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Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
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Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
Both these shows are slow maticulous epics who focus on a large cast of characters from all angles without having to resort to predicably stale plot twists to grab the viewers attention. These are definitely more adult shows intellectually. The themes involved are drastically different but very much compatible, if you like Legend of the Galactic Heroes for its pace and storytelling rather than it's sci-fi you should be able to enjoy Monster's steady psychological development. Kenzou Tenma and Johan Liebert leave just as much impact as Yang Wenli and Reinhard von Lohengramm.
report Recommended by AzureJahk
While the themes are different, both are phenomenal at their ways of storytelling and are among the most intellectual shows i have ever seen. Both series also include a large cast of well developed characters. Both are Seinens.
report Recommended by Elu
Both are clever, both have much about human psychology and heavy ethic questions
report Recommended by Safronix
Both are masterpieces with incredibly well written dialogue, realistic characters and really good stories. Both are rather slow paced. They are also both for a mature audience and have a similar feeling to them.
report Recommended by Megamonization
Both series have great character development, drama, mystery.
report Recommended by mazewaxie
If you like epic story with great characters, you should watch these shows. They're different in setting, but definitely share a lot of similar plot elements and character study.
report Recommended by Muzacci
Both have very interesting and unique concept. Both have heavy (but interesting) dialogue that your average viewer can't take. Lastly, both are MASTERPIECES. They have flaws but that doesnt stop them to be masterpieces. I just wish that Monster would enter the Top 10, or Top 20 would do.
report Recommended by Bonjourette