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Skip Beat!
Skip Beat!
Apr 22, 7:23 PM
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Kemono no Souja Erin
Kemono no Souja Erin
Apr 21, 6:14 PM
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Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou
Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou
Apr 21, 3:33 PM
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Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai
Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai
Yesterday, 4:47 PM
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25-ji no Vacances
25-ji no Vacances
Apr 15, 1:48 PM
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Houseki no Kuni
Houseki no Kuni
Mar 20, 8:29 AM
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NudeBear 25 minutes ago
I used to read a great deal of them back in my manga/comic book binge reading days, haven't done that in awhile though so the thread must be pretty old???

I actually read Persepolis back in high school! It's a lovely book; cute, artsy, clever, and pretty effective. There's also a French animated adaptation if you're curious.

As for recommendations it depends on what you're looking for, I was mostly into superheroes/sci-fi/fantasy type stuff. Have you given Sandman and the Watchmen a try yet? Pretty generic suggestions but that's because they're awesome!
NothingReally Yesterday, 11:48 PM
teach me le ways of joshin, fellow josho
Negative-Travis Yesterday, 7:02 PM
Not terrible, I guess. I'm surprised anybody here remembers I exist seeing as how I haven't done hardly anything besides update my list in like two years. The only things that have changed since the last times I was active are that I finally moved out and live with my cousin and a friend of ours in an apartment that's way too expensive and I'm now up to six cars and a motorcycle. Oh, and I also have a shop that I'm going thirds on between me, my dad, and my aforementioned cousin. Job still sucks and still doesn't pay nearly well enough.

What about you's? Is Canada doing as badly as it sounds?
Trapalicious Yesterday, 6:41 PM
Oh it's good that things are going well, what is your new job going to be? Hopefully it's more enjoyable for you! Things are same old for me really, okayish but could be better. I have been looking for a job but it's kind of hard when I don't have much experience or education. I got contact back for a job with an ISP here though, I need to do a phone interview and then a face to face interview, so maybe.

Other than that I've not been doing much, been trying to go to gym most days and been playing a lot of a game called Sound Voltex, it's really fun!

Yeah that's why I've been meaning to get into manga but... I'm also kind of lazy aha, but reading in bed is relaxing. Though there's a few anime I've still been interested in watching for a long while now, I just haven't for whatever reason. Recently I've mostly been trying to semi-frequently watch films before bed. Not sure if you're much of a movie person but it's a nice change

oh right, I checked your list and don't think I seen it so I was a little confused at first aha
LadyRenly Yesterday, 9:15 AM
Not too bad, things are seemingly okay for now. Wbu?
Trapalicious Yesterday, 5:44 AM
oh hey, Josh getting me back again aha. I'm alive though, unfortunately (just kidding, I'm actually a ghost).

Dang, been over two years since the last comment, time flies I guess. How are you, have you been up to any exciting new things? I actually looked here for the first time since our comments yesterday, about 40 minutes before you commented. I thought I was logged in maybe so it was shown, but turned out I wasn't, spooky timing!

I kinda stopped browsing because I wasn't a fan of a lot of the well known people on General, aha. I can't imagine what it has been like with all the countless happenings recently.

Though my interest in Anime kinda faded too, it's tough finding things I enjoy. I did watch Your Name and A Silent Voice though, I liked them both but I really loved A Silent Voice, you should check it out if you haven't. I got around to reading all of Punpun too, only took about 4 years! It was good, I should probably get into reading manga or something if I were to start again, there's probably more variety for me.

but yeah, it's kind of nice to see a comment after so long aha, hopefully you are doing well
Sapphire Apr 13, 8:23 PM
it's my study vibe
Maor Apr 5, 9:01 AM
I bought the deluxe edition of Before the Strom because it came with a CD, but sadly it isn't the album, but rather music used in Before the Storm (all the new vocal Daughter songs plus flaw and some other stuff.)

Not to disappear is a lot more rock-ish and for me at least, a lot more depressive since some of the songs don't completely deal with broken relationships, but rather life itself and what people will sooner or later find out/experience. Something like Doing the right thing for example, deals with alzheimer and new ways with repetition of life itself.

Jesus, so many good songs to pick from. Hm....
I like most from if you leave as well, but Smother really sticks out for me. Aside from that Lifeform and Youth are my second and third favorites form that album respectively.
From not to disappear.
New ways, Doing the right thing and I also really like No care, partly because it reminds me of one scene from Before the Storm.
All I wanted, Flaws and Witches are the ones I like the most from Music from Before the Storm.

If we talking favorite in general either Landfill or Smother take the spot.

Maor Apr 5, 4:03 AM
You..could...say so

-Ouro- Mar 29, 11:53 AM
Haha, thanks!
code Mar 27, 9:32 PM
harvard would be a less prestigious accomplishment, surely
NudeBear Mar 15, 10:05 AM
These forums man...
Imagine being half-African, literally belonging to an ethnic group that's lived in the SA region for almost 2 thousand years, and being told that the only reason they're there is because white people made South Africa good. Fuck there are actually people besides Nyu that believe South Africa was uninhabited before Europeans settled there...

I don't think I've ever seen that kind of level of justification for colonialism in my life ever.
Clebardman Mar 15, 3:27 AM
Jey! Thx, glad to know you loved it! I reread it recently and I think it's becoming one of my favs very quickly.

Never heard of Annihilation (or Jeff VanderMeer), but the story looks kinda similar, yep. I didn't read much sci-fi the last monthes, besides Metro 2033/2034 (heavily inspired by Stalker/Roadside Picnic, but probably more by the video game adaptation for gun nuts than the book @___@) and the Silo trilogy (pretty entertaining and decent, first book was really cool)
NudeBear Mar 14, 6:57 PM
quite the echo chamber if only 3 posters (one's whose name he can't even remember) are responsible for it lmfao. easy to tell he's getting uncomfortable with all of traed's posts
ituhata Mar 9, 8:10 PM
It's a great show, in my opinion. Maybe not as epic as Made in Abyss, but the story is just as captivating!

Thank you!