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Though the content is significantly different (a space opera as opposed to a story on the French Revolution), the presentation and themes are very much similar. Political corruption—especially within the aristocracy—is a major theme in both titles. Both sides of the conflict are never portrayed as being intrinsically good or bad: there are only circumstances. Some parallels also exist within the characters; for example the relationship between Oscar and Andre resembling that of Reinhard and Kircheis.
report Recommended by Veronin
Legend Of Galactic Heroes may not be a shoujo like Rose Of Versailles so the romantic aspect is missing, but pretty much everything else about the series are similar, I may risk and say that LOGH went to take some aspects and influences of Rose, mainly the political and social critic of the aristocracy. The dramatic aspect and overall feeling throughout the series are pretty similar too not to speak that even the narrator has the same feel.
report Recommended by RobdeFR
Completely different plotwise but similar in nature. LoGH is a fictional space opera while Rose of Versailles is about the French Revolution. Yet both have a political background and deal with corruption and the consequences thereof in their own setting. There's a great cast of both main and side characters who develop from fairly unknown to people with massive influence. Moreover, the relationship between Reinhard and Kircheis is similar to that of Oscar and André.
report Recommended by Yamaro
there isn't much that comapred to logh in terms of plot, but Rose of Versailles holds up if you enjoy classical series that involve politics, corruption, and ambiguous themes of good/bad. even if it's kinda shoujo
report Recommended by Church_of_Yeezus
Aristocracy-centric political dramas that make use of headstrong characters, an extensive setting, and smart presentation, carrying a very old-fashioned flair throughout.
report Recommended by vegetablespirit
The two anime definitely have the same vibe and possess common main themes like corruption, political systems clashing and the fight for democracy by some party of the story. Rose of Versailles OST also reminded me of LotGH and the animation also holds some similarities despite the different periods they were animated. The time periods the stories happens is very different but holds many similar social and moral problems. The main characters develop a lot through the two long anime and change their minds at some time, most characters are not one-dimensional and they learn with their mistakes. Both anime are almost like animated documentaries of war. If you   read more
report Recommended by INU4SH4
2 spectacular series rife with political intrigue, conspiracies and war. One thing I find incredible between both series is how important even minor characters become later in the series. They're both incredibly unpredictable yet each event occurs as the result of logical consequences to characters' actions. Though I think Ginga is more impressive in this regard, due to it being entirely fictional, it is still rather impressive how Versailles manages to pull off this unpredictable plot despite us all knowing the fate of many of the major characters.e.g King Louis and Antoinette. The main difference between these series is Ginga feels more focused on its thesis   read more
report Recommended by RuneAgeMage
Both share many similar themes, especially between the political intrigue from Reinhard's perspective in the Galactic Empire in the first half of LotGH, and Rose of Versailles, including some subplots that are similar. Both also share an incredibly similar narration style where a third-person narrator narrates and foreshadows certain events in the plot. The main protagonist from both also look similar, particularly between Reinhard von Lohengramm, and Oscar François.
report Recommended by Bladezeranium
VnB and LotGH both take place in the aristocratic worlds of a feudal, military empire. The first 25 episodes of LotGH and VnB's plot and vibe are very similar, both depicting the downfall of corrupt feudal regimes disrespecting ordinary citizen. Both glorify 19th century values such as chivalry, honor, while limiting those to an aristocratic elite. Both are historical, with LotGH emphasizing this more (despite being fake history unlike VnB). VnB is far more emotional due to intended target audience (shoujo) and prominently has romance.
report Recommended by inim
"Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu" and "Versailles no Bara" are two anime series with a focus on political and social conflicts. "Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu" is set in a distant future and explores the space war between the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance, while "Versailles no Bara" takes place during the French Revolution in an alternative version of history. Both series delve into themes such as power, politics, and personal identity, offering a profound analysis of the implications of these fictional historical events In a profound philosophical narrative, Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu, also known as Legend of the Galactic Heroes, empathetically and critically examines the political landscape. Through   read more
report Recommended by RAVEN_LORD72
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