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Dokyuu Hentai HxEros
Dokyuu Hentai HxEros
Aug 9, 4:34 AM
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Zoku Owarimonogatari
Zoku Owarimonogatari
Jul 30, 1:11 AM
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Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Kan
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Kan
Jul 30, 1:10 AM
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Shimeji Simulation
Shimeji Simulation
Jul 28, 10:38 PM
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JC no Miryoku wo Tanoshimu Kenzen na Anthology Comic
JC no Miryoku wo Tanoshimu Kenzen na Anthology Comic
Dec 17, 2019 12:54 AM
Dropped 5/10 · Scored 3
Elite Yankee Saburou
Elite Yankee Saburou
Dec 15, 2019 1:44 PM
Dropped -/251 · Scored 5


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siuol_sward Jul 18, 7:29 AM
Thanks! I finished and put my thoughts in Planetes in my profile description a few days ago. I also already had Shinsekai Yori and Otona Joshi in my ptw.
siuol_sward Jul 15, 8:38 AM
No problem! Recently, I've been searching for shows with interesting morals and I was wondering if you have any legitimately philosophical anime you could recommend.
inim Jun 2, 3:29 PM
Zoku Owarimonogatari's DB entry changed it's episode count (movie -> series). You need to manually set your "completed" to 6/6 to make your vote count again.
inim May 19, 4:38 AM
That "most weird anime top 15" list, which is pretty good.
inim May 18, 2:38 PM
I just finished a very, very trashy movie. But it's also genius and everybody should watch it. You are open minded towards very odd anime, so I thought I give you a pointer, and ask for feedback (if you like).

Seabury Mar 29, 5:16 PM
I was thinking a lot about the same thing as I was nearing the end; how would I handle this if I were the writer?

Despite my disappointment with how fragmented the story became, I wouldn't actually want to throw away the plot lines that it developed towards the end. Kinda like you, I'd want to expand the story, but that's just the devil on my shoulder and the angel on my other shoulder says "no, you're going to make it into a mess if you do that!"

From a story-writing perspective, I have two ideas. One is to do it kinda like the Railgun/Index series, where there are two different series telling the story from different perspectives. That way the main story could be streamlined and narrative flow could be maintained, yet I could still expand the universe. I'm thinking like one main story, and then a whole bunch of OVAs on the side. The problem with this approach is that viewers would watch the main series first and then the OVAs, and if the side stories were to intersect the main story in meaningful ways then there could be a lot lost on that first viewing.

So I kinda have to ditch that idea. The other idea is to keep it the way it is, but try to improve on it. I do not want any abrupt and long diversions, so the other stories would actually have to weave with the main story a bit. And the ones that don't weave very well, we'd save for an actual stopping point instead of leaving the audience hanging on an 8 episode long cliffhanger. The two girls who travel to meet Yoko, their stories can weave in just fine. They'd start with just a few scenes here and there, and they would slowly get more screen time as their stories became more important towards the main plot. When there's a decent break in the action, we can tell the story of young Kirin, and maybe devote 3 or so minutes each episode towards Yoko. Ideally, we could thematically set it up so that whatever struggle she's working her way through mirrors the side-story, and thus giving her a few minutes each episode doesn't feel like a jarring shift of focus.

I dunno, I talk the talk, but if I were actually writing this story I would find it extremely difficult. It's fast-paced and exciting, yet also expansive and epic. Balancing those two sides is more than the author was able to handle, but I applaud her ambition. 12 Kingdoms is definitely one of the most ambitious anime I've ever watched.
Seabury Mar 15, 7:47 PM
Well, alright, sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but whenever I thought of typing a reply I felt more like watching 12 Kingdoms instead. You recommended it so it's your fault!

So yeah, in case that doesn't make it clear, I just spent the last couple of week bingeing 12 Kingdoms, and I thank you for that recommendation. I thank you for giving me a series that obsessed me so much that I ignored all other anime until I finished it, but I don't thank you for giving me something less middlebrow than LOTGH. I actually rated them exactly the same on my list based on the 10-point scale, but my memories of LOTGH are a bit fonder than how I felt watching 12 Kingdoms.

12 Kingdoms did, as you say, question itself somewhat. Around the middle of the series, after she realized that she had punished the good guy from her own good intentions, I felt that the series was truly greater than any other on the politics end of things. Then it just kinda piddled the rest of the way towards the end. The beginning was pretty amazing too, with the string of betrayals that broke her faith in other human beings, the dark tone really reminding me of NGE, and then she just got over it like nothing happened and similar but weakly-fleshed-out arcs were re-enacted with different characters.

Basically, this was a series that was almost amazing, and that's the most aggravating viewing experience for me. Something that isn't even trying to be great is pretty enjoyable, but something that is so close to being great but just barely missing the mark is kinda irritating to me. I can see why you might consider it deeper than LOTGH (it offers more questions just as often as it offers answers, and actually invites the viewer to ponder the situation, which is presented in just as nuanced a manner), but to me it's a series that really just had more potential. Maybe 50 more episodes that focused mostly on the main plot and I would actually rank it among my favorites. As of now it's more a glorious mess with a loose ribbon on top IMO

Anyways, I'll let you know what I think about the next episode of Eizouken. I was distracted by 12 Kingdoms but now I can finally return back to the other neglected shows on my watching list!
Seabury Feb 17, 8:07 PM
Psycho Pass S2 broke my heart because it took everything that made S1 great and made a cheap replica out of it. Seeing such a mockery made out of something I liked was much worse than if it was some unrelated franchise with mediocre writing. It's kinda the same thing that I'm scared of happening with Magia Record, but so far that show has just barely good enough writing to not piss me off LOL

But yeah, I mentioned Belladonna because I remembered there were scenes with incredibly limited animation that took advantage of the reduced movement to create a visual effect that I've only seen otherwise in Ga-anime shorts. Kind of like you, I'd have rated it a 9 if it didn't overstay its welcome. Once it got to the ridiculous bubonic plague animation I was pretty much off the wagon! It definitely felt like it was made by the classic "great artist and shitty editor" team.

It's good you clarified what you mean by "middlebrow classic" with the example of LotGH. I thought you meant more along the lines of "mediocre" but it makes sense with that example because that's pretty much the epitome of a middlebrow show. Is it well-written, enjoyable, ambitious, and potent? Absolutely. But the depth is pretty much restricted to re-telling the history of democracy versus monarchy and only seems deep to the western audience because perspectives that aren't 100% pro-democracy are alien in our entertainment. I think of Ghost In The Shell the same way - it's really just regurgitating basic philosophy, but not poorly at least, and that's not what makes it great in any case.

I haven't seen The Twelve Kingdoms yet, but your description of it constantly questioning itself intrigues me. Is that a show you would recommend?

I do occasionally read things on Sakuga Blog. Not terribly frequently because I don't read too many anime blogs in general, but it's definitely one of the better ones I stumble upon from time to time. I say I'm not a huge animation guy, but that doesn't mean I don't care about animation, it just means I'm unskilled as a viewer in picking out the nuances, especially regarding what makes good motion as opposed to good drawing. I do enjoy reading stuff from viewers who actually are good at picking out those nuances though!
Seabury Feb 8, 3:07 PM
I agree with you in principle about shows that take themselves more seriously than they deserve. It's kinda what you were saying on your profile about many classics being "middlebrow". It was kind of funny looking at our compared anime lists though, because in some cases we might have very different ideas about what exactly those middlebrow classics are! Lots of agreement though. I take it you'd dump psycho-pass 2 into that bin of deciding to act all solemn and serious just to impress less-seasoned viewers? That really was a sequel that broke my heart.

Don't need to apologize for the rant, because I completely agree with you. Some people think they're elitist, but you and me, we're the true elitist because we hate all the other elitists.

Joke. But I actually personally liked Kaiba a bit better than Kick-Heart. Not because it was more solemn, though that may actually be a part of it. The juxtaposition of his style (which does not in any way lend itself to a dark and serious atmosphere) and the content gave the show a really unsettling feeling. The ending was pretty damn awful, sure, but for the first half or so I really enjoyed the show. Kick-Heart, on the other hand, I really didn't like that much, mainly because the comedy didn't appeal to me (which might be a first for Yuasa). Like I said earlier, if I had a better eye for animation, my opinion might be completely different.

But anyways, I'm surprised you mentioned Ga-anime, because I thought I was one of the only people out there that actually watched it! Man, that was probably 10 years ago, I couldn't tell you anything about the plot, but the visuals made a big impression on me, especially Fantascope. The idea of making animation itself into little more than a subtle note was really cool, and the drawings of course were beautiful. On a related note, did you ever watch Belladonna of Sadness?
Seabury Feb 4, 3:11 PM
What kind of bums me out about the whole question of good anime writers is that I think the systematic reason might be worse than your speculation. The industry's been around long enough to weed out writers who can't sell, so what we have left aren't "bad writers", but rather writers who are very good at what they do, and that just happens to be something other than making good stories. We have a whole ton of specialists at drawing in the maximum number of viewers in the minimum number of episodes, and then using drama, action, sex, or cuteness to hold their attention. I think that the whole market structure discriminates against writers who hold to the fundamentals of good storytelling, even if their works would be more cherished in the long run.

But enough of that depressing stuff! I want to go ahead and eat my words on Beastars and Eizouken. I'm 90% sold on Beastars, very much enjoying how they aren't going the cheap allegorical route, and Eizouken could be my anime of the season. Let me say that my impression of the artstyle and presentation wasn't wrong though. I feel the same way about it as I do Yuasa's work, which is to say it's a pinnacle of a style I usually harbor a bit of unjustified loathing for.

Have I ever been a fan of Yuasa? The short answer is "no", but my feelings towards him are much more complex than simple like or dislike. I've spent more time pondering how I feel about him than any other director save Shinbo. My realization is that I am simply incapable of objectivity, which in this case means I can't separate my feelings towards him from my feelings towards his legion of devoted fans that treat him like the savior of anime and often treat other creators and fans with elitist condescension. Tatami Galaxy is an excellent anime. It has a feel-good quirkiness that leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but there is no fault anywhere in the storytelling, there is no animation that I could imagined improved, and the whole affair is sprinkled throughout with a disarming sense of humor. As with all of his works, I feel like there is a false sense of depth, but, once again, perhaps I would never feel that way if it weren't for the fans.

I'll also admit that I don't really seem to have a good grasp of animation itself, as in it's hard for me to understand what makes him so revered as an animator and not just a director. Back on /r/TrueAnime, somebody I discussed lots of anime with said that he could predict my reaction because I have a bias towards shots that are beautiful without motion, and that the greatness of Yuasa is inseparable from motion. Basically, that I tend to treat anime as drawn film. Fair enough. If viewing itself is a skill, then surely we all have our own specialties.
Seabury Feb 1, 3:57 PM
Yeah, Magia is the kind of show where I got exactly what I expected based on what the project was supposed to be and who was involved. No Gen Urobuchi, nor even AKiyuki Shinbo as far as I can tell, and directed by the animators of Madoka. It's unfortunately common that great visual artists are not great storytellers, at least in anime. I was actually expecting worse on that front, so I'm glad that the story is turning out to be decent, at least if you ignore the obnoxiously explicit soul-baring.

I really liked the first part of Vinland Saga mostly because of Canute and Askeladd. I see your perspective though, and that idea is probably going to take center stage in the next season. What interests me about that is how it's likely that they will destroy their own utopia because of the toxic culture they brought over from Europe. Their first utopia was not far enough away from the constant war and they got dragged back in. This time, will they be far enough away, but still destroy the utopia because they brought their war-like ways with them? I'm very excited for the future of this series!

Beaster... hmm... 1st episode was a very negative reaction from me; for lack of better words I found it cheesy and pretentious. But, the second episode won me over to the "too early to judge" category, kinda like I can see the hazy outlines of something actually great on the horizon of possibilities.

Eizouken is definitely one of my next shows to start. It's downloaded and waiting for me, and I'm just waiting for the right mood to strike. I'll admit that I'm a bit skeptical though... just from artstyle and presentation it looks awfully similar to the kind of acclaimed show that I don't particularly like. We'll see though, I can't exactly justify talking bad about a show that I haven't even seen yet!
Seabury Jan 30, 4:31 PM
Hmm, just getting started with this season, so no definitive favorites yet. I love Magia Record so far, though I'm under no delusions about it becoming anywhere near as good as Madoka Magica. ID:Invaded has been enjoyable for the first three episodes, hopefully it doesn't collapse into pretentious nonsense as I fear it might. I've got pretty high hopes for Kyokou Suiri from the first 2 episodes, but I'm not ashamed to admit that my favorite so far is probably RikeKoi (once again, only 2 episodes in). Granted, it's a totally stupid show, but it's just the right kind of stupid for me!

Last season, it's hard to say there were many shows I really loved. Lots I enjoyed, but maybe 2 or 3 that I loved. Vinland Saga's second half was really pretty good, I'd say that was my favorite. I'm also digging the new season of Boku no Hero Academia, proof that even at 31 years old Shounen done right still gets me the most hyped up of anything. I guess I'd better mention Honzuki no Gekokujou too, which I was never excited to watch for some reason but always enjoyed. I guess maybe it's because I find the "terminal illness" trope totally boring and usually a cheap grab for emotion, but it's not like Honzuki was particularly guilty on that front.
Josh Jan 11, 8:20 AM
Damn. That's high praise. I'm stoked to check it out.
Josh Jan 10, 8:21 PM
How was the first episode of Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na? My Yuasa sense are tingling, but I'm probably going to wait until it's mostly done airing.
PickledVegetable Dec 31, 2019 3:27 AM
I truly am since I am quite interested in Cognitive Science (also because I recently got my Medical Degree and was thinking about Neurology residency). You too? Do you suggest some books?