Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

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Alternative Titles

English: Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Synonyms: LoGH, LotGH, Gin'eiden, GinEiDen, Heldensagen Vom Kosmosinsel
Japanese: 銀河英雄伝説


Type: OVA
Episodes: 110
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 8, 1988 to Mar 17, 1997
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Source: Novel
Genres: MilitaryMilitary, Sci-FiSci-Fi, SpaceSpace, DramaDrama
Duration: 26 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 9.061 (scored by 5529555,295 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #72
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Popularity: #653
Members: 249,128
Favorites: 13,067


In Both the hero is nobility. Lelouch was a discarded prince while Reinhard was a poor noble. But both want to remove the nobility from power. Both have grand plans to unify the world for the sake of their sisters. Both are charismatic and have strong allies and enemies. Both are Genius military guys and will make sacrifices for the grand dream. 
report Recommended by sasiwaran
Both these shows are slow maticulous epics who focus on a large cast of characters from all angles without having to resort to predicably stale plot twists to grab the viewers attention. These are definitely more adult shows intellectually. The themes involved are drastically different but very much compatible, if you like Legend of the Galactic Heroes for its pace and storytelling rather than it's sci-fi you should be able to enjoy Monster's steady psychological development. Kenzou Tenma and Johan Liebert leave just as much impact as Yang Wenli and Reinhard von Lohengramm. 
report Recommended by AzureJahk
There are definitely parallels between the main four geniuses that become engaged in mind-game warfare in Death Note and Legend of the Galactic Heroes; to such an extent that it's very possible for LotGH to have been an inspirational factor for DN's author. On one side you have pampered pretty boys (Light and Reinhard) that ALWAYS seem to hold all the cards and have events play out in their favour. Their handsome appearances and manipulative abilities are used to their advantage. On the other, you have pure geniuses (L and Yang) that have to contend with never having the advantage due to their circumstances and  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Though the content is significantly different (a space opera as opposed to a story on the French Revolution), the presentation and themes are very much similar. Political corruption—especially within the aristocracy—is a major theme in both titles. Both sides of the conflict are never portrayed as being intrinsically good or bad: there are only circumstances. Some parallels also exist within the characters; for example the relationship between Oscar and Andre resembling that of Reinhard and Kircheis. 
report Recommended by Veronin
Both are epic Space opera anime with a a strong cast of likeable heroes.  
report Recommended by NoMercy
Both animated works are set in futuristic worlds deeply shaken by class struggle, both contain a healthy dose of political intrigue, explore the human nature, and boast large casts of characters.  
report Recommended by metamorphius
It is made by the same author and some of the same people worked on both. Both are space operas with empires fighting against rebel fleets and both have the same atmosphere as of the first episode. Its kind of early in the series to say they are the same but I can safely say that both Tytania and LOGH have the same feel. Battles in both emphasize tactics and fleet movements in three-dimensional space. Tytania is a bit more modernized including communications networks obviously descended from the Internet and other such ideas. 
report Recommended by Alexeon
Granted, there are huge differences in setting and presentation, but both center around one man's quest for ultimate power and the many sacrifices that come with this struggle. Political intrigue, war strategy and tactics, along with individual prowess on the battlefield dominate the storyline. 
report Recommended by TwistedChick
Both space operas with lots of politics. 
report Recommended by edwarx
Epic. high quality space opera with an awesome cast of characters and epic choral pieces. 
report Recommended by rah-rah
War, political intrigue, and morally ambiguous sides are defining features for LotGH and AoT's Final Season. Both anime, especially LotGH, focus on every side of the conflict to give a complete picture of the war and blur which side is truly right or wrong. The two series also have a very similar fear of killing off characters (or rather, a lack thereof) with many important character deaths seen throughout both shows. Lastly, they share similarly large casts that continue to make contributions to the plot throughout. Be warned: although Legend of the Galactic Heroes' grand and complex story and character writing is just as good  read more 
report Recommended by LlamaLopez
Both uses military tactics during large fights and combat, both are about 2 sides fighting for their ideologies (kind of...), both are very old anime. 
report Recommended by supersayen
Old men, tea, aesthetes with mustaches, politics, war, pride and loyalty. Both main characters are dragged into a conflict they don't want because they have better concern. 
report Recommended by roquefort
Both Gundam Origin and LotGH deal with war and politics, and have a really similar vibe. Char and Reinhard are similar characters, as they are both tactical geniuses and have hidden agendas. Furthermore, the space battles in Gundam (episode 5) reminded me a lot of those in LotGH. 
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Story about great generals and their brilliant minds. Military strategy at its best, put into action in breathtaking battles. If you are looking for an anime with good character development: watch these two series! 
report Recommended by ashura
The atmosphere I find quite similar, darker with lots of drama and spacecraft battles and epic instrumental music. Thematically they're bit different (not as much as you'd think though), but MKR II also has depth despite being shoujo. Watching it requires watching the first season though, which is rather generic shoujo/magic adventure and can be repelling to some. 
report Recommended by Rotom
Very similar anime. Amazing characters, great music and battles and epic dialogues. Also the anime isn't good vs evil but rather the clash of ideologies.  
report Recommended by kaushik17
Battles! Strategy! Warlords! 
report Recommended by tozkopan
Political battles, war, war strategies and tactics, conspiracies are the core of these animes 
report Recommended by misterferrari
Macross: Do You Remember Love? and Legend of the Galactic Heroes are both space operas directed by the brilliant Noboru Ishiguro. They both contain wonderful animation for their age, beautifully animated battles. For Macross, it's about the dogfights, for Legend of the Galactic Heroes, it's between fleets of ships. Both of the soundtracks are stunningly brilliant, one of the pillars of Macross is music and it is directly involved in the story. Legend of the Galactic Heroes does not involve music in tis plot but it does have classical music play during the epic battles. 
report Recommended by Fortress_Maximus
Military anime with heavy emphasis on tactics. 
report Recommended by AshtonBlanchot
Both space war epics dealing with empires and nations, seriously examining social structures and dueling philosophies. Both do their best to seem realistic even while set in a sci-fi future; No mecha.  
report Recommended by Dangime
It seems that the further we progress in the anime and manga industry with everything that's going on, the further we are from creating mature, concise storylines with in-depth characterization. What these two share in common is the legacy they've created. Not only have these two set out the pinnacle and future potential of anime, but the influence they gave on future entertainment... Both share a plot with lots of politics, crime, war, etc. involved, as well as mature and philosophical themes. While both are military-esque, these two have different approaches. LoGH involves a lot more tactical warfare, as well as it being set in space.  read more 
report Recommended by AshtonBlanchot
The story is interesting from start to finish. The characters involved in the anime are very real and many of them die suddenly at war. 
report Recommended by cronosteso23
Incoming epicness detected! Politics, war, weapons of mass destruction... In Aldnoah.Zero we see tensions between the earth and mars. In both cases the opposing factions seem similar to what we have already seen in Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu). The earth faction in Aldnoah.Zero representing the Alliance and the martians having an aristrocratic structure. A main character from both series is a soldier and drinking heavily, being bitter from the war experiences they've made, claiming it their only way of being able to go on. I sense big intrigues and plottwist coming, and this is a huge reason why Legend of the Galactic  read more 
report Recommended by YuuChanneru
Similar focus on politics, intrigues, war between 2 countries of different ideologies and battles in different settings. Protagonist in Altair is similar to Yang Wen Li in that he hates war but is dragged into it and is a genius commander. 
report Recommended by sneg
They're both about ambitious, tactical geniuses, although LotGH is a much more grounded & believable series imo. 
report Recommended by Madisseus44
Both are sci-fi with lots of strategy, battleships and philosophy. 
report Recommended by caiomgc93
Both are epic old school sci-fi series with clever plotwists, great battles and political plots. 
report Recommended by taterhead
The importance of political events in both series made them very similar in theme. Both deals with individuals that are trying to change the society they are living in. And of course, in terms of "epicness" both Gundam 00 and LoGH are certainly not lacking. With every single episode taking your breath away, both are must-watch for hardcore SF lovers... 
report Recommended by wakka9ca
Ikta Solork, the protagonist of Alderamin is VERY similar in personality and behavior to Yang Wen-Li of Legend of Galactic Heroes. Both are lazy geniuses who never wanted to be part of military and who also think outside the box, lack any sort of social tact, indulge in vices and present a political viewpoint that has become controversial in their nations. Both Shows are war-dramas with future-narrator chronicling lives of people destined to play a major role in their nations history.  
report Recommended by Ahenshihael
The Irresponsible Captain Tylor HAS TO BE a parody based on Yang Wenli from Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Not so much in terms of their personalities - both being lazy slackers by nature aside - but in terms of the small things. Ignoring superficial aspects, their characters are actually totally different: Tylor is a happy-go-lucky, idiot-genius hybrid; surviving using his unlimited supply of luck, while Yang uses his love of history and intellect to preserve democracy. A serious/comedy series divide. Yang would most certainly live as carefree as Tylor if he was allowed to but, alas, he wasn't. Fate was cruel. ...BUT, there are similarities  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
No, this recommendation is *NOT* because Legend of Legendary = Legend of Galactic. Going in, I was aware of the similarity between the titles and thought they ended there. They didn't. Oberstein in Galactic and Miran in Legendary play the exact same role: convincing an initially idealistic king/commander to do evil for the sake of the greater good. Where as the rest of Reinhard & Sion's war councils wouldn't dream of using underhanded tactics and/or sacrificing innocents, Miran & Oberstein would do anything to bring about the required results. Their characters exist to bring out the darkness lingering behind idealism. It's worth noting that in Legendary Miran  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Both are classic anime with good depictions of characters and the study of them. Both of these feel like they are not anime because of their themes and forms, granted that eva is much more of an anime than logh but still, these two have more aspirations than a modern animation. Logh has more classic character analysis that you would find in a book rather than the mostly psychological concepts used in Nge. If you like to think about the characters, the way they do things and why they do things (sometimes logically, sometimes emotionally) then nge is a show which lets you do that.  read more 
report Recommended by El_dios_Jabbar
Aside from also being an adaptation of a Yoshiki Tanaka, this OVA is remarkably similar yet set within a completely different kind of world. Both contain cunning naval strategists on opposing sides, except in the Seven Cities, it's actually based on the sea. Unfortunately the OVA is only two episodes long, so the story is never able to become realized through anime. 
report Recommended by BluMeino
Based on novels of Yoshiki Tanaka, they are both epic tales with charismatic and eyecandy protagonists, exceptional scriptwriting and dialogues, philosophy, politics, war, and strong supporting characters Sadly, while the whole of Lotgh was somehow miraculously adapted into a long runing OVA series without being canceled, Arslan's anime covers only a portion of the source material and leaves things dangling in the middle.  
report Recommended by eyerok
While LOGH is in a league of it's own, Dagram has a mature story with deep intrigue which steps into a political realm with some intersting criticism and actual real feel in which few anime series dare to go. If you're into a bit of a mature storyline and don't mind the physics innacuracies or older animation, do give the other show a try. 
report Recommended by RobdeFR
Both series focus heavily on politics and wars fought in space, I advise fans of LOGH to watch Wing even if they are not fans of the Gundam series in general.  
report Recommended by apatch3
A well-thought of Sci-fi animes that have slow pacing, a war between a good an another good with quite dialogues. 
report Recommended by Crosx
a soundtrack heavily influenced by classical songs and many philosophical diatribes to sit down and discuss over. 
report Recommended by AshtonBlanchot
Obviously both anime are of the rare space opera species. They are both not to easy to get into, Ginga Sengoku Gunyuuden Rai because of the bad English subtitles and Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu because of the old and unuasal art and seriousness. The narrative style is more or less the same. The battles are simular, with more interesting tactics in Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu. Both handle moral aspects of war, which are a lot deeper and more detailed in Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu. Both have some romance one the side. The worlds of the animes are in space but with a lot of historic elements, Ginga Sengoku Gunyuuden Rai with chinese elements and  read more 
report Recommended by MoshiMoshiiih
Both are military science fiction anime that show the horrors of war in a realistic way. Many soldiers die in the line of duty, but also many civilians, in order to show the sorrow of the people when they lose their loved ones. So overall, both show how war can affect the lives of humans, as well as how they affect societies.  
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Shows with overpowered heroes. The difference is OPM heroes have overpowered strength while LotGH heroes have overpowered brain. 
report Recommended by illivinni
Both are epic space operas that focus on a large scale war between two opposing factions with different ideals. They also have idealistic main characters who share similar goals. Both anime have an overall similar atmosphere, although their animation styles differ. 
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Politics and warfare from multiple perspectives. Pretty much the same exact thing as LoGH with a much shorter runtime, though there's probably more romance per capita in this movie. 
report Recommended by Arboria
Call me weird but I think these 2 are quite similar in some ways. Both has Sci-fi settings and is talking about the hardships of Military and political life, both main characters have different motives in joining but regardless, the army was not their first choice.  
report Recommended by MetalTsundere
An endless war between two nations, and a rivalry between two great men; one of them is ambitious, the other one is a peace seeker. 
report Recommended by Deago
Both are mainly space operas with (surprisingly for Tekkaman, to an extent) believable technology, but also mainly a character-driven focus. Considering the amount of chemistry that bounces off the cast of one another in their respected shows, this should come off as no surprise. In addition, the main characters always find themselves with the goal of whether or not they want to subjugate the universe to their own whim. 
report Recommended by AshtonBlanchot
If you like the Blonde Guy vs. Brunette Guy bromance/rivalry "sub-genre" then that's for you. Just that LoTGH has a 10x more unsatisfying sour ending than Banana Fish. 
report Recommended by Gabriell_Braga
The war in space, intrigue, politics, loyalty and betrayal. 
report Recommended by shtripok
Both stories are realistic even though Gankutsuou is on a sci-fi setting. Themes are also mature. Politics, lust for power, etc.. Both portray human emotions in a very realistic way making the viewers sympathize with them more easily. Lastly, both are MASTERPIECES even though Gankutsuou's "exorcism" part in the end could have been done better its still a masterpiece. 10/10 for both of them. 
report Recommended by Bonjourette
Space battles? Interplanetary missions? Worlds beyond Earth? Look no further than Gintama & Legend of the Galactic Heroes. It almost seems as though Gintama can be compared to anything, and one of them is LotGH (Legend of the Galactic Heroes) whereby both take the action to different planets & engage in fantastic space wars. 
report Recommended by soulstyce
-Both contain plenty of politics, and well thought out war strategy. -Both have amazing soundtracks. -Both have amazingly written characters. While both are great, Sword Art is probably more well thought out. 
report Recommended by Natsu_dripneel
Ginga and Junni Kokuki are often recognised as best fantasy novels in Japan, with philosophical meaning & thinkings that impressed many. They are works which left you with complex thought about our current world after you have finished it Both has excellent world-building and some of the best character development Both are old-class anime which means the art style are old. Often time people find it hard to adapt to the art style (even though the plot is top-tier). Art style is a barrier. But if you managed to get through one, you will probably find no problem with the other. 
report Recommended by YUKIE_OREKI
No, LOGH isn't really similar to Macross. But it is to Robotech, wich unfortunately is not on the list. Both series are long space epics with lots of characters and untimely deaths. Both have evolving settings and huge end-season twists, where important events have serious consequences that will affect the rest of the series. Both have a narrator who explains the plot like it was a documentary about historical facts. Both have soldiers dying by the thousands because of incompetent leaders. Both have political intrigue and an interesting and politically incorrect take on fascism. Both are Gundam successors about the horrors of war. 
report Recommended by BrumaHobo
Both are military science fiction anime that focus on a conflict between two factions that share different ideologies. Both series portray war in a fairly realistic way, showing its destructive effects, as well as having many characters die in the line of duty. 
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
shows the early life of a main character and their rise to who they are 
report Recommended by TanveerTanAnime
Much like Yang's obsession with history books, Myne is similarly obsessed with reading in general, and that drives them to accomplish many other things. 
report Recommended by YuriSpacePirate
Based on novels of the same author, the works may be of different genres, meant for different ages, but both focus strongly on planning, strategy and battles, along with governance and politics. Legend of the Galactic Heroes focuses on the questions of autocracy versus democracy, while Arslan Senki tries to examine the qualities of a good king. 
report Recommended by YuriSpacePirate
The anime are about intergalactic warfare. When humanity has travelled out to space to explore it they started to civilize space. After a while there are 2 fractions that fight each other and many people die. When the protagonist gets involved in all of the battles he wants to change it and wants to make peace in the galaxies. Both protagonists are really clever and with their extraordinary mind they try to change the world to the better. These are the Star Wars of anime. 
report Recommended by TrueArcanum
LOGH and Area 88, while quite different in setting, have similar feel and themes. They're both 80s OVAs with a military setting. By being in OVA format, they don't shy away when showing violence, so there's plenty of blood to be seen. This does a good job of provoking the anti-war themes present in both. I really think if you like one you'd probably like the other, due to them being made in the same time period and their similar themes and characters.  
report Recommended by Maxiri
These shows feature masterful tacticians commanding large amounts of multi-manned mechanical vehicles often employing unexpected and risky tactics to succeed. 
report Recommended by Saladlegs
Both sides are neither good nor bad, but are both at war to stop war. Both shows tend to shift between the perspectives of each sides in order to depict the "no true bad guy" theme as well attempting to give characterization to the involved cast members. Both shows also tend to be heavy with constant deaths for shock value and consequential events of war. LOGTH, though, tends to showcase the similar themes significantly better. Yuki and Stella, the two main lead heroines, are sorta equivalent to Reinhard and Yang, respectively, though with very notable, obvious differences.  
report Recommended by Ryuseishun
Both shows feature a intelligent story and take themselves seriously .Both are long and a bit slow paced epic sagas .Both have excellent character development and both touch the surface of many philosophical questions/ideas. Fullmetal is a bit more relaxed and shounen-like but should you like the one you will most likely like the other one too . 
report Recommended by allos
While not similar in story or genre, both shows make extensive use of classical music during the show with obvious care taken to choose the perfect pieces for any given situation to heighten the mood. On occasion, both shows might even use the exact same piece differently and both very well. If classical music is your thing, check them both out. 
report Recommended by zawa113
Despite being extremely different, both stories of Gurren Lagann and LoGH take epic proportions, almost involving universe's fate. Also there're some time skip in both anime.  
report Recommended by HooHiraiBunny
Both are INTENSE space operas that focus more on the characters and their situations than the battles or anything else. Both were made without intending to market, and both are wonderfully different and original Ryvius is shorter, paced a bit slower, and has mecha. Galactic Heroes has a more epic feel, with a huge long plot that spans out across a huge plane of space. 
report Recommended by Otaking09
Both story surrounds dictatorship, democracy and utilitarianism inside an endless spiral of cosmic illusions. Both shows would make a good shampoo commercial. 
report Recommended by Azraniel
Both titles deal with sci-fi themed war stories, a huge cast of equally well-developed characters, a multilayered narration of political intrigues, country management and a rich side dish of historical references and battle of wits. Horizon might seem more light-hearted, action-oriented and dumb at first, but it shares with LoGH the same epic (as in "full of heroism and grandeur") atmosphere, typical of this kind of tales. 
report Recommended by Valefor
No, 'both are set in space' is not the point of this recommendation. While they're completely different all the way, I found one thing added to my enjoyment of both: they have focus on an element of Star Wars movies. While Star Wars jumped from thing to thing, these dwelve thoroughly in their motif, in the case of LotGH, politics on cosmic scale, and with Oban, 'formula ones in space'. They both evoked a sense of nostalgia I figure most of us who were obsessed with the SW's as kids would experience.  
report Recommended by whizzwheelz
Despite being extremely different, both stories of Gunbuster and LoGH take epic proportions, almost involving universe's fate. Also there're some time skip in both anime.  
report Recommended by HooHiraiBunny
Epic characters, historical drama (VS being set in 11th century and LOTGH being heavily inspired by political and social history), mind numbing violence, realistic (flawed) characters, war and misery while being anti violence and anti-war. Political intrigue and military/battle tactics is an important feature in both shows (its one of the primary focus of LOTGH, but imo secondary in VS). There are so many things in VS that reminded me of LOTGH at a micro level. While VS lacks the scope, it has the same attention to detail and realism, similar themes regarding the human condition, the greed and senselessness of war, exploitation, discrimination,  read more 
report Recommended by eyerok
This anime is what LoGH would be if it was fought on land with the addition of superhumans. Exception being that Maximilian here is an idiototic megalomania, while Reinhard kept his cool most of the time. As for the other side (Gallia/Welkin), is mostly similar to the Alliance in LoGH. In short, LoGH is a much longer and more serious version of the short and less serious Valkyria Chronicles. 
report Recommended by Advyn
Both series deal with an epic saga of war, politics and friendship that span across a large period of time. Although Guin Saga is incomplete (only the first 16 novels of 130+ is animated for now) while LOGH if 110 episodes long with spanning sidestories. Guin Saga is essentially a fantasy version of LOGH, which falls into the category of space opera. 
report Recommended by wakka9ca
Even though they are completely different, the political aspects of Meine Liebe are contemplated in LotGH. The main characters resemble each other a lot, on their views and personalities. 
report Recommended by ladyxzeus
Both written by Toshiki Tanaka, Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiko Jikenbo and Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu share a lot of similarities as far are characters and stories are concerned. The themes are pretty much alike too, and even if the settings are very different (space opera and modern-day Tokyo...), we can still feel the distinctive Tanaka touch in each of them, and the scripts are developped on the same pattern. If you liked one, you'll probably like the other. 
report Recommended by Jacut
Both are Space opera about two sides engaged in war. 
report Recommended by EternalChaos
Both titles deal with sci-fi themed war stories, a huge cast of equally well-developed characters, a multilayered narration of political intrigues, country management and a rich side dish of historical references and battle of wits. Horizon might seem more light-hearted, action-oriented and dumb at first, but it shares with LoGH the same epic (as in "full of heroism and grandeur") atmosphere, typical of this kind of tales. 
report Recommended by Valefor
Both feature Organizations behind the scenes orchestrating events for their own self interest. they're also both OVAs from the 90s. Angel Cop has a fair amount of expository dialogue but it's a drop in the ocean compared to LoGH. 
report Recommended by emueswil
MSG Thunderbolt is basically LoGH in miniature: -Political confrontation in space between two human factions -Main leads are somewhat similar in personalities, especially with Reinhard and Io Fleming -Lots of figths in space with battleships/mechas. 
report Recommended by Punkero
Gentle and lazy blue haired protagonist and his legacy fighting a charismatic fabulous blond stud with cosmic ambition and looser morals through battle of wits in a sprawling epic where nobody is plot armored. LotGH is far more serious, realistic, politically and militarily centred, science fiction/space opera, the perfect seinen, while JoJo is well bizarre, very creative in its setting, supernatural with super powers, the perfect shounen. Good old retro titles, seminal masterpieces, influencing the entire medium, and getting a re-adaptation nowadays! Bonus: both strongly influenced Death Note. 
report Recommended by Roruman
- Clever, mentally OP protagonists who enjoy monologuing and who are constantly surrounded by incompetent people of higher social standing. - Lots of mystery, strategising, and pulling random perfect solutions out of hats. - Some efforts were made in both shows to give depth to the characters; similarly poor outcomes result from those efforts. Conan is more inconsistent with the amount of effort put in as a result of airing continuously for over two decades. - Fun shows for trying to solve the murder mystery/optimal battle strategy before the characters. - Everything is explained extremely clearly, to the death (pun intended). Both are good shows if you have difficulty reading  read more 
report Recommended by Lemon
The Ye Xiu the MC of QZGH has very much the same appeal as Yang Wenli from LotGH but boosted by Reinhard's snark. If you are someone who believes QZGS or LotGH is the epitome of """maturity""" and appreciate the super-ultra-extremely-peerlessly smart tactics of """real""" adults, with their """subtle""" interactions then I think you will be sure to enjoy the other. Other points: - Both are more or less sausage fest shows with a few stereotypical token females. Though they get more screen time in QZGS - Yang/Ye both have the magical ability to scout out skillful people quicker than you can say 'contrived'. - Tactics, teamwork, and  read more 
report Recommended by Lemon
Alright, so this is gonna be a little out there, but hear me out, because while I was watching High School Fleet, I kept thinking about LotGH and for good reason. Both shows boast a very wide roster of characters all who have specific jobs within their fleet. The way the characters complete their duties and the tasks they are given logically flow into the way they think and their overall personality. Often, the crew is left with a difficult decision as to what course of action to take, and it falls unto the captain to make the best decision based off their knowledge as well  read more 
report Recommended by CureEtude
In terms of sheer scale, not many anime can match up to these two war epics. They also both raise moral questions and clashes of ideals play a big role in both series. 
report Recommended by ThatRazorGuy
If you came more for space stuff, try out Planetes. Not similar plot wise, but it's another space show. Both of them also deal with moral questions and problems that face society today. For example, there's the issue of whether human's should leave the cradle that is their home planet Earth, governments, companies, whether dreams can motivate or destroy you, etc. So if you're looking for something about space and thought-provoking, Planetes is a great option. 
report Recommended by Maerthyu
LoGH is taking the ideas and concepts of Yamato 2 to a new level. However, LoGH IS heavily based on Yamato 2. The Galactic Empire, titles below the starfships, the Rosenritter regiment - all are present in Yamato 2. So, Yamato 2 is sort of a medium between the completely obsolete Yamato 1 and the classics of space opera. 
report Recommended by Mizukami999
Both are 80's style OVAs centered around blonde, bishie main characters and their struggle to find their place in the grand scheme of things. Both series have masterful and memorable OST and boast an unforgettable cast.  
report Recommended by lordzeru
Lot of characters which allow for the main characters to drift in and out of the series. Being produced by the same studio results in both the anime having a great background art as well as music. Very philosophical at times due to the well written dialogues.  
report Recommended by kaushik17
It seems to me the author of LoGH was inspired by the ancient Chinese story RoTK. In other words, LoGH is a space version of RoTK; both of the stories focus on political and war strategy rather than battle scenes. Oberstein is like reincarnation of Zhuge Liang.  
report Recommended by animela
Both anime have politics as a main theme, and a cast full of bishounen  
report Recommended by romagia
The True Elite of their respective genre's. DBZ is the King of Shounen Battle Anime, with an Unsurpassable Power Level, while LOGH is the Unrivaled Poem of Space Battles, Political Power Struggles, and Philosophical Battle of Ideal Government Systems. They share Dozens of the same Seiyuu for both series, most notably Horikawa Ryo as Vegeta and Reinhard, and Wakamoto Norio as Reuenthal and Cell. The main characters are quite similar, with Yang and Goku both being the last hope and viewed by their friends as the Eiyuu/Heroes to save them from dire straits. Vegeta and Reinhard share not only the same voice, but both are  read more 
report Recommended by SlickD
Both are classic space opera anime, featuring political and military intrigue, as well as large scale battles between two opposing factions with different beliefs. In both anime, one of the main characters seeks to eliminate corruption using extreme means, both political and military. Also, the rivalry between the two male leads in both shows is quite similar. Apart from these, both anime have similar art and animation, as well as similar vibe. 
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody