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Alternative Titles

English: Chihayafuru
Synonyms: Chihayafull
Japanese: ちはやふる


Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 5, 2011 to Mar 28, 2012
Premiered: Fall 2011
Broadcast: Wednesdays at Unknown
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Madhouse
Source: Manga
Duration: 22 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.271 (scored by 106,657 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #2692
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #366
Members: 262,108
Favorites: 5,370


Both series centre around a protagonist who becomes aware of and learns to love a classic Japanese game that's faded to 'niche interest' status, aspiring to become the very best and accumulating similarly-minded friends along the way. Although Chihayafuru lacks the mild supernatural element found in Hikaru no Go, Chihaya's motivation of improving to Arata's level of skill function similiarly to Hikaru playing go at Sai's urging and wanting to catch up with Touya. 
report Recommended by lithiumflower
Like a bolt from the blue Chihayafuru striked to my mind while watching Sangatsu no Lion: - despite Sangatsu alternates quite some dark moments or very sad ones to the happy ones while Chihayafuru is rather cheerful most of the times, both series still have that colorful atmosphere and very heartwarming vibe that catches your heart. - both are heavily mainly focused on old traditional japanese games who are setted to be 1 vs 1 players type, Chihayafuru deals with Karuta and Sangatsu has Shogi instead. Both games are greatly introduced and developed in a charming way that could easily let you curious with the will to  read more 
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Both shows have a great amount of character development. Even the side characters get their own time to shine. Also, there are no overly unrealistic elements in both shows (no super powers). It's just about normal high school students (some with born talent like Chihaya and Hinata) working hard to achieve their goals.  
report Recommended by Enna
Each person has to come up with a dream for themselves. However, sometimes you need someone to show you the way. Both of the females try to make their dreams come true, one in finding her dream, and one in achieving the dream she's already found. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both of these Anime deal with the "100 poets". 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
~ traditional japanese activities club. Kono Oto Tomare! = Koto music Chihayafuru = Competitive Karuta ~ their feel and atmosphere are fairly similar. ~ aim for national!  
report Recommended by kawaii36
Both are about 'normal' teens who are following the dream to become the best at something. Both have elements of comedy, romance, slice of life, drama. Both have great characters (some of them genius at what they do), with lots of friends and rivals. 
report Recommended by Fii
School kids work to find enough members in order play in competitions. Even though it is there first time in show, they are quickly noted as the team to beat. 
report Recommended by 101swoop101
- Kousei <-> Arata - Kaori <-> Chihaya Enough said? The difference though is that Chihayafuru is centered on the energetic girl who wants to bring people into her world while Shigatsu wa kimi no uso is centered on the depressed boy who stopped performing. I really like how both bring up how passionate their characters are. Also the music in both those shows is perfect, 
report Recommended by Kurunyo
Both have a protagonist who is extremely passionate about one particular sport and are about a group of childhood friends who meet again in high school. 
report Recommended by EdenBaggins
Both shows are more about character development and life itself, rather than the actual sport. The game scenes also share a similar intensity. Sports that are usually thought of as quite boring to watch - karuta, table tennis - are portrayed as super intense and awesome in both shows. 
report Recommended by neko-komori
Both anime are josei that has romance and focuses on something (Chihayafuru - Karuta whereas Sakamichi - Jazz). Both anime have themes revolving around one-sided love, Love triangles and dense characters. The only difference they have is that Chihayafuru is focused more on sports whereas Sakamichi no Apollon focuses more on slice of life/romance. 
report Recommended by srsng
Both are sports anime with more romance in Cross game. There is a character development and the main characters are childhood friends. 
report Recommended by atobesama
Main characters of both series aim to reunite with their friends in national tournaments of karuta and mahjong, respectively. 
report Recommended by arsonal
Chihayafuru and Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu are similar in genre, both are josei and drama. Chihayafuru takes place in modern day school/life Japan, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu mainly takes place in the past, 30+ years ago and tells a story of upcoming sucess. Both shows have similar senarios and face a lot of the same tropes. 
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Chihayafuru greatly reminds me of Kimi ni Todoke. They somehow look similar in terms of art, however Chihayafuru is slightly more detailed than the other. They both give a relaxing feeling whenever you watch them. Kimi ni Todoke mainly focuses on romance, while Chihayafuru focuses on a game called "Karuta". There's a bit of romance as well in Chihayafuru.  
report Recommended by Jstyle
Chihayafuru and Baby Steps give off a similar feeling as you're watching the show, in these series our main characters are joining a club, Karuta and Tennis. However, Chihayafuru is focused on Karuta, it is also largely focuses on romance. 
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Well, the graphics. This guy Makoto is very alike to Taichi, Yamato reminds me of Chihaya (the fact that both are very beautiful/cute and they both are kind). I personally liked the both and I think you will too. The main story is quite different but both are very heartwarming stories focuses around friendship and love.  
report Recommended by _midori_
A motley crew's rise to prominence at a sport can be seen in either show. Every member has their own characteristics, and how they interact and bounce off each other make it fun to watch.  
report Recommended by ottocycle
A girl who tries her best in making her dream come true while she is part of a love triangle between two childhood friends. Chihaya reminds a younger version of Kyoko:) 
report Recommended by Orulyon
Both of these Anime deal with girls who are passionate about a traditional Japanese game. There is very nice characterization and a bit of outside story involved, one dealing with mystery and the other friendship. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
While Nodame Cantabile is about classical music and Chihayafuru is about karuta, both of them revolve around people following a passion most people would find odd nowadays. They are a bit slow paced, but feature very solid character development. Chihayafuru doesn't have the same amount of romance as Nodame Cantabile does, but it's there. And the female leads are just as clueless. 
report Recommended by Yamaro
Both anime deals with sports and relationships between members-friendship.Also,they both let us learn more about each individual character and these anime have their own sense of humor. 
report Recommended by blueunicorns
The premise of both shows sounds very simple and boring! Raising a child in Usagi Drop and passion for a very simple card game named karuta in Chihayafuru. But masterful execution is the main reason that I'm going to say, Chihayafuru and Usagi Drop are two of the most enjoyable shows of 2011 in the same way. Also, similar josei art fits the beautiful and realistic theme of both.  
report Recommended by maKAKERO
I'm only 2 episodes in but it's this warm familiar feeling that immediately made me check if they were by the same studio (which they are). Chihayafuru made me feel good. Barakamon makes me feel good. It's as simple as that. 
report Recommended by Evutal
These two shows give off the same 'vibe' while watching them. Also, both have a airheaded female protagonist who is working hard to accomplish a specific dream - Chihaya wants to become a Karuta queen and Ichigo wants to become a pastry chef- while staying oblivious to romantic affections of her teammates. 
report Recommended by hubba17
Anyone who enjoyed Chihayafuru should give Kabukibu a try. They both stress traditional Japanese culture, and they both have a strong team-building ethos with groiups that span both genders. Kabukibu has a more unconventional set of characters with a mannish female and a feminine man among the kabuki fans. Like Chihaya, the protagonist of Kabukibu is obsessed with kabuki and recruits a bunch of others to his cause. My only complaint is that he shows a maturity far beyond his sixteen years. 
report Recommended by SeijiSensei
The girls are both always happy-go-getto and are clueless that theres a guy friend who's totally in love with them. Kei liking Hikari and Hikari being the clueless ,determined ,cheerful girl she is. Taichi being in love with Chihaya and Chihaya being the the clueless ,determined, passionate ,cheerful girl she is. 
report Recommended by KikyoFlower
+Both anime got school clubs. +Both got many female characters. +Both got transfer student. +Both got similar atmosphere where people support main character dream and they try to Recruit new members to the club. +Both got a annoying teacher , but later she supports the club. 
report Recommended by TrOjAnHoRsE
Obviously, they are both about Karuta. But as an avid Conan AND Chihayafuru fan, I noticed many similarities! - Prominent love triangle - Dramatic karuta battles - Tear jerking scenes - Amazing music 
report Recommended by Mayuka
The stories aren't similar at all, the idea behind the anime's are completely different, and the characters have little in common. However both Natsume Yuujinchou and Chihayafuru are very warm-spirited anime. In Chihayafuru and Natsume Yuujinchou you find yourself smiling unconsciously when the main characters succeed at one of there goals or a nice emotional moment happens. The most striking similarity between the two is the inter-character relations. Both characters are able to make friends because of their various skills and personalities and this friendships blossom into strong bonds which I think are the basic foundations which make each of these anime so great. Natsume  read more 
report Recommended by JordanDN
They have a great balance of believable characterization and enthralling sports scenes. Themes in both of these shows include finding one's passion, being on a team, overcoming obstacles and following one's dreams.  
report Recommended by mjb
The current life of the characters are strongly linked to the past. Both are enjoyable, simple and sweet. You will see many similarities between these two if you check them out.  
report Recommended by Tshuki
The atmosphere of Chihayafuru reminded me of Ookiku Furikabutte. In essence, they are quite different since one is about Karuta and the other is about Baseball but the drive of the characters and the in depth analysis of the sport makes both series similar and equally enjoyable. 
report Recommended by chibiangel_chan
Gives me the Chihayafuru vibe because of that fast buzzing and answering without finishing the question. 
report Recommended by Zel_Ezl
Chihayafuru is very similar to Nana. • Both anime are of the genre josei • Chihaya is very similar to Nana Komatsu and Taichi looks like Shouji • Both anime have the same feelings • Complicated love 
report Recommended by Namerisek
Both series have a gentleness to them giving both a similar feel. 
report Recommended by ZebeKitty
"Aki no Kanade" and "Chihayafuru" both focus on a young girl who was one day suddenly inspired to partake in a hobby of Japanese origin that eventually takes over her life. In their high school years, each of the two female protagonists tried their best to recruit new members to a club that they respectively started in order to revitalize a tradition. 
report Recommended by StevenHu
If you are a fan of Taichi and Chihaya's relationship then I recommend this anime to you. Although Kodocha is not sports anime, Taichi and Chihaya's relationship reminds me of Sana and Akito. Taichi reminds me so much of Akito, on how Akito is always there for Sana and although he love her so much he couldn't get himself to tell her about it. Chihaya reminds me of Sana she is very dense when it comes to love. She never noticed Akito's feeling even though they are almost always together for each other. The way that both of them make each other strong and bring each other's confidence  read more 
report Recommended by MTKN9068
The main character is a cute girl (with orange hair and brown eyes as the MC of Orange) who is going to try to help her friend (a dark hair calm ikemen as Kakeru) overcome his culpability regarding the death of his grandfather. (He was supposed to look after his sick grandfather but went out and his grandfather had a stoke when he was out). There is also a love triangle: She is helped by her other friend (a hot headed friendly orange-haired guy as Suwa) who is secretly in love with her while the feelings of the MC goes towards the friend they are trying  read more 
report Recommended by DandereOtkNozmin
The competition and outstanding are same in the both. And, the karuta can be considered as a sport !  
report Recommended by Miellea
Although they do not have similar plots, both Chihayafuru & Fruits Basket contain dramatic, comedic, and romantic elements. The main female lead also has adorable, little romantic interactions with the two lead male characters but not enough to make the plots solely based on romance. Both will have moments that will make you tear up then smile because it's so lovely which is why I thoroughly enjoyed both! 
report Recommended by emjayse
Alrighty. These two are pretty much the same but what sets them apart is that Ryuuou no Oshigoto is about shogi and Chihayafuru is about karuta. Ryuuou no Oshigoto is more light hearted than Chihayafuru but if you're looking for an anime that has the same type of progression in the story (someone trying to become the best at something/ getting technical into the game iteself) then Chihayafuru might be a good one for you.  
report Recommended by Arukuto
Well, these two anime are quite different. But I don't know why I got a similar vibe between Arata x Chihaya and Hak x Yona. And Soo won is comparable with Taichi (?). But both has romance, mature romance and both are unfinished. Chihayafuru 3 and Akatsuki no Yona 2 are one of the most awaited project in anime lovers but probably both got axed. Art sound, character designs, comedy style are very similar. The background music during Hak Yona scene is very similar to Chihayafuru. 
report Recommended by ekla
Both feature a slower pace in their storytelling while focusing on character relationships and growth. Both have awkward romantic situations that are more implied than actually done. If you like slow dramas with not too high of stakes you'll like both of these. 
report Recommended by TheMidnightWolf
the two series are based on sports and achieving dreams, besides the two have similar styles: comedy, romance, sports. 
report Recommended by Shizuku-Kuroneko
I can't believe anybody hasn't recommended this already!? Both animes are very atmospheric while being supported with the background music and narration is enhancing mood even more! Both animes have abstract fluent animations with beautiful and colorful effects to the point of almost looking supernatural at certain point just like Mushishi! some Chihayafuru's characters do have almost inhuman abilities at certain points the main difference between both animes is Mushishi is about adventure and seeking path in life alone with supernatural touch while Chihayafuru is more Game oriented seeking your path in life through playing Karuta with friends! If you liked the atmospheric feel and music in Mushishi you  read more 
report Recommended by Eneitilyn
They have a great balance of believable characterization and enthralling sports scenes. Themes in both of these shows include finding one's passion, being on a team, overcoming obstacles and following one's dreams.  
report Recommended by mjb
Words, poetry, definitions, meanings, language. Chihayafuru is based around teenagers connected by the Japanese card game karuta, based on classical poetry. Pacing/atmosphere-wise; think teen romance, passion, and the spring of youth. Fune wo Amu is based around adults trying to write a Japanese dictionary. Like a ship, the pace and atmosphere is slow but steady. 
report Recommended by Lemon
- Teen romance anime that also have more going on underneath the who-likes-who - Realistic depictions of grade-school kids (little shits) - Language. Japanese Sign Language in Koe no Katachi, and classic Japanese poetry in Chihayafuru - Romance drama with believable characters 
report Recommended by Lemon
Chihayafuru and Haikyuu!! are both great sport anime that maintain high tension throughout the episodes and seasons. They both make you cheer for the teams that strive for victory. The emphasis on teamwork and little friendship dramas are similar too. While Haikyuu!! has more of a comedic style, Chihayafuru has a little bit more romantic elements. 
report Recommended by atargider
- Both anime feature sports that aren't of the usual PE variety and may be unfamiliar to most viewers, yet lack of fore knowledge will not impede enjoyment. - Drama and suspense during competition (touge battles/karuta matches) is amplified through clever use of inner monologue, creating psychological tension. - Characters are forced to strategize on the fly as they face tougher opponents and situations. - Excellent use of rivalries to boost motivation among multiple characters in each series. - Nearly abusive use of cliffhanger endings throughout each season making it difficult to stop binge-watching. - Both anime are about passion. 
report Recommended by Mundt73
Both series share in common how they make a subject that seems relatively not so competitive and important( Japanese card game karuta) and (playing in brass band) become competitive and life changing. Both have slice of life moments and also moments of romance. Also, both series arguably have a love triangle involved between the mc and two other characters. Chihayafuru and Euphonium also share in common a sense of realism within the characters and settings that are memorable and don't feel forced or exaggerated at all. 
report Recommended by ConnieSarantos
Chihayafuru and Akagi both focus on a game though in the case of Akagi it's Mahjong and with Chihayafuru it's Kurata. Also like Chihayafuru Akagi dramatises aspects of the game to make it more interesting: in Chihayafuru the swipe of the card and in Akagi the slamming of the tile. Surprisingly it's one of the aspects that make both enjoyable to watch during the games. As a warning though Akagi focuses on the game much more than Chihayafuru with only small amounts of plot between long games and tends to be more serious. 
report Recommended by Smozzick
Both series are Josei focused on character interaction and development with a driven female lead and elements of romance.  
report Recommended by PinkSnow
Both are 'feel-good' anime that really touch your heart and bring in realistic yet soothing events and plots that always leave you feeling calm and relaxed. Both anime are also being aired in the same season, so you have a lot to look forward to this Winter! Grab a hanky, because both will indubitably leave you in tears!!♥ 
report Recommended by Fishcaek-Chan
At first glance, these two anime might seem to have nothing in common. But they're both based on exceptional material that transcends the genre (sports manga and josei in the case of Chihayafuru, shonen action series in the case of Hunter x Hunter), both given a stellar adaptation with amazing animation and music by Studio Madhouse, and they both began airing in the same year(!). There are not a lot of anime I've given a 10 to, but these two deserve it. Even though it doesn't have filler like most shonen anime, Hunter x Hunter is still way longer, though. 
report Recommended by sporkaganza
Both series have a similar color pallet and have the idea about middle school friendships as a central aspect. Not only that but both show about how middle school can have it's ups and downs.  
report Recommended by rosebrook
both about childhood frindes grow apart from each others in the depth of real world. 
report Recommended by almozayaf
While Chihayafuru primarily focuses on a competitive game and the impassionate people who play them, Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha. focuses more on romance and the supernatural elements that affect the characters. Both, however, have a very light-hearted pace of storytelling, an aesthetic setting in autumn's red hues, and an immersive soundtrack that makes you feel like your soul has been healed. 
report Recommended by 4kicks
The main characters have similar personalities to each other when it comes to dealing with people, despite the fact one is a tom boy and the other is a girly girl. Similar tone runs through both Anime. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
The stories themselves aren't extremely similar, but the execution and emotions you feel are very similar in my opinion. Both anime are about an uncommon sport/activity- Chihayafuru is about a card game called karuta and Ballroom e Youkoso is about ballroom dancing. Both main characters are introduced to the world of karuto/dancing by somebody they idolize greatly. Now, they strive to become the greatest. Supporting characters are also fleshed out more than most other series and everybody feels truly real. Interactions, feelings, problems, worries, arguments, and everything connecting the characters feels natural and legitimate. They feel less like anime characters and more like actual people.  read more 
report Recommended by animegeek4life
Both series are about characters endeavoring to excel in a high school club. Both series have a heavy focus on character development over story, driven by drama throughout the series. Although both series have comic relief, it is just that, comic relief. Neither series focus on comedy. Both series are animated by Madhouse, with unique art styles but similar animation styles. 
report Recommended by wavedashh
The plot wasn't really similar (in K-On, it's about a band, and in Chihayafuru, it's about competitive karuta), but it still had the same atmosphere. Both main characters are similar in some ways. They both have a dream they want to achieve (in K-On, it's playing in a band, in Chihayafuru, it's to become the karuta Queen). They're both cheerful and air-headed. Also, in both anime, a few friends start a club and try to get more members (they're not always successful though). 
report Recommended by xpaula
They have a heart warming feeling. In both anime the male character fell for the female protagonist but the female either rejected, acted innocent or didn't know of their feelings. Also the both female protagonist have a dream to fulfill. Both anime feels the same so I'm pretty sure that if u like this anime u will like the other.  
report Recommended by Addicer_xx
•Both MCs are OP but still have a lot to learn •Both revolve around a sport that can be played as team or individually • both shows are named after the main character  
report Recommended by Bimouto
Both use their extraordinary orchestral soundtracks to give you dem feelz. Both have intense character development on two-three main characters, as well as every single side character. Both are about reaching your dreams and have strong themes of friendship, courage, ambition and hard work. 
report Recommended by Mayuka
Like funny, but developed characters pursuing their goals? Both series will cater to your needs then. We get to see a lot of competition, but also get to know the characters outside the matches. There is also real team spirit and the relationships between the players also develop. Both have a great sense of humor as well. These animes really raised the level of the 2012 winter line-up.  
report Recommended by Friendlymatch
Both are hidden gems in manga/anime industry and in this site also.. 
report Recommended by Jim_Heart
In both a devoted girl helps a team to get to a major tournament. 
report Recommended by GomenidAC
Typical shojo animes. But Chihayafuru focuses more on Karuta matches, while Hiiro no Kakera focuses more on bishonen battles. Chihayafuru is way more enjoyable though, because Hiiro no Kakera is a bit too cliche. 
report Recommended by izza14
The OST from both series are very similar. The beginning title episode sequence. One series involves a sports game called Karuta. While the other series focues on the romance/comedy.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Both series focus on activities that normally may not seem interesting, but they are portrayed as very interesting and exciting (karuta and cooking, respectively). Also, both of these activities allow most people to compete against each other, independently of their age and gender, but still dependent on their level of skill to a certain extent 
report Recommended by CursedEye