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Samurai Champloo
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Samurai Champloo
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Megalo Box
Both shows have a similar style in terms of direction and music. It feels like something that Watanabe would direct by having the soundtrack have influence on the overall vibe of the culture in the story. Megalobox depicts a city and suburban life whereas Champloo wants you to think city and suburban with it's soundtrack. Both shows seem to want to fuse elements of hip hop in their soundtrack or have their characters subtly indicate to you a hip hop scene.
report Recommended by GrimmjowReaper
Both animes have a similar art style and funk kind of vibe.
report Recommended by ninjamuffin
The art style and overall vibe is very similar.
report Recommended by Yumkoalameat
Hip-hop beats and retro-punk vibes. Megalo Box definitely has similarities with Samurai Champloo.
report Recommended by cinnamoncider
Draws out a similar vibe as Samurai Champloo... Brown-ish colours. Nostalgic feel. Similar kind of animation. Hip-hop music. MC who has an afro-ish hair and loves the thrill of the fights.
report Recommended by BanksyBoom
Both original Both good first episode show Both have kind off similar art style and animation Have great hip hop like ost Both have some great action scene Main character love to fight no matter what consequences happen to them
report Recommended by DC_and_E
The art style and overall vibe are very similar also the protagonist looks and behaves like Mugen (the Mc of Samurai Champloo) so if you enjoy either of those series the otherone ll most likely be to your liking aswell.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
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