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Both series centre around a protagonist who becomes aware of and learns to love a classic Japanese game that's faded to 'niche interest' status, aspiring to become the very best and accumulating similarly-minded friends along the way. Although Chihayafuru lacks the mild supernatural element found in Hikaru no Go, Chihaya's motivation of improving to Arata's level of skill function similiarly to Hikaru playing go at Sai's urging and wanting to catch up with Touya.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
In both anime, the main characters (Chihaya and Hikaru) are introduced to a Japanese competitive game since they are kids (in Chihayafuru the sport is karuta, and in Hikaru no Go it is the board game called go), which they became hooked on. They both try to became the best in the respective sport, aiming for the title of "Meiji" (the master of the sport). In Chihaya's case, she strives to became a "Queen" (the best female karuta player). In order to achieve their dream, they go to various tournaments and have to catch up to defeat their rivals (for Chihaya it is   read more
report Recommended by -Ereya-
both feature characters striving to be the best in the world at a fairly niche game
report Recommended by zotrian
In both, at first the main characters are not interested in the game, and found it boring (Hikaru no Go) until they met(played the game with) someone around their age who is very strong in the game (Go/Kurata). Both of them got inspired by that person and wanted to keep playing, to improve, to catch up to the someone and to win. Also, both are rather unpopular traditional Japanese games. There's no club in their schools, they started a club and found it hard to recruit people into their club.
report Recommended by hokaru
Introduction to a competitive yet uncommon "sport" Showcases character growth and development both inside and outside of the "arena" Both contain intensity and bouts of seriousness but manages to incorporate light humor where appropriate.
report Recommended by zorapup
Chihayafuru although little success maybe is the best anime of this season (winter 2012). Discover the joys of not only an anime very well done and entertaining, with a game unknown but equally interesting. Don't stop at the first episodes, let yourself be carried away by the wonderful episodes! Unknown game, just like Hikaru no Go I do not know if we can call it a common point, but you will also be carried away by this game if you wear a little interest in the anime. Both want us to enter their world and it is successful.
report Recommended by krysyS
Both have main characters who slowly become good at a niche game,and have intense matches.
report Recommended by bokusenou
If you like intense game anime then they are really alike... both are really good... when i was watching Chihayafuru... it was still ongoing... so i really wanted to find something alike.... and i found Hikaru no Go..... they are sooo alike.... both 10/10!!
report Recommended by special-secret
Hikaru no Go and Chihayafuru both feature characters wanting to become the best at a competitive game after encountering someone who is really strong and inspiring them to enjoy and love Go/Kurata. Both series and mostly about the main characters growing and becoming better at the game and the friendships they develop on the way. They are both enjoyable series and each made me become interested and want to know more about GO and Kurata. Some people don't watch animes like these because they believe the shows will be boring show about a game they don't even understand but they will really regret missing out on   read more
report Recommended by kalokeri
All the characters are driven by their love for the sport Both anime have a time progression and character growth Both show a competitive side of traditional "boring" sport Both shows have a naive main character Both shows could of been longer with no problem
report Recommended by hiyabara
Both anime, despite a large time difference in their creations, focus on the fun and seriousness of relatively unknown, but competitive, Japanese games (for lack of a better term). Overall, both anime are truly enjoyable and I highly recommend them to any person who is sick of the usual standard-battle anime and want to find an interesting and non-violent, but still entertaining anime.
report Recommended by Gecko5567
Hikaru no Go has a similar premise and setting as Chihayafuru. Both stories are told about a slow "sport", which is learned by the characters and used in competition. Both main characters are overly powerful, but need to establish this right, to really get one of the best in the show. Both have rivals, and both main characters work in a club environment for this kind of "sport". Both shows have a rather slow pacing and people who like that, because that truly gives the characters a lot more room to develop, should watch Hikaru no Go.
report Recommended by seQuency
Both are centered around an obscure type of game native only in japan, with good charicter development of both protagonists and antagonists
report Recommended by spiraldown
*both protagonist are playing traditional Japanese board/card game *both are trying to be the best in their game (meijin/queen) *both are getting better though friends rivalry
report Recommended by cyl242
These anime focus on unusual Japanese games. Chihayafuru is about a young girl who starts a karuta team which is a traditional Japanese poem game. She wants to go all the way to nationals and higher. Hikaru no go focuses on the game of 'go' and how a young boy is haunted by a ghost named Sai who dominates the world of 'go' but he can only play if Hikaru lets him. so what if hikaru want to win by himself? What will happen to Sai? Both are filled with comedy and love which make the anime more interesting to watch.
report Recommended by Maria0422
Both anime are taking about games: -Hikaru no Go = Go game. - Chihayafuru = Karuta game Both Hikaru and Chihaya-the protagonist- start playing cuz they want to reach there ravels level how were the reason for there interest in the game. Toya Akira for Hikaru and Wataya Arata for Chihaya. Chihaya has a good hearing, Hikaru has a good memory and high concentration ability. That what make them both can play a very interesting game with there competitors.
report Recommended by Najla_H
Chihayafuru is like Hikaru no Go's older more refined sister. They're both very similar in terms of overall progression and plot development. Both are about learning a new competitive game and striving to improve. Both feature the creation of a school club for said competitive game. They are however very tonally different. Hikaru no Go is lighthearted while Chihayafuru is emotional. However, they share the same competitive tone. As well as prominent rival figures.
report Recommended by C_M_
An old-fashioned japanese sport, of sitting in calm poses, presented in a very favorable light, using extensive motion blur for simple movements. A tournament where our hero improves, a long ladder of ranks to reach, from highschool club to japanese masters, the goal of becoming the best. A triangle of love and one of rivalery, unresolved throughout the year, keeping the viewers interest, through tedious explanation of minute rules.
report Recommended by Xeeron