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Strike Witches: 501 Butai Hasshin Shimasu!
Strike Witches: 501 Butai Hasshin Shimasu!
Jul 18, 7:44 PM
Watching 11/12 · Scored -
Kanata no Astra
Kanata no Astra
Jul 18, 7:24 PM
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Enen no Shouboutai
Enen no Shouboutai
Jul 18, 7:24 PM
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Kodomo no Jikan
Kodomo no Jikan
Mar 14, 2014 8:15 AM
Reading 25/93 · Scored -
Kiss x Sis
Kiss x Sis
Dec 6, 2013 10:55 AM
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5tein Aug 26, 2018 7:47 AM
You like oshii and shinbou (cossette), what more can i say? Btw, I didnt actually notice before that you haven't updated your blog (or reviews for that matter) since 2012, why so?
syncrogazer Mar 23, 2018 7:34 AM
Hi, having just finished Brain Powerd, and seeing you in the episode discussions, it didn't dawn on me until just now that you were also the author of the sole positive review on the front page. Just came here to say something kind of pointless, but in your review you said: " I really think the fights over water are quite elegant, some of the more memorable mech fights out there," and I'm very happy you said that. Between the blues of the sky and the sea, mechs can already be quite mystical in their own way, but seeing them dance around in that truly is beautiful. Not to mention the way the sky is painted with streaks of white, it's an image that probably will stay in my mind for quite some time.

Anyway, it's nice to see something positive amongst the seemingly irrational hate.
Huss Mar 7, 2018 6:18 PM
fun fact he was originally a warrior who become a tea master. tho the roots of loving tea was put in him by his father when he was young kid. according to what i read from articles. but what u said is interesting and true. you are not that rusty.
Huss Mar 7, 2018 4:15 PM
man i like rikyu! i have never liked a character after i disliked them for their eveil deeds. but this manga wasnt about morality of its characters, it was more about beauty and art and perspectives. tottaly amazing. i got started because a friend in discord recommended that i watch it. i fell in love with it.

I am trying to analyze Sasuke because i have never analaysed a character before. i know his goal is to be know all over japan and leave a mark history, to be the best aethsate. i am trying to figure out his inner struggles and his external struggles. i think his external struggle is for him to be a warrior or a an aethsate. that is the central struggle i think. he have inner struggles about avenging his lord or following hidyoushi. he cant get angry at hidyoushi because he understand him, right. but that is for some moment , it wasnt central. what do u think is his inner struggle? or maybe he doesn't have one?

Huss Mar 5, 2018 5:54 PM
haha that is ok. since you have seen the show long time ago, if you are interested, we are doing a reread of the manga in the hyouge mono community. even if you dont want to do that you can always join us. i have seen the manga and the show side by side, and i have to say that the manga is better and more fun experience than the anime. the manga is also regularly translated month by month since 2016. the good thing is that the manga has finished a couple months ago.
Huss Mar 5, 2018 4:24 PM
Hello :)
I have noticed that you watched Hyouge Mono. sorry if this is out of nowhere, but i really like Hyouge Mono that i actually browsed people who have watched it. Do you mind if i have some discussion with you about the show? i thirst for people who like to discuss it. the thing is most people i know didnt watch it or dont like to discuss things. again i am sorry for coming out of no where, but i dont really know how to start a conversation.
erev Feb 18, 2018 10:52 AM
Non that I can think of right now. Good anime and coffee are some of the true pleasures of life after all ;)
Prottoy Feb 13, 2018 8:22 PM
I don't remember exactly why I sent it but I definitely got to you through the subreddit. And I might've sent the request because Nausicaa pic.

I don't care about affinity tbh. As long as we can have reasonable discussions, the more difference we have, the better.

Btw, by 'top 5', if you mean my fav list, I just cleared all favs and randomly picked cool looking stuffs a couple days ago xd. My top 4 anime are what they were before tho. And I quite love the rest of the anime too. The manga tho, I haven't read most of them.

Well, it's just one of my mood swings lol.

Anyway, nice to virtually meet you.
UknwWhu Oct 24, 2017 1:33 AM
Have to agree with your monster review, it is an atrociously over-hyped anime. Naoki Urasawa is famous for his vague dialogue. His fans call it dram, I think its just poor writing.
theGreenDeath Jun 13, 2017 3:16 PM
Thanks for the accept! I see you rate much more conservatively than I, and I used to be the same but have gotten lazy about rating shows in my old age. I always appreciate old school anime fans, I feel the history of the genre is very special and some thing lost on many now. Plus there's a chaos and non-calculated frenticism that I love.

I looked up Brother, Dear Brother and it looks great but can't find it on DVD or streaming. I don't use a computer just iPad, Roku and blu ray player so I'm not sure if I'll be able to see that one anytime soon which is a pity. I love Rose, it's so beautiful with a sense of classic melodrama and modern psychodrama rolled together. One of the best.
NFMaster Jan 2, 2017 11:54 AM
I respect that dude, and I can even see where you are coming from. Just striked me as odd, since I rated Akame ga Kill a 1/10, Alderamin a 5/10 and Monster currently on a 9/10. Guess we just weight our enjoyment and the more ''critical'' stuff differently. But I like the way your revies are written, you can write pretty good :D
NFMaster Jan 2, 2017 10:29 AM
I guess Akame ga Kil and Tenkyou no Alderamin are better than Monster good as Monster...
lawlmartz Dec 7, 2016 6:43 PM
Your Brain Damagd review is the most pretentious defense of something utterly indefensible I've ever read.

Have you ever considered being a lawyer? You could probably get child murderers off scot free
lllll11223 Mar 24, 2016 1:19 AM
Just read your brain powered review. You wouldn't say NGE is optimistic?
CrystalAnn Feb 14, 2016 2:15 AM
Thank you for the intsight. I investigated the show a bit further and I think I'll probably never watch it. I'm a little skeptic when it comes to lengthy anime series and they must be worth at least an 8 for me to even start it. I thought Gintama's humor could be of my taste, but after reading your brief review and investigating further I decided to leave it be. I'd try it if it had a hundred episodes less or something like that. Anyway; thank you very much!