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Pipe May 1, 9:18 AM

Thank you very much for the information. I am planning on watching it and thanks for writing

I almost forgot, sorry for the late reply :D :P
Kontemplation Apr 20, 6:15 AM
You sound very passionate about it :D I hope you'll be able to collect everything you desire

But that supposed transition only happened towards the end of season 3 right? Before that, Eren was immature and impetuous, and if it hadn't been for Mikasa's persistent efforts to save him, he would've perished long ago. Though, you may be right about Eren. He has since become disillusioned and realised that the truth is much more sinister than he thought it was.

Yeah I should probably find time to watch it as well
Kontemplation Apr 18, 12:10 PM
Do you plan on acquiring more figurines and posters in the future?

I'm done with TG in its entirety. The first season was good, but that was it. A friend even said TG is philosophical, but after watching it, I'm here thinking it's borderline comical, so what the hell was my friend thinking? Lmao

Death Note was one of a kind, no doubt about it. Very thought-provocative

I'm currently only looking forward to SnK season 3 part 2. I've only seen Domestic na Kanojo and Gotoubun no Hanayome from this season. They were rather average so I wouldn't recommend them unless you're hella bored and are just looking for mindless pleasure lol. Oh wait, there's Yakusoku no Neverland. Apparently it's a good psychological thriller.
Sphinxter Apr 17, 6:36 PM
No, I just made the word "Flobx" up — what I mean is that you can just call what I speak "Flobx" and not "English" if that helps.

One could simply ask for the gender but that seems incredibly cumbersome to ask for this when referring to someone who might not even be easily reachable or take time to respond as well as prying into his private life.

The point for me is simply that I refuse to lend social significance to sex; let's call this social significance "gender"; I refuse to treat biological sex as anything more of a biological category than say blood type or earlobes because I don't believe in treating a man differently thereupon — even when he so want. I will simply say that he derives no privileges from his gender.

I'm uncomfortable with the idea of some men having rights others have not as decided by the moment they are born and lending social significance to sex would be one of them. I also don't say lend social significance to race but the difference is that the English language does not in general engage in having different words for different races.
Elderanime Apr 16, 4:16 PM
Thanks much!
Kontemplation Apr 15, 4:38 AM
No problem, I'm the one who has to apologise this time

I haven't read the manga, but I can still tell that its anime counterpart is glaringly inconsistent in terms of both plot and character development. Season 1 had a slow progression, but it was well-executed because everything was a build-up to the culmination of Kaneki's power in the last episode. Season 2 was quite all over the place, and TG:re just had a ridiculous plot twist. I was dumbfounded when I watched the first episode of :re because I had absolute no idea what was happening - not until they explained the twist that is; still, that was an appalling way to start the season, because for audiences who haven't read the manga, it was an unenjoyable and obfuscating experience.

The first anime I watched was Death Note because a friend recommended it to me. In my opinion, it's quite well-written and directed

Haha how many posters and figurines have you bought so far
honey--mint Apr 12, 8:32 PM
best boys <3
EDI12 Apr 12, 6:33 PM
check out this video:
it's gonna take a while tho to customize it
EDI12 Apr 12, 7:04 AM
go to my list and tell me how long did it take for it load.
Sphinxter Apr 11, 6:19 PM
Well, what if I were to say that what I speak is not "English" but a language called Flobx which is mutually-intelligible with English and highly similar to it except for this?

In the end almost everyone understands what I'm saying regardless especially when after initial confusion they ask and I just explain what I'm doing — it doesn't particularly seem to be a problem in communication.

About making things simpler: the problem with English is not not just that it's gendered but in many cases obligatorily so which præsents numerous issues when the gender is simply not known which is increasingly common in internet communication.

Quite a few things about English today only exist because someone started to artificially introduce it and it caught on; some of those in the opposite direction as what I'm doing today.
Sphinxter Apr 11, 5:33 PM
I always used fairly gender-neutral language without thinking much about it but it started I think due to a conversation in with a Fin who complained about the absurdity of English having different words for "he" and "she" that Finnish does not and I agreed so we agreed henceon to simply use "he" for everyone and it more or less grew out of that system organically. Eventually I decided to write down the rules which we had more or less been following which is what you see on my profile except for rule 3 and I got more and more people on board.

I guess the "why" is more that I dislike the absurd cultural emphasis on gender to the point that languages need different words for the exact same thing where the gender has exactly no relevance whatsoever.

There was a point prior to that where I semi-ironically just used "he or she" as a neutral pronoun for everyone regardless whether their sex be known or not.
Sphinxter Apr 11, 5:20 PM
I simply use gender-neutral terms to refer to everyone — be there no simple gender-neutral option available I pick whichever of the gendered options came first and/or is more common and use that to refer to everyone.

So regardless the referent's sex I use say "actor", "waifu", "masseuse", or "waiter".
photophobic Apr 11, 11:04 AM
just one problem with your point - you state that this was caused 'by nurture, not nature'. now, in theory, this is possible but the majority of serial killers (and, i believe, practically all serial killers with a sadistic modus operandi) not only have a bad childhood but tend to be born with the maoa gene, and with an under-developed/lacking orbital cortex.

that said, i am slightly confused by what you're arguing? you write that he didn't deserve to die ...because he murdered people? so are you trying to argue that death was too 'easy' a punishment for him, as you then go on to say that 'he should be responsible for his actions'.
photophobic Apr 9, 10:52 AM
i agree that he would have been able to grow up normal if not for his background, but, nonetheless, he was very much in control of actions and, arguably, killed out of his own sadistic desires rather than just an abusive childhood.

you can say sangwoo didn't deserve to die, yet neither did any of his victims. what would you have wished for instead? him rotting in prison for the rest of his days? him getting a year in prison and then going on parole?
photophobic Apr 8, 11:16 PM
in the nicest way possible, i don't think you should love sangwoo.
(and yeah my pfp is sungho from warehouse)