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Both have a protagonist who is extremely passionate about one particular sport and are about a group of childhood friends who meet again in high school.
report Recommended by EdenBaggins
Both are about a team of childhood friends who used to participate in an activity together until one of them left. They meet back up and try to get the friend to play with them again. So far the plot is the same excpet with karata instead of swimming. Incredibly similar anime.
report Recommended by Radiation_
•Both are only similar in the way that a bunch of old friends start a club/group in their high school and along the way run into an old childhood friend that they hang out with, who is not the same person anymore. •Both compete in competitions to see if they will meet that old friend of theirs and play "their" sport like they used to when they were just kids. •Both have protagonists who are passionate about their favorite "sport" and it is always on their mind, ignoring all other logical reasons. I wouldn't say if you like one you'd hate the other but, Chihayafuru is   read more
report Recommended by Lupta
Both are similar in that they center around a sport that the main character(s) enjoy and have enjoyed since they were kids. As time progresses, the characters in both Free! and Chihayafuru lose a bit of interest in their respective sports. However, the love for the sport is rekindled in high school when old friends meet up again.
report Recommended by pretence
Both are categorized as Sports animes, where close friends are separated after elementary school and drastically change. Both follow the changes that occur after they join their individual school teams, and continue to compete and share their love for the sport. Both Nanase and Arata had quit their sport because they had a hurt a loved one, but found it impossible to deny their passion for swimming, and in chiyafuru's case, karuta.
report Recommended by wtflinda
Big focus on character backstories, character development and sports. When Free!'s drama starts getting heavier, it gives off a reminiscent feeling comparable to Chihayafuru's.
report Recommended by Mayuka
they both have to do with getting a lost childhood friend back , being passionate about your hobby , and the struggles of building a new club.
report Recommended by brennasaur