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345EdwardElric Aug 2, 9:18 PM
I guess I should give a full reply by now since it has been too long by now....even though some circumstances were unfortunate, I still should've replied by now, since it's been too long, it's after all only a matter of typing paragraphs with my hands, even if I was bed ridden. But severe pain can be a bit hard to withstand at times if its constant which can leave someone in a bad mood....guess that's why I somehow didn't feel like replying. :/ But I've decided that I will now anyways. :)

It was unfortunate, but due to accidentally suffering a pretty nasty fall I somehow managed to aggravate the sensitive area of my surgery somewhat badly due to which even some bleeding occured; at that time I had recovered my condition to the point where I could even go outdoors for a bit. But due to whatever happened, I just had to be on bedrest and strong medication for like about 10 days; has gotten better since the last few days or so and I can walk/move around yet again, albeit slowly. The doctor told me that because of hurting the area of my surgery within less than 1 month of surgery happening, it'd now take quite a long time for me to fully recover like before, like 5-6 months, he also told me always to strictly avoid running in any scenario, and to avoid going outdoors for a while.

But whatever.....*sigh*......despite all this happening, I thankfully have my laptop, which meant that I didn't have to stop watching animé while being bed ridden. I did manage to watch a lot more new anime in the meantime. My reply is gonna be quite long as I wanna address several points in our previous replies here, so please try to bear with this oversized gigantic reply:

I watched The Promised Neverland recently, just as soon as the dub was over and I absolutely loved it! It was pretty much an intense horror/psychological thriller throughout, involving a lot of intense mental games; honestly the show in its very essnve bears a lot of similarities to Death Note (especially with the constant tension of the mind games between Norman, Emma, Ray on one side and the "mom" of the orphanage Isabella one the other side, maintained amazing tension throughout the entire kinda reminded me of the mental games between L and Light in Death Note, the primary difference being here that here the children were the only ones in these clash of wits for whom basically everything was at totally at stake, they were the ones who were facing an enormous crisis where it was just a question of survival or death....while for Isabella, not so much was at stake; I mean Isabella's reactions at the end of the series gives a kinda ambiguous feeling, she seemed to be pretty dead set on at first to not let the children escape by any means, but after Emma and co. managed to trump her and successfully escape the orphanage finally, she seemed like pretty happy for the children rather than being upset which I expected her to be....I guess that has a major reason behind it which leaves us on the toes before the second, keeping a solid amount of suspense in there before the beginning of the second season. Anyways, I really loved the show overall, it was nothing short of a very intense psychological/horror thriller with the most unique/interesting premise (a bunch of helpless kids around in an orphanage who are becoming a victim of child trafficking in which the very caretaker of the orphanage, whom they've always seen as their mother is involved in ---> this kind a of an intriguing premise is bound to majority of the viewers really hooked right of the bat). I really loved the show overall and am very interested to see how things will play out in the second season ; it's currently on the 10th spot on my favourite anime list as you can see, but not sure if it will stay there for long because I've been following two great currently airing anime which are really amazing and would likely surpass The Promised Neverland for me.

Regarding Neon Genesis Evangelion:

And now regarding Hunter x Hunter (2011):

And as for AoT:

I believe that I also told you about Fate/Zero and recommended you to check it out, didn't I? Guess it's now time that I explain in detail why I actually loved the show:

I guess that my reply has become way too long by now, so long that I guess it'd be really difficult by now to read them all at once, which is why I'm hiding parts of them in spoilers to make it more convenient for you to read. :) There are several more things I wanted to say to you here, but due the length of this reply by now....I guess not in this one.
I just wanna end by saying that: thanks for remembering my birthday and wishing me; those fanarts were really wonderful, I guess you made them, right? :)
345EdwardElric Jul 20, 11:57 AM
Thanks! :) And really nice fanarts those.

And BTW sorry for not being able to reply until now. It was kinda unfortunate but I kinda aggravated the area of my appendicitis surgery via suffering a nasty fall by tripping over like about 15 days ago which forced me to be bed ridden for over like 10 days yet again. It has gotten better since the last 3 days and I have once again just about managed to recover my condition to the point where I can once walk/move around. It kinda really sucks that this had to happen just as I was close to being fully recovered from my surgery. :/
345EdwardElric Jun 30, 7:13 PM
Well another quite late reply from me here, sorry for that, but I have been honestly been in pretty bad physical shape mostly since being released from the hospital, so I didn't quite manage or rather have the stamina to type up a huge paragraph which I would need to do in order to give a proper reply here. But I have been feeling better since the last 2/3 days so I decided to reply now (it's gonna be a bit long):

Yeah it was really a few rough days for me, it was just discovered all of a sudden that I had a case of acute appendicitis and so I had to admitted to a hospital and go through a surgery. I had to bear with a lot of unbearable pain at times and there were moments where I really doubted whether I would survive this, but thankfully things got better, the surgery went successfully and I recovered well enough to be released from the hospital. After having returned home, I was still far from fully recovered for about a week, after all I had a surgery and hence couldn't really move around much, I had to be in bed most of the all I could do was pass time watching a lot of anime in my laptop while being in bed....and yup, I have managed to watch a whole lot of anime in the process in all these sick days.

But for the last 2/3 days, I've been feeling a whole lot better after the stiches of my surgery have been removed, and I can move around freely now...and so I felt that I would be fit enough to type a long reply now. Anyways, yup I did watch Gurren Lagann amd Noragami prior to being hospitalized, and yeah both of them really amazing experiences for me, especially Gurren Lagann: I just loved the overall plot, story and the amazing world building, the characters (especially how amazingly the plot kicked at a stunning rate after the timeskip giving the show an intense vibe through and through and resulting in a totally phenomenal, memorable and epic climax), and most importantly action (precisely the mecha fights) were just amazing and intense beyond description, apart from AOT I really don't really remember seeing that much epic action in other show before that; the final boss fight (Team Dai-Gurren vs the Anti-Spirals) was probably the most epic fight in any anime thus far....or maybe in all of animation. I also really loved Simon's character as a whole, how his character development and growth was handled as a whole, with him becoming a total badass character in the end from being a timid, weak boy with some confidence issues at the start of idolized Kamina. Plus Yoko and Viral were the other highlights of the series as well.

Noragami had a pretty unique premise/concept, but was really enjoyable and enthralling to watch as a whole, I loved both seasons of it (season 2 was a bit more amazing than season 1 though). I really liked the characters of Yato, Yukine and Hiyori, more precisely their characterization throughout the course of the series. But my most favourite character of the series was Bishamon, her backstory just had so much substance and depth, I thought that she was a great anti-character and yeah, I liked her even more than Yato.

Now as for Neon Genesis Evangelion: yeah I have finished it by now and I really think that the show is actually quite overrated compared to how highly it's acclaimed and praised in general; I didn't really enjoy it all that much TBH. The show deals way too much with the psychological and mental issues the characters have to go through, more precisely the trauma they have to deal with; rather than what actually happens and what the characters actually do, I mean there are other shows like Death Note which focuses on the psychological aspects via mental games and are able to give out moments of intense emotional weight, but I didn't really quite feel the emotional appeal in Evangelion while it dealt with the mental trauma the characters had to suffer and so on. And yup, I found the protagonist Shinji Ikari to be extremely boring as a character overall, he's mostly pretty much melancholic and quite in nature and mostly lacks the lively aspect in his character, the lighthearted quirks and so on that can make a character entertaining and lively and mostly missing in him; I get that Shinji had a traumatic past which causes him to remain melancholic and quiet most of the time, but having no lively or entertaining quirks made it very hard for me to find him interesting as a character, like say Edward also had a very traumatic past, but yet apart from moments where he displayed emotions of sorrow, grief and trauma, he also had plenty of remarkable lighthearted and funny quirks like the "short rants" or "not wanting to drink milk" which made him much more entertaining and engaging as a character apart from the serious and emotionally appealing moments he has. But that's totally missing in Shinji.

And well....I saw that you finished Hunter x Hunter (2011) a few days) ago so I'm now even curious to know your thoughts on the overall series as a whole, especially the Chimera Ant arc. It's not much surprising that you loved the Yorknew City arc, because that arc is really fascinating: truly speaking it really gave me the chills the first time when I watched it the first time, Kurapika's character honestly has so much fascinating savagery and nuance, he was just freaking amazing in that whole arc, plus Chrollo Lucilfer was also such a really cool villain too; he basically gave total chills in episode 51 IIRC. The Greed Island arc was also great as well, Gon and Killua really went through a very strong training arc under Biscuit, and developed really powerful and cool signature Nen techniques of their own, plus that whole dodgeball game was intense and amazing through and though, and lastly Gon vs the Bomber I thought was amazing too, especially how Gon managed win the fight like a boss via Jajanken even after he got ome his palms blown away: that was an absolute boss moment.

So regarding the Chimera Ant Arc (which is widely regarded as the best arc of Hunter x Hunter by far), I'm pretty curious to know what are your thoughts overall on that arc and Meruem's story as a whole; Meruem BTW is one of my most favourite anime villains, I just loved his overall story and the sheer amount of character development he went throughout that whole arc for an antagonist was just stunning. I see that Hisoka is in your Top 10 favourite characters as of now, so I assume that he's your most favourite Hunter x Hunter character of course.

And as for AOT, this season just has been totally stunning as a whole, the turn of events as a whole in this series were just beyond comprehension, something which I guess we never would've expected....especially episodes 5 & 6 were just super-duper intense and basically an intense emotional roller-coaster; Erwin's death was really very sad and I felt really bad for him, but whatever followed afterwards was stunning and literally left me shaking while watching, Levi wrecking the gigantic Beast Titan a.k.a. Zeke like a total boss (that fight was freaking amazing), Armin's sheer display of amazing intelligence, valiance and selflessness which led to the seemingly unstoppable Colossal Titan finally being defeated by allowing Eren to deliver a critical and crucial strike....but it was really very hard to see Armin getting almost brutally burnt to death and I really felt deeply for him too. :( But such has been this season, apart from being so intense, it full of so much suspense and twists and that we're always kept on our toes, we think a character is dead for good after a certain episode, but afterwards we find out that said character still isn't dead and still is in with a chance of survival....who would've imagined Hange coming back even after she and her fellow soldiers were totally caught in the explosion caused by the Collosal Titan, who would've expected Reiner to get up and fight even after he seemed put-down down for good after taking like a million thunder spears to his face...and lastly it was totally beyond my imagination to think that even after what happened in episode 5, Erwin and Armin are still in with a chance of survival, so whatever happened in episode 6 totally left me stunned: that episode was something that really toyed with my emotions, it was really hard not to feel deeply for both Eren/Mikasa on one hand and Levi on the other hand. While Levi understandably prioritized Erwin, his fellow comrade and badass/valiant commander who had proved his worth on several occasions, Eren/Mikasa were really trying their hardest to grasp the last chance to save their childhood friend with whom they had been through a lot since they were little kids, given the situations it was also really hard to call their emotional reactions unjustified at that point, cuz Levi using the syringe on Erwin would've meant R.I.P. Armin at the very moment....and it was literally impossible for them to stand still amd witness something that ensures the death of their childhood the subsequent events including Mikasa's attack on Levi left me with a very hard time judging which side was actually on the right, those were a few moments with enormous emotional appeal which never ceased to leave me at the edge of the seat while watching...but anyways Armin survived via becoming a titan as Erwin chose to make peace with his death, I guess things ended well. But yeah, I agree that the real surprise has come actually in the subsequent events after the secret of the basement has been revealed and we got a long, deep insight into Grisha Yeager's backstory as a whole, along with Zeke and Ymir's backstories too. The reveals were just stunning and totally unexpected, who would've imagined the existence of a more civilized and luxurious world outside the walls, a.k.a. a scenario akin to a third world country discovering the existence of first world country? This whole backstory had so much depth and substance as a whole in general and I really loved every bit of it.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this season of AOT as a whole, it was just totally fascinating, I always expected this season to amazing but I never really thought that it'd be this phenomenal. If I'm counting this season of AOT solely, I think it's now right up there with FMA:B as my most favourite anime; FMA:B still is my #1 anime as a whole of course, since overall AOT isn't this much amazing as this season has been. No surprise that it has constantly made a massive soar in rankings and is at #2 spot currently on MAL, only behind FMA:B....I literally just think that it has been that much good and no surprise that is has appealed to the fans this much. :) I haven't seen the last episode of the season yet, which has already come out as I'm typing this reply currently, but well...even without seeing it I guess I have enough of this season as a whole now to give my overall thoughts on it.

Recently I've seen yet another amazing and epic anime named Fate/Zero and that show was just freaking amazing, it became one of my favourites soon as I watched it. I'd highly recommend the anime to you to check it out as well, I think that you'll really like it. I'd go into more elaborate detail about that show already, but I guess that my reply has become really long by now so I guess that it'll be better so stop here. I willing to go into more detail about my feedback of Fate/Zero afterwards if you want me to though.

I'll try to make sure that my replies are quick enough from now on and not too it has been recently. And lastly, really nice image on your profile that, including majority of favourite characters there, it looks really cool. :) I'd also like to make similar one of myself too I guess. ;)
345EdwardElric Jun 18, 9:38 PM
Hi, I know that I'm replying really late here and I'm sorry for that, but TBH I was really busy and just could find time. Also life has been pretty rough for me as of late...due to a certain illness I was admitted to a hospital for the last few days before just being released yesterday, after making a recovery. Just about resumed watching anime shortly again. So just wanted to say hi once again. :)

I meanwhile (prior to my illness and being hospitalized) did finish a couple of great anime in Gurren Lagann and Noragami and absolutely loved both of them, especially the former. Gurren Lagann was a fascinating experience for me and I had an absolute blast watching it, it became one of my favourite anime and now as you see occupies the 6th spot in my favourites currently. ;) Also, Simon is currently into my Top 10 favourite characters as well, at the 10th spot.

Noragami was also great, it was an unique but a great experience just about missed being in my Top 10 and became my 11th favourite anime.

Currently I'm watching Neon Genesis Evangelion and it's OK, but I won't say that I'm loving it so far....I haven't finished the anime yet but I do think that it's a bit overrated. Shinji Ikari, the protagonist of the show, is a really very boring character IMO.

What anime(s) have been you watching lately? I see that you've made it a good way into Hunter x Hunter (2011) so far, several episodes into the Chimera Ant arc, which is by far regarded as the best part of the show as a whole. I'm really curious to know your thoughts on the Yorknew City, Greed Island and the Chimera Ant arc so far in that show. Plus how did you find the subsequent episodes (until the last time we discussed) of AOT? :)
345EdwardElric May 23, 7:04 AM
Yeah...couldn't agree more, anime can be a really wonderful ride once we really get into it.  And once we get to watch a really great and masterpiece which impacts us you said it makes us really eager to check out more and more great anime like that so that we can feel that amazing experience of watching a great anime yet again...that's what I've always experience so far since I've really got into anime.  I mean that we could easily relive our great experience by rewatching the anime that strongly impacted us again...but that's not not what we usually end up doing, do we?  We just want to watch some more new anime, searching for yet another great anime amongst them which can give us yet another amazing experience which would be more new and fresh, that's the feeling I mostly always tend to have once I finish watching a really great anime.

MAL is a really convenient and a very helpful site for any regular anime watcher, there really isn't a better site regarding this and I (and pretty much majority of the people who watch a lot of anime) have experienced that well-enough after joining this site.  Because this site has such a convenient system first of all, we can make a list of all the anime we have watched and rate them according to our preferences, plus we can classify our lists into separate subcategories as for which anime we're currently watching, which anime we have watched until present and which anime we plan to watch in the future; in brief, it basically just helps us keep a constant track record of our anime journey as a whole. And not to mention we can also make a Top 10 favourite list of our most favourite anime and characters as well. The overall system works out really well for an anime watcher and honestly there isn't just a better site which helps someone keep a better track of their journey as an anime watcher. And of course, due the wider range of the anime fans in this site we get a strong idea of how the several anime are rated/percieved by the vast majority of the fanbase and so, like you said...coming in contact with several other people around here who are very well-versed and experienced anime fans really helps out, as we can expand our anime base via checking out new and new recommendations from them and get a good feedback about several anime that we haven't watched yet.

Hmm, the Pokemon I Choose You movie was actually pretty good IIRC. It actually happens in an alternate universe and not in the same timeline as in the anime. I personally liked that movie because I thought that the beginning of Ash's journey as a Pokemon trainer was done much in that movie compared to what it was in the anime. Plus another thing which I felt was done better in the movie compared to the anime was that Ash actually formed a bitter rivalry with Charmander's original trainer who abandoned him; that whole intense rivalry and how it let to Charmander's development as a whole and it evolving into Charizard, finally proving a point to his trainer by defeating him in a battle...was very interesting, while originally in the anime as we all know, Charmander's original trainer who abandoned him was just a one-time character never to be seen again. Plus the whole premise of the movie was pretty intriguing and solid, I personally find it to be one of the best Pokemon movies even though it was an AU. :)

Yup, Assassination Classroom was a really amazing experience...and it once just goes on to show that how being on MAL, coming in contact with different users and checking out different recommendations from them, can sometimes be really helpful/impactful for an anime user....because I'd have likely never ended up watching the show if it wasn't for your recommendation....and would've missed out on a great anime like this and such a wonderful experience. :) The first season was great in its own right, which started out a bit slow and focused on building up the characters via regular training courses, but it really picked up towards the end in the last few episodes and ended strongly with a big. But totally agree, it was truly the second season which was truly remarkable and mind blowing. It just took such a deep insight into so many important characters one by one and gave them some really good and strong character development, and then we get a major revelation of Koro-Sensei which was so deep and intriguing....and finally the climax, which was so intense and epic through and through, finally giving a deep emotional feel at the's just really hard not to feel emotionally for Koro-Sensei in his final moments when he does a final roll call of all the students and it's time for the students to assassinate him, all the students were also crying hysterically in the moments just before/after killing Koro-Sensei, it's also very hard not to deeply feel for them as well, because they still had to carry out the task of assassinating their teacher even after all the things Koro-Sensei has done for them. I even found myself shedding a few tears during those moments because it just left me so much emotional. Assassination Classroom has now definitely become one of my favourites as of now, and I just had to get it into my Top 10 favourites list after finished it...I put in a deep thought and removed One Punch Man from my favourites in order to make space for it, and I placed it at the 6th spot. And well...I was always pretty interested in Koro-Sensei's character right from the start, especially with how much of a multidimensional character he was, how he sometimes could almost single handedly keep an episode entertaining with his antics, so after I saw his deep backstory, how amazing he was in the final few episodes and how deeply touching and emotional his final moments were, he was bound to become one of my favourite characters. :) If it wasn't for that I love the characters in my Top 10 favourites a bit extra too much and have an strong emotional attachment to several of them, Koro-Sensei would've definitely made it to my Top 10. ;)

And well...since I've seen the latest AOT episode by now:

The episode was seriously amazing....the intensity and epicness of the episode was just something else and it left me basically shaking a few times. The Colossal titan just looks way too OP for Eren and co., even Eren got swatted away effortlessly against the wall, he seemed to be really hurt and lost conciousness temporarily by the blow. Mikasa and co. tried really hard to fight and stop the Colossal Titan via the Thunder spear...but even that seemed totally useless as well and Mikasa seemed to have got hard pretty bad by trying to deliver a decisive blow. Erwin amd Levi's dialogue was very intriguing and it conveyed emotions of despair, helplessness, desperation and determination from both of them throughout; which Levi seemed to be more pessimistic and protective in the way he wanted to approach the whole situation, Erwin on the hand was always more positive in his approach and convinced Levi in his ways. The constant raining explosives thrown by the Beast Titan and co. and the rampaging Bertoldt/Colossal Titan burning everything up on the other hand were simply obliterating gradually everything in the civilization...leaving Erwin with basically no choice but to launch all-out direct counterattack, and that basically lead to the shocking moment we witnessed at the end of episode....yup, RIP Erwin now in all probability. :( :( That moments basically just shook me up....and the fact that the fact that the episode ended in ambiguity and a cliffhanger after he was hit by the explosive just left me at the edge of my seat, with me impatiently and eagerly waiting for the next episode to see what happened!! Honestly the turn of events in the last couple of episodes have been unfolding with such intensity that it becomes really hard for me to even wait one week for the next episode to come, because it leaves me so much hyped and ambiguous, especially with these cliffhanger endings. Oof, honestly this season of AOT as a whole just has been something else, it is just setting a completely new benchmark in terms of quality, it has been so intense throughout from the start....especially in terms of rankings this season is basically now on the upper side of the Top 50's, into the Top 10's now as of currently, substantially higher than the previous 3 seasons of AOT, which does indicate the sheer upswing in quality and the fact that how much more it's actually appealing to the fans in general. No surprise now that several of the AOT manga readers already predicted this season to be the best part of AOT as a whole even before the season aired....perhaps because this season is was supposed to cover the best part of the AOT manga. :)

Well no surprise. And yup, that was a really great episode and it gave a strong indication of what a great villain Hisoka was. And I already told you before that Hunter x Hunter (2011) has some really great villains, remember? ;) You seem to be already experiencing that well enough in Hisoka's character. :) He is a really GREAT villain, one of my most favourite anime villains ever. His sadistic personality in just something else and bound to creep you out everytime, the way he finds different kinds of joy and pleasure in the pain and suffering of others, the way he basically keeps a clam and sadistic demeanour basically in each and every scenario/situation, plus the fact that he only considers fighting worthy and powerful opponents who could give him a real challenge and doesn't bother fighting opponents who are too weak to fight him shows that he foes indeed have respect for worthy foes. Also, what Hisoka said to Gon in that episode you mentioned shows that he does recognize people who have strong potential in them; he saw great potential in Gon and so he decided to let him go, saying that he wants to fight Gon someday when he becomes strong enough to punch him in the face like how he did to shows that he's no sinister blood-thirsty villain who is always ready to demolish his foes by any dirty means, but someone who has a much more unique and intriguing way of his own in approaching his foes based on their calibre...he won't bother to fight or kill a foe who is clearly way too weak for him and is ready to spare foes in whom he sees great potential to become a really worthy opponent and wait until then, like how he did Gon. Just gonna point out that Hisoka is indeed a really OP antagonist as well, unlike what you seem to think. :P You will gradually get to see more of his powers as you go more into the show. ;)

Hmm, Killua and Kurapika are indeed really great characters, so I'm not really much surprised there (and Killua is one of my Top 10 favourite characters too so I'm really glad with that). :) Killua's personality especially has so many sides, there is his playful and sneaky mischievous side, there is his savage assassin side and lastly he also has a typical determined side of his as well which a typical shounen young MC would have, I love him. But Gon is my most favourite character from the show get to see why as you go more and more into the show...he does go through really strong character development gradually throughput the course of the series. And I'd like to say one more thing here (I don't wanna spoil anything too important as you're currently watching the show, but just saying this much), that Gon and Killua are the ones who are major and primary MCs of the show, they are the who recieve the most amount of spotlight in the show overall. :)

The reason I have a feeling that Hunter x Hunter (2011) could possibly become one of your most favourites is because you're already enjoying it so much after only 29-30, enough to give it a 10 score...actually the first arc (and somewhat the second arc too) are actually the most relaxed parts of the show as a whole, much more lighthearted compared to what happened in the latter half of the show as a whole, especially compared to what happens in the latter arcs. The intensity and epicness will just continue to peak with each and every arc from here on, with more and more great villains appearing (you've already seen Hisoka, several other great villains of his calibre are yet to appear in the show, who'll show up in the subsequent arcs from here on). :) And especially the Chimera Ant arc, which begins from episode 76 onwards, is the largest arc of the show spanning 62 episodes in total, and is widely regarded as arguably the best shounen arc ever, plenty of characters, including the several villains there and the MCs, go through some astounding character development there. What you have seen so far in Hunter x Hunter is just nothing compared to what happens in this particular arc I'm talking if you are enjoying Hunter x Hunter already so much, I can only imagine how much you are gonna enjoy it when you get to that arc. ;)

I see, nice. :) I'm personally unfamiliar with Hyakkimaru's character though since I haven't watched Dororo yet. And....meanwhile I've now started a new anime after finishing Assassination Classroom, guess what...Gurren Lagann!! I've watched upto episode 9 so far and things seemed to have gotten really interesting so far, especially after Kamina's death (Kamina was kind of an overly energetic bigmouth but he was a great leader and guardian for Team Gurren and Simon respectively, I really felt for his during his dying moment. :( :)
Thanks for the Friend Request and Nice to meet you ^_^

BTW, How do u find me? I'm curious.

How are you?

and Have a Nice Day! :)

345EdwardElric May 19, 8:20 PM
Yeah, I can only imagine how much of an ardeous task it was for you to binge an enormously long series like Naruto (including Shippuden) over an entire year, and since it was your gateway into anime you must have gotten really hooked into the story and the characters of Naruto to solely binge watch the series over a long span of time like it's obvious why Naruto is so much special to you. I've never really watched such a long series ever before, the longest series I've ever binge watched at once is Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (224 episodes) which is not nearly as long as Naruto overall, but as you know, it turned out to be my gateway onto anime as whole, it was the first series which I actually enjoyed upto that level...I can also recall myself getting really attached to the show and the characters gradually day by day and spending several days (whenever I found enough free time) binging many episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! one after another. It overall took me more than 3 months to finish tge show, and it really gave me a good idea of how much fun and enjoyment watching anime can be. I then became really interested to check out if there are more anime which are really good like this and via some more recommendations from the same internet female friend who recommended me Yu-Gi-Oh!, some other fellow internet friends too, some real life friends and via internet search, I made a list of several anime on my phone which I intended to watch soon afterwards. And gradually as I watched those anime one by one which I had listed on my phone, starting with MHA, Food Wars, FMA:B, FMA 03, Steins;Gate, Code Geass, Death Note, Attack On Titan, Cowboy Bebop etc. etc., I literally got marvelled and stunned by several of those anime, from there on, it was basically a ride; I had a solid experience of what an amazing experience watching true masterpiece anime can be....and obviously from there on it was only a matter of time before I became a really passionate anime fan who is always looking to watch more and more new anime. And after discovering about this site, where I can make a systematic well categorized list of the anime we are watching, watched, plan to watch, which helps us keep such a hood track of our experience overall as an anime watcher, where we get a good idea of how several anime are percieved by the wider range of anime fans out here, it was even more so the case. :)

Netflix overall doesn't have too many anime available there and even more so, after the 1 month free trial is over, it's not a free site to watch anime anymore IIRC. I personally opt for KissAnime ru. for watching anime, because that's the most convenient site I ever found to watch anime, and in case KissAnime is temporarily having some problems, I then try GogoAnime. These are the sites I mostly opt for when it comes to watching anime and tit has worked out really well for me so far.

Well, I think the Pokemon anime writers are just way too occupied with making each and every new season of the long and never ending Pokemon anime/are too lazy to make yet another amine series of the Pokemon anime with a more continued and character-driven storyline, so wanting to see a Pokemon related story which is more character and story-driven as a anime is basically a pipe-dream at this point....the only option basically at this point is to read xD. I've heard a lot about the "Pocket Monsters Special" manga which is very highly spoken of and is said to be way more character-driven, but since I don't read manga I haven't read it much. So I read some fanfictions which are a rewrite of Ash's journey as a Pokemon trainer as a whole and are much better written in terms of directions and are pretty fun to's feels nice to see the characters of the Pokemon anime in a much better setting and story...because I did get somewhat attached to the characters of Ash and co. after having watching the Pokémon anime for so long.

And yeah, it's hard to know when someone will impact and influence you in your journey as an anime watcher, sometimes just one or two recommendations can totally change the direction of your anime journey as it has happened with both of us! And even recently I experienced that somewhat with your recommendation Assassination Classroom, the show overall indeed affected me a lot, I mean upto that point where I had to change my Top 10 list after finishing the show in order to get it in...I removed One Punch Man from my Top 10 favourites in order to make space for Assassination Classroom and placed it on their 6th spot. The second season was simply mind blowing to say the least, so many important characters recieved some wonderful character development there and the final few episodes were just freaking amazing and intense, basically an emotional roller coaster...I basically found myself shedding tears in Koro-Sensei's final moments and when he was finally assassinated, because it left me so much emotional. T_T Koro-Sensei has now become one of my favourite characters, you can see that I've included him in my "Honourable character mentions". The characters in my Top 10 favourite list are my Top 1-10 favpurite characters, and the characters in my "Honourable character mentions" are basically the ones who come after them, a.k.a. my Top 11-20 Koro-Sensei is basically in my Top 20 characters now. :)

Hmm, as I am currently typing this reply, the most recent episode of AOT has already come out and I'm yet to see it'd be better for me not to speak much about AOT currently now before I see the episode, because for all I know there could've some major revelations in that episodes which you perhaps already know about in case you've already watched the episode by now. So I guess I'll refrain from talking elaborately about the AOT points temporarily for now until I get to see the episode...after that I'll elaborate more on the AOT points we're discussing about. :)

Well, no surprise, isn't it? ;) Hunter x Hunter (2011) is just so amazing that it's very easy to lose track of time while watching keeps you thoroughly entertained and engaged all the time you watch it, which is why the length of the anime is never an issue since it's just very hard to stop watching episodes once you get really hooked in. :D I can see that you're really enjoying Hunter x Hunter so far given that you already have it at the score of 10 after the first arc, a.k.a. the Hunter exam arc. The first arc you've watched is the most relaxed and lighthearted part of the show lol, it'll just get more intense, just better and better and better with every subsequent arc, just see. The best of Hunter x Hunter is still a lot left to come, so given that you already rate it so highly, I can only imagine how much you'll enjoy it when you actually get to the latter parts....perhaps it could become your all-time favourite? :) ;)

Who are your favourite characters in Hunter x Hunter (2011) so far?

Well my reply here came a bit late as well, was pretty busy and occupied...and since the reply was gonna be pretty long, didn't quite find enough time to write it down before, but since since you're OK with my reply being a bit late...I guess I've no worries. :P
345EdwardElric May 15, 6:59 AM
Well, it's obviously understandable why Naruto is so much special to you especially when you put so much effort into binge watching 720 episodes of it in total over an entire year...I can only imagine how much of an ardeous task it was to successfully do that...and getting attached to the characters is pretty much obvious after watching them for such a long time. I can relate this very well to the time I first watched Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, it was 224 episodes long...the first anime I really did enjoy upto that level which I actually enjoyed really upto that which level as an aftereffect really got me into anime as a made me more eager to check out several other anime. Prior to that I had watched anime like Pokemon and Dragon Ball, shows which were a huge part of my childhood nostalgia, shows that basically I grew up with since childhood, but amongst none of them did I enjoy upto that level like Yu-Gi-Oh! which got me really interested in anime as an aftereffect and made me really eager to check out several other new ones. And consequentially after I had checked out several other anime, including some high quality mainstream ones like FMA:B and so on, I was really marvelled by the several amazing masterpieces the anime world had in store, and I started picking several new interests in anime one after another. And after that...within a few months I had become a really passionate anime fan who's always looking to check out new anime and is always open to new suggestions/recommendations when it comes to anime. :)

Oh well, quite similarly enough, a fellow female internet friend of mine from a different site also is a main reason for me being the passionate anime fan I'm today...because she was the one to recommend Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters to me first, the show which really peaked my interest into anime and was a gateway for me into anime as a whole. So in that way...she did indirectly play a huge part in making me really get into the world of anime, prior to that I was just about only stuck with Pokemon, some other kids anime and Dragon Ball, as per my anime horizons were concerned. ;)

And yup, the direction of the Pokemon anime is really disappointing, basically all the writers of that show care is just to market the upcoming games and franchise, which is why they are always looking for an excuse to continue the never-ending Pokemon anime by making Ash continue his endless and repetitive "journey" as a Pokemon trainer...basically they follow the same strict and rigid formula in each and every region, without any meaningful character and story progression whatsoever after all these years...after a certain point it's just bound to become really repetitive and boring for the Pokéanime fans and gradually make them lose much interest in the show as a whole. Basically the purpose of the anime these days is to just market the new upcoming Pokemon games and sell more merchandise, they don't really care much about any meaningful character/story progression whatsoever and hence it's no surprise that they target the younger generation of fans...because the older generation of fans would obviously get really tired at a point and won't really have much of a passionate investment in the anime as a whole.

Which is why I sometimes read Pokemon fanfictions, to experience a much better structured story written on the basic premise/concept of the Pokemon anime and using the same major characters...and honestly there are plently of Pokemon fanfictions which being a re-written more character and story driven than the anime. I do read them sometimes because I do find them interesting.

And yeah...since I took quite some time to reply yet again, I did obviously watch the 3rd episode of this season of AOT and it was really great and intense too. We first got a long flashback to the past and it showed what Reiner and Bertoldt's connections with Annie actually were they killed Marco (it was pretty gruesome indeed). And Bertoldt got his time to shine as an antagonist in this episode, his conversation with Armin, brief scuttle with Mikasa etc. all were really intense in this episode through and through, and then, finally his transformation into the Colossal Titan and that hugs gigantic explosion....well, RIP Hange and co. in all likelyhood as it seems like. :( Armin and Mikasa barely managed to scrape unharmed, and now it seems like that it's all upon AOT's main trio, Erwin, Levi and some fellow soldiers to fight the rest of the battle. The turn of events has really started to shake me up to the core now...what's the Beast Titan's motive actually? It quite hard to understand now. Really hard to even wait for the next episode now!

Yeah, some of Mob's powers temporarily tapped into Reigen due to his impending explosion which Reigen stopped from happening... hence Reigen was able to use those psychic powers for a while in that final fight. He has gained the ability to see Dimple but won't be able to use ths Psychic powers afterwards since they were temporary.

Hmm...yeah, I think that it'd probably work out better for you that way (watching several anime at a time could be pretty tough though (which I'm doing right now), since it's tough maintaining focus on every one of them...especially if the shows are of totally different type which could make it difficult to adjust...but I guess that's what we have to do when we are following several series at a time. :) I also have a strong feeling Hunter x Hunter (2011) is set to be an amazing experience for you. ;) And while the first arc is relatively lighthearted (more like an adventure kids anime), it's still very well-paced and helps to get well-aquainted and invested into the characters as a whole. But things are gonna get more intense and epic arc by arc as the protagonists go through some really strong training and character development arcs. I saw that you've already watched 3 episodes of it, how are you finding it so far? ;)

Yeah, season 1 really got amazing towards the end and finished with a bang in the last few episodes. I'm only 4 episodes into Season 2 so far and already loving it a lot. Itona is going through some really good characterization after his repeated defeats at the hands of Koro-Sensei and abandonment by his master...and now he has joined Class 3-E. I get a feeling that things would only just get better from here on. :)

Glad that you didn't mind my late reply...I have been pretty busy...and in the meantime I gave yet another pretty late reply! :P
345EdwardElric May 12, 1:46 AM
Well, everyone has their very own metric and criteria as for how they rate the shows on their anime list and make their Top 10 favourite anime list alongside that, so that's fine of course. For me personally, it's important that my ratings of the shows on my anime list align well with my favourite list and the two of them doesn't really contradict with each other....since I feel like that the favourite list system with 10 spots we have in MAL are for listing the shows which we like/prefer/enjoy the most. So in that case rating the shows on my anime list based on my own personal preferences and enjoyment obviously helps. But of course it's fine if someone has a different metric/criteria for rating the shows on their anime list and making/arranging their Top 10 anime list and this is gonna vary from person to person. And glad to you know that you like my way of rating shows and making my favourite list.

Hmm, so I guess that nostalgia factor plays a huge part in the placement of Naruto at such a high spot in your's obviously understandable especially if Naruto was the show which really helped you get into anime as a whole like you said, TBH I also had the same experience with yet another anime which I had on my Top 10 favourite list not too long ago [before I finished Hunter x Hunter (2011) and Mob Psycho 100], in fact I did have it for quite a long time in my Top 10, the show is Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters. It was a show that actually really did help me get into anime as a whole. The show is not very highly praised/acclaimed overall by the wider range of anime fans out here if I'm going by the ranking it has on this site, but for some reason I did like it a lot...more precisely it was the first anime which I actually did really enjoy upto that level, which as a consequential effect got me to check out several other anime afterwards...and from there on I really got into mainstream anime as a whole including FMA:B and so on, leading to my interest really peaking in anime and for me to become a really passionate anime fan. I mean that I did watch a few anime before that like Pokemon and Dragon Ball, shows which I basically grew up with since my childhood, but they weren't really that good to make me check out several other anime as an aftereffect like how Yu-Gi-Oh! was able to do. So being my gateway into anime as a whole, Yu-Gi-Oh! does (and always will) hold a very special place in my heart. But as I found several other even better and higher quality anime gradually after really getting into mainstream anime, it became really hard to keep Yu-Gi-Oh! in my Top 10 list...on the other hand I also really didn't want to remove it from my Top 10 because it occupied such a special place in my heart due to being my gateway I had to face a real dilemma regarding this. But after finishing Hunter x Hunter (2011) and Mob Psycho 100 there were just too many anime which based on my personal preference and enjoyment were more worthy of a place in my Top 10 than Yu-Gi-Oh!, so I just decided that I'll make the hard choice and remove Yu-Gi-Oh! from my Top 10 in order to make space for the two amazing masterpieces that are Hunter x Hunter and Mob Psycho 100. So's actually really very hard to not have a show in your Top 10 favourites when nostalgia factor comes into play and especially if it happens to be your gateway into anime, I can understand fully how you feel about Naruto. :)

And yup, Code Geass was an amazing show, it had an overall very grand and interesting concept/premise involving the fate of two nations and the Holy Britannian Empire as a whole, the plot basically kicked in at such a stunning rate in that show right from the very start and gradually into overdrive, with plenty of major/impactful incidents taking place one after another, with all of them being integrally important to the plot, consequentially is such a manner that all of those major events feel really relevant and well-connected to each other, giving the show a really amazing feel of compactness and a thoroughly intense fast-paced vibe as a whole. And Lelouch is definitely the most multidimensional fictional character I have seen in any anime; I mean there is his good side with how he has a overreaching noble intention of creating a greater and better world and now cared a lot for his sister Nunnally, there is his charismatic leader side with how he leads ans guides the Japanese rebel group "The Black Knights" with unparalelled levels of charisma like a strategic genius and finally there is his anti-heroic side where he commits several selfish and cruel acts in order to accomplish his goals. Overall, his multidimensional persona and charisma is almost nearly unmatched in almost any other anime character I've seen, he's my second most favourite anime character overall after Ed (who is and always will be my #1 anime character). ;)

Yeah reading manga is just really inconvenient for me to enjoy, primarily because: like what you said we have to read right to left which is quite a bit unusual and really hard to get used to, plus it's really very hard for me to connect to the atmosphere of the story as a whole by just about looking at some still frames with black and white coloured pics and some dialogues here and there. I mean that I've tried reading manga before like I said, but even while reading the FMA manga I've found out that I wasn't really able to connect with the setting of the story at all and wasn't enjoying it nearly as much as I did with the anime....and from there became pretty much clear that manga/comics aren't really my thing, which is why now-a-days I don't even bother trying to read manga. And yeah I can understand why you'd wanna read the manga instead of watching the anime in case of shows like One Piece which are just enormously long and never ending. I've thought many times about adding the One Piece anime series to my PTW list, but it's enormous length and the fact that the series hasn't currently ended yet and still going on pretty much refrains me from doing that...because I'd just have too much to catch up with a seemingly never-ending series. I pretty much had the same line of thought about Naruto as well, but ultimately I decided that I'll watch it at some point because at the very least it's a completed story and has about 150+ episodes less than what One Piece currently has. I know that Naruto has a sequel series in Boruto which is about Naruto Uzumaki's son Boruto, but from what I've heard, it has received a ton of negative reception from the fans so far and is majorly agreed to be a massive drop in quality from Naruto, so I don't think that I'm ever gonna bother watching it.

Fanfictions are basically fan-made stories about several franchises like anime, games, live-action shows and so on. Fans of these several franchises write their own stories utilizing their own imagination and creativity, using the basic concept/structure/characters of the anime (or whatever other media they are fans of). If you google for fanfiction you'll find a huge site for Fanfiction where several kinds of fanfiction are available. There are plenty of fanfiction of several anime like FMA, AOT, MHA etc. but I don't really bother much with those, because: honestly why bother with fan-made ideas of all things when the actual anime is so good? The pretty much only anime/franchise of which I read fanfiction is Pokemon, because I really do dislike the direction of the Pokemon anime as a whole, especially the way it has been going on in a repeatitive cycle for years...I do love the overall concept and the premise of Pokemon but dislike the direction of the anime as a whole, which is why I find it much better to read some fan-made stories of Pokemon which I find much better written than the anime itself. I do find a fanfiction way more convenient to read than a manga though, cuz it's written in a story-like manner.

The fact that the episode ended in ambiguity as for what actually happened to Reiner really just keeps me on my toes, hyped waiting eagerly for the next episode...a typical way of keeping the viewers really hyped for the upcoming episode lol...but anyway, just one more day to wait now. The animation in this season has been a definite step up from the last two seasons as it seems from Eren vs Reiner (not that AOT's animation wasn't already amazing previously). Erwin was always a really very intriguing character whose motivations and purpose always left me guessing.

And great to know that you'll be starting Hunter x Hunter (2011) soon! It's really an amazing show, one of the best shounen anime out there...I'm getting a feeling that you'll really like it. The first arc is gonna be a bit lighthearted though, with the violence being a bit toned down compared what it'll be in the later part of the series, but still it's really good and helps you get invested into the main characters; things are gonna get intense from the second arc of the anime. I've taken quite some time to have you started Hunter x Hunter by now?

Well...since you didn't have any issues with the artstyle, I always did expect you to really enjoy Mob Psycho 100, you must have noticed that the season became more and more amazing towards the end. Reigen didn't gain any psychic powers but he did gain the ability to see Dimple, afterall it was all via Mob's psychic powers. I also did rate in a 9/10, same. :) You'll have to wait for about 3 months if you want to wait for the dub of season 2 to be complete though, because there are still 11 episodes left to be dubbed. Season 2 is a further step up in quality from Season 1 though, it's just something else, ypu'll see when you watch it. ;)

I meanwhile finished the first season of Assassination Classroom, the season basically went from strength to strength towards the end and ended with a bang, with Nagisa being amazing in the final episode! I rated it a 9. Can't wait to begin Season 2 now, getting a feeling that it's gonna be even more amazing. :)

Lastly, sorry for my reply being a bit late though, I've been quite busy in life as of late, and the reply was always gonna be very long.
345EdwardElric May 8, 6:05 PM
Yeah, I'll be keeping a track of when the dub of The Promised Neverland finally comes out and is finally fully over (of the first season of course), then I'll make sure to watch it ASAP.

I can see what you mean there, sometimes nostalgia and some other aspects like a conflict between personal preferences and doing a fair judgement of a show in terms of quality tends to influence us while making our Top 10 favourite lists there....gotta be honest I also did have the same issues while making my Top 10 favourite lists for quite some time (both anime and character lists), but then I had to put in a deep thought and figured out I'd rate the shows on my anime list solely based on my personal preferences and enjoyment of them, because that'd more or less ensure that my ratings of the show won't contradict with my 10 favourites....and after that I managed to put up a much more proper and accurate Top 10 list xD. I just made it sure that a 10/10 rating would only tend to come when I actually enjoy a show thoroughly upto that level where I find very little-to-no flaws that bother me while watching it. So I figured out that the anime which I ranked a perfect 10 on my anime list should deservedly be on the highest spots orderwise in my favourite anime list, and going by that shows like FMA:B, AOT, Hunter x Hunter (2011), Code Geass and MHA, which I enjoyed the most to consider them perfect for a 10 rating had to be ranked within my Top 5, and I then ranked them orderwise according to my preferences. After that, I figured out the shows which would be very close but yet not perfect for me to get a 10 rating, a.k.a. shows which are basically a 9.5/10 anime for me and I so far have 3 anime like that in Death Note, Food Wars and Mob Psycho 100; so I ranked those 3 anime in the next 3 spots of my favourites at the 6th, 7th and 8th spots respectively in order of my preferences of one over the other. After that remained the anime which were pretty much a 9/10 for my standards, and of course, I had a quite a number of those it was very hard to choose two anime amongst them to fill up the remaining two slots in my Top 10 favourite list....but I thought hard and figured out that One Punch and Man amd FMA 03 were the two anime amongst the plenty of exact 9/10 anime I had which liked that most, and thus would be the most fitting to fill up the remaining two slots, and thus I put them at the 9th and 10th spots of my favourite list. More or less in this way, I was able to make a pretty accurate Top 10 favourite anime list in order of my preferences and ratings. :)

I guess that you likely enjoyed Naruto more than shows like Code Geass and Steins;Gate, but judging fairly from a quality standpoint you can't give in a perfect 10 because of certain issues (like the enormous amount of fillers), which is why despite having it at a score of 9 you have it at such a high spot on your favourite list, despite feeling that Code Geass and Steins;Gate are more flawless shows from a quality standpoint...and that's fine of course. :) I now-a-days just prefer to rate the shows solely based on my personal enjoyment and preferences to just ensure that the ratings of the shows on my anime list doesn't contradict with my Top 10 favourite list. And yeah....I saw your updated Top 10 character list and the changes you made there, but unfortunately I'm not yet familiar with any of those characters you newly added because I haven't watched those shows yet. The only ones I'm familiar with the ones currently in your Top 10 are Edward Elric (of course lol), Armin amd recently Koro-Sensei due to currently watching Assassination Classroom. :)

Honestly I don't read manga at all because it's quite inconvenient for me to I've tried reading some of the Pokemon manga like "The Electric Tale Of Pikachu" and "Pokemon Adventures" and later on the FMA manga as well, but I figured out that I just couldn't enjoy them by looking at some still black and while pics and dialogues. When it cones to reading I prefer reading books more where the stories are written in a descriptive and elaborate manner, which helps me connect to the whole environment of the story as a whole (which is why I also don't mind reading fanfiction) but manga/comics aren't really thing at I've figured it out very well at this point.

Well TBH I liked all three seasons of AOT a lot, every one of those seasons were just so amazing that it's extremely hard to choose for me as for which I prefer above the other....but yeah Season 3 part 1 was really amazing despite the notable tone shift/departure from the action full of brutality/gruesomeness, it gave as lot of extra insight into some characters and focused giving some solid character development to them which was great to see. Yeah, episode 2 was great as well, especially the planning of Erwin and co. to lure away Reiner and then attack him was brilliantly executed, Eren vs Reiner was pretty intense and great animation, Erwin's soliloquy gave us an insight into his backstory and lastly the thunder-spears....RIP Reiner in all probability lol. The episode ended in ambiguity without fully showing us what happened to Reiner, typical ending which leaves us eagerly waiting for the next episode and hyped. I think that basement thing of Eren's dad is very likely to be revealed soon...and I'm also eager to see Bertolt and what he does as well.

Well, I'm really glad to know that you have Mikasa in your Top 5 female characters too. Honestly it wasn't a very hard task figuring out the remaining females in the Top 5 list I made, because FMA:B and Code Geass easily has the best side MC girls IMO....I really love Hawkeye and Winry from FMA:B; and Kallen and C.C. from Code Geass. ;) Mikasa aside, I don't recognize any of the girls in your Top 5 list though, apart from Edward from Cowboy Bebop. And I'll be honest here, I'm not really a fan of the Cowboy Bebop Edward (unlike the blonde Edward we both love xD), I found her to be kinda annoying. I'm not actually a fan of Cowboy Bebop in general, because apart from Faye Valentine I didn't really like the main characters and the show was way too much episodic in nature without any specific plot/storyline for my taste. :P I gave it a 7 on my list.

Yeah, I've watched upto episode 11 of Assassination Classroom so far and the classmates (and Erina too) seem to be developing gradually well via all the training courses....and Koro-Sensei is great as always, he manages to single handedly keep every episode pretty entertaining with his antics. The buildup is pretty steady and solid and upto sometime huge which I can already assume. Episode 11 had some really exciting action though, in Koro-Sensei vs his "brother" and I really enjoyed that episode. :)

Great to know that you have started Mob Psycho 100 and you're enjoying it already. Do you have any issues with getting used to the awkward artstyle? If you enjoyed the first 2 episodes then I guess you'll enjoy it way more than me lol....because I really disliked the first 2 episodes, only from episode 3 I started liking it from where it gradually got amazing as it progressed. Things will only get better in that series as you gradually go more into it. Mob goes through some amazing character development throughout the series and yup, Reigen is a great character too, you'll see. ;)
345EdwardElric May 6, 5:53 PM
Yeah I think I'll most likely like The Promised Neverland as well. I would rather not see the dub trailer now though if it contains some spoilers about an episode content like you said, because getting spoiled about an important part of episode before could perhaps effect my my enjoyment when I'll finally see it. I guess I'd get around to watching it at a point when the dub of the first season has been fully released, because....after all watching in dubs is much more convenient to me.

I see. :) Well yeah, ranking their favourite anime/characters in order of their preferences, that's what most people do here in their favourite list.....because after all our favourite anime are supposed to be the ones we like the most after all. Some people tend to do the order from bottom to top, which some people do the order from top to bottom (which I also do as well BTW). The topm5 anime in my list, a.k.a. FMA:B, AOT, Hunter x Hunter (2011), Code Geass and My Hero Academia are all 10/10 anime for me with a very small difference between which one I prefer more than the other among these 5, with the order being FMA:B > AOT > Hunter x Hunter (2011) > Code Geass > MHA. The next two anime in my favourites, a.k.a. Death Note amd Food Wars and Mob Psycho 100 are 9.5/10 anime for me, with the order being Death Note > Food Wars > Mob Psycho 100. The next and last two anime on my favourites, a.k.a. One Punch Man amd FMA 03 are 9/10 anime for me, with the order being One Punch Man > FMA 03. That's how my Top 10 favourite anime list go orderwise. And my Top 10 character list is obviously orderwise as I stated in a previous comment before.

I saw that you reduced Cowboy Bebop's score on your list and reshuffled your list a bit so I guess your favourite list looks more proper now. ;) Do you also mean to do your Top 10 anime/character list orderwise from Top to Bottom as well? I mean that FMA:B amd Edward are at the top spots in your lists respectively, with both of them being your #1 anime and character respectively, so I guess that perhaps you also look to do the order from top to bottom like me. :)

Yeah I'm fully expecting this season of AOT to be really great and blow all expectations out of the water, setting the bar really high for AOT fans. Even though I don't read the manga and thus don't know what exactly happens after this, I've heard a lot of people who read the manga saying that this season is very likely to be the best part of AOT because it'll cover the best part of the story as a whole....which is why I have my expectations really high for this season as a whole, and honestly the first episode was a strong indicator of how high in quality this season is gonna be. :)

And yeah Season 3 of AOT was a lot different from the first 2 seasons, where were full of super-epic, intense and brutal action through and through, it toned down the intense action quite a bit and focused a lot more on characterization/character development. We got a lot more insight into Levi's character with his whole backstory with Kenny being revealed, but the one to get the most amount of development in that season was Krista, with her entire deep backstory with her father, which was very integrally related to Eren's backstory and his father (Dr. Yeager) as well, and Eren also got some really strong character development out of that whole thing as well, which was also really great to see as well. Although that season didn't quite have the phenomenal intense and brutal action of the first 2 seasons, I still loved it a lot because it was nice to see the development some of the characters got there and the extra insight we were given into their characters. :)

The second episode meanwhile has already come out, have you seen it yet? It was full of some really epic and intense action action as expected. I won't go into more detail here as I don't really wanna spoil anything to you unless you're yet to see it. ;) And yeah, I'm really eager to finally see Mikasa get some cool and badass Titan butt-wrecking moments (like the plenty of epic moments she had in Season 1-3), especially after shaft she got in Season 3 Part 1. Even though she doesn't have too much character depth, her backstory with Eren was terrifyingly tragic, which really got me invested into her character right way, plus I love her relationship with Eren too, I mean how she always deeply cares about him and is always dead-set on protecting him at any costs....and not to mention she is an absolute badass when it comes wrecking titans like an absolute boss....I absolutely love her character. She is still one of my Top 10 anime characters and certainly my #1 anime girl.

I might wanna do a short list of my Top 5 female anime characters here:

1) Mikasa Ackerman
2) Riza Hawkeye
3) Kallen Kozuki
4) C.C.
5) Winry Rockbell

Yeah, Koro-Sensei is a really very interesting character, I can already see why he's one of your most favourite characters because I'm quite interested mean especially how many sides he actually has to his character, I mean that despite being a seemingly invincible and destructive creature who is a huge threat to the mankind and the world, he has a funny comedic aside to his character with the way he interacts in a jolly manner with his students, and despite being the creature his students much destroy at any costs, he is a very important parental figure and really a great teacher for whom the students learn a lot, his importance to the students overall is something which can be always felt throughout. He really does take the job of teaching his class very seriously and is eager to help out his students whenever then are in need of any help, overall the students are overall gradually developing quite well as a whole under his proper guidance, He is someone who always stays very true to his word as despite all the plenty of attempts the students always have to make in order to try and assassinate him so far, he makes it sure that he never retaliates back and the students a full chance to attack him alongside managing to successfully save himself from the assassination attempts. I do have a strong feeling that Koro-Sensei has a pretty strong backstory though, I mean why would a creature who is a huge thread to mankind and plans to blow up the whole earth at a point of time, someone who is pretty much beyond the reach of even the military chose to teach a bunch of class students for a specific period of time? I wonder xD. One major thing that has been revealed so far about him is that he is a biologically engineered creature, I feel like that there is something more ambiguous/mysterious about him which is yet to be revealed.

The show as a whole has been quite good so far, especially with the unique setting and they way it blends comedy quite well along with the serious moments quite well. There hasn't really been been too much strong action so far and the plot hasn't quite strongly kicked in yet, I mean the episodes have been rather episodic so far mostly focusing on specific kind of training courses, but I feel like that this is because they are now focusing on building up the characters of the students via all this, but I feel like that this is most likely to lead up to something huge in the second season. :)

345EdwardElric May 4, 8:01 PM
I see, it sounds pretty interesting for sure, if it's about a bunch of kids with a school setting and their adventures (living in orphanage together means that it'll be indeed very similiar to a school setting) then I think it'd be an anime right up my ally, because I do really like that kind of a setting where several characters are together, having a lot of engaging character interaction with each other and gradually developing together via the adventures they go together as a whole. I do tend to prefer anime with more action, but if there are some well-written antagonists along with some tense moments and drama yo make up for it, I think that there is good chance that I will like it. I guess that I'll get around to watch it at a point where the dub of that show is fully released. :)

Hmm, regarding your Top 10 anime list, I found one thing quite surprising that there are some shows present there which you rated a 9 on your list (e.g. Naruto & Assassination Classroom), while some shows which you rated 10 on your list (like Steins;Gate & Cowboy Bebop) aren't present there. I was actually quite suprised by this just wanted to ask you that are you sure that the 10 anime you have listed on your favorites are the 10 anime you prefer the most? ;)

I see...that sounds pretty neat. :) Well I also did make a collage of my Top 10 characters (not anime) a few days ago on a site named but not so for Top 10 anime....but that collage is now backdated because of my Top 10 character list changing after I finished watching Hunter x Hunter (2011) as Gon and Killua (two primary MCs of Hunter x Hunter) came into my Top 10 lol.

Computer viruses can sometimes be a real problem and that can be real risk especially if we're browsing several different sites, so having a antivirus uploaded obviously helps....I've gotta be honest, I also had this same virus problems with my laptop the first time accessed KissAnime/GogoAnime but thankfully I also did have an antivirus uploaded which saved me any further trouble. But yeah, I'd say that "KissAnime ru" is a really good and convenient for watching anime, very easily accessible and it's way better than the other site KissAnime has. :)

Now as for the episode:

Great to know that you enjoyed the episode, I also really did enjoy it a lot, it got the season started off with a bang and gives me a feeling that this season is just gonna be outstanding and surpass all expectations. And yeah, it was nice seeing Armin getting some spotlight and focus finally, he's always been intellectually (though not physically) a strong character and his character arguably has most amount of depth in the show after Eren. I definitely did like him seeing getting him some focus finally because he along with Mikasa kinda got the shaft in Season 3 Part 1, though that was understandable since it was necessary to get some extra insight into Levi and Krista's characters via the focus they got here. Armin definitely is one of my favourite AOT characters, though he overall still won't come into my Top 10/20 characters as a whole, my most favourite characters of AOT are Eren and Mikasa (who are in my Top 10 character list as you can see). :)

Alongside that, Eren (my 3rd most favourite anime character) also made his presence felt throughout the episode via his strong character for which we'all know him, even though his titan transformation was very short living for some reason. And yup, the episode got really intense towards the end with the Beast Titan attacking all-out with his fellow huge titan army, leaving us all really hyped and excited for the next episode.

From the preview of the 2nd episode, it seems like that there's gonna be a ton of intense/action fighting throughout. I hope that my #1 anime girl Mikasa finally gets some spotlight....more importantly some solid titan butt-wrecking badass moments.....I really did miss her not being in the spotlight in Season 3 part 1 as well...

Now lastly for Assassination Classroom (I totally forgot to answer this part in my previous comment, sorry lol) yeah I have started it next and I find it quite interesting and enjoyable so far, especially the setting of the show is especially quite unique, with a creature like Koro-Sensei who is devastating enough to blow up the earth to pieces and plans to do so by the next year, someone who is beyond the ability of the military to take down, has somehow decided to teach a class of students until the time finally arrives when he plans to blow up the earth. What's interesting in his character is that despite being a devastating creature who is a threat to mankind, he still has an extra funny aside to his character (the way he interacts in a jolly manner with students), plus he does actually really about the students and tries to teach them as a responsible teacher, plus despite giving the students free access to try and attack him anytime, he makes it sure to stay true to his word and never harm any student in order to protect himself. I'm 4 episodes in so far and I seem to be really interested in Koro Sensei's character so far. :)
345EdwardElric May 4, 7:35 AM
Thanks. It was a really amazing experience overall watching this amazing masterpiece of a shounen anime that is Hunter x Hunter (2011), it took quite some time for me finish it, but it was fully worth the time, even more so because I alternated it with some other shorter anime series' as well, which were also really good. It's not like I'd have ever felt bored while watching Hunter x Hunter (2011) even if I didn't alternate with some other short series and solely focused on binge watching it, since each and every arc are so much well-paced and having a very plot/storyline going on, with almost 95% of the episodes being really plot-centric and driving the story forward....which is why it's always really intense and entertaining to watch throughout. But like I said I didn't want to be stuck with just one show for a long time which is why I alternated it with several other short anime series....and overall as it turned out, I thoroughly enjoyed and loved every part of the show, and it has certainly become one of my most favourite anime ever. :)

Yeah I think you'd be better off alternating with some other short series' while watching Hunter x Hunter and DB Kai as well. :) Though for Hunter x Hunter, I doubt that you'll ever feel bored or get a jarring feeling while watching it...but like me if you feel like that you don't wanna be stuck with one anime for a long time, then alternating it with some other shorter series' will work out really well. :) For DB Kai, the jarring feeling is most likely to come during the overblown amd way too much drawn out/extended fights with lengthy power-up screaming, so IMO the best option will be to alternate with some other series during those fight episodes.

I see....well I only am forced to watch in subs in a scenario where the dub isn't available for a certain new season of a show which I had already started before and watched the previous seasons of it (like with the shows Mob Psycho 100 amd Food Wars), or in a case where a new season of a show I follow is currently airing (like with Attack On Titan Season 3 Part 2), otherwise I'm always looking to watch in dubs since it's way more convenient for me to watch for several reasons I already explained before. Also with Hunter x Hunter (2011) I had to watch the last 8 episodes in sub because they are still yet to be dubbed; the dub would be been fully finished within 2 more months though, but while binge watching a series for so long and then reaching the end part, it's basically impossible for me wait at that point for the dub to be fully finished lol; I watched upto episode 140 in dub and then switched to the sub for the last 8 remaining episodes. You'll be able to fully watch Hunter x Hunter (2011) in dub though, because if you start it just sometime afterwards from now on, the dub in all likelyhood will be fully over by the time you reach the end part of it. ;)

I've heard a lot about The Promised Neverland...people tend to speak very highly of it, like: it's one of the best recently aired anime of 2019. I saw that it's listed as a shounen, so being a lover of shounen anime I'm really quite tempted to watch it. You have seen the mind giving me some feedback on it? :)

Yeah choosing a Top 10 list is extremely hard (whether for anime or characters) because after watching several great anime I have so many shows and characters which I love, and removing an anime which has been on my Top 10 previously for the sake of accomodating another anime in place is really hard cuz I really love both of them; but I have to make the hard choice via deciding which anime I prefer more by putting in a deep thought, and remove the show which I like comparatively less; same for characters. :) I removed Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters and Digimon Adventure from my list (the first one used to be one of my most favourite anime at a point before I watched several other mainstream anime, the second one was a huge part of my childhood nostalgia as it was the best kinds anime I've watched) in order to make way for Hunter x Hunter (2011) and Mob Psycho 100, the former one is currently at the 3rd spot on my list while the latter one is at the 8th spot. :) They both are really amazing.

My Top 10 anime and character list are always in proper order from Top to Bottom, I always try my best to make my lists orderwise xD.

To make it more clear, my current Top 10 anime orderwise:

1) FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
2) Attack On Titan
3) Hunter x Hunter (2011)
4) Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion
5) My Hero Academia
6) Death Note
7) Food Wars: Shokugeki No Soma
8) Mob Psycho 100
9) One Punch Man
10) FullMetal Alchemist (2003)

And my current Top 10 character list orderwise:

1) Edward Elric (FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
2) Lelouch Vi Britannia (Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion)
3) Eren Yeager (Attack On Titan)
4) Gon Freecss [Hunter x Hunter (2011)]
5) Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)
6) Roy Mustang (FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
7) Killua Zoldyck [Hunter x Hunter (2011)]
8) Mikasa Ackerman (Attack On Titan)
9) Light Yagami (Death Note)
10) Alphonse Elric (FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Just wondering that are you Top anime and character lists very much orderwise in terms of preference like me?

Yeah this whole listing system that MAL has is really amazing, it fully helps us to keep a track of what anime we have watched overall, what we are currently watching, what we plan on watching in the future, I haven't really seen another site regarding anime which is this much helpful and convenient in terms of system...being an anime there is nothing more convenient if you have an account on this site. :)

And no problem. :) I think that you'll find it really convenient to watch anime in KissAnime because it's easily accessible and more importantly, the recently aired episodes of every anime are updated there ASAP. KissAnime has 2 seperate sites though and I'll recommend you to try the "KissAnime ru" one, because that one is better. :)
345EdwardElric May 2, 9:29 PM
Yeah, that's the main issue with the Pokemon anime, it just follows the same repeatitive cycle/pattern season after season without hardly much character and story progression as a whole, basically these days the show just about only cares about marketing the new upcoming games and franchise and not about making a character driven story....which is why after a point I just lost enthusiasm in the Pokemon anime as a whole and came to the realization that there isn't much of a point in being a passionate fan of this show....after that I'm mostly a casual Pokemon anime fan who just about checks out every upcoming episode weekly for nostalgia purposes, that's all. :)

Yeah, I can see what you mean there, being involved in watching a really long series like DBZ can really keep us occupied for a long time with that particular series, which is actually very inconvenient especially if we have several other anime planned to watch. This the main reason that when it comes to really long series (150 episode +), I don't just focus on binge watching the long series solely at once: alongside binge watching that series I also watch some other short anime series as well to ensure that I'm not only stuck with one series for a long tine. Like I say, when I was watching Hunter x Hunter (2011) for the last 2 and a half months (I just about finally finished watching it fully yesterday), I was also watching several other short anime too alongside that too. Like first I was watching Sailor Moon Season 1 alongside Hunter x Hunter, by the time I finished season 1 of Sailor Moon, I was about 50 eps into Hunter x Hunter. After that started watching Season 3 and Season 3 part 2 of Food Wars and alternated between them and Hunter x Hunter. By the time I was finished with those 2 seasons of Food Wars, I was 102 eps into Hunter x Hunter. After that I started Mob Psycho 100 and similarly alternated between it and Hunter x Hunter....and by the time I was finished with Mob Psycho 100 (including its second season), I had watched upto episode 138 of Hunter x Hunter (2011) and after that it only took 2 more days for me to finish the remaining 10 episodes left of it. :-

This is how I personally feel like watching a long series should be approached, I mean that rather than just solely focusing on binge watching the long series fully, it's rather better to watch some other short series alongside that too and alternate between them, in this way the tiredness/jarring feeling that we might often get while watching a very long series can be avoided. Even though Hunter x Hunter (2011) is a really amazing series, intense and entertaining through and through with very less fillers and never really gave me the feeling of boredom while watching it despite its length, I still didn't just want to be stuck around only with it for a long time, which is why I also watched some other series' as well alongside that and alternated. :)

I think you perhaps will be able to enjoy Kai more if you alternate it alongside some other anime series' as well, especially during the fights. It mostly the overblown fights which are way too much drawn/stretched out via several episodes along with some lengthy power-up screaming (I mean some of the episodes basically just have a character power-up screaming for about 15-20 minutes lol) of Z/Kai which can feel really exhausting and jarring at times, so if you alternate with some other series during/after those fight episodes I guess you'll be able to enjoy it more than me. :)

Yeah personally for me its way more convenient to watch in a medium where I'll be able to fully grasp and understand each and every part of the dialogues, that always helps me to get a better understanding of the characters and the show, rather than watching in a medium where I can only get an overall estimate/meaning of the dialogues rather than being able to understand each and every part fully. But obviously this varies from person to person and there are people who don't have much of a problem adjusting to the subs and hence they tend to prefer watching subs since the Japanese VA's are mostly of much higher quality than the dub VA's.

I had to watch Mob Psycho 100 season 2 is subs due to the dub not being available yet, it was a bit inconvenient to adjust to it but I still enjoyed it thoroughly because it was really good, things got really amazing in the second season through and through....and Mob Psycho 100 is now in my Top 10 anime list! :) I just recently updated my Top anime list after I finished both Hunter x Hunter (2011) and Mob Psycho 100.....both of them just had to come in my Top 10 because they were just amazing, especially the former. I also updated my Top 10 character list recently because I really loved the characters of Gon and Killua, the two primary MC's of Hunter x Hunter (2011), they also just had to come into my Top 10 characters.

Hmm, Haikyuu sounds really good from what you said, especially when it's able to create a strong competitive environment and a strong shounen feel even without superpowers. Even though I do love shounen anime involving superpowers more, it's sometimes really intriguing and fun to watch if the show manages to stay true to the spirit of shounen via a highly competitive environment involving some pro-sport/competition. Like there is another show like Food Wars (which is one of my Top 10 anime) which also manages to maintain a strong shounen feel via some intense cooking competitions which happens in strongly competitive format and environment, I really liked that I think that I'll perhaps really like Haikyuu as well. ;)

I see...well yeah I also to watch WatchMojo a lot at a point of time, but after having watched a sizable amount of anime I found it quite hard to take their Top 10 anime and character rankings seriously TBH because I just disagreed with so many of them, plus listening to the videos closely, I also thought that their reasoning/criteria behind ranking the show was frankly quite ridiculous to be precise, which is why I stopped following WatchMojo after a point. After that I became acquainted with this website and then found out how reliable and convenient of a website this is....the massive userbase of MAL as a whole gives us a good idea about what the general consensus of several anime are relatively in the broader community of the anime fandom as a whole, and how several anime are acclaimed by the wider range of fans here. And of course alongside that I became aquainted with several other anime fans around here (including you) who overall recommended several anime to me, so overall it has been really helpful talking with several people around here who are very well-versed and knowledgable in anime, as it has helped me know about several anime about which I didn't know much about earlier on.

Well I'd recommend you to try the site's very convenient site to watch anime and all recently episodes are duly updated very soon there, I usually always watch anime on that site. You'll find every recently aired episode of every season that are currently airing there, including Attack On Titan Season 3 Part 2. :) "KissAnime ru" to be more precise.
345EdwardElric Apr 29, 9:02 PM
Well, I guess pretty much the same for me regarding Pokemon, I also started watching it since I was a little kid, a.k.a. early childhood....and yup, I also wasn't aware of what anime was at that time lol. And I still do follow the Pokemon anime weekly till date because of childhood nostalgia and the fact that I used to be a huge Pokemon fan at a point. But I'm not really a fan of the Pokémon anime anymore because the show has gradually gotten downhill season by season/year by year, it just follows the same repeatitive cycle/formula in each and every season with no meaningful character or story progression.

I for Dragon Ball you're gonna watch Kai instead of Z as a sequel after the 1st series? Hmm, that also works, Kai is basically an alternative shorter version of Z. Some people say that Kai is better than Z because it's much shorter and omits the fillers that Kai has, but personally I prefer Z over Kai TBH, because the DB fights (since Z/Kai) started to become a bit too much overblown and a lot stretched out through several episodes with a lot power-up screaming, which can feel quite jarring/exhausting at times, so I felt that the fillers in Z were necessary to provide some relief amongst the overblown elongated fights. Plus I also thought that Kai did cut out some important parts which Z had, which is another reason I didn't like it. But well, since you are looking for relatively short and sweet series at this point, then I guess Kai could be more up your ally now...since Z is really long overall (291 episodes).

Well I perhaps always tend to prefer dub over subs, because after all, the dub is way more convenient for me to watch...after all that's in a language I fully understand which I fully understand to the core while the sub is in a language which I don't understand at all. Yeah, there are the subtitles, but...well subtitles tell the overall meaning of a dialogue, not the meaning of each and every word of the dialogue. To properly understand the emotions conveyed by a character via a dialogue, I feel like that I need to understand each and every word of it, which I can obviously do easily in case of English dubs, but while watching in Japanese with subs that's not possible because the subtitles only tell the meaning of an overall dialogue, not of each and every word of it. Which is why I always tend to prefer watching in dubs instead of subs since it's way more convenient for me. :) I only watch the subs in case when I'm following a show weekly as it's airing, or in cases like Mob Psycho 100 where I already have watched the first season (which has been dubbed) and am too impatient to wait for the dub to come out for the 2nd season because I really did enjoy the first season. ;)

Well I'd say that it depends upon whether you're comfortable watching in subs or not....because if I speak from my perspective, I'm obviously gonna recommend the dub, but if you're comfortable watching in subs there's a chance that you'll enjoy Mob Psycho 100 is subs too. :) I do think that the dub is pretty good though.

Yeah from what you said, I think that I'll really like Gurren Lagann....since there are some really likable MC's and the plot is pretty fast paced along with a lot of epic action, it seems to be an anime right up my ally. :)

I love several kind of sports but I don't really follow Volleyball TBH. But if there is a strong/intense competitive environment in the show involving high-profile tournaments regarding the sport...then yup, I think that there is a strong chance that I'll like Haikyuu too as well.

Yeah, of course it's better to watch a show ourselves and then form our own opinion on it....which I why put Akama ga Kill on my PTW. The reception/feedback about a show by the majority of the anime fans in general is an important aspect to consider, but like you said, sometimes it could be the case that you end up really liking it. TBH I don't really take YouTube channels too seriously when it cones to anime. I mean that I used to watch several videos of WatchMojo at a point but after watching a reasonable amount of anime I found out that I disagree with several of their Top 10 anime/character lists/rankings. From there on I mostly rely on some of my real life and internet friends when it comes to anime recommendations and MAL since this is a very reliable site. :)

Yeah of course I'm gonna follow this season of Attack On Titan, I'm mean that I've already started following it and watched the first episode that has aired so far. The episode was great and started of the season with a bang. As a huge AOT fan I'm really hyped now and get a feeling that this season is gonna be just outstanding. It'd be really nice if you start following this season weekly too, because then we can discuss our thoughts about it here. :)