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Katte ni Kaizou
Katte ni Kaizou
10 hours ago
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Totsukuni no Shoujo
Totsukuni no Shoujo
10 hours ago
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Black Fox
Black Fox
Yesterday, 6:15 PM
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Totsukuni no Shoujo
Totsukuni no Shoujo
Yesterday, 6:18 PM
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Oct 11, 8:05 PM
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Spirit Circle
Spirit Circle
Oct 10, 12:24 PM
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Craftyslr 1 hour ago
i just like your profile, is there a problem?
unimportantuser Oct 1, 12:45 PM
Me again, so I just was browsing the Fate/Zero page, and I looked at the stats, and I saw you gave Fate/Zero a 3/10. I am by no means saying that's a bad thing though, personally I probably will not watch Fate/Zero, ever. Because that series looks as boring and as unappealing to my tastes in anime as it could possibly be.

I am curious though, what are some of your thoughts on it, based off of the 2 episodes you watched. I'm more interested in knowing because, I want to see if your reasons re-affirm my reasons as to why I'm more than likely never going to watch Fate/Zero or anything from the Fate franchise for that matter.
unimportantuser Sep 30, 6:58 PM
Honestly, I started messaging because I saw you talking to someone else on their pfp. And because for whatever reason, I like looking at people's profiles to see how similar/different their tastes are to mine (damn that sounds really creepy when I say it out loud). And when I looked at your profile, and I saw that you liked a lot of Gainax's works, and I was like "Might as well try to start a conversation". So me leaving a simple "You like Gainax, that's awesome" message turned into multiple walls of text from me talking about anime.
unimportantuser Sep 30, 5:52 PM
Can't exactly blame you for 96 episodes killing you, it was like that with me for about a year before I actually watched it. And the thing with Maison Ikkoku, is that it's a slow series too, which doesn't really bother me, but I know it will for sure bother some people.

I do watch a lot of older anime actually, I haven't seen as much of it as I would have liked to, but I've seen an equal amount of popular, obscure, and in-between stuff. The 80s is probably my favorite decade of anime. While I haven't seen as much 80s stuff as I would have liked, all the shit was being defined back then, and it felt as though making the most quality product was priority. Not everything was great in the 80s mind you, for every Hokuto No Ken (Fist of The North Star) or Maison Ikkoku, we would get some hot trash like Lily Cat or The Chocolate Panic Picture show.

I can't say I'm surprised you haven't heard about it. Maison Ikkoku is really only popular if you run in old school anime circles like I do, Maison Ikkoku was BIG during its time. Maison Ikkoku was there defining all the tropes that the boarding house love-coms (even though Maison Ikkoku is more of a Drama than a comedy) were going to adopt. Along with works such as Touch and Kimagure Orange Road. Funnily enough, Maison Ikkoku took awhile to receive a Manga adaptation, at least for a Takahashi work anyway. The original Manga for Maison Ikkoku started in 1980, but the Anime didn't come out until 1986

While Spike is one of my favorite performances from Steve Blum, I have in my favorites because in general, I just think he's a good VA honestly, Video Games, Animation, Anime, etc.

I do agree with the second bit about favorites. It doesn't matter what your favorites are, provided your opinions are in fact, your own opinions, and you aren't just going along with the crowd for the sake of going along with the crowd.
unimportantuser Sep 30, 4:37 PM
Basing my opinions off of what's marked as favorites, some of them definitely are popular, but I wouldn't say most of them are "Generic Favorites" or whatever. A lot of your favorites actually have mixed opinions from what I can gather, well I shouldn't say mixed, more so, haters that are extremely vocal about their dis taste with said show. Because I'll tell you now, from my experience, I don't see too many people marking Gunbuster, Welcome to the NHK, Kill la Kill, or K-on! as favorites, now I've definitely seen them marked as favorites, but not as often as something like Cowboy Bebop or Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood for some examples.

Idk what you may think of my favorites (and exteneded favorites section). But I'd like to think most of my favorites are safe picks for the most part, someone takes a look at it, and the average person isn't going to bash that list, I have Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, Gurren Lagann, & Cardcaptor Sakura in there, renowned classics by most. I have stuff like EoE, Kino's Journey, and people love those. The 3 odd ones are Macross DYRL, Maison Ikkoku, and Kare Kano, the first 2 because most of MALs general audience doesn't watch anything made before at the very most 2000. Kare Kano because that's a show with somewhat mixed reception. And going back to Maison Ikkoku, because out of all of Rumiko Takahashi's works, that one is the least known, and has the least amount of casual appeal to MALs general audience.
unimportantuser Sep 30, 3:12 PM
I actually did try reading the Kare Kano manga. I started it where the anime left off. Now personally, I didn't read very much of it, so my opinion may have to be taken with a grain of salt. But I personally didn't like it at all. And it's exactly because of what you stated "I feel like it would lose alot without Anno's directing". The manga felt really lifeless and bleak to me, where-as the anime if full of life, which is part of the reason as to why I love it so much.

As for Evangelion, it may be the Generic favorite, but as far as I'm aware, it deserved that spot, not only is Evangelion still fondly remembered today, where-as others from that time period have been forgotten about. Evangelion was just as important for anime as something like Akira was. People really undersell just what Evangelion did for the landscape of anime.

And a quick bit on episode 19 of Kare Kano. A lot of people love to dog on that episode, but I actually really like that episode, even though it's quite clear that they did it to save money, I like to think of episode 19 as a creative work-around instead. Besides, its still better than what most anime studios would do to save money.
unimportantuser Sep 30, 2:42 PM
The only trigger work that I've watched thus far is Kill La Kill. However I really enjoyed that work, so I'm looking forward to watching other trigger works. Idk when I'll get to said other works. But I really am looking forward to them.

And for a random piece of trivia. My favorite Gainax work is His and Her Circumstances. While it does have its share of problems, and it is a shame that Hideaki Anno and the original Mangaka didn't get along very well with one another. His and Her Circumstances is still one of the most enjoyable works I have ever seen. And I would call it the best Romance series I've seen thus far if I hadn't seen Maison Ikkoku
unimportantuser Sep 29, 8:42 PM
You seem to like a lot of Gainax works. That's great! Gainax is probably my favorite anime studio. Even though they don't really do much of anything these days
Seiya Sep 21, 2:40 PM
I enjoyed Votoms more than Mellowlink.

In Votoms, Chirico is a much different character than Mellowlink, and the action is well worth it. Mellowlink is more "Man vs AT," whereas in Votoms, Chirico pilots an AT.
Seiya Sep 21, 2:25 PM
Oh, I see.

Have you seen "Votoms" yet? Votoms came out first, and Mellowlink is a story that takes place in the Votoms universe.
Seiya Sep 21, 8:08 AM
Oh, I see. The last few things you've watched happen to be things I've recently seen as well.

What do you think of Mellowlink?
Insertanamehere Jul 7, 2:10 PM
Mylne Jun 29, 6:12 PM
donkoloo Sep 29, 2018 2:57 AM
i agree
donkoloo Sep 28, 2018 11:15 AM