Samurai 7, Samurai Champloo Recommendations

Samurai 7
If you liked
Samurai 7
Samurai Champloo
...then you might like
Samurai Champloo
In case you didnt know, the only difference is mecha. Look out for the baseball special in Champloo, genius! Also the GIGA arrow in samurai 7 is one to look out for too. Classic.
report Recommended by dec
Both are obviously about samurai although Champloo doesn't have any mechs and sticks close to traditional samurai themes.
report Recommended by Ryouzenpaku
Again... they are both about samurai! yearh, huge samurai anime fan! XD this is also some samurai who travels around... there again is one girl and her little sister with them! it Amazing, hilarous and just watch it! ^o^ lol
report Recommended by RoadOfAnime
Traveling girls searching for Samurai.. Action,, feel is the same.. and some of the best Samurai fighting scenes..
report Recommended by kamran_ww
many similarities in the way of the characters are fighting, some times even the animation is similar
report Recommended by UMB
Both are good samurai shows, with good sword fighting, though samurai 7 has a steam punk style and robots both are very stylistic and interesting in the way they present their stories.
report Recommended by Sarahtoga104