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El Cazador de la Bruja
El Cazador de la Bruja
Apr 26, 9:30 PM
Watching 24/26 · Scored -
Dirty Pair
Dirty Pair
Apr 26, 4:15 PM
Watching 4/24 · Scored -
IS: Infinite Stratos
IS: Infinite Stratos
Apr 25, 8:54 PM
Dropped 5/12 · Scored 2
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Hanayome wa Motodanshi.
Hanayome wa Motodanshi.
Mar 1, 9:23 PM
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Sep 9, 2019 1:00 AM
Reading -/15 · Scored -
Sep 7, 2019 10:48 PM
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Josh Aug 27, 8:19 PM
Every so often I have an "I'm done with this shit" moment when browsing MAL's forums. I had one of those moments today and thought I'd see what people have been watching instead. Then I saw this big mood.
Too Woke for MAL Since 2020
Argue_With_Me Apr 2, 3:22 AM
Ah yeah that makes sense, As far as I can see there's a lot of love for trans people these days but that's just me. If you want some works that tackle the topic I'd recommend Bokura No Hentai & The Bride was a Boy. But yeah, I also assumed since you're a fan of PedRo who has a decently sized trans audience, same with Zeria and others within that sphere of the internet.
Argue_With_Me Mar 25, 11:30 PM
Just wondering since you have a Hourou Musuko character in your favorites, are you a transwoman?
Argue_With_Me Mar 21, 4:17 AM
I dont really disagree with ya, I just dont bother with either twitter or the MAL forums. I still use twitter tho despite not having an account.

Forgotten Neverland is boring, idk I dont like almost any anime really.
Argue_With_Me Mar 11, 2:21 PM
I mean I feel like the forums have always been garbage but that's just any community space for me I guess lol. I recently quit Discord so I wouldn't be able to. You seem like the kinda person who'd use twitter, I quit twitter as well but just thought I might make that assumption regardless. Although is there anything you'd like to discuss on this simply flawless website?
Argue_With_Me Mar 11, 12:32 PM
Sounds like the internet is the same as ever I guess.
Argue_With_Me Mar 11, 3:25 AM
Idk what happened but as the original owner of this account I’ll just mention that whatever happened, it wasn’t me. I sent the first 2 comments, commenting on your bio, anything else that doesn’t seem to be here anymore must’ve been someone else as I put the username and pass on my bio and was curious to see if anyone would do anything with it. To answer your question about why my bio said rapist, it’s because someone else wrote that on the bio.
Argue_With_Me Mar 3, 5:04 PM
Yeah I imagined so, your bio just reminded me of opinions/beliefs touted by those two, as well as a lot of other leftist anitube/anitwitter
Argue_With_Me Mar 2, 2:44 AM
You seem like the kinda gal who watches Under The Scope, Pedantic Romantic ect.
LunarStarGirl345 Feb 29, 5:10 PM
Hello and you're welcome. ^^

Yeah, it's a reallly good anime. No doubt that haha.

Same here, can't wait to see the sequel film soon when it gets subbed later as well as the second season too when it comes out whenever :3.
Kurt_Irving Feb 25, 10:04 PM
You're welcome! :)

Nothing is perfect, so no offense and I got a friend on Anime Planet named Megane who hates battle shounen too. I'm more into action drama entertainment these days.

I have to admit, there is just too much battle shounen these days plus too much raunchy comedy these days too, like enough is enough. Btw, I watch more X-Files than anime these days.
Kurt_Irving Feb 25, 9:59 AM
Hello! and wow! you got good taste in anime.
Seiya Feb 25, 8:04 AM
In regards to cross-dressing, I recall putting on one of my mother's dresses when I was around 5 or 6 years old for fun, but it's not something that I've done since I've gotten older. I do have some women's shirts and jackets though, and a modest collection of scarves, including a pink scarf. Beyond collection anime figures, I also started collecting porcelain dolls last year. I got most of them in yard sales for $1 each.

Half a year ago, when I was asleep one night, I had this dream that I was in Wal-Mart, dressed as Princess Daisy, pushing a shopping cart through the aisles. I felt that a lot of people must be staring at me, but at the same time, I felt proud that I worked up the courage to go out into public dressed that way. Of course, it was only a dream, but part of me always wanted to look like Princess Daisy, and I never knew why.

I'm definitely going to watch "Rose of Versailles" someday. I bought the DVD box sets years ago, and apparently they're expensive now, so I may just leave them sealed, and watch it online, lol.

I highly recommend "Hoshiai no Sora(Stars Align)," as there's one character who trans people can relate to in it.
Seiya Feb 24, 4:57 PM
How are things?

It's been a while since we last spoke. I was reading your conversation with Alpha_Trans. I didn't know that you were trans. I knew that you had a bad relationship with your father, but I never realized that things were that tough for you.

I'm not trans, but I really like feminine stuff, and every time I would come across some accessory or article of clothing that I liked, my mother and grandmother would always say "That's for women/girls," and would make me ashamed of what I liked. They still do this, with my mother especially teasing me for many of my interests. I'm just thankful that I live alone now, but my grandparents usually invite me down to their place for supper at least once a week(I usually don't turn down free food), and sometimes my mother and I will get into an argument over something.

Also, I see you're watching "Futari wa Precure." Are you enjoying it? I watched the direct sequel, "Futari wa Precure: Max Heart" back in November, and it was also quite good.
rat_priest Feb 23, 7:35 PM
Hi! I noticed you really like FLCL and Lain, so I think I would recommend a weird OVA called ‘Cat Soup.’ It’s the length of a normal TV episode, but is really strange and enjoyable, in my opinion. You can watch it for free on YouTube; idk where else to find it.

(Also you just seem really funny and self aware, and cool in general. When I joined I was surprised at how many weebs embraced the stereotypical media representation of them as vaguely sexist, homophobic, and generally turning their personal frustrations into the trollification of a community started to bond over the things people love.)