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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
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VioIet 2 hours ago
>FMAB is my number 1 favorite for a few reasons. I really enjoyed it when I first watched it - I loved the characters and the storyline, and it had a good ending. Plus, the music was great. I just rewatched FMAB, and although I can now see a few flaws (example: the poor CGI for Envy when Envy transformed, which wasn't anyone's fault because I know CGI technology was not as developed back then), I still enjoyed it for the nostalgic feeling it gave me. :)
I see, cool. I agree with everything you have said. I don't remember the CGI tho. The only flaw I found on FMAB was the comedy, that's it.

>Why is FMAB your favorite anime series?
FMAB was my gateway into loving anime. I was thinking that FMAB is unreal since how great the quality is. It's very thought-provoking, even after finishing it I keep rewatching some scenes from YouTube because I still can't accept the fact I've finished FMAB in a very short time. Every characters was created for an essential reason, thus they have their own goal. They are not created only to support MC's goal. Rather than sexualizing the heroine to milk more money, FMAB gave Winry depths in writing which is a major contribution to Edward's morality and Scar's mindset.

Equivalent Exchange is the best medium to set up the power system for FMAB. To get something, you have to sacrifice something. This applies to people's lives as well. Unlike Naruto or Bleach or any other generic shounen, power was not a major element here. The peak of this point could be seen in Edward's and Father's conclusion, but as in general we all can see you have to sacrifice something important to yourself to gain the truth. Not to mention, FMAB ironies were amazing (What The Truth took from people who defies god, Homunculus deeper side). I do love to see a representation of God, and FMAB has the best god concept in fiction imo. The Truth is well designed, and the only way to defeat him, is accepting the truth itself (Edward realized alchemy does not solves everything, thus he sacrifices his Gate of Truth). Father loses because he defies the truth, which is his existence as a homunculus. Father didn't even believe in himself. The human's nature is to learn something, we see a lot of things improving from Edward, but not Father. He tried detaching his sins, and he didn't evolve at anything. Father is smart, but his Gate is empty, thus showing 450 years of living didn't made him learn anything. He glorify power and he think he could become god by having a lot of powers. The irony is Father's was shown that he probably wanted a family.

Now, let's apply FMAB as a window and a mirror for myself.

Window = Human values as a human, Equivalent Exchange, The concept of God (The Truth), Epistemology in Gate of Truth, Theseus philosophy.
Mirror = I need other humans to appear in my life because I myself created as a human. Human often seek I-It relationship (e.g. only wanting others money, power, etc) but what matter the most is I-Thou relationship, thus it really made us humans. Equivalent Exchange fit perfectly in human's sociology. Humans often denying the truth even after knowing it, this worked with myself. We have to sacrifice something to achieve the greater thing (e.g. knowledge, so we sacrifice our money and time for school etc). No matter what happen to someone It aspects (e.g. physical face and body), he/she will still be him/herself, the change of the outside won't affect the deeper inside, but even human realizing it some of them are still valuing the It aspects more.

In the end, FMAB told me humans should find their meaning in life since they are created as human. Power is not everything, but having relationship with others might help you in your life since humans can't stand by only themselves. Other series may have this kind of idea, but FMAB executed it in a perfect way.

>What other series have you enjoyed?
-Violet Evergarden
-Fate series
-Gintama series
-Welcome to the NHK!
-Psycho-Pass season 1
-Mob Psycho 100

I saw Code Geass on your favorites. I used to be a huge fan of it. After finishing the show I changed all of my social media pfp to Lelouch :D
-Kazuma_ 3 hours ago
Yeah, it's added as an entry to MAL and here's the link. It's on Youtube, I watched it there. That's cool that you like Ishigami and Shirogane. I'm sure you'll also like them in season 2! There are more things that I liked about my fav characters, but I didn't mention them because they're spoilers. Same, I also rarely dream about anime characters, particularly anime itself. Unless it's deja vu and not just a normal dream, then that's a different story.

True, everyone is free to make their own decision. Yeah, it's certainly useful, especially in manga. Sound effects in manga are usually in katakana and I'm able to read them when they aren't translated. I'm also learning Japanese by reading original/non-translated chapters in official Japanese sites. But I read the translated versions first, so I can understand them before reading them in Japanese. Oh wow, that's a lot of languages you want to learn. I heard the pronunciations in Korean are hard but the writing is easy to learn. That's great that you have friends who can help you learn languages. Yeah, they can help you check and fix your grammar or words if they sound good or bad, and they also can tell how far you have learned. Self-studying has its advantages too, like having the joy of discovering new things on your own, and you can study anytime you want. I don't really dedicate a lot of time to study Japanese, only like 2 hours week, but it was around 10 hours a week when I started. I actually started it just around a month before I started shougi. It was September last year, and 2 weeks after my birthday.

Oh, I didn't know Shounen Jump has an app. How many manga are you currently reading using the app? I only know their site MangaPlus, where I read Dandadan and also Dorondororon. And yeah, they lock chapters that are after the first 3 chapters and before the lastest 3 chapters of a manga every release to make it payable. It's a similar case for official Japanese reading manga sites too. You can unlock a chapter by using money or points, though I don't know what those points are nor how to get them. My thoughts about Dorondororon, it's okay I guess? There's nothing I like in the series so far, except for the heroine, but there's nothing I dislike so far either. It's seems to be a generic shounen, but it's not boring to read, and I'm expecting an improvement from it. I see, okay, it's on you if you want to read Yomi no Tsugai soon. I just thought you can use it for MRC since you haven't read it yet.
VioIet Yesterday, 6:19 PM
>I prefer to chat with them a little bit first.
Me either, hence why I've asked you at the first place since I don't want to suddenly strike up with a conversation :D

>What series do you like?
FMAB is still the best anime series for me till today, I don't think it can be replaced. Seeing from your list you have watched both version, but I assume you liked FMAB more. May I know what made FMAB your number 1 favorite (I assume)?

>Also, out of curiosity, how did you find me?
Randomly at forum.
VioIet Yesterday, 6:03 PM
Fellow Fullmetal Alchemist enjoyer, do you want to be friends with me?
-Kazuma_ Yesterday, 8:42 AM
I don't need to put it in the suggestions, it'll surely be rejected lol. 11/10 also seems to be too much for it to be added, so I'll just give that score to Kaguya-sama manga in my mind. Plus, I didn't say that I want it to be in MAL, so it's fine. It escalated to the point of 11/10. It was overall a 9/10 to me for the first 100 chapters (include chapters S1&2 covered), and it got so much better afterwards. Ah yes, season 3! Of course I won't miss it lol, and it's already on my Plan to Watch list. I've also watched the 10-min trailer (although, I keep forgetting to add it to my list XD), and it literally exceeded my expectations after thinking that it's just a trailer, and they wouldn't put big efforts for it. I'll also watch season 3 weekly even if I'd still be in burnout in April. My favorite character is Kaguya Shinomiya! I like her cuz she's my waifu for being cute, smart, confident on winning, skillful, cute and o kawaii koto. She's also super cute when blushing. Oh, and I dreamed about her twice, and the first time is actually the main reason I read the manga lol. My other favorites are Ishigami, Shirogane, and Shirogane's Father! Ishigami is quiet, honest, and the easiest to relate to among the characters. Shirogane is smart, hardworking, and thoughtful. He's probably the one that looks the simplest, but is actually a person that would give his all, and is sometimes cool. And lastly, Shirogane's Father, I liked him in the manga, so I can't say anything about him for now. Those are the things that I like about them! XD that's true, you can really relate differently to the characters, since each of them has their own personality and uniqueness. It's also really nice that you're enjoying the series, and I hope you will also in season 2!

I liked Hyouka, and I heard the novel has a great narration so I'd like to buy it. It's also popular so I thought there was already an official English translation and that it would be easy to find. Oh, so that's what you meant. It didn't come to my mind, because those kinds of libraries are rare in my country. There's only one library near my home but I doubt there'd be any manga to borrow from them. Manga also isn't widely being sold in my country, so there's a low chance for a library here to have a manga. That's why buying online is only what came to my mind. Amazon isn't available in my country, but there are alternatives available here. But well, I guess I shouldn't worry about this for now, until I earn my own money and that I will have enough to buy one.

It was intentional, I think it's fine to share it, so I did. But I'm still careful on things I can and cannot share. Yeah, I know two languages besides English. One of them is one of the two official languages in my country (that and English), but I guess this is where I'll put the "it's one of the things I don't want to be known on the internet" line here. My location is one of the things I want to be hidden on the internet, and you can know my country if I revealed this language. I can tell you the current time here, but I won't go further than that. Well, I guess I will give you a hint. It's not Spanish, that's the hint XD. It's not that I hate my country though, I just think it's better not to give your location even if only your country. It's not that much necessary as something to reveal, too. The other language is Japanese, but I only know a bit. There are three alphabets: hiragana, katakana, and kanji. I can read hiragana and katakana because they're easy to remember. They also have the same pronunciations, but the difference is writing and use. I can only read a few characters of kanji. It's hard to learn it because kanji characters have one or more pronunciations. The thing I'm struggling the most in Japanese is building grammar structure, since it's very different to what English has (and to my other language, too). I'm studying Japanese when I have time to spare, and it's also a self-study using internet like I did in shougi. Have you ever considered learning Japanese?

Just saw you're reading Dorondororon, will you use it for a challenge? Also, I'm not forcing you, but you can read Yomi no Tsugai too to use it for MRC!
Fario-P Jan 20, 6:45 PM
please send a link to it as a reply here if you ever do, i'd love to check it out and take the time to post in it! :)

and you're welcome! i hope you like them, please do feel free to share your thoughts after you finish reading them!!

Fario-P Jan 20, 3:45 PM
There's a bunch of forum regulars that actively go against AniTube, but I personally think that it's something potentially interesting to talk about.

Oh wow, interesting... well, you definitely found the right person to ask!! ;P
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica (3 vols) - no introduction needed lol. still worth reading even if you love the anime since it was made during production and therefore has interesting differences. there's also a ton of other related manga to read actually, so click here to see what kind of Madoka Magica manga exists.
  • Magic Knight Rayearth (3 vols) - want some actual good isekai for once? look no further than this series, it's seriously pretty awesome and has interesting magical girl and MECHA elements in it as well!!
  • Time Stranger Kyoko (3 vols) - a cool series with amazing art that honestly really should have been longer and an interesting take on what Earth in the future could be like. pleasantly surprised that the site you linked counts this as magical girl (and boy!) cuz i seriously thought i was the only one.
  • Prétear: The New Legend of Snow White (4 vols) - this is a pretty unique reimagining of Snow White that also has actual magical boys on top of that (essentially being the seven dwarfs in this story). people apparently like the anime adaptation more but definitely give the manga a read, i think both versions are pretty good as their own stories which is clearly what the original creator was going for.
  • Ultra Maniac (5 vols) - a simple and charming little modern comedy with magical girl elements peppered in. i'm glad the site you linked also counts this as magical girl cuz a decent amount of people don't seem to think so (though the anime for sure definitely counts with the more typical magical girl additions made by the anime staff).
  • Full Moon wo Sagashite (7 vols) - this is another manga that people debate about whether or not it is actually magical girl, it seems MangaUpdates doesn't but i personally think it counts and you definitely should still give it a read sometime anyway (especially if you love tearjerkers and shinigami)! i personally recommend reading this manga AFTER watching the 2002 anime adaptation, especially since it's a musical series and it's nice to hear actual songs.
  • Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (7 vols) - from the same creator as Full Moon and Time Stranger Kyoko is one that's definitely more agreed upon as being magical girl (and magical boy!). i personally like Full Moon more but there is still some amazing art, decent drama, and a somewhat unique premise being the second magical girl series to feature a magical girl THIEF afaik... what was the first one, you may be asking?
  • Saint Tail (7 vols) - the first magical girl thief would be this one, which i don't think is completely available online sadly (good luck finding physical copies of any of it either)... but if you ever do get to read it, then have fun! this is way more light-hearted than Jeanne and is a bit more episodic when it comes to the cat-and-mouse game, but i still recommend it if you don't mind something lighter!
  • Sugar Sugar Rune (8 vols) - haven't finished this one, but the art is gorgeously stylized and i kinda wish there were more magical girl series (much less modern majokko series like this one) that look like this or really more series with this kind of Halloween vibe imo. i have a feeling you may enjoy this one a lot!
  • Cardcaptor Sakura (original print 12 vols, recent print/"Collector's Edition" 9 vols) - another magical girl classic that shouldn't need further introduction or description, this time from the creators of Magic Knight Rayearth—more light-hearted than Sailor Moon and equally as gorgeous!
  • Sailor Moon (1st print/tankobon 18 vols, 2nd print/shinsoban 12 vols, 3rd print/kanzenban/"Eternal edition" 10 vols) - a magical girl classic that doesn't need much introduction or further description—though keep in mind that the original manga is surprisingly more darker than you may think!

Hope any of these interests you and helps with your challenge! Good luck and have fun!!
-Kazuma_ Jan 20, 9:33 AM
I actually just listen to the random songs that are in the up-next section of videos, whether they're from anime I've watched or not. It also doesn't matter even if it's not from an anime I plan to watch. In fact (same as OPs), they sometimes are what make me give their anime a watch! If I liked the song and its anime looks interesting, then I'll add them to the anime I plan to watch. Monogatari series was one of them, and it was because of OP 4. There's also Noragami (because of OP 2), Kekkai Sensen (OP 1), Anohana (ED), Durarara (OP 2), Fireworks (ED), Youjo Senki (OP & ED), Overlord (ED 3), and Initial D (though, this one was because of its OST, but I'm still gonna add it). I probably forgot some, but nevermind. You said that you watched Pandora Hearts because you were hooked by the OP, are there anything else you watched because of the theme songs other than PH?

Ahh yes, it is! If only you can rate up to 11/10 on MAL (which highly won't happen), I would seriously give it to Kaguya-sama manga! The manga never gives me a let-down, and I so much enjoy each chapters. The characters are fun and loveable too, and the comedy is greatly executed. I don't even know if or think there will be any other manga that will ever surpass Kaguya-sama for me lol. But it's true, I feel like my enjoyment is peaking while I'm reading it. It would probably stay as my no. 1 manga forever on my list. What I like the most about the series, is everything! umm... is possibly a spoiler. I think I'll tell you after you finished season 2 because it'll give you an idea about the following episodes from what you're currently at. I probably won't tell it properly too because I'm avoiding to say a spoiler (unless you say it's okay to tell you early then I will). Comparing the anime and the chapters in the manga that were covered, I think the anime is better. I also could say that the anime adaptation is beyond faithful! The anime adds new jokes/dialogues and bits that aren't in the manga, to make the series much better. For instance, since you've just finished ep 8 season 1, remember a scene in episode 6 when the truck of flowers released a ton of flowers down to Kaguya? and this Fujiwara meme format (only talking about the first 3 panels) that is from episode 5? They weren't in the manga and there's a lot more of that lol! It's not just animation, voice acting, and music. The anime is making the series much better through that way and they're doing it without ruining the series... By the way, all this are just my opinion and I don't think that know if I'm exaggerating, so please don't raise your expectations for the series too high just because of all I said.

Koten-bu series is a light novel. It's adapted to anime titled Hyouka. I never read it, but I wanted to buy its books and read it physically. Unfortunately, I just found out today that it doesn't have an official English translation, so I can't buy it. I guess I'll just solely plan to go for Kaguyasama volumes for now. I guess you're right, that I shouldn't buy a manga just because it's popular, instead what I should buy is what I really want. Yeah, that's probably true too, if there are only a few popular manga available on a certain store/site, it's surely unlikely for a less popular ones to be available there too. I think I found a site that would quickly deliver manga/light novels near my place. There's also a lot of popular manga in there and some unpopular ones. Though, I kinda had a problem with shopping online in the past, and that decreased my trust on online shops, so I might just research for bookstores nearby to buy manga on-foot instead.

Okay, everyone have things that they don't want to disclose on the internet, so it's fine that you don't want to reveal it (I'll also leave my guess about your year from what you said to myself). I have things that I don't want to reveal too, but I'm going to answer your question since I've already said it in the forums. Yeah, I'm a freshman and I just started college last year. Also my 2nd semester is going to start next week.
Fario-P Jan 20, 9:00 AM
Sorry for the late reply, but your thoughts in that last reply were pretty fascinating! You ought to share those thoughts on AniTubers in a forum thread or make a Anime Discussion topic about it. I really like when AniTubers go all out into their thoughts and editing, but I do agree that it's also good to get to the point and not prolong videos further to unnecessary amounts of time. Your initial thoughts on the word "subscribe" are pretty understandable since that's what the word would mean in most other contexts. I tried to watch The Anime Man a few times but I guess his editing and content (especially when they're all just hentai clickbait or whatever lol) just isn't for me.

Oh if you want more manga recommendations, let me know! I might know some more stuff you might like other than Kazuki Takahashi's works haha ;)
-Kazuma_ Jan 19, 6:44 AM
You're welcome. It's one of my favorites so I hope you'll like it. It's fine, I'm used to my laptop always crashing. It's been like that since I started using it. My father was the first one who was always using it and he said it's been like that since the beginning.

I only watch OPs once and not in the following episodes. I watch an OP more than once if its music is very appealing, because I take notice of the music more than the visuals. I rarely watch EDs. I only watch them if I listened to them in Youtube before I watched its anime, so that I can look for its visuals. You might have thought 'You should've already known the visuals already when you listened to it in YT right?', but I only listen to the full versions of the theme songs in YT, so I wouldn't know their visuals unless I look at them in the anime. That probably explains why I only displayed the official full versions of the theme songs on my biography lol.

Oh, I don't know most of them XD. Old Maid is the only one I know and it's so simple. The only Uno game you mentioned that I didn't know is Uno Attack. I played Intense Uno once, and that game took so long that it look like it wasn't going to end.

Except for people, all the categories of my favorites are in order. There aren't any ties too. The honorable mentions in my biography aren't in order, though. I can relate to that, comparing different kinds of anime is certainly difficult. I just arranged mine in order based on how much enjoyment I think I received from them. As for my fav characters, it has a perfectly accurate order based on how much I like them and I'm absolutely sure about it. Both that you said are the reason why my manga favs is not a complete 10. If I did a complete fav list from a manga list that doesn't have many entries, I probably would've been rearranging it often. I'd be confused where to place a manga that I want to add to my favs and that probably would often happen because I'm still a beginner on the medium. To avoid that, I limited my fav list only to my true favorites, the ones that I gave a 10/10. Kaguya-sama is 11/10 so it's an exception XD. There's only a few on it so far, but I definitely want to see it increase over time as I read different manga until it reaches 10. Oh I see, so the Pandora Hearts anime has a really good music. I didn't hear that it had an original ending, I only know it ended in ch 33 when I searched about it. Okay, I'll watch it at some point for the music, and also for the original ending because I'm curious how they ended it. I'll probably lower my expectations too here.

You might get disappointed but, the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ was pasted from my google keyboard on my phone. I didn't use any keyboard tricks. It's from a feature in Japanese keyboard that's seen like this. I don't know how to do it manually, so that's probably disappointing, sorry.

Reading short manga for the challanges that I don't like is what I'm going to do too, because I might not like them. Though, I won't choose one-shots. They look too short and I want to read a story that takes chapters (about 10 or more) to explore. I read on phone. It's too big to read on laptop lol. I haven't decided what physical copies to buy yet, other than Kaguya-sama volumes that have the best chapters and all Koten-bu series volumes. Oh, that's a good idea. Yeah, I think I really should look for manga that are available near in my place. Popular manga are probably the easiest ones to find so I guess I should go for them too.

Oh okay, I understand that. It'll be the same case to my replies too, next week. I only have half of a week left before my semester break ends. What year are you in now btw?
-Kazuma_ Jan 18, 5:38 AM
You can watch Monogatari Series in the released date order or this one which the order in the novel. You can't watch it in random order. Either of the two orders is fine so it's your choice (but the novel-based order is probably better because that's what intended by the author). I watched the series in released date order because I didn't know back then that a watch order based on the ln exist. If I ever decided to rewatch Monogatari Series, I'll definitely go for the novel-based order for different experience. Just reading 22 tabs already made me widen my eyes XD. My laptop definitely can't handle that (unless they're all home tabs). My laptop's brand is HP. It's the most popular brand for laptop here I think.

Lol, feeling like the second episode is just 10 minutes means that you really are enjoying it! Now I just recalled the 1st episode felt like 15 mins including the opening when I watched it lol.

I didn't expect that you had a lot of hobbies in the past. I'm not sure if I have anything else that I had given up on though. Video-editing, I guess. Well, I did very much enjoy doing it, but I only stopped because my phone broke where I edit videos (and not because of another hobby). I didn't come back to it when I got a new phone after a year because of again, anime XD. Chess is the only sports I've been playing through the years too and I still play it sometimes so it doesn't count. Yeah, board games and card games counts too. I always played Yu-gi-oh with my siblings in the past, but I don't remember why we stopped. I'm not even sure where those cards are kept now. What card games have you played? I also played Uno, I played it several times with my friends before pandemic. I also had Pokemon cards in the past, but I never played the card game because I didn't know how (even now).

Pandora Hearts is your favorite manga of all time, wow. So, you changing the place of FMAB and PH means your list is in order too, right? I always wonder about that whenever I look at your favs haha. Are there any ties on your list? I haven't watched the anime of Pandora Hearts. I only read the manga because it wasn't a full adaptation and people say the manga is way better than the anime. I also got the #122, though it's one of the challenges I don't like because I only want new manga to read. But well, I chose genius so¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I gotta do it.

I wanted to finish Switch soon (but I probably finished it too soon). The reason is that if a manga doesn't bore me but I don't enjoy it much, I want to finish it soon, and I don't want to spend more days to read it. Switch didn't really hook me in the beginning and middle, so yeah, I wanted to finish it quick and it's the only the manga that I read in the past three days (+ 3 chs of Kimi ni Todoke). I did the same to a manhwa Solo Leveling, because the story wasn't bad, it just doesn't impress me. The characters were also just decent and the art is the only great thing from it (probably what keeps me reading). But instead of catching up to the latest ch that time, I placed Solo Leveling on hold. I need Switch for MRC so I didn't want to put it onhold nor drop it. Good thing that it got much better around the last 20 chapters. Those last chapters amazed me that I had to give the manga a 7. I only read manga online. I plan to buy physical copies of manga and light novels when I earn money on my own.
Fario-P Jan 17, 9:39 AM
That's good! I've done the same for another obscure manga, it might take a while but just be patient and you should get PMs from the DB mods saying that your submissions were approved and added to the database. You say not to read it, but the synopsis still tempts me to give the first chapter of Candy Flurry a read sometime lol. And PLEASE watch Rebellion!!!

What is it that you like about particular AniTubers? I find that most of AniTube doesn't appeal to me for some reason...

And oh sure! Thank you for actually seeing my disclaimer and talking to me, you seem pretty cool yourself! :)
-Kazuma_ Jan 17, 7:00 AM
Yeah, the characters in my pfp and the top image are from Monogatari Series. Yes, finally a good free editing software to install in my laptop XD. I don't know much about Photoshop either, because I don't even have money for the monthly payment to use it. My laptop does crashes a lot. I don't remember a single time when it didn't crash while using it. And yeah, it does when there are 3-7 tabs operating at the same time. It heats up suddenly sometimes too that I have to use a cooling pad under it. Oh, so you use Teams, too. Yeah, that's what's we use in my college for online classes. We also use it for submitting assignments, downloading the lectures, taking exams, etc. I sometimes get irritated when using the app because of bugs, though. I only use Teams on my phone, because it hangs my laptop when I use it for almost everytime I click something. There's still a whole week in my college before the next semester starts lol. We have 5 weeks of semester break, gladly. In the next sem, I'm not sure if we'll still be doing online classes. We might go back to face-to-face classes which is the usual before pandemic, but the no. of cases is going up again everyday which is worrying.

Same, I still don't get exactly what the current Eren wants to do. He cares only for his plans, too. Unlike the younger Eren, even though some people think he was a generic shounen MC, the younger him still acts like a human and doesn't just fight for his own sake. Hope we'll get an episode dedicated to clarifying things especially about Eren before the series ends.

The reason I have probably won't stop you from watching so much Youtube videos lol. It's just because I want to change hobbies, I guess? I spend almost all of my leisure time watching YouTube videos back in 2018 that it had become my main hobby. I rarely even watch anime that time because of it. It's probably just because I simply got tired and when I became focused more on watching anime, I wanted to explore more from it (probably why I joined the forums). Do you also have any hobby in the past that you've given up on because of another interest?

I'll start with Psyren. First, I wanted more. All that happened really weren't enough and yeah, the ending felt rushed. The manga was getting better over time and every arc. However, the last travel to the future broke that flow. That last time travel could've been only for saving Marie, but the author decided to start ending the series there, and that's where the manga started to feel being rushed. I even got attached to the characters in the middle of the manga especially the kids. Ageha's power too, the Melchsee's door, of all the powers in the series I liked it the most. It had many possibilities that the author could create. Good thing the manga ended properly, and the last chapter actually made me emotional. Though, I still wasn't satisfied the way it ended because of the cancellation. I think it's 7/10, a good manga that could've been much better, potentially.

Orange had a great start and ending. The manga combined the romance and friendship very well. It also got me tear up in some chapters. I got a bit bored in a few chapters in the middle part though, especially the chapters before the relay race. Probably because it took a number of chapters before the relay race happened. I lost patience and I thought it should've happened already because there's only 22 chapters. Still, the idea of saving a person in the past through letters is a fantastic idea to have for a plot. I was glad that it had a happy ending, because all the efforts that the characters did didn't turn into a waste. I gave it an 8/10, the main reason I didn't give it a 9 is that, the story didn't impact me as much as the manga that I gave a 9 (like Pandora Hearts which, not just tear-ups, literally made me cry like 2 or 3 times).

I enjoyed both manga. I think they really were worth a read, and I'm glad I discovered both of them because you recommended them to me, so I thank you for that.
-Kazuma_ Jan 16, 5:12 AM
The image at the top of my profile isn't layered,. It's originally like that when I found it on google, then just I added a border for it to look better. Yes, you can add layers in your image in lunapic (though you can only work with one layer at a time). My pfp is the one that has layers. The background is originally orange and I changed it to light blue. I first separated Araragi Koyomi from the pic using a background eraser app that I use to make transparent images. After adjusting hue to the pic's background, I then pasted him back as a new layer. I also added a border that blends to the image. GIMP is free?! It doesn't have things like free trial then paying monthly/yearly like Photoshop has? Nice, I could install it in my laptop and try editing images there. My laptop would probably crash often too while using GIMP, since it always crashes or hangs whatever I'm doing anyways(even though it's just from 2018 lol).

I've watched the first episode, and it was indeed very good. The animation really hypes the episode up and I enjoy every minute of it. The opening too, has stunning visuals and the music is fire. I think I'm convinced. I'll follow AoT weekly this season even with burnout. The episode even kind of made want to go back to anime, but I think I'll stay with manga for a while. I've never been in that position before, and well, it's kind of a shame that you didn't enjoy s3p2 as much other seasons. I actually enjoyed it the most. The fights in the part were very exciting and the revelations in last episodes made it even better too. Now that we're talking about AoT, what do you think about the post-timeskip Eren? I can't seem to find anything to like about the post-timeskip Eren other than looking like a badass. I like the innocent younger Eren more.

I don't watch Anitubers. Though, I've watched a few videos from them, but I didn't really get hooked by their content. I have no hate towards them, though. I don't even watch normal Youtubers anymore, I only use Youtube for music these days. If I were still a big Youtube watcher like I was years ago, I probably would have been a regular viewer of a few anitubers.
Fario-P Jan 15, 10:00 AM
sorry for late reply but hey i'd say that's a good thing! instead of adding a review to a popular show, why not give a review to those that don't have one (or at least one that reflects how you felt about the work) already? once again you made a good review! according to the MAL synopsis which is ripped from Viz Media, Ryouta is the mc's first name. so it seems what i sent you put the names in English name order.

eh i don't think the VHS in question is really with us anymore but that's okay. you NEED to watch Madoka: Rebellion tho, so zetta good... i remember liking Yuki Yuna but definitely not as much as other magical girl series, but i did only watch it once like 6+ years ago so i'll let you know if i watch it again and if i have any new thoughts on it. didn't see the later seasons, just the first one.

shit idk why i wrote mecha, i must've been thinking of something else lol

i don't watch many anitubers, one of the few i DO watch is Explanation Point and i like his videos though... there's some obscure anituber that also makes underrated videos imo... i used to watch Digibro (currently known as Ygg Studio), dunno why i don't watch her as much rn when she still produces interesting discussion topics in her videos... uhh i can't remember much of who else i would watch atm though