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There are definitely parallels between the main four geniuses that become engaged in mind-game warfare in Death Note and Legend of the Galactic Heroes; to such an extent that it's very possible for LotGH to have been an inspirational factor for DN's author. On one side you have pampered pretty boys (Light and Reinhard) that ALWAYS seem to hold all the cards and have events play out in their favour. Their handsome appearances and manipulative abilities are used to their advantage. On the other, you have pure geniuses (L and Yang) that have to contend with never having the advantage due to their circumstances and   read more
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
The setting is very different, but the way the show works out is similar. Instead of an intellectual battle between a detective and a god child, Legend of the Galactic Heroes has an intellectual battle between two fleet commanders, each fighting for their own version of justice. It's up to the viewer to decide who's really correct, in the end.
report Recommended by darkmac
Both feature genius' who fight primarily with their minds and the use of psychological warfare. Both shows tend to focus on the lead opponents and, therefore, treat other characters like supporting ones. The opponents also stand for different morals/beliefs and winning or losing means EVERYTHING. Death Note tends to cheapen human worth exchange for very addicting storytelling. Galactic Heroes takes a more natural approach to it's story, emphasizing on outcomes, what each side fights for; and HOW they can fight for it. It takes it's time developing situations, doesn't use otherworldly elements as an additive, and contains a very human soul.
report Recommended by Otaking09
Both animes are very similar to each other. In both animes you óbserve two opposing factions who are trying to outwit the other. The basic idea is the same, whereas the rules and conditions might be a tad different. If you liked one of these, i honestly can not see a reason for you to not like the other.
report Recommended by Irrelativity
both anime have two geniuses fighting against each other for their principles
report Recommended by badlander_vtg
Both deal with a battle of wits, although LOGH is on a much bigger scale.
report Recommended by MissKainan
LoGH is the grandfather of genius vs. genius, battle of the wits genre of anime.
report Recommended by Spacenoid
Two highly intelligent protagonists with different views on how the world should be fight each other. Not physically, but with their intellect, through strategy and mind games. In Death Note it's more clear who the bad guy is while in Legend of the Galactic heroes both sides have legitimate arguments and it's more up to the reader to choose which one to support. Then again, some readers choose to support the evil side in Death Note anyway.
report Recommended by abystoma2
These anime both feature genius protagonists who try to outwit each other. There is also no set antagonist so the viewer can decide whose ideals are correct.
report Recommended by ThatRazorGuy