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Samurai Champloo
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Samurai Champloo
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Blade of the Immortal
these two shows are similar in that they both deal with a woman, in the old days of the samurai, hiring 1 or 2 strong guys to help them pursue their goals. they both have comedy and a LOT of action
report Recommended by nate23nate23
Samurai Champloo is a funnier and edgier but the stories are similar - samurai helping a young woman search for something in a semi historical setting, sword fights etc.
report Recommended by eklie
Both are samurai anime, full of action and both characters are strong n take care of girl.
report Recommended by DamiPL
Both series contain an action packed adventure that is memorable and not easy to forget.

Both series' main protagonists are also similar and acts as a "bodyguard" of sorts with the main girl. Both series contain drama, action, violence, and some comedy (more so in Samurai Champloo), in an unique story that defines the medieval era of the historical ages.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both plots contains a young woman who has a life goal, and is seroius about to see it through to the end. Both need strong samurais to reach these goals. Lots of sword fights in historical setting. Blade may be a bit darker and Champloo contain a little bit more comedy. Strongest deffrence is that Champloo has a conclusion, Blade has alot more story that never were adapted to anime.
report Recommended by Raggadish