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Craftysoran Oct 11, 2021 9:47 PM
No worries, now I'm the embarrassing one lol. Hope you had a solid birthday and have all around been having a decent time ☺ Oh, and how's the new Star Wars anime? Im vaguely curious, especially since a lot of the iconic characters don't seem to be in it. Is its a spin off?

I am doing a business major and art/design minor. I still have "undecided" listed but my classes are set up to follow that track and I plan to make it official soon. I agree with the "happy and poor than wealthy and miserable", I think many people don't take artists seriously because they expect them to live lavishly or create a family. I have no interest as of now to get married or have kids and I want to live fairly modestly in a small house when i begin adulthood. I want to make more than minimum wage but I would rather be doing something that inspires me than emphasizing monetary gains. Then again, business is a really reliable degree to aim for, since you can do a lot with it. Do you have any plans for when you finish school? Back when i had no interest in college I always thought about working multiple jobs and focusing more on "the real world". I worked a minimum wage job all of last year and despite having a great boss and co workers felt completely suffocated and frustrated by how people treat employees in retail/business. Its not for me longterm (even if i will continue to do low paying work for years to come to afford stuff lol), I want to be in a collaborative and creative environment with interesting people, hopefully that's not pretentious and makes sense. I have a lot of schoolwork/social priorities in college but its overall been working out I would say. I really like a lot my school offers, plus I think i thrive more in the city than the small suburbs I grew up in.

The physical Haruhis are indeed out now. I flipped my shit when I saw them in the book store a few months ago. I really need to finish the later content, can't believe i haven't yet but I have so much required reading for school. If you found out about Kadano's work please update me. I really love his style/sensibilities.

Pink was one of the best media experiences i have had in a long time. There's something so simple and raw about it, I think its more based in human behavior/motivations than much stuff out there and that was really interesting. I also totally saw it as a love letter to artists in its central drama. Believe it or not, I feel very strongly that it would be fantastic as a live action film, i would love a really well directed one with strong actors. That will never happen, but its very striking story deserves unique shot composition/framing and pacing between the conversations of characters. I really really recommend, though its a little hard to find online. I bought the physical and despite its high price I would say its worth it. I love the artwork and its definitely something I will return to. Josei manga continuously wins for me, maybe its because I'm becoming older and want to see my media more realistically dirty/triumphant or something.

I barely even remember Yuri Kuma Arashi now, but I also found it mediocre with very bad moments. My biggest issue was I found the tone to be completely broken. Moments that should have been upsetting/tragic are completely ruined by dumb sound effects, repetition, and ridiculous visuals. Not that those things can break a show, hell I would argue Utena has the same sort of gimmicks, but Utena's intense moments are so impactful because of how suddenly scary and tragic they become in contrast. My other main problem is how its essentially a love story that is jumpstarted by a girl trying to get back at her enemy for killing her initial girlfriend. They spend most of the show having her be vengeful and crying about her loss, then randomly throw in a relationship between the other character when its too late to care. I had similar problems with Penguindrum i think, i.e. high stakes that are totally butchered by a implausible cheeky tone and very scattered planning/plot buildups. At least Penguindrum had compelling characters and an interesting direction though, I found YKA's overall flat and undynamic with most of its elements. Besides the cute character designs, i really don't think its something I'm going to think about much.

I have very very mixed feelings on GTO. I see it as a show that is very flawed but has a fantastic beating heart within it. I love Onizuka as the protagonist obviously, and I was sold by most of his dialogue, speeches, and actions- despite how repetitive they can be. The problem for me was how all over the place/poorly paced the show felt despite its good set up and intentions. A lot of characters have very obvious and direct arcs set up that they never finish/are scrapped in favor of random bullshit. Some episodes are outright bad and a waste of time too, or just repeat character dynamics that should have been resolved episodes earlier. I found the peak of the show to be Kanzaki's little arc about 1/3rds in, I really like her as a foil to Onizuka and just her personality/mannerisms in general. The show is also full of really funny high moments, even the bad episodes would have at least one interaction that made me smile. So I would overall consider myself a fan, even if I was frustrated by the strangely sluggish nature of the show (for how bombastic and absurd it is). I find it evident that the production team was unsure how long the show would last and never got to finish/follow the manga (which I definitely will read eventually). Yet I would never beat down on a fan for considering it a masterpiece, its such an earnest show with a good message behind it. I appreciate anything that recognizes the humanistic teacher and can see why that can be so effective for so many people.

I really dislike the new Higurashi seasons. I find the core premise abysmal, in what universe does Rika deserve more suffering? She literally breaks out of a long spanning time lock and has a conclusive arc in the original series, the idea of putting her through another one is beyond redundant and just flat out insulting to fans that got through it already. Satoko's character is completely butchered too, I hate how she is simultaneously a sociopath that wants to hurt her best friend and way too self aware compared to her mannerisms/central character in the original season. The new answer season is almost awesomely bad, there are moments that are so over the top and stupid that i was invested, but not many. A lot of it is just the original series reanimated but with a bottom tier context/central conflict. Its such a shame too, i would have been curious for a new Higurashi with maybe new characters or a different event happening in the same town. There is no necessity of doing the same thing again with none of the justifiable emotions/stakes.

Phew, sorry again for the late response. The weather is starting to get cold and I hope you're hanging in there. I'll hear from you when I hear from you.
Craftysoran Sep 8, 2021 6:32 PM
Hey Salad, happy birthday. Hope you're doing okay.
Craftysoran Jul 23, 2021 8:19 PM
Sorry for not replying for a few weeks, I am once again finding myself excessively busy, and I went away on vacation. The beach always reminds me of Chikan Otoko oddly enough, I distinctly remember reading it at my grandfather's house and on the car ride home last summer. Strangely pleasant how memories allow me to associate certain works with places and time, and that can really add to the memorability of the works themselves.

Right now I am thinking about going to school for business and art dual. I can't imagine myself working under someone long term, and I definitely can't imagine myself not doing something creation based in the future. I have dreams of running my own gallery or studio in the city, its a far off dream that will require work, but still present none the less. My parents were distant about me being an artist for a long time but have become more accepting in recent years, sort of encouraging me to pair it with a more "practical" major like business or journalism. I am also considering design/architecture right now, I really like exploring older houses and thinking about creating my own structures, its a strange thing, but I have a knack for exploring abandoned spaces too. Sometimes after work I just drive around, going down older and abandoned areas, and looking for buildings that have not been touched for a while. I find myself entranced by the mystery of old structures, and why exactly they were left alone. But long story short, I'm undecided for my freshman year. I signed up for mostly art courses (got a lot of my mandatory credits in high school already) and plan to discuss some of my scattered motivations with some professionals about a career that can combine all of these interests into a more profitable package. I'll update ya one day.

I saw you read all of Wandering Son and loved it, do you think you can sell me on it a bit? I was disappointed by the show adaptation and even more disappointed by my disappointment, I know its only a glimpse of the entire manga but I found the drama and dialogue mostly slow and unrelatable (even frustrating at times), even if I liked a lot about it (obviously the themes of identity based around gender turmoil really interest me). watching it reminded me of watching Love Comedy Snafu, they both have drama and ideas that I really like but I feel uncomfortable/put off by watching them and the ways they treat their leads which detract from the experience (even if thats the point). I think my favorite aspect was Shuu and Suehiro's friendship for sure, I found it really adorable and heartwarming.

Also, I finally got around to finishing both omnibus volumes of Boogiepop (1-6). There are fan translations of a few other volumes online that I will definitely seek out in the future, but I want to read some other light novels I am interested in before hand (finish Haruhi {finally} Kino, KnK, Monogatari, etc). Anyway, I definitely would recommend checking out the other volumes eventually. I really like the way Kadono writes his characters and the themes he expresses within his universe. Don't want to spoil much but the second and third volumes are definitely my favorites of the other stories, as they create a giant web of a narrative with a ridiculous amount of characters intimately and meaningfully working off of each other that builds to a well staged climax in a similar way the first does. That being said of course, the first volume is the best and most emotional for sure in my eyes, but i think it adds even more to the later volumes with the knowledge of its events amongst other events and timelines within the universe. Highly recommend when you get to it one day, I know the list is long for people like us, but I hope you can find enjoyment in a similar way I did.
Craftysoran Jul 1, 2021 1:05 PM
Touhou's music is the best. Your friend is super talented then, I can only 1cc easy mode. I still have yet to even beat 6 on hard mode. I would like to play Lunar Nights at some point, as well as all the weird fan games. If you remember the name of the other one let me know, my dream is to eventually try out all the Touhous. I do really love Scarlet Devil though, and Perfect Cherry Blossom. They're the most popular but I still really enjoy the flow of them to be pretty attached.

That's awesome, that you are already interested in buying a car. Mini coopers are nice cars, small, practical, and sturdy. I have a 2004 Ford station wagon I have been working on myself. It is old but drives great, and I love its spacious trunk in particular. I really want a retro Volvo one day, those have been my dream car for a while. Then again, if I am living in the city, a car will not be the most necessary. I am trying to get better at skating and am even interested in eventually buying a vespa/motobike. Best of luck to your last year though, hopefully you can figure things out and the work load is not too bad (my senior year was ridiculous, but then again I tried to force in way too much hard bullshit). I am really excited for the independence, and even though I like the suburbs, the city seems like more of my speed.

I know you have only watched the first episode of Boring Girlfriend, but what did you think? I enjoyed the show a lot oddly, its a pretty basic harem show, but I feel like it has a lot of heart to it and is worth the dumb moments for the ending movie. Probably one of the better A1 shows for sure, both in terms of production and narrative. I remember the directing in the first episode in particular being really solid, I really like the scene of the main guy running around Megumi when he first encounters her at school.
Craftysoran Jun 29, 2021 11:05 AM
I've been a little addicted to Touhou lately, despite not being great either. I think a lot of it is memorization so I'm still working on the later levels. It is very satisfying and fun though, I love all the fan content for it, and the designs are great (I think small smart lolis with big hats on are my thing).

Its really no problem, I sort of figured. I have been meaning to reach out again recently but have also been super busy. I did graduate :) and I finally got my license. How is your own driving going? I have been working a lot, driving around a lot, always up to something it seems. I am moving to the city in the fall to attend school so I am really excited about that too. You are about to enter your last year of mandatory school correct? How are you feeling about that?
Craftysoran Jun 28, 2021 9:53 PM
Thanks, Remilia Scarlet is such a cutie :-)

Long time no see, how have you been?
beaary May 19, 2021 5:13 PM
Craftysoran Jan 27, 2021 6:58 PM
The only shows I would actually consider "deconstruction" are shows that are self aware of the ideas they are commenting on and purposely doing something completely different. I see a lot of anime which call out the tropes they are defying but still end up doing the tropes anyway. (Saekano for example, the characters know all about harem tropes and can call them out but are essentially, in a harem and do normal harem stuff). School Days is a good example of my personal definition, almost all the moments in that show went in a different direction than what I'm used to, it wasn't just characters calling out what they were doing, but rather doing the opposite of what you would expect in the usual situation by nature of their characters. School Days isn't a good show, but I still have some respect for what it was/comments on.

I'm glad that you enjoyed Kure-nai. In my own opinion most of the show maintains strong and effective directing. It honestly could just be contributed to how uniquely directed it is, some of the sequences are unlike any other I've seen before. The musical scene is really well directed for some reason, and I remember the later fight scenes being good. I liked Shinkuro and Murasaki's dynamic a lot, I've heard people complain that its very lolicon pandering but I did not really view it that way. Sure, Murasaki does imply at the end that she will marry Shinkuro one day, but that could just be owed to her having a innocent crush/traditional view that she was raised on. Shinkuro acts really normal and subdued towards her, acting like an older brother/father at times. I liked how wholesome it was, some of the early scenes of Murasaki calling him at school made me laugh a lot. I liked most of the side characters as well, the scenes in the apartment felt natural and laid-back to me. Good mixture with the tense and unpredictable later episodes.

From what I'm aware, the manga and light novel are completely different than the show. Now, I know the light novels probably do have some intrigue/extension of the story to them (as it tends to be), but the ova follows the original plot and is absolutely abysmal. The character designs are very inferior, the cool directing is completely gone into generic sub-par cheap directing, and the episodic plots were super sleazy/stupid. All of the girls suddenly were in love with Shinkuro and bickering over him. There are definitely moments in the series where they all flirt with him (particularly between his two friends at school) but they felt more natural and just regular interactions. The ova even has two new girls with really unmemorable and obnoxious personalities that you can tell were purposely taken out of the show bc they did not fit the tone. I'm really glad the creators of the Kure-nai TV show decided not to go with the plot of the ova, because it just would have been a really bad harem with a loli lead. Sorry if I'm ranting a lot, I was just completely let down, and I really think the ova should not be watched/held on the same standard as the show. Furthermore, although I have interest in what happens after the show, I am sort of reluctant to because of what I have been exposed to of the original plot.

I'm finally finishing Monogatari. I really enjoyed watching Owarimonogatari season one today, I feel like it was a good place to jump back in after over a year has passed since I watched Tsuki. Not going to lie though, Sodachi's arc was one of my least favorites from what I've seen. I liked a lot of the directing and character interactions between Araragi and Hanekawa and Ougi, but I found her conflict to feel somewhat straight-forward compared to many of the other arcs. She essentially just has trauma, like all the other characters, but no apparition involved this time, making her hatred towards Araragi feel more tedious and just petty. Still, I was very invested in the entire season, and watched most of it in one sitting. I think waiting to finish the series was a good idea, the constant talking feels more interesting to me now honestly. I was sad that my two favorites (Senjougahara and Hachikuji) were not in this arc much, but I know they're in the second Owari season so I'm not too sad. Senjougahara's moments were definitely my favorite parts of this season, her phone call with Araragi to motivate him was just lovely and actually made me really emotional. Its weird how she does not have a lot of scenes in a lot of these later arcs but still has the most impact for me personally, I guess I'm not alone with that hence her popularity. I distinctly remember her only popping up at the end of the Tsuki arc but it being the best part. Her arc in 2nd season is also one of my favorites in the entire show, watching an autistic girl and an autistic conman essentially team up to fight a loli was really entertaining and amusing to me. I actually went back to Bake too and rewatched the date episodes at the end, the main relationship is still so good and engaging to me. Araragi has a lot of great moments with all the girls but I really like the constant background presence of Senjougahara, as she lets him fuck around but knows he'll still be there for her despite his circumstances. The more I think about both of them the better they get for me. I'm probably going to finish the whole series in the next few days, I'll keep you updated if you want, since I know you're a big fan. I'm most excited for the Kizu films and more A + S content, plus Kanbaru asking Araragi to take her virginity a million more times.

Craftysoran Jan 21, 2021 8:17 PM
I apologize for the late response. I've been slammed lately, both mentally and just with things to do all the time. A highlight is that I tragically failed my driving test again. The covid test is a hack, I did everything correctly but then was failed for not knowing where a specific intersection was. I feel like shit about it but its not like I have many places to drive anyway.

I have not seen a whole lot of western live action shows in their entirety either to be fair. My sister and I have a running joke that she will watch long running shows and report back to me on their quality (like Riverdale, Friends, Grey's Anatomy, etc.) because I don't have the attention span to watch them. Freaks and Geeks I have watched through a few times (its only one season), I've seen all of The Office, Malcom in the Middle, Stranger Things which I watched with friends, and I have watched most of the X-files. Probably other random stuff too but I genuinely forget. I want to watch Twin Peaks, The Wire (takes place in my home city) and That 70's Show at some point. Breaking Bad also looks really interesting.

To be honest I'm not sure if I would consider Tutu a subversive show. Its just a really sharply written and high tier magical girl show. There is definitely meta in it, and some characters knowing more than others as the story goes on, but I'm not sure if I would say it really completely twists the formula all the way around. A majority of the length of the episodes have traditional mahou shoujo fair, like transformation scenes and silly character antics. Something noteworthy about it though is that I found it to have a sadder ending than most of its ilk. Not tragic, but definitely melancholic. I highly recommend it, I loved how the story unfolded and the different interwoven character dynamics.

My favorite senshi was always Jupiter. I liked Pluto a lot too, she's not in it much but is always memorable when she shows up. Not sure how I would feel watching it two years later and if I would have a new favorite girl or not. Usagi is a good choice, she's iconic and funny. I think most will relate to her/find her endearing with her clumsiness.

How are you enjoying Kure-nai so far?
Craftysoran Jan 13, 2021 6:23 PM
Happy New Years! Hope that your year has started alright, better to be over in Canada than America right now I would say. Some of the recent political events are going to go down in history books and have DBQs written on them (if they still exist in 20 years, I hope not).

I would call Wandering Witch a let down, but it was kind of consistently average the entire viewing. I was a little excited based on the first few episodes since I thought he seemed potentially interesting but I found a lot of the later one-off stories to be pretty dull and thematical uninteresting. Occasionally amusing and never terrible, but sort of just something to throw on that did not really leave much of an impact on me. You might get more out of it than I did, but nothing about it really has stuck with me.

I remember Christmas feeling strange. Not bad, just sort of quiet and uneventful since I did not see family outside of the ones living with me. I even took a nap which I have never done on Christmas day, and remember feeling sort of sad in the evening. Its a strange feeling with covid and other emotions swirled up on a usually blissful holiday. Break overall was mostly nice for the lack of work I had and how little I had to do. I slept in until noon almost every day.

Malcom in the Middle is one of my favorite shows from my childhood. I've seen it all the way through a few times. Its often crass, loud and obnoxious, but still usually hilarious and occasionally heartwarming. My little sister is sort of a prodigy child like Malcom so I always related heavily to Reese in particular (the compulsive asshole older brother) based on their dynamic. I don't know if you would enjoy it without the layer of nostalgia, but I think most viewers would find some aspects amusing or entertaining. If you want random episodes to throw on to see if the humor would be up your alley I recommend "Red Dress", "Bowling", or "Forwards Backwards". (Some of the most rewatchable episodes in my opinion). I am interested in listening to that album now, I saved it and I'll let you know what I think.

I did watch Princess Tutu (really great, but I liked the early episodes more and was overall a tad let down since i had expected it to break top 10) and Ghost in the Shell (only season one, interesting and engaging but I think a lot went over my head, going to wait a little for the second season) over break. I really enjoyed them both and I am glad I had time to binge them. I also watched a few other shorter shows, the highlight being the bizarre and underrated Kure-nai. I almost want to rewatch it and write a loving thesis for it like I did for Manabi Straight, because I found it very weird and hard to pinpoint exactly why I was so engaged the entire viewing. It would be hard to explain without spoiling, buts its essentially about a bodyguard mediator guy having to protect a loli from unsettling family circumstances. It also plays out like a film and was obviously from a harem centered light novel but mostly abandons that in favor of strange dialogue and interesting interactions between the two main characters. I highly recommend watching it if you are interested from my description, I don't think its for everyone but I was invested.

I'm glad you seemed to get a lot out of your rewatch of Disappearance. It is insane how long that film is but how great the visuals are the entire time. I love Kyon's epiphany scene too, and when I rewatched it over the summer I teared up a little from the hospital scene as well. I have such a unique relationship with Haruhi, I initially watched it at such a low point in my life and was just really invested with the concept and characters. Some of the scenes in the OG season I really treasure and think about often, like Haruhi's rant about feeling meaningless and the scene when Kyon and Haruhi are stuck in a world with no other humans just because she wished it. The series stuck with me for a few years and covid has only deepened my appreciation for it (reading the novels kept me sane last summer). It might truly be my favorite anime of all time, definitely always a contender. Even with the great animation and voice acting, I still highly highly highly recommend the novels, even more highly since Kyon's your favorite. His monologuing is absolutely hilarious, emotional, and sometimes really heartwarming. I genuinely will sometimes reread certain lines from him over just to rethink about what he means. I feel this way even in portions when its just the characters walking around or sitting in the club room. Its really great stuff, and I think you would like them a lot too.

One of my favorite quotes:

I'm glad you seem to be mostly enjoying Sailor Moon so far. I agree with all of your criticism and that's likely a reason finishing the later seasons is not super high priority for me right now. I know that not every episode is as great as the next, some have better plots and stuff (its been years since I watched the first season). I also love the aesthetic, colors, and music, the themes song is a jam too. I know the girls get more attacks later, but it can be infuriating to sit through the same animation over and over.

Actually, I thought of you today because I nabbed the first Bakemonogatari light novel today at a book store. I was shocked to see it, I usually see random books in the later portions of the series but have never seen the first one. I intend on finishing the last few seasons I have of the anime then reading the light novels at some point. I'm really excited for the Kizumonogatari films in particular. I can't believe I watched Bake two years ago and still haven't finished it yet (my poor attention span with the fast talking is probably a big reason), but I'm pretty eager to now.
Craftysoran Dec 24, 2020 10:20 PM
Merry Christmas to you too! I noticed you haven’t been active for a while, I was starting to wonder if you were alright. Good to see you’re back and doing well.

Perhaps I’ll check out Slime Isekai one day, it does indeed seem comfy and cute. Plus a second season is coming soon and I’ve come around to seasonal shows (despite giving the two I was keeping up with last season mediocre scores overall). It’s just fun/low maintenance to watch something weekly, plus I’m a binger so it’s a good change of pace. I’ll keep it on my radar.

I have a close friend who’s a huge Touch fan so I’ve always had a vague interest in it. I’ll definitely want to check it out especially if you find it good since that’ll be another relied on taste. It’s weird how I don’t go out of my way to check out the sports genre but a lot of it is great. It’s very overlooked just based on premise (in a similar way to the mecha genre) when a lot of the stories typically aren’t even completely centered on the given sport. Kimagure Orange Road looks really cool, might be worth checking out too. I honestly don’t watch/read many older shows and I should. I’m scared of starting older and slower stories I think but I need to get past that. Maybe I’ll start watching KOR if you do.

Honestly Christmas Eve really snuck up on me as well. I didn’t get to watch any anime today; my family had my full attention and I ran around getting stuff done the entire time. Then I watched the Christmas episodes of The Office and Malcom in the Middle with my siblings tonight and had fun with that. There aren’t actually a lot of Christmas centered anime now that I think about it. I was thinking about rewatching Disappearance tomorrow though, it’s a good Christmas movie I think (especially with the ending). Digi and Nate’s video is making me want to watch Tokyo Godfathers again as well, I watched it at the beginning of quarantine and I remember thinking how fun it would be to watch on Christmas. Weird how different of a place I was in my life back then honestly, but something tells me I’ll like the movie even more now. I also really want to rewatch Night on Galactic Railroad, which isn’t Christmassy or anything but kind of a good winter show with how cold and strange it is. I haven’t actually watched the K-on movie, I badly need to. I’m sure it’s good and emotional, I can’t believe I haven’t seen it yet.

I haven’t actually watched much good lately and it’s kinda burning me out. I finished Beck last week and thought it was pretty great; kinda uneven at times with cheesy and overblown moments but the highs are very high. I enjoyed the characters a lot too and really want to read the manga based on how little the anime seems to cover. Still a good slice of the overall story I’d say. Im hoping to watch lots of anime over winter break; I have over a week off and a lot of free time for once in my life. Hopefully I can get started on some longer shows that I’ve had on my PTW for a while, like Ghost in the Shell, Shiki, Princess Tutu, etc. Should be a good time, at least I hope.
Craftysoran Dec 13, 2020 9:52 AM
Is Slime Isekai worth watching? I noticed a second season is coming out soon but Ive heard many mixed opinions. It looks pretty colorful and fun though?

Also, have you checked out Sailor Moon yet?
Craftysoran Nov 27, 2020 7:45 PM
I definitely thought the Lucky Star reference was Gurren Lagann the first time I watched it, when I rewatched it I had a reference guide and was glad to educate myself on the truth. I have enjoyed most mecha that I have watched, I should really watch more and dive into its rich history sometime. I still have yet to step into the world of Gundam.

Nanoha disappointingly has hardly any Shibouness in it in my opinion, so I'm not too disappointed about the later seasons lacking his flair. Besides an occasional good aesthetic choice (like red skies, or an interesting shot) its sadly generically and lacklusterly directed and animated 95% of the time. It still hasn't won me over yet, but its a little better now. Fate is already a more interesting character than Nanoha. I'll definitely watch the movies too, I've heard a lot of fans say they look and feel a lot better than the OG show. I'm still crossing my fingers that it'll keep improving.

Sailor Moon is a good show, very classic and fun to watch. I'm glad you're giving it a try, I think its worth checking out from a historical standpoint. It was one of my first anime, and I had a lot of fun with the early seasons. That being said, I don't really think its bingable. Its extremely repetitive (it sort of was one of the precursors of the classic magical girl formula after all) and not all of the episodes are great. There's even some arcs I wasn't a huge fan of at all. I still think its worth checking out though, its pretty easy to enjoy and just throw on from time to time. I still need to finish it of course, Ikuhara directed the later seasons and from what I've heard they get really trippy and interesting. The start of the third season was really good even comparatively actually, I really should finish it sometime. I like all the senshi, but Jupiter and Pluto are my favorites. I remember being pretty into Uranus and Neptune from what I saw of the third season too.

I completely agree about the teasing rom-coms complaint. Nagatoro was one of my first manga and (I believe) the first manga I kept up with each new chapter (Komi-san too, but I grew bored of that and dropped it) and I have a bit of an attachment to it for that reason. I also just genuinely think that its cute and funny, the facial expressions are usually great, I even have a raw version of the first book that I got in a doujin shop. I agree though, there have been times where I have rolled my eyes and wished one of them would confess already. The mangaka is a porn artist, I guess he wanted to make this manga as slow-pace and lax as possible for a change in pace.

Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu seems cute, I'll have to check it out. I like a nice romance manga to keep up with. Speaking of which, I read a really solid yuri this morning; Sasayaku You ni Koi wo Utau. Its really cute and has good romance in it so far. I prefer yuri where the issue isn't the characters coming to terms with their sexuality but rather just coming to terms with their relationship in general, and this one serves. The art is really nice too.

Hope you had a good day. Its getting dark so early here now, plus I wake up kind of late sometimes. Its throwing me out of whack a bit.
Craftysoran Nov 25, 2020 10:17 PM
Two things wrong with that statement. The reason I must wait a month is not because of the penalty, but because of the covid limit and attempts at monitoring the crowds within the DMV. Frankly I'm glad about that, the DMV is terrifying and it was nice getting in and out really quickly. Also, there's no open road tests because of covid. I gotta do a three-point turn, back in, and pull in into a lot and drive around it with blinkers and proper stops. I have to have the window down too so I can listen to each of the instructor's commands, and considering my next test is in December I really hope the east coast global warming will pull through so I won't be freezing. How's road driving going for you? I used to be really scared of it, but I kinda like it now, though I sometimes space out and need to try to be more focused. My mom was telling me a story the other day and I went over the curb a little bit, which gave me a scare. Going on the highway is still scary too, as its unpredictable and often hectic. I drove over the Bay Bridge a few weeks ago and I don't think I took a single breath the entire time.

Gurren Lagann was one of my favorite shows for a while when I was new to anime, I even liked it more than Kill la Kill and FLCL at the time (summer going into 10th grade). Looking back, I attribute a lot of that love to being a new-comer and just the excitement of watching it for the first time. The characters are so exciting and bombastic and the fight scenes are super fun when you see them for the first time with no prediction of what direction the show will go. I still think its a fantastic show, and the visuals have aged with grace, but its less impressive to me now. A lot of the side characters are really one note and not all of the fight scenes are as good as the next. That's not to say I have any massive issues, its still been a really fun rewatch. Nia and Simon's scenes are definitely my favorite on rewatch of the pre-time skip stuff, I find their relationship incredibly touching and thematically interesting. I like the way Nia helps Simon recover from his loss and how Simon shows Nia to stand up for herself and embrace her human aspects, plus they're just cute. I'm really looking forward to seeing the ending again too, I remember crying a lot when it shows them all as old people in the civilization that they built.

Nanoha is extremely lackluster and even trite so far. The episodes have the feel of some of the unremarkable Cardcaptor Sakura episodes, except even less likable bc I'm not into the characters yet. The show is an obvious mirror/result of Sakura, Nanoha has an older brother who acts just like Touya, a rich ojou-sama friend who is a lukewarm Tomoyo, and a little animal companion that is literally Keros. Nanoha herself is a less adorable and endearing Sakura, but she still has her moments. I am really going to be patient with this show, from what I have heard it makes up for its pandering start with great action and development in later seasons (see the score of the second season compared to the first). I've also heard it becomes much more sci-fi and less by the books magical girl with a lot of emotional and gripping storylines. There's an actual lesbian relationship that develops over its span too, and I am the most excited for that. Episode four already seems to be looking more optimistic.

Ef is no doubt in the vein of 2000's visual novels. The dialogue and character archetypes/designs at least. Still, I thought it was strong and not really haremy at all. The characters have realistic motivations for liking one another, it does not have a "route" feeling to it.

Asuka is one of the best written characters of all time in my opinion (one could make that argument for all the Eva characters) and I have always related to her much more than Shinji. I am not going to psychoanalyze myself but 14 year old me particularly sympathized strongly with Asuka's turmoils and how her character unfolds/breaks throughout the show. I personally never considered her a waifu, she's more like an image of myself and a child I want to protect/care for mixed into one. Misato was/is my crush/waifu when I watched Evangelion. Its kind of odd how some consider the early eight Eva episodes to be more sad than later ones, because these early episodes actually feel really hopeful. The scene where Shinji tells Rei to smile for instance, and the one where Kensuke and Toji tell Shinji that the reason he is irritated with Misato is because she has become his family. Just stuff like that feels really genuine and emotionally resonant, giving the viewer hope for the characters and their development early on. The show obviously changes quite a bit with Asuka's introduction, and I am really excited to see her role/changes to the tone once again.

Attack on Titan was one of my first anime as well, I watched it dubbed with a friend in middle school and we had a blast. I really liked it for a while and was a huge defender of it. I watched the second season in ninth grade I think and remember really liking it even more? The animation was a lot better and I thought it had less plot holes at the time. Not sure how I would feel now. I know I would have issues with a lot of stuff, but I think I would still find it entertaining. AoT has a huge fanbase and that 9.0 scored season is hailed as the best arc by fans. I have a few friends who really want me to catch up on it, so I might sooner than later. Shounen and action really aren't my genre of choice, but again, I have nostalgia and curiosity backing me. Maybe we could watch the new seasons together and discuss them if you're up to it, as it seems like we are both at about the same stopping point.

Log Horizon has always seemed interesting but I am not sure if I would enjoy it. I never suffered through SAO and have not endured many isekai light novel shows, so I feel like I might be less impressed with it because of lack of experience in the genre (is that a lame excuse for lack of interest in a show? Probably). I might give it a try at some point despite lack of disappointment in others of the genre, as I've only heard good things. Nagataro will be fun (I hope), maybe I will check out The Word Ends With You too.

I was just thinking that seasonal anime has been strong lately, I think covid could be a potential explanation? I feel like some of the delays on shows was probably for the best. Seems like anime is going in some creative direction in the upcoming seasons and I'm happy to be slowly introducing myself to seasonals once again.

Lastly, I like your frivolous ramblings, as I'm also a frivolous rambler/ranter.
Craftysoran Nov 24, 2020 7:13 PM
Apparently I would have passed my test but I drove too far past a stop sign and got an automatic fail. Really frustrating mistake, and I can't take it for another month. Whatever, its not like I really have anywhere to go right now anyway. And I do apologize, your trials of failing were just really amusing to me, so I had to use that as an excuse to message you.

I've actually been mostly good aside from that; I've been applying to and visiting colleges mostly and taking more walks around my neighborhood. Covid is awful in America right now, my extended family isn't even coming down for Thanksgiving because out of state travel is not allowed. I'm pretty pissed about that because I'm not seeing my friends either and I thought it was for my family's safety and now I cant really see anyone without extreme precaution. I miss my cousin and her boyfriend (essentially my other cousin at this point) because I want to hang out with people more my age. I'm surrounded by younger kids and even though it can be fun sometimes other times I just feel lonely and easily annoyed. My brother and I have been watching Gurren Lagann together though which is fun, he really likes it and our reactions are usually the same. He always questions the physics though and I'm just like "its Gurren Lagann, don't think about it too hard". I'm getting excited for the time skip episodes, I remember them being really great.

Before the recent quarantine a few weeks ago my friend and I rewatched the first five Kara no Kyoukai's together and I had more fun than I usually have watching anime alone. He's a big Nasufag and knows a lot about the connections between KnK and Tsukihime which was interesting to talk about. I know a lot of Nasu lore too despite not being a big Fate fan (though I have not really consumed much of Fate's main story) and usually just act cynically about it instead of attempting indulgence in the franchise. The first KnK was fantastic on rewatch, gave me an amazing aesthetic and atmosphere that I just didn't feel the first time. The fifth is still Godly too, I love the puzzle lay-out of it and dense plot, plus the characters really shine in it. My friend made me dinner and then we walked and got strawberry Haagen-Dazs (Shiki's favorite) to eat with the movies. Really fun time, and we plan to watch the remaining few soon, though probably over a call because America is a mess.

That's enough ramble about me irl. As for good shows I recently watched Ef-a Tale of Memories which I thought was pretty great. I really liked the visual presentation even compared to other Shaft shows. There's a lot of photo overlays and weird angles, which are not unexpected but still were really nice. I surprisingly deeply enjoyed the Melodrama too. The situations are very over the top but still grounded in somewhat realistic themes and personal turmoil. There's two separate romantic stories and I thought they were both solid. I might watch the sequel or play the visual novels soon, but I've heard conflicting things. Wanna watch more Shaft as well bc Shinbou never fails to wow me, though I always have Shaft I need to watch.

I am rewatching Eva now as well, and I plan to rewatch Kare Kano afterwards. It has been two-three years since I have watched them now and I want to see how I feel about them in current times. Eva's obviously great so far on rewatch, don't think you need reminder of that. Its weird how much I remember about even the early episodes, they have just stuck in my brain over the years I think. Each episode goes by quickly too, which I think is a sign of a super investing show. I'm really excited for Asuka and Kaji's introduction episode. I am thinking that I might binge either the Nanoha series or Ghost in the Shell over Thanksgiving break alongside those rewatches, I want a long show that I have been wanting to watch for a while to entertain me over my lonely break.

Its a shame that you dislike the second season of Higurashi, and I guess we don't feel the same way. I actually liked it more, I thought the presentation was much better, and the characters have more time to shine. There are emotional stand-out moments and intense scenes that I don't really remember getting in the first season, The first season felt more entertaining and fun to watch but also felt less consequential because the time loops weren't completely established. Each time loop in the second feels more tense and upsetting the longer it goes. I really love Rika's journey through the loops and her moments of panic with Hanyuu. I can't promise you'll like the ending episodes at this rate, but I do think the ending is at least satisfying since you got this far.

I have been having a hard time with manga lately for whatever reason (might be because Dorohedoro blew me out of the water a few weeks ago and I've been having trouble committing to anything since then, even promising stuff) but I will have to check out some Adachi manga at some point. Touch as you said has been on my radar for a while (my friend really likes it and i know its a classic, yadda yadda.) Nice to hear Katsu is a good one too. If you liked reading a classic boxing manga, you should read Ashita no Joe too ;) or not.

I have been considering checking out Munou no Nana, Kamisama ni Natta hi seems kind of potentially fun too. I also need to watch the third season of Strike Witches since i binged through it just to get caught up, plus I want to watch Gochiusa- goddamn it the season is almost over. There's a lot of sequels in this winter season that I'll probably watch (Attack on Titan, Dr. Stone, Promised Neverland, Yuru Camp, plus some others I have not watched yet that I'm interested in). Anything catching your eye?