series have the same director and have an episodic formula. Furthermore, the relationship between the characters is kinda similar
report Recommended by Bagira20
* In both series they travel as a team * The MC's start off immediately strong, you don't have the bullsh*t process of 50 episodes of becoming stronger * The timeline of the episodes doesn't matter, so you don't have to worry about remembering how the story went. You can still catch up after a few months without you having the feeling that you don't understand. * The music is really good by both shows. * And both shows are really enjoyable, go watch it :)
report Recommended by AlwaysFair780
Set in the Edo period of Japan, Champloo transforms Japanese history by including themes from the world of Hip-Hop culture and modern America. This anime features lots of great action, dialogues between lead characters and music that will have you hooked from the first action packed episode. Champloo is a great example of what I like to call a "Journey" anime. The plot revolves less around the ending and the place the characters are going, and more around the events and interactions that take place as they attempt to reach that destination
report Recommended by Bagelman102
Same director, different context with different music, but both series are amazing on its own. If you watch cowboy bebop, you should watch samurai champloo and viceversa.
report Recommended by DivisibleH
Both have an episodic style to it. Both use a certain style of music and era and create an interesting setting. The main characters have similar characteristics, and keep you interested with the action packed episodes.
report Recommended by Denaos
In both anime, you have really original and badass main characters. The story doesn't take place in the same universe, but if you are looking for a great anime with a lot of fights and action, here you are! And, the most important : EPIC MUSIC !!!!!!!!
report Recommended by Mugensamurai
The main character of Samurai Champloo has a very similar personality as Spike Spiegel. Both of them have that carefree badass type of mindset. So if you liked Spike, you'll definitely like Mugen. Plus, I'm pretty sure that both shows were made by the same studio.
report Recommended by Pink_Chan1113
Same director, very different, both extremely enjoyable. Music plays a central role in both of these, with Cowboy Bebop having mostly jazz, blues and rock and roll influences while Samurai Champloo being more hip-hop and chillhop. While they both have quite different settings there is definitely a similar feel about them. Bebop is more deep and complex than Champloo, and thus is something of a step-up or even upgrade from Champloo.
report Recommended by Heremus
The music is the key factor here, both have excellent songs, Jazz, Blues, Hip-Hop. Memorable moments, fights, and characters.
report Recommended by Nyanzinho
Same director and same vibe. All of the episodes are episodic with variously atmospheres ranging from really funny to really serious.
report Recommended by pikachiu24
Though both shows may be set in vastly different universes, there's no denying the unique Shinichiro Watanabe touch to them. Most prominently, this can be noticed in the superior combination of good freaking music and great freaking action scenes. While one dabbles in classic blues and jazz, the other rides a wave of feel-good hiphop, all the while poignant in their themes of past, present and future. You can't watch one and dislike the other, trust me!
report Recommended by rebirthx
Although they have a different setting, both Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo are directed by legendary Shinichiro Watanabe. These two shows are episodic, but with a good storyline that will tell more about the characters as the story unfolds. They also have an amazing soundtrack (jazz in Cowboy Bebop, hip-hop in Samurai champloo), comedy, drama and well animated action scenes.
report Recommended by ViniShiroyasha
Both are works directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, run 26 episodes and feature a strong balance of action, comedy and drama. Both are episodic in structure, have strong original soundtracks and have small central casts of vitriolic companions who serve as foils to each other. Also, both works have the main character voiced by Steven Blum in the English Dub, and both dubs are great.
report Recommended by InkSpider
A cast of flawed yet lovable characters. Episodic structure filled with random hijinks and situations. A simple premise allows for a focus on slow yet satisfying character insight and development. A mixing of genre conventions and settings.
report Recommended by kinjoleef
Music based themes, characters with a well definite personality and deep back story.
report Recommended by ForwardsTheFlame
Music is similar between these two. Same director but different settings. Funny, enjoyable from start to finish.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Similar art style, created by the same director, both have great musical scores.
report Recommended by Glog
Both are directed by Shinichiro Watanabe and are amazing absolute masterpieces of Anime. Both are shows that focus on a small group of characters and how their interactions affect each and every one of them. Both also have amazing art and action sequences that are unrivaled. These are two of the greatest Anime of all time and are a MUST-WATCH.
report Recommended by onizuka_anime
Another epic show by Shinichiro Watanabe who creates his own world and style with strong main characters and the battle to obtain that sweet, sweet crunkle. (Money)
report Recommended by CrystalGemFox
Very similar vibe, heavy reliance on music, similar graphics. although champloo can be a bit boring
report Recommended by Johnny386
Besides having the same director, both shows have direct parallels and contrasts in terms of characters, themes, story, tone, music and visuals. While Cowboy Bebop offers a more philosophical approach in its overall theme, Champloo takes a more laid back, nostalgic mood that actually made it more enjoyable for me than the former. Both shows are in my top 6 favorite anime of all time, and I'd highly suggest giving them a shot. There are other shows that capture a similar sense of what Bebop great, but Champloo managed to do it perfectly. See ya space samurai...
report Recommended by TheFlyingOrange
Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo both follow the same episodic story structure using a small castt of distinct main characters. While they may differ drastically in genre (one is a Western-style Sci-Fi Drama, the other an Eastern Historic Action/Comedy), the way the characters and story are presented at a slow rate is shared well between the two.
report Recommended by YeOldeGamer1
As Bebop, Champloo is presented as a character-based anime where with each episode you get to know more about the characters. On top of that, both are style-driven where that style is created through music, Cowboy Bebop is Jazz and in Samurai Champloo is Hip-Hop. Both are directed by Shinichiro Watanabe.
report Recommended by Cuesta27
The stories may seem very different from each other, but both give a similar vibe. Sunrise worked really hard to make these two wonderful, classic anime and it is very likely that if you liked Cowboy Beepob, you will also like Samurai Champloo. It has been said by others as well.
report Recommended by xx_ibrahimd_xx
The whole vibe of Cowboy Bebop I believe is present in Samurai Champloo. While Cowboy Bebop has a jazz vibe, Samurai Champloo has a hip hop vibe. They both have interesting characters that you want to learn more about as well. So just do yourself a favor a watch it, you won't regret it. P.S. I was recommend Samurai Champloo off of Cowboy Bebop and enjoyed it a lot.
report Recommended by CottonCandyRuvo
The series is also a tribute and a reinterpretation of genres of yesteryear, such as western and noir, and which are re-translated to explore human emotions and which we are often afraid to face. Loneliness and really wondering what existence is are so abstract within the narrative that you don't immediately feel when they are touched and it makes you think “If people already dominate space travel, why are the quality of human values ​​so poor? " The characters have their nuances. They are neither white nor black, they are all gray that change depending on what needs to be resolved and are so well executed   read more
report Recommended by Gunnnslinnnger
A great adventure anime that explores history of the rural Japan period and the other being about space. Eventhough being two different environments both take the job seriously well highlighting the history of space but also rural Japan era with having great comedy in between which works really well. Characters are similar and are very well remembered characters with good written stories and personality traits. Also both animes exploring the meaning of enemy's and friendship and teamwork. Both are good and worth the watch!
report Recommended by golden_piggies
-both have strong MCs -both MCs have dark past -both have a great ending -both have big rivalries -both have good fights
report Recommended by azy19201
it has the same kind of writing as samurai champloo in the sense that the characters feel very human like and that they all have different goals while working together
report Recommended by SpaceOpal
Both include heavy themes as well as leaning far into a music style for inspiration, hip-hop for Samurai Champloo, and Jazz/Bebop for Cowboy Bebop. Each follows a cast of cool but also dysfunctional characters that are similar to each other. Both series involve the characters messing around for the most part in random events that can be both heartfelt and silly.
report Recommended by Salty_Boi
Same director; Similar: level of great combination of styles (especially, music: rap + samurai and jazz/blues + space), adventure type of anime (exploring their respective worlds), episodes which are not connected strongly,
report Recommended by Ashiru_Zarin
Both are not only from the same director, but both also feature a very similar episodic style. Also, if you’re looking for another anime with a stellar OST, then... this one’s right up your alley.
report Recommended by Bizaster
The other recommendation that comes as no surprise to anybody: Coywboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. While the setting and stories are very different, they star the same male lead voice actor and have a very similar energy about them. They are serious action stories that know when not to take themselves too seriously and have fun. The shows have fantastic characters and are extremely addictive. I would have put Trigun together with these to form a trio, but that's not a possibility unfortunately.
report Recommended by Halofan1997
Made by the same creator aesthetics
report Recommended by bbyfno
There are plenty of aspect that these 2 shows has. Even though one is set in as futuristic atmosphere, and the other is in an old era of Japan, the concept of these 2 are just feels somehow both different and similar at the same time
report Recommended by Stonygolf
Both anime are episodic. They have great stylistic music, charismatic characters and a lot of ideas which anime use in every episode.
report Recommended by karlorenn
-If you like a goalless ordinary team who just lead a life without any specific aim trying to ignore their miserable past , then you must watch them. -You will find some undefeatable characters who barely cares about anything. -There is almost no specific difference between spike and mugen. -And absolutely no lack comedy and background music.
report Recommended by Ratul4444
Both have an AMAZING soundtrack and even better character design. Also both in the action drama, but have some tearjerker episodes. I give both a 10/10.
report Recommended by sl33pythekid
Both are episodic and slowly develop a good plot
report Recommended by SeinenMonsterYT
character-based anime where with each episode you get to know more about the characters. On top of that, both are style-drive where that style is created through music – Cowboy Bebop is Jazz and in Samurai Champloo is Hip-Hop.
report Recommended by SANSUIsan
Both are about characters from different backgrounds forming a team together and then having to face everyone's different pasts together. Both have very similar character types and really good fight scenes. They also bing the same vibe and entertainment and both have really good music.
report Recommended by DBishTheFish
both of them are Original anime, it has Western vibes but different, like Cowboy Bebop using Western theme but japanese vibes, or Samurai Champloo using Japanese theme but Western vibes, both of them are good
report Recommended by Trifs
Samurai Champloo is also a character-driven story, with each episode revealing more about each of the main characters. both shows share is the sound-track driven action, and style which is carried through the music, also the characters in both shows are driven by one thing, their constant need for money to eat.
report Recommended by the_not3
Writers in both of them had some ideas to explore which are presented episodically.
report Recommended by Mezzin_Anur
same show, but SAMURAI
report Recommended by h0tkeys
If you love the adventure of following a main cast and seeing them develop from episode to episode, Samurai Champloo is the one for you. Both follow very similar formats, both being episodic and following a main cast of 3-4 unique individuals that are all lovable. Samurai Champloo also has a unique art style and music that distinguishes itself similar to Cowboy Bebop too. Overall, if you liked Bebop, you are likely to enjoy Champloo as well.
report Recommended by JLoiXP
Both heavy character-driven shows produced under same director. Soundtrack is heavy part of what makes each respective show great.
report Recommended by Daniel_Farson
Both animes are directed by Shinichirō Watanabe, and share alot of similar qualities as a result. That includes not sticking too closely to the plot, a cool protagonist, and a BANGER soundtrack that works closely to represent what is shown in the series.
report Recommended by StupidApeBrain
Both anime have heavy implementation of original music; in order to forward both action scenes, and important narrative themes.
report Recommended by Jettskii
Short charming stories with each episode which contribute to a nice overarching storyline. Both have some of the best soundtracks in Films/TV.
report Recommended by OscLamb
Besides sharing a director and a voice actor, Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo have a few interesting similarities. For starters, the main cast of characters would like to think they don't have conventional friendly love for each other, but in reality, they do, and they don't like seeing each other in trouble. The dynamics between the characters in both shows really make them special. Also, there are occasional diversions into each of the main characters' past life events in both shows. Finally, both series take genres that don't normally mix and combine them uniquely - Cowboy Bebop does it with sci-fi and noir, while Samurai   read more
report Recommended by MeanMrMusician
They both have amazing music with the an exciting adventure where you slowly learn more about the well written and charismatic characters.
report Recommended by Chambers0918
its a no-brainer really, first reccomendation.
report Recommended by thatkid0o0