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Kineta Jun 28, 3:03 PM
Thank you for thinking of me. It was a much needed boost. I hope you're enjoying the summer and we can catch up when this mess has mostly settled down.
Akito_Kinomoto May 26, 9:14 AM
well, since we're already here

Phosphophyllite, Phospho-Agate, or Phosphophy-Gold?

I actually liked Phsopho-Agate the most such a liberated individual and then gold starts merging into the body and I'm like "D: I miss idealistic and lazy and fast Phos ;; "

season 2 is gonna hurt i know it :x
rawrX3pounces May 20, 12:29 PM
josh always giving sincere answers

you're too good for ce
Akito_Kinomoto May 14, 4:51 PM
Also who's the artist behind your profile image

I like
Akito_Kinomoto May 14, 4:24 PM
(looks at your MAL)

...mine's bigger

(already left)
Serendipity Apr 29, 7:02 PM
Serendipity Apr 29, 6:45 PM

Comic_Sans Apr 27, 12:11 PM
Comic_Sans Apr 27, 11:49 AM
I wasn’t being sarcastic
Comic_Sans Apr 27, 11:05 AM
Comic_Sans Apr 27, 9:38 AM
NudeBear Apr 24, 3:35 PM
I used to read a great deal of them back in my manga/comic book binge reading days, haven't done that in awhile though so the thread must be pretty old???

I actually read Persepolis back in high school! It's a lovely book; cute, artsy, clever, and pretty effective. There's also a French animated adaptation if you're curious.

As for recommendations it depends on what you're looking for, I was mostly into superheroes/sci-fi/fantasy type stuff. Have you given Sandman and the Watchmen a try yet? Pretty generic suggestions but that's because they're awesome!
NothingReally Apr 23, 11:48 PM
teach me le ways of joshin, fellow josho
Negative-Travis Apr 23, 7:02 PM
Not terrible, I guess. I'm surprised anybody here remembers I exist seeing as how I haven't done hardly anything besides update my list in like two years. The only things that have changed since the last times I was active are that I finally moved out and live with my cousin and a friend of ours in an apartment that's way too expensive and I'm now up to six cars and a motorcycle. Oh, and I also have a shop that I'm going thirds on between me, my dad, and my aforementioned cousin. Job still sucks and still doesn't pay nearly well enough.

What about you's? Is Canada doing as badly as it sounds?
Trapalicious Apr 23, 6:41 PM
Oh it's good that things are going well, what is your new job going to be? Hopefully it's more enjoyable for you! Things are same old for me really, okayish but could be better. I have been looking for a job but it's kind of hard when I don't have much experience or education. I got contact back for a job with an ISP here though, I need to do a phone interview and then a face to face interview, so maybe.

Other than that I've not been doing much, been trying to go to gym most days and been playing a lot of a game called Sound Voltex, it's really fun!

Yeah that's why I've been meaning to get into manga but... I'm also kind of lazy aha, but reading in bed is relaxing. Though there's a few anime I've still been interested in watching for a long while now, I just haven't for whatever reason. Recently I've mostly been trying to semi-frequently watch films before bed. Not sure if you're much of a movie person but it's a nice change

oh right, I checked your list and don't think I seen it so I was a little confused at first aha