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Free! Dive to the Future
Free! Dive to the Future
Feb 18, 6:58 PM
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Free! Take Your Marks
Free! Take Your Marks
Jan 30, 3:54 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 9
Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue.
Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue.
Jan 28, 5:45 PM
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Kyou kara Ore wa!!
Kyou kara Ore wa!!
5 hours ago
Reading 58/366 · Scored 6
Choujin X
Choujin X
Feb 18, 6:55 AM
Reading 49/? · Scored 7
Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man
Feb 18, 6:55 AM
Reading 155/? · Scored 6

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Oemardanoes Jan 26, 8:40 PM
Hey, man. I've seen your message yesterday. I found "Eiji" on a Mangadex site, but the site didn't show the chapter. But in the site, the manga is completed so that's why I added as complete in MAL.
345EdwardElric Oct 2, 2023 8:41 AM
Yeah that was me alright. :)

Well it was a combination of burnout from anime + being too often on the forums (like you said, internet can cause anxiety problems) which gave rise to my anxiety issues. And yeah, the pressure of keeping up with many seasonal shows like you said was also a reason. But more of a reason were these forums + the fact that the burnout from anime caused me to grow tiresome towards certain anime tropes. At first it was like one or two tropes which made me feeling uncomfortable, but just like how anxiety problems grow over time, my problems multiplied from one trope to another trope and prevented me from enjoying any anime I tried to watch. Those problems started to affect me several ways IRL as well and it's only through some excellent psychiatric medicational treatment that I have managed to recover to the point I am today.

Oh that must have tough to have Covid so many times, I'm glad you're doing better now. I fortunately never even once had Covid during the whole lockdown period, though what I went through was by no means worse than Covid. Anxiety & psychological problems can cause someone to become more & more anxious towards the most minor/trivial of things and make daily life seem hazardous, it can make one feel like "everything in the world feels terrible and there is nothing anywhere that feels good". The fact that nearly two years of constant psychiatric treatment has been required to make me recover from those issues and I'm still not fully recovered from all that (but in the final stages) tells the whole story of what I went through over the last 2 years or so.

I guess the more we grow up, our responsibilities do grow and our priorities start to differ more, so we gradually have less time to do attention seeking activities like watching anime/reading manga. Unlike you, I'm unemployed and don't have any specific job but there are many responsibilities IRL that keeps me busy with work, especially at my current age (which is being 30 years old haha).
345EdwardElric Sep 30, 2023 7:19 PM
Hi, yeah we haven't talked in a long time, but I do indeed remember you (there's no way I could forget a fellow Edward Elric fan haha).

I'm doing comparatively much better than before, IDK whether you know this or not, but I had to go into a very long anime-hiatus (nearly 2 years) + was off this site for almost 1 year (the entirety of 2022 basically) due to a big struggle with psychological and anxiety issues. Several of my anxiety problems were actually found to be related to anime watching (initiated from a anime burnout). But I've been gradually recovering from that via a rigorous process of psychiatric medicational treatment and currently it seems like that now-a-days I'm in the final stages of my recovery for those issues so I'm slowly starting to get back into anime again + have been pretty regular on this site (after a long time) for the last month or so.

How have you been BTW?
iftsistrnn Aug 7, 2023 10:28 AM
Yeah :D It gives me plenty of new chapters to read every week xD
iftsistrnn Aug 6, 2023 4:58 AM
I wouldn't go as far as to say I recall loads of details, like every single character's name, but it's enough for me to feel like I can carry on reading the story with most things making sense. And then, if I don't recognise a character's name, there's a decent chance that I'll be able to infer who they're talking about.
Agreed; if a series doesn't publish chapters often, it becomes a lot easier to forget about characters and what happened. I get what you mean, but even if we wanted to, we wouldn't really be able to rush the mangaka. And speaking of this, I read quite a lot of manhwas, whose chapters usually release every week instead of every month or so, so that also helps by giving me less time to forget.

Nice :D I'm glad to hear that :D
iftsistrnn Aug 4, 2023 3:41 PM
Hey :D The first thing I'll mention is that that number is a little exaggerated since there are some series in my reading list which I'm not actually reading, so it's probably closer to 350-370.
I've never got confused with the characters or the plots before, probably because of the range of genres/types I read; the types being manhwas and manga, and then within manga, the genres being stuff ranging from: rom-coms, to psychological/dark series, to GL stuff, to isekais and more, so although I'm reading lots of different plots, there aren't too many that are too similar. I don't re-read to remember because, for me at least, even if I can't remember what happened in the chapter before, as soon as I start reading the latest chapter, a lot of it comes back to me.
So, my tips would be: read different genres of manga so the plots are more differentiated, and trust in the ability to start recalling the plot and characters when you start reading the latest chapter (although I know some people don't like reading like that).

Np :D Thanks, and you too :D And I hope this helped a little :D
mistersunday Jun 13, 2023 7:04 AM
Hey! Sorry it's taken me so long to reply to your comment (and your DM) I haven't been logging into MAL very much lately. I'm really enjoying the second season of Vinland Saga! I just watched the penultimate episode and I have to say the story took such a drastic turn compared to season 1. I think some people may miss the more action-packed episodes, but I find this season to be a really nice addition to the story. It's almost like we're unpacking season 1 in this season. Even though s2 has its own story and set of characters, it feels like they're presented in contrast to season 1. I feel like we're seeing the other side of the coin if that makes sense. What are your thoughts?
-Kazuma_ Jan 23, 2023 6:28 AM
Yo! It's been almost year now since we last talked. Thanks for worrying. Luckily I didn't get covid all that time when I was inactive. I don't know if apologizing again will be good anymore since this is the second time I replied so late (and this time it is very, VERY late) so I thought it's best that I'd just have to do my responsibility to reply instead of not replying at all (though I know this is not enough). Also, some of the parts I talked about here are old since I wrote them like months ago and just completed the whole thing bit by bit.


When you said the way of speaking differs in every Spanish speakers, I think I get your point. Like, people have different tone or speed in speaking Spanish based on their country, is that it? Because it's kind of the same in my country. Some people speak like in a sharp tone (yeah, in a regular basis), and some end their sentences in a high voice. It's also sometimes based on which part of the country you're from. I don't use flashcards. I actually just search for the kanji on google, then try to remember the meaning and readings (I don't try to remember all the readings, unless it only has 2 or 3). I study Japanese only through internet, so no flashcards and stuff.

//How's things in your side? I wanna know if you tried to learn a new language you wanted to learn in this past year.//

Nice! That'd be great if we both aim for genius. But ummm, considering the situation I'm in, I'm honestly worried. There were assignments after assignments. It doesn't end, and most of them takes a long time to finish. Sometimes there wasnt much time to finish one before deadline since there were still others I had to do. It really was so much busier than last semester. Now I'm more worried if that will continue until my last year. Sorry if it looks like I'm venting, but it was really frustrating to have a lot of schoolworks continuously. I really want to beat genius and finish MRC, though. Well, MRC aside, I see that you have badge from the last event //I was talking about the valentine event//. I also joined, and it was hard (even on easy level), but very fun. I actually guessed 8 groups of cards and that was more than I had intended to (probably because it kinda released me from my stress lol). I also took it as seriously as I could because of the badge. What do you think of the event? Also how many groups did you guess?

//This 2nd para has some rants, made me laugh after reading it again XD. But yeah, second sem of my 1st year really was exhausting.//

I agree that the 2nd season's first episodes were not as good as the later ones, even excluding Ishigami's arc. The underpants segment as you said, Iino's misunderstandings, Kaguya being love sick (that's in the later part right?), and the cellphone and balloon segments in the finale really made it much better than the first ones. The middle episodes, the reelection arc, was emotional at the beginning but became very exciting in the end. Ah yes, Ishigami really seems like the most relatable among the cast. And that "without a care in the world" from your past definitely reflects Ishigami's character. I honestly was about to add Ishigami to my favorites after I read his flashback in the manga. Him being strongly hated from misunderstanding, but still persisted to believe that he was in the right. And even in the present, that he can stand the fact that he's being avoided and still being disliked from the past misunderstanding which became a rumor. That was something about him that greatly amazed me. What I like the most about Kaguya-sama, is how the genres (comedy and drama) are handled well. It may not look different to others because it's just another romcom, but to me it does. The anime inserts the drama at the end of the seasons, but since manga don't have seasons, unless it's foreshadowed, you won't really know when the drama will come. In the series, the comedy is like a build-up that prepares you for something big. Taking Ishigami's arc as an example. Before the arc, we knew him as a quiet, pessimistic and gloomy character, and that was because of the comedy. But then drama appeared and threw a surprising reveal about him with his past, and it gave us the idea on what kind of person Ishigami truly is. This use of the two genre is absolutely amazing to me. //This opinion extends to the contents of the manga, but of course, I tried to only include the anime here so I could only give one example// I think if Kaguya-sama didn't have drama and only have focused on comedy, I probably wouldn't give it higher than 9. Well, maybe it would have a chance to be my favorite, but probably wouldn't be my top 1, nor close to. My second favorite thing about the series is the characters. Kaguya-sama probably has the most likeable characters I've seen, and I'm most attached to. No one's dislikable, boring, nor worth to forget. All of them have been a good part of series and were great knowing!

//I was only talking about the second season here if you noticed, trying to avoid spoilers from season 3 and manga contents. There might also still be gaps between my explanation so I didn't post this immediately.//

Since it's been a long time since I last replied, let's talk about the things happened this past monthsyear!

Gonna talk about Dorondororon first. It really became better like I hoped for, but dang, not as fast as I expected lol. Ever since Heisuke joined the cast, it made the story more enjoyable. The fun and excitement was now there, and the bond between the two MCs was getting into me. It's just sad that the manga got cancelled. Reading the ending really reminded me of Psyren's since they both had potential that were lost because of getting cancelled.

It's annoying that we need to wait another year for AOT. I actually wanted it to end in the 2nd part. I guess that was expected since manga readers said 12 eps wouldn't fit to end the series there. But still, it would've just been a good idea to delay the 2nd part longer and finish the series there instead of making the viewers wait for another year that could make them impatient.
(And then the announcement for 3rd part dropped, and it's also cut in parts. When I saw this, I just laughed and didn't really get mad, because it only feels like a joke to me anymore.)

Kaguya-sama manga was finally finished. I got mixed feelings at the end. I was glad that I could see the characters for the last time, and sad that the series won't go on anymore. I wasn't happy about it ending honestly, because, well, it's my favorite manga of all time and I want it to continue for many more years. But everything has its own end, that's reality. And sometimes it's hard to accept, like my mind still patiently waiting for another chapter.

Right, I also got back on watching anime though the burnout hasn't gone much until now. I'm only watching seasonals and some completed anime with my brother. I still can't watch anime alone because of it. I'm still able to enjoy watching (this fact probably won't go away), and it's a good thing I can catch up to new anime too.

Spring 2022 had Kaguya-sama and it didn't disappoint. A-1 maintaining the same laughs like in manga (if not, better) and levelling up their own visuals than ever before. It ended right in the expected arc and that last ep was wonderful! Spy x Family was great. Komi-san S2 was much funnier than last season. Summertime Render had ups & downs but the thrill was there and it was amazing.

We watched less anime in Summer 2022. Yofukashi no Uta was so chill lol. I was expecting an action anime but it was actually just a slice-of-(night-)life anime with supernatural. The wait for Overlord IV paid off. Made in Abyss was

Fall 2022 was, as everyone says, stacked. The new ones Chainsaw Man and Blue Lock were pretty good. For sequels, we were able to keep up with them except for MHA since I haven't finished the previous season yet (my brother is reading the manga so it's fine for him not to watch the current season for now). We also managed to caught up on Yowamushi Pedal. It's now on its 5th season so it's been a long ride—no pun intended.

Overall, last year was really good (at least among the ones I watched). There wasn't any that I disliked nor thought was mediocre. I wanna know about the anime you watched last year too. I might actually come back watching anime alone this 2023 since my burnout has been staying now for too long.

And well, speaking of burnout, I'd have to say it affected my manga hobby too. I can still catch up to weekly ones though, but not for monthly and completed. And yeah, I couldn't complete MRC because of this. I've probably overdone reading manga (reading from day to night) so probably my fault this happened. I'm trying to catch up to monthly series now though, then continue the completed ones so I can come back to reading.

Other than the valentines, there was another MAL event I joined in October. It was Fantasy Anime League which I joined in 2021 and was my first event here so I thought of joining again. I was planning on coming back to MAL by first participating the event, and complete this reply in that month. And obviously it didn't happen. I joined the event but left it after a few weeks. Was in my mind to come back but could only think of a little thing to write. Also thought of returning to forums but it went out of my head.

Should also I talk about my college experience again? I feel like this topic is getting repetitive lol. It's still the same pain, same suffering, but I can carry on with it luckily. Hopefully I'll survive through my 4th year and find a job after it (if only this could happen right away XD).

So yeah, I think thats all I can tell you about this past year (past year, sigh). I was able to finish this reply bit by bit because it's in my notepad app (sitting there for almost a year, sadly), and let up my courage to complete it now. It also should be obvious by now that the reason I wasn't able to finish this reply immediately wasn't just college. The other reason was, well, I got addicted to a certain game. The game was called Granblue Fantasy. Discovered it six months ago and since then I spent most of my free time dedicated to it. I won't go into details about what the game is, doing so would seem like rudely endorsing the game to you or something. So, I'll only tell you if you want to know and not if you don't. All I should say right now is that the game's absolutely grindy and for some reason I just got hooked with it. I won't say when I will reply again because I might repeat replying late, but I'll certainly make sure that I'll reply to your messages. I also don't have the obligation to ask you to reply briefly considering I did the opposite (so much), so take your time. It's my fault this took too long in the first place. You're definitely mad and I'm genuinely afraid of what will be your response here, but I'm hoping we can continue this long kind of conversation again.
Fario-P Nov 1, 2022 2:20 PM
Whoops sorry, really latea again, but that's great to hear! Let's do our best to keep up our health. As for MHA, hmm I see.

Yeah I seemed to have noticed that feature recently. Still don't know what do about these notes though.
Fario-P Oct 11, 2022 11:26 AM
Don't worry, I know this is really late but I'm feeling good as new now. I hope you're feeling better from your own cough as well.

I read the first 11 volumes and thought it was pretty decent. How does it get worse as it goes on?
Fario-P Sep 22, 2022 9:59 PM
No problem, looks like I wasn't the only one. Last week I somehow got tested positive after a day of work o.o
Hope you get well soon, took about like 5 days or so until I was negative and even then I still get a bit of sore throat coughing! That wedding sounds really ambitious and fun, congratulations to your cousin.

Yeah same here, I've been reading it through borrowing library copies but I still got so many manga to go through myself before continuing further.
Fario-P Sep 12, 2022 2:51 PM
Thank you, I am! I hope you've been doing well yourself as well!

I don't think I've heard of the HP Pavilion before. It's good to see that you're enjoying the new computer!

Yeah, I thought Dr. Stone was okay before, but I liked it a lot more upon revisiting it. Maybe it's because I started reading Yu-Gi-Oh more and more shounen and then appreciated what it had to offer far more than some of the ones I was able to check out. I haven't seen any of the anime yet, but I would like to watch it sometime for sure. I really like the comedy and its emphasis on actual science, makes me feel like I'm actually learning something too. I feel like there should be a lot more edutainment out there, really lol
Fario-P Sep 8, 2022 11:05 AM
Long time no chat! I've gotten used to Windows 10 now, but I do sometimes miss 7 and even XP to an extent lol

Yeah maybe I'll pick it back up later. I did end up finding more interest in Dr. Stone in a later revisit after all! What are your thoughts on that one?
Fario-P Aug 3, 2022 8:57 PM
Oh boy, planning a whole day just for Books Kinokuniya haha... I don't remember what ASUS laptop we had other than it was clearly ASUS and that it was way before Windows 8 even came out, so it had Windows 7 installed on it last time I saw it. The first volume of Kaguya-sama was kinda decent, but I also didn't feel compelled to actively follow it. Maybe because I was really only reading the first volume just to try it out, but I also felt like the whole love-mind-game could be a gimmick that ran dry quickly... doesn't help that some reviews I read on it not long after that first volume seem to imply that it does indeed stop trying mind games. I got way too many anime and manga I bought to deal with first anyway hahaha
Aruchemist Jul 29, 2022 9:12 AM
Well yeah that's correct. Yes I do pay for it. It's like a local version for uber but instead it is way better :D

So how is it going with your PC? Also the student need to take responsibility imo even though he did it on accident. Did you try to talk with him/her about it? It's very unfortunate. How are you feeling right now? How is it going with work too?

Also, what do you think about the anime version of Pandora Hearts?
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