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Serendipity 11 hours ago
Too much Toronto for my liking haha. Not my favourite Canadian city. It looked really pretty though and I was so surprised to see it turn up today!

Hmm. I enjoyed both and it's hard for me to really say which is better. Night Is Short is more like what you'd expect from Yuasa in terms of presentation, but it's a comedy and didn't really have the underlying narrative that I think characterizes my preconceptions of Yuasa's works. Lu was more of a children's movie in that Ghibli Disney way. The crowd at ByTowne loved both.

I wrote about my viewing tonight here, in a bit more detail!

I hope whichever you go to has as a crowd as interactive and engaged as mine. It made the experience very worthwhile. :)
Serendipity Yesterday, 10:37 AM
That feel when they skip our city...
Akito_Kinomoto Sep 20, 9:24 PM
Here's my card. Operating hours are 12am-12:01am JST, take it or leave it. Ciao~
Serendipity Sep 20, 8:04 PM
Oh no. That sucks. :(

Will you catch his other movie or the re-run of this one?

I wrote about it on Reddit earlier, so don't mind me copying and pasting. I'll spoiler tag since it's a bit lengthy. I had a great time and the atmosphere was great. The movie was a bit hit and miss, but I think that happens when you watch comedies, as humour is really subjective (and probably more so than other things, at least to me).
Serendipity Sep 20, 6:52 PM
Did you end up going tonight? Me and my friend went and it was ridiculously packed. A large number of the crowd were American too...
Serendipity Sep 18, 8:00 AM
Haha, I've been to a few cons, but it would never be my idea to attend one. My friends have dragged me out a few times. They're like kind of fun to interact with the community, but it's also not something I'm super interested in and I don't really collect the sort of merchandise that pops up at those events. Ottawa's is pretty lowkey too, in particular, and I don't have much interest in going to Toronto for one haha.

Basically the same. I like Ready For It more, but I didn't like LWYMMD so it doesn't really mean much. I kind of felt this way about 1989 actually, but then there were some really great songs on there. Stuff like Welcome To New York weren't my cup of tea when the singles were coming out.

Yes it is. I'm actually simulwatching with Fleure and we got up to episode six before, but we're restarting now. We started our simul back in March, but because of school/work/life we weren't really good at staying on top of it and then Princess Tutu happened (it was an amazing show and a great simul). We're starting over since the show deserves better than the way we were watching it haha. It was getting interesting at episode six, so we'll see. As superficial as it sounds, we both love the OP and ED. They're amazing.
Serendipity Sep 12, 10:21 AM
I was talking to a few friends from Reddit/irl and all of us were wondering whether our Animation Festival usually attracted films like Yuasa's (or any of similar prestige). Have you gone before and has there been other showings like this? This is the first year I've noticed and cared about the event, though I usually don't participate in anime stuff that goes on here. It's pretty cool to see movies like these Yuasa ones get attention in Ottawa.

Also, forgot to ask. Thoughts on Ready For It?
Serendipity Sep 11, 7:55 PM
Wait. Is his other movie, Yoake Tsugeru Lu no Uta, on sale? I couldn't see the tickets option for it, but I'm not sure if I'm blind. I'm going with a friend, but they haven't replied to me about a date yet.

Never mind I just discovered the ticket page for the other movie. I need to go ask my friend about that too. Thank you for alerting me to this!

As for meeting up, I prefer keeping my online life online. As weird as it might sound, I kind of prefer that separation, though lately I find my online life constantly running into my daily life and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I use r/anime a good amount and, in one of my morning lectures at UO, someone that I've talked to on and off is apparently there too... I haven't told them that I'm in that same class yet though.
Serendipity Sep 11, 6:16 PM
Speaking of movies, I'm going to go see the new Yuasa one next week. I'm pretty excited! Are you going to go check out the Animation Festival?

Yes! On the 15th I believe. I promised a friend, who couldn't make our movie date last time, that I'd watch with her, so I'll be watching it too.

You should go! Yes, I have. It's really nice actually. I went a week ago. I got lunch on Dalhousie then walked over.
Serendipity Sep 8, 9:36 AM
I actually really like Your Name and 5 cm/s a lot from his movies. The others, well, not as much. Your Name was such a unique experience for me too, as I saw it in theaters (the one Gloucester Cineplex or whatever it is called now) here. The showing was packed, so me and a (relatively casual anime-watching) friend had to sit near the front. People were sitting on the stairs and the audience was really into it. We saw it subbed and I was kind of amused at how many people got the "atashi, watashi, boku" joke, seeing as it is a bit of wordplay and it isn't like the subs make the scene thaaaaat funny.

It's actually stark contrast against In This Corner of the World which was also amazing, but the theater was literally empty aside from me and three friends. Strongly recommend that movie too! I liked it more than Your Name, but loved both. :3

Where did the warm weather go by the way? Oh, did you ever get to check out MosaiCanada?
ButchZarya Sep 1, 4:29 PM
hmn actually im allergic to kale but yknow what ??? mood
Fleure Aug 29, 11:31 AM
The novel was alright. I really enjoyed the beginning of it but it sort of bogged itself down toward the middle and end with all these dry philosophies that I felt didn't really add to the incredibly powerful narrative Mishima started out with. I still recommend giving it a try since I did enjoy it, overall.

What have you been watching lately? Anything noteworthy?
Serendipity Aug 25, 1:22 PM
I said the same ahaha. I didn't like a bunch of songs on 1989, so maybe it'll just be like that where I get on with some but not the others. Red is still my favourite album.
Serendipity Aug 25, 8:22 AM
Not particularly burnout, just it's more like a treat if I come across a good one. Especially with seasonals. I still find enjoyment in some above average shows, but rarely does one leave any kind of lasting impact. I think I'm down to maybe 20 or 30 shows that I'm fairly certain I'll really enjoy, then I have some older stuff to look back on too.

Oh wow! I'll definitely try and buy tickets for that too. Didn't realize Yuasa will be showing here. I almost went to Toronto to watch In This Corner of the World.

What did you think of her song? I'm not a huge fan, though it's really interesting looking at how her sound has matured or changed with her age.

Also, how's Made in Abyss?
Serendipity Aug 24, 10:45 AM