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Kanojo ni Naru Hi: Another
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sachawon May 17, 2018 4:42 PM
Nice zīmejumi.
Stardew Sep 30, 2014 12:08 PM
Happy birthday
henriiez Sep 6, 2014 9:10 PM
I have to say, that one ludicrously massive paragraph; and then everything after paragraph will only be able to match it if they were to be one paragraph.

Band practice only sounds fun in name. My year level school band is pretty horrible but I had a chance to play with the year 12's which is a bigger band with more instruments, and it was a great experience even though I was making everything up but that's perfectly fine for the drums. Thanks for the wishes, the performance is going to be in less than two weeks from today.

Politics and History don't interest me but it doesn't mean I can't talk about them; your example of a zombie apocalypse is too far-fetched because people wouldn't see that to happen at all. However, if you use that, that is slightly advantageous for me since I will use my own far-fetched example to explain how Justice and/or Fairness can be just as difficult to classify and have a universal understanding of the word to be. My example would be if someone were trying to kill themselves and they were saved, imagine if the person that was committing suicide was a rapist; some people would say that it would be Justice to have that person did for their sins however others believe that he should be saved and live with the sins that he raped. Same goes for the saviou r. Some might argue that it was Justice that he saved the suicidal man whilst others say it was injustice that he saved such a man. However, if the saviour simply saved an innocent man, most would say that he did good but for the skeptics, they may say what if the man wanted to die so it was unjust that someone would stop him from doing so. There are too many extraneous variables that come with the words: Justice, Fairness, Life-Changing, etc.

I don't mind if the visuals are painful to look at, it's the quality of their movements, expression, backgrounds and perhaps perspective and colour choice that I care about. I haven't seen Yami Shibai but it's a short and isn't a full episode so I think that for the purpose of shorts is to have a short time-off, then that would do it's job perfectly fine. Same with Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki or Chitose Get You!! if you have seen either of them. Both are enjoyable in their own right even though the art style and quality isn't very good. However, if I had to sit through a full normal episode of it, I would not like it nearly as much as I did, or I think wouldn't.

One of my very first anime when I decided to watch anime online was K-ON and I wouldn't say I loved it, but it was fun to watch. Now, it's a very nostalgic anime for and although, I don't feel it objectively good, I do love it because of the nostalgia factor. The fact that it's labelled a music anime and has very minimal music, the fact they are stuck within their characters' stereotypes, the fact they don't do anything does not bother me one bit when I watch it. At the time I watched Hyouka, I was only just getting anime like an enthusiast rather than a hobbyist and although had not seen any of their other works, I was familiar with the moe style and thought it was weird that Kyoto Animation had done something like Hyouka which had their style but not their typical feel to it - being very laid back but having depth. It was episode two that did it for me and the way they depicted how Ibara had feelings for Satoshi whilst not directly saying, and to ensure what we were seeing and inferred was actually correct, by Oreki explaining it to Chitanda was a perfect execution of minor details and not treating the audience as idiots. However, this was enhanced greatly by the high quality that Kyoto Animation brought to the table.

After thinking about it a bit more, I feel that anime with a strong start place the characters into a box of what they tend to do, tend to not and what makes them turn. Because of that fact, it's hard to change the characters and they will continue to stay within that box and not develop much as any changes made may easily break the anime if not done correctly. Meanwhile series that have a much slower with less impact will not have anything drastic and will slowly bring things in rather than having everything within the starting episode, I feel those anime really know where they are going and are able to conclude the anime or execute what they are attempting to amazingly well. When anime introduce what the purpose of the series is after 3 episodes on it's way to becoming a great anime.

Aldnoah.Zero hasn't made me interested to see the next episode except for the most recent episode with the princess seeming to be dead. I don't feel Aldnoah.Zero has a sense of what they really want and are simply trying to make the protagonist seem cool and collected, whilst being extremely boring, but knowing Urobuchi he will most likely pull something from under me but as it stands, that's definitely not going to happen as I have not enjoyed much of the show at all and the only part I did genuinely enjoy was seeing Slaine being tortured because he showed how far he would go keep quiet about the princess even if it meant death were what waited for him if he did. Apart from that and Sawano's soundtrack, there has nothing else that has gotten my attention.

Yeah, I know what cliches are. I couldn't think of the word so I explained it the way I did.
henriiez Aug 25, 2014 3:01 AM
September is going to be hectic for me because of the concert that is being held whilst still doing studies but that is only for a week but is still extremely hectic, especially since band practice is going to get more intense and whatnot; however, birthday month is also next month as well so I don't mind.

I'm not quite sure what you were referring to for the first part but I understand what you are saying; but once the good is gone, the great is all that stands. I realised that I still have a bunch of anime that I have to watch, however I don't want nor will watch them anytime soon both because I'm spending most of my time on airing anime and 'studies' and whatnot. The advantage of not watching any of the very good series now is that they will still be there once I go through everything else; Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 serves as an excellent example of this being both amazing and something I recently watched. It did, however, feel a little lackluster with the ending with which I don't think they could have made any better and without a soundtrack that stood-out (either I wasn't paying attention or their was lack of emotional enough scenes with the soundtrack at the forefront of the scene) but being that it was the first production of a new studio, producing such a series was very well done since they definitely knew what they wanted to do; not having outstanding characters with complex back-stories worked to the series' advantage which made relating to the characters from Baccano for example.

When I give advice or suggestions, I'm very straight forward and decisive which is ironic because I'm very roundabout and indecisive when it comes to myself. I usually say, "Try doing [insert action]" and rather than saying it was my idea that worked, I would say what they did worked. Either that or I simply give them ideas as to what to do, but if they seriously ask for my opinion I can be the kind of person to go to if people wanted to cut the crap and perhaps hear what they wouldn't necessarily want to. I don't really believe in life changers but it really depends on your perspective and what you would define "life-changing" to actually be since everyone has their own take on such a thought-provoking topic like that, similar to justice and fairness. It's too vague to simply say life-changing.

[Topic: School and learning related] Concluded.

I feel that objective reviews should be able to make apparent whether the writer enjoys the anime a lot or not rather than having a section within the review to talk about their enjoyment, but that is precisely why subjective reviews are good in my opinion because it puts an emphasis on the writer and how they liked it and not simply describing the content. I wouldn't say "bad animation and even bad story can make an enjoyable piece" but rather "conventional art style or even a non-existent story can still make an enjoyable series" because there is no anime I would label bad animation or bad story, unless there was near-zero movement or completely incoherent story, but if there was it would be needless to say that I wouldn't enjoy them. So any anime I give a 5 or 6 to aren't there to say, don't watch these anime, but rather it's a statement or whether if it is actually good and/or how much I enjoyed it. I find quantifying my enjoyment helps choose what score to give them since although not interrelated, there is a positive correlation between how much I enjoy a series and whether it is good or not like you do as well.

I feel that Kyoto Animation is a keystone for anime since it is what most people generalise this medium to be like since it's at the forefront of new anime coming out with it's extremely unique designs - that have evolved into their personality and almost a genre of it's own which everyone has come to know as moe - and amazing quality that naturally brings people in but the visuals aren't enough to satisfy the more critical enthusiast such as myself that really want a well developed coherent story, mesmerizing soundtrack and awesome characters. However, the content which everyone has gotten used to Kyoto Animation producing really lives up to it's name and does not disappoint the people that love their productions staying extremely consistent but once in a while they will produce a piece such as Hyouka that even with their unique style still be able to hold together a much more well developed story and not indulging in their usual bright colour pallet and being more 'down-to-earth.'

I feel that the shows that start off slowly tend to have a much more developed story nearing the end and concluding well whilst other shows that start off strong and quick want to make a lasting impression that will drag though the prolonged airing running-time but that powerful start will have no breathing space for mishaps and because of that it doesn't get developed and not to mention that the conclusion of it is mostly bad. There is another problem I have with shows with good beginnings but only happen to get better, whilst that last, it's amazing but at the drop-off point it makes the series seem very bad at the time which isn't the best compared to starting low and ending high which majority of the better series have done and done amazingly well. That's not to say that they can't start off strong and still end strong but I've never seen that happen. However, when I say that they start off that way. I try to include the first 3 episodes rather than the typical first episode since it doesn't matter how impactful the first episode is, if the second one is flat compared to the first, the show losses a lot of points there. Which takes me to one of my (unspoken) rules of watching airing anime; "Decide after the third episode."

Speaking of starts, Aldnoah.Zero had a very obvious memorable start since they ended the first episode on a blast, literally, but the episodes that follow aren't as well suited and it hasn't been going well but it is now showing the power of a legendary cast working with it (from the creators of Fate/Zero); however, for Zankyou no Terror I can't quite remember the first episode as well. I did like how it started however, but I didn't feel that was necessarily a strong start but definitely one loaded with potential and a mature plot - the concept and dark colours only helping to enhance that point.

I don't think you really spoil the story or plot advancements because you don't really know what will definitely happen only hypothetically. What I do is that I think about ways I would like the anime to go rather than how I think it will play it and that presents me with a lot of ways that things can happen since I've had a lot of moments that I thought one thing was going to happen yet they pulled it past me and did something completely different and I love happening since it means that not everything is one-dimensional and there are a lot of different pathways that are available. I guess this is what I enjoy so much about anime when it comes to complex and well-developed stories since they can still pull things from under you rather than going for the universal known things that this medium has to offer like the childhood friend idea and form a love triangle or having random overpowered power-ups. Those completely irrational things that we have all come to expect from watching a lot of anime.

The main reason I like the ending theme song for Zankyou no Terror is the fact that is has drums at the very end. Being a drummer, maybe it's just my bias towards that part. It's the same with one of Black Lagoon's endings which is soothing for the majority of the song but kicks up at the very end with persuasion instruments which makes for an almost solid ending. I don't really have a favourite opening or ending theme song I like from those three anime because they are all unique in their own right, but Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Barakamon having more obvious and straight forward openings compared to Zankyou no Terror since it's part of the minority and shows us the animated take on controlled terrorism and having an unconventional antagonist.
henriiez Aug 11, 2014 1:20 AM
Procrastination levels are so high; I started relying to you the day you replied and I only finished it now...

That's a good idea, I haven't thought of that but I definitely know about it subconsciously since little bits of anime over time and increased like crazy and become this massive thing for me, plus one of the games I used to play but stopped because it was simply taking up a lot of time. I just simply need to be more decisive with the things I need and want to do since I use my time before, during and after watching anime pondering whether or not I should do my work. Procrastination and laziness at it's finest. I'm fine with ol' grannies "words of wisdom" and being Asian I hear the same thing about working hard and studying and doing well in school all the time at gatherings about 10 times at least in the one gathering - I'm the kind of person who becomes more reluctant on doing something I don't want to do after being told to do it.

Oh, school sounds so carefree back in the day (?). I would love to have the pleasure of not doing homework but I still wouldn't take days off school just because there would be nothing productive done - basically, it's a habit, waking up at 6:30 AM to shower then watch anime, getting dressed and making my way to school. Our scoring system is different and not completely dependent on the exam at the end of the year, although half the marks towards the ATAR (the score that ranks the best at 99.95 and the worst at 0.05; don't think anyone actually gets these low scores) and the other half is SAC's and whatnot. The complexity of VCE most likely comes from the subjects and how they are divided and rounded off as scores escalating with positive correlation with how difficult the subject is like Math Methods (accelerated Maths) would be boosted and Studio Arts may not be rounded up or down because it isn't that difficult of a subject from an intellectual standpoint, I guess. But, this is boring talk since it's a system designed to probably help students succeed in their education and has a lot of roundabout ways and alternate options to do so.

I find the best reviews to be the one's that aren't emotionally detached since they bring reasons why we may like them as well rather than standing in no mans land in order to try to please everyone which is ultimately, impossible. I hate it, though, when the subjective reviews bring in references to other series because not everyone has seen them - even if I have, I still get angry because I know some other people out there will not understand the references they are making. Unless, it's universally known such as Pokemon, One Piece, Dragon Ball, etc. I think if people were to do this and well, the reviews may be a little too long or not cover as much things as one would like since it would most likely be more condensed being focused more on two or three, instead of all five. I understand that the main purpose of anime is for entertainment but I can not disregard the fact of derpy animation quality and/or bad storywriting, pacing and/or execution. I have shows that made me enjoy the entirety of them with actual laughter of loudness, however, I would never rate up an seires I know is bad but I enjoyed because of that fact.

I didn't know you were a Kyoto Animation fan; I'm not a fan of their style, but definitely a big fan of their quality in animation. Talking about mainstream, I feel broadly speaking, that people who haven't seen the enough of the majority couldn't appreciate or come to like the minority. I'm only saying this based off my friends since I now feel very hesitant telling most of my friends to watch certain anime that I hold in high regard because they have only started watching anime and the series which would apply to enthusiasts did not apply to my friends such as Usagi Drop, Mushishi and Baccano being much more mature themed and appreciate that much more after seeing a wider range of the medium to understand how big the small and diminishing minority actually is. In my case however, the sheer amount I had seen allowed me to have a wide range of anime to label as good or bad that it made it easy for me to distinguish between what was objectively good and bad, not taking anything away from the creators since I have the best and the worst at the opposite ends of the spectrum, just like the ATAR for VCE, and not how each aspect does individually and totaling them up to have the final score.

When I say gap, there's a distance between us but that doesn't necessarily separate us if you know what I mean. I feel that friends are people that I can have fun in their presence but being able to be serious when need be is one of those things that I value because I don't want to seem like a complete and utterly incoherent person. I hope I don't grow up to be the kind of person that is unable to listen to someone else's opinion even though I do that subconsciously and unconsciously nowadays. It annoys me but it seems to be something I can't disregard; I'm thankful that I don't act all condescending.

Aldnoah.Zero is not going in the direction I want - that direction was something similar to Fate/Zero - and it's limiting itself but I see signs of it potentially picking back up again after seeing episode 6 but I doubt that they will pull anything spectacular enough to make me hold it in high enough regard for a score of 9 out of 10, let alone 8. The cast of Barakamon is definitely fun to watch and I like how Sensei is slowly developing. It's definitely going to stay at an 8 out of 10 for me since they are doing everything right and it's going down the right direction and the way they incorporated unity of the town's people which in turn gave insight into how to develop as a person to Sensei. I've lost a considerable amount of respect for Rail Wars since at the start they had subtle signs of fanservice but now they have clear signs of fanservice and needlessly high number of derp scenes which is really getting to me. Zankyou no Terror is definitely coming out as objectively one of the best of the season with Barakamon following behind and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is third due to enjoyment and it's sort of a deconstruction of the shoujo demographic of the medium (?) - I'm not sure.

The reason why I said I hated Zankyou no Terror's certain aspects because I looked at it as a whole rather than the potential since looking at the potential can ruin things especially when it comes to arguments sake, unless it's a conversation. If I look at it from a potential side of things, I will hold the anime in extremely high regard but since none of those things I've imagined have happened, I refrain from doing so and getting ahead of myself. Right now with the 5th episode being aired, it's absolutely crucial that they play it out extremely well or ZnT will lose massive marks in my books but everything they have done up to this point has been amazingly done and well executed - I'm loving the ending theme song so much right now.

I just realised that the theme songs for Zankyou no Terror, Barakamon and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun are all great and all have a certain uniqueness to it.
henriiez Jul 27, 2014 11:34 PM
No need to hold back at all. I'd rather you wrote 1000 words rather than 100 words, even if the 100 words did summarise most if not all of what you wanted to say because what I'm looking for isn't a summary: it's a in-depth conversation I'm looking for.

I'm horribly lazy and can't manage my time for the life of me; if I weren't those things and was able to keep up and complete homework then I would be very happy. I believe anime has helped me in my studies because I have been able to remember the things said in class effortlessly and therefore be able to pass most, if not all, my tests. However, I'm in VCE which is the two prior years to universities if students decide to go down that path and it's destroying me very badly since I'm unable to keep up with the work let alone recall a decent amount of information presented in class; but I find that all I really have to do is understand how they work rather than doing a lot of work which is where I am now - able to do very well in subjects with less subcategories and topics to study and very badly in the subjects that do. It's most likely that only because the few years that followed after I started watching anime my grades went up because those years were much easier and much more lax than it is now which is why it's catching up to me now.

If you go by the same username on deviantart as you do on MAL, than I must say, your drawings are very nice. I really like your style of coloring but I'm not really sure if it's not very detailed or it's just the style... It's still a very good drawing nevertheless.

Oh, what I said was so misleading. What I really meant was more like, I like conversing to people with conflicting ideas, since talking to people with very similar ideas/tastes they would generally agree with ideas brought up in the conversation. As rare as it might be, liking the same anime for different reasons would just be, if not much more, interesting because it introduces a new perspective of enjoying an anime - not that I have any examples of this, but just in case that ever happens, I mentioned it. It may just be the person that depends on whether they want to or can bring up ideas in a "objective" way since I'm both pessimistic and not easily impressed anymore. Not to mention and I can emotionally detach myself from situations and things. I don't think I'm able to take a completely objective viewpoint but generally, I would consider myself to be able to be objective - when I want to be (which is more-or-less, most of the time) - and still not completely detach myself from what I'm saying. I would consider myself to be one of those fans that although puts a lot of emotion into what their saying but is still conformed and is able to backup why I feel the way i do, I'm not the best at this but I don't rave for no reason; there's a reason, even if I may not know it.

I honestly don't love wonky art style since I would not like all the current anime out to look similar to either Ping Pong The Animation or Aku no Hana because being the minority makes them as good as they are. I think the smaller part of the anime community that have watched a large hand-full of anime will mostly choose to engage with those type of art style. The people that haven't seen that much, I consider, aren't as "dedicated" and because they haven't seen the same amount as us will not have a firm grasp on what is the norm for anime. Like, people unfamiliar with the Magical Girl genre or know anything about it will not get how Madoka Magica is a breakdown of the Magical Girl genre (actually not sure if that is a genre in itself). Basically, if they don't know what's "normal" then they won't know what is different. Not to mention, to the untrained eye it may be hard to pick up how well animated those anime actually are from the backgrounds to the foreground and how fluent the animation is.

I felt such a gap between us when you said: "preparing some documents for doctoral studies." It's kind of like, "You do know I'm still in high school right?" Anyway, I recommend Aldnoah.Zero if you either like Sawano Hiroyuki's music or Fate/Zero since it's by the same creators and Barakamon if you like Usagi Drop but imagine a more eccentric main characters that focuses more on enjoyment has undertones of a deeper meaning. One more anime recommendation, more so for the "lols" is Rail Wars; yes, I know it's about trains. This is just a little something to check out if you have nothing else to watch on Saturdays or even over the the weekend for arguments sake. The characters are stereotypical, the art and animation aren't off the walls, the soundtrack is nothing something I have noticed or paid much attention to whilst watching and the story obviously isn't the greatest but I'm definitely really enjoying it third to Barakamon (first) and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (second) this season.

I would say I like Zankyou no Terror because they don't try to put the terrorists in an altered world. The characters have depth about them but what I don't like about it is that they already have plot devices that have already been put into place such as the "nightmares" Nine has or saving Lisa and having her be their "accomplice" but that's not to say that wouldn't want that in the anime, it's just as where it stands now I don't like it but when they develop the ideas, I might end up liking it or even want nothing else other than for that to be there. I didn't like the character designs per say, but the animation scenes of the explosion scenes are exquisite, not to mention how the theme songs look. Dem birds doe. Soundtrack is made by Yoko Kanno. There is nothing more to be said. I just hope they don't have a trope like Monster of the Week, and take some time out to develop and explore the characters further.

I know this isn't the first time I've said this but your scores are so high, you're so nice with your scores.
henriiez Jul 21, 2014 12:18 AM
Yeah, enough of this apologizing stuff. Be it late, a reply is a reply. Let's be happy with that and not feel so bad for not replying soon after receiving a reply.

I say that I'm able to remember much more due to the amount of anime I watch because I'm able to describe most, if not all, of the anime I've seen if asked about them. I've had plenty of friends IRL go through my list and I would be able to tell them what the anime is about and what I think of them. If they were to ask about anime that are on the higher end of my anime list scores, I would be able to go more in-depth than some of the anime on the other side. When I started to watch anime more intensively, to the same extent now with airing anime but to even watch already completed anime during that time as well, I was able to remember a lot more during class and my grades went up but that may be due to a lot of other factors but I found my memory recollection was extremely good as I started watching as much anime as I did.

Maybe the viewpoint that I hold to being serious whilst playing games has to do with how I play very little games, as in different games, but have played a lot of it. I understand getting angry about trying hard to win and losing, since I've gone through all of that myself but being a few years after picking that game up and maturing more, looking back there was no point in being so angry and holding it against certain people within that singular match being the cause of losing. I now feel that my losses can be held against myself and the mistakes I made, which makes me want to improve by not making those mistakes - that's not to say that I don't think that my teammates aren't responsible for some of the matches. So, basically, it's fine to get angry, but it's equally, if not much more, to be able to move on and not dwell on that match.

I find it equally as fun to talk about anime I hate compared to anime I love. Obviously, I love talking about anime I love and don't just go around talking about anime I hate - I would get sick of myself. When I watch an anime that isn't particularly good and don't finish it, I don't feel confident and actually guilty talking down the anime, unless I've seen majority of the content like I have with Fairy Tail having seen 134 episodes, because there is a possibility it could get better but having not seen that I can't really say. In addition, not being able to prove that it is genuinely as bad as I think it is, since I've met people who have seen less than me on a particular anime but call me wrong for not being able to prove anything, and after presenting evidence, they say something like, "Well, I haven't seen it all." or something similar along those lines. I don't try to make them change their mind, but rather inform people how good the anime actually stands from an "objective" viewpoint.

The problem I have with people dropping anime, or not even attempting, with wonky art (not animation) is that the mostly have amazing animation. I must say the animation in Ping Pong The Animation was spectacular and the different art design made it perfect to fit the amazing animation; however, I'm not really sure why so I'm unable to describe why. Here's a link to one of my club's review of Ping Pong The Animation. I'm really liking anime that go beyond what the anime community have grown used to seeing, and breaking that misconception that anime is very childish and doesn't, or rather can't express mature themes because it's all fictional. Aku no Hana was definitely not an easy anime for me to watch because the themes were going against what you would see as wrong and right, and as someone who has a high sense of ethics and morals - at least I think I do, I didn't enjoy watching but I liked the ideas they brought up.

I don't actively watch anime raw but when there is a movie or OVA that isn't subbed, I'll sometimes just check it out and I don't understand some of the words, I'll go back and re-watch the subbed version since supplying me with the vocabulary to make out what they are saying, I'm able to pick out quite a lot of faults with the subtitles I read, but I feel that just comes down to how someone interprets the dialogue. I knew about anichart but never actively used it until this year because I would always just watch whatever anime would pop up on the websites where I streamed anime. Speaking of airing anime, how are you liking the current season of airing anime? I'm really liking Barakamon, Rail Wars, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and like the current direction of Zankyou no Terror. I have to put in honorable mentions to Tokyo Ghoul, Aldnoah.Zero and Akame ga Kill!.

I'm fine with a wall of text since I was recently having conversations that went a whole another 500 words compared to what you wrote which was close to 1000 words. I think it was fairly obvious from your previous reply, and me asking you to expand on what you said, that I would be fine with that much writing and I actually don't mind at all if you write even more if you feel that it relates to our discussions. Or even if it doesn't, feel free to ask anything if you're curious.
henriiez Jul 14, 2014 12:00 AM
Damn exams. I'm one of those people that does jack-all but manages to pass and I think that has to do with the great ability recall which I think has to do with all the anime I watch.

Fair enough. I, actually probably feel games are a type of dedication as well, but I don't dedicate myself to games as much anymore because I now dedicate myself to anime, as that may already be quite obvious. However, the people that get angry over losing games that are PVP shouldn't take the game too seriously, because at the end of the day, it's just a game. Unless you're professional. Then, it could determine first or second, or heck for arguments sake, last place. I used to be one of those angry people, so I understand how stupid I felt about losing and even losing myself over a game.

You don't feel Baccano is deserving of a 10? Well crap on that. Just kidding. The anime I start with I didn't start when they are airing, I always just try to watch regardless of how bad I may think it may be, or if it IS really bad, I'll watch it anyway. Plus, it provides me with ways to actually, insult, or rather, talk-down certain anime because people may or may not like them. Some of those anime being well known Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan, and an anime I will not ever recommend to anyone ever, called School Days which has sole procession of a score of 1 out of 10. If you like anime with unconventional ways of telling a story, Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, is also one of them (on your dropped list) which basically tells a story backwards - I think. I'm not entirely sure. I don't recommend it since I did not like it, but it is quite a different approach to anime. If I haven't already, I can't believe how anime you have dropped.

I haven't seen Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei nor Mononoke but both of those anime are on my plan-to-watch list so sooner or later I will most likely get around to watching those. If it has wanky art, I'm absolutely fine with that are watching both Aku no Hana (Flowers of Evil) and Ping Pong The Animation which most likely turned people away straight away by the way they looked, especially Aku no Hana.

I liked Attack on Titan to a certain extent, but that extent wasn't very far. Comparing Attack on Titan to the other anime I have given a score of 9 out of 10 will be crushed by how much better I think they are, let alone how much I enjoyed them. Animation and the sound saved Attack on Titan from crumbling. I swear, anime studios must have a hotline for anime which aren't that good, and the person who picks up the phone is Sawano Hiroyuki with his amazing soundtracks.

Yeah, I meant Glasslip. I think everyone uses to be honest. It's used by everyone I know that watches airing anime. I use that website, and the MAL airing anime club to help find when anime should be out, etc. I also check 2 sites to see whether or not the anime is actually out since one of the sites only uploads subbed anime whilst the other does dubs, subs and even raw anime. The raw content helps when people won't subtitle them and my understanding of Japanese is quite good at this point in time, but this applies more to slice of life anime with the mundane dialogue.

Sorry, I could have replied earlier but it was holidays and my procrastination levels skyrocketed. Also, if you don't mind, could you put a bit more depth you the things you say since one sentence thoughts end very quickly but expanding on those sentences with reasons of why you think that make conversations much more interesting for me.
henriiez Jun 14, 2014 5:29 AM
Talking about busy, I was in the middle of the exam week and on my most busiest day, you and two others commented on my profile. I'm not too sure about you but it only takes about an hour to write these replies.

Time management is just a nicer way of saying, You're being too distracted, so get over it. I really need to do this because I'm also very easily distracted. Either that, or I'm just distracted by doing anything and not prioritizing the things I need to do right. Well, games can be a dedication but I would only think that if people were professional or aiming to be professional, and the game itself. The only game I play, League of Legends, has a story but I never got around to reading it since I really couldn't be bothered. I should since there are some gags that the commentators for pro play use sometimes. The jokes only people that have some context of why the joke is used that would understand.

I think the sequel of Clannad After Story was needed to feel some nostalgia or have a better understanding of some of the events because the first season would give some context to it. Clannad was a visual novel though, so of course the first season would do that, and if it had enough production values then it would get a sequel which I think that's what happened. I feel the very start of After Story the first few episodes were very abrupt since they had no context behind them, either that, or I'm remembering wrong.

One of the other people I'm talking to just picked Baccano back up and finished it and gave it the same rating I did, 10. Baccano is not an anime I would recommend to absolutely everyone because it's not the easiest anime to get through despite being so short. I must say though, dropping it after the first episode because it was so boring isn't the best thing. That's why you have both so many anime you have on your dropped list and some that are extremely good -- even the best. I'm looking at Baccano if you can't tell. If you didn't like the character interactions between the two main characters, then I can't say anything to that.

What does YA romance mean?

There is one or two canon OTP's but they actually clear them up before the series ends. They don't beat around the bush and actually show the characters come together. The setting, which was away from highschool, was enough for me to watch the anime. What made me love the anime was the character and their relationships between one another. How they actually have thoughts of their own even though some of them don't seem as mature going by their age but it's a light-hearted show that is based in a working environment so I couldn't really blame it since it's going out of the conventions of highschool. Props for only that point.

I would give Shingeki no Kyojin a higher score because it is actually a good anime. The art is something I've seen done much better elsewhere but it was not to say it wasn't to par with some of the other greatly animated anime out there. What would have won me over would definitely be the soundtrack which I have both soundtracks of. This may be due to bias from loving Sawano Hiroyuki so much but he is a great composer which really has been more prominent in the past few years helping create such work as Guilty Crown, Shingeki no Kyojin and Kill la Kill which all have at least a few memorable tracks in their soundtracks.

Shingeki no Kyojin definitely lost quite a lot of points because of the enjoyment it gave me. The characters didn't help much with that because although Mikasa is an absolute beast and I love her abs, she cannot carry the whole show by herself. Yes, I know there is Levi and the old guy but they still can't carry the show. The story wasn't very good either with the ass-pull of Eren becoming a titan and having another titan appearing being Anny etc. Especially the concept. The concept I didn't mind as much but the fact that the titans all looked retarded was annoying and the fact that cutting off their heads would not kill them because they would grow back but cutting behind their next will? Amazing logic. It's so stupid it's brilliant. (I hate it).

I just wanted to my tags done with and if I were to ever get around to re-watching them then I would redo the tags I put on. It just looks so nice scrolling all the way done and having all the tags there. I don't know why but it feels super fulfilling for me. P The only ones I took my time to do actually tags to were the ones I thought deserved the time, anything that got a score of 8 or higher and a select few anime with a score of 7.

The only anime I'm looking forward to is Psycho-Pass (redone) and a special mention to PA Works especially after enjoying Nagi no Asukara.
henriiez Jun 2, 2014 4:40 AM
Apologies for the late reply.

Well, I guess we can all it a stroke of luck and a stroke of sequence. All the pieces falling it at the right time. In the club discussions in a club I recently joined (Quiet Discourse) brought up the topic of airing anime and everything put up their thoughts of the airing anime and I wanting to be apart of the discussions put down my thoughts. Since it related to airing anime, I decided to also post it on Spring Season 2014 Anime club discussion area.

I've asked Stark700 and he says time management is the way to go. Too bad I'm absolutely horrid with time management. You do a lot of things so not being able to keep up with all the anime is no surprise. I only have music as a legitimate dedication with playing games being a non-legitimate dedication.

The anime I score an 8 are anime which are special because they bring something different to the table and either make it enjoyable and/or meaningful. If they take the next step then they will be stepping into the king's domain with god's domain after that. Those aren't something which are just given out freely and those anime are given some thought to them before actually receiving the score. I made another account sorely for the purpose of re-scoring the anime I've already completed because it gets extremely messy once the scores are below 8 and higher than 4 (I have trouble saying that one anime is equally as good as the other).

Just by having a coherent storyline with an overarcing plot makes an anime so much better as a whole. Well, I give props to Clannad After Story becaues it was a visual novel and needed a way to incorporate ways for all the heroines to be in place whilst still being a coherent story (anime/VS). The overall atmosphere they were able to create was magnificent and because it related somewhat closely to what I've experience, it was truly well executed. I can't say the same about the first season though, but I know it was more-or-less to purely introduce the characters to us; so, I don't why people give it something even remotely close to the score they have the sequel.

I wouldn't say Nichijou would have complete proper sequence of events, just that it tends not to completely disregard what happened last time. Well, there are a numb er of scenes in the anime it reaches as close to about 150 if my memory serves me correctly. There is a small story to it but that is used for jokes as well. There may be some character development in it as well surprisingly enough.

I think, the relationship between the characters were more the focal point of the anime rather than have the audience be able to relate to the characters. Similar to Sherlock and John. I doubt most would be able to relate to them but the relationship between the two is extremely fun to watch, which was most likely S&W's intention but it isn't on the same level as Sherlock and John. I really loved the screen time where Holo was involved though, but the trouble they ran into wasn't too my satisfaction. Rounding everything off from the mischievous Holo to the unsatisfying plot twists, it receives an 8.

I think the author may have used folk tales relating more to the Japanese culture but I think foxes are scarce in Japan therefore they used an European setting to have the story set in; foxes being scarce in Japan may well be why were depicted as smart, witty but selfish. As a person who doesn't know much about the "real world," I can only speculate about these things. Japan may have heaps of foxes. Japan may depict foxes as evil, dumb and disruptive creatures. That's all I have to say.

The user scores are always unnecessarily high any way so I wouldn't use that as a reference. Some of them I just can't pass by such as Shingeki no Kyojin. It should not be that high. I do believe GJ-bu to be a good, fun and refreshing anime to watch despite being stereotypical. Don't expect anything out of the ordinary. Just enjoy it. Yes, when I say Mikakunin de Shinkoukei being similar to another anime, I do mean Fruits Basket. I enjoyed the heck out of Mikakunin de Shinkoukei more than I did Fruits Basket. In regards to Nana being a "mature" romance anime, I don't think that would fit it. It's much more immature than mature; it's immature with mature content would more closely describe Nana.

I don't know what you mean by "canon OTPs" but if it's similar to something like, awesome or lovable OTP's, then, Yes! At least they were for me. I really did love the characters. Especially the focal point of the anime being Lucy Abrv. and Hasabe. I think it was due to the fact that "perfect" guys in anime usually don't seem to be flustered by anything, and if ever, it's very little. That separates Hasabe from the male leads. Once again, I have to emphasis, they are not in high school. That's a major part of the anime which cannot be overlooked, well, at least for me.

Damn! Why did it take you so long just do a small number of them? I think if you don't do the tags for the anime that you plan to watch then it wouldn't take that long of a time. In addition to that, some of my tags are VERY simple such as "It's an OVA." or "It's the second season." There are a few anime extremely annoyingly long names I'll never forget. Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai and Ore no Imouto Konna ni kawaii wake ga nai.

Apologies once again, sorry for the late reply.
henriiez May 15, 2014 11:29 PM
I don't have as many misclicks as I do with random clicks though, but clicking on the wrong button but still finding something interesting has happened to me. If you just go from one to another it's not so random and very much logical.

Yes, 95% of anime haven seen being a perfect score is very strange. This was no push-over though. They had seen twice as much as me, but I have no way of proving or finding out with they actually have. Unlike with some people like Stark700 who have made it painfully obvious that they have clearly seen everything (at least majority of) they have on their list. Writing massive reviews, starting episodic discussions for airing anime every week, Stark is the real deal.

When I recommend something I always try to consider the types of genres that person is into; if not, I go with the 'Give them everything I think is THE SHIT' option. Mushishi, Baccano, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood etc. My scores being anything 8 and above is definitely worth a watch. 6 to 7 would depend on different factors, but broadly speaking, only watch if you're bored. Anything 5 and under are 'watch if you have to.' I hoped that gave you an idea of whether or not your scores are different to others. 10 = Masterpiece. They are the kings of kings; gods of gods. They are, simply, the best. The re-watch score does not come anywhere into the equation for me; the score and whether or not it will be fun to re-watch normally have a positive correlation though.

The first episode being much better than the whole series in some cases is because they need something to make viewers come back again to see where it will develop. Other anime focus on developing the whole series and that's where some of the best anime really strive in. The loved One Piece, the famous Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and the recent Nagi no Asukara all have this implemented into their characters and/or story. My score for Suisei no Gargantia was 8. One of the main reasons for having such a high score would be that the setting was created extremely good not to mention it's a mecca that doesn't focus on the mecca aspect but rather the advanced technology of meccas.

My problem of not finishing anime has got to do mostly on the fact that I have school. If it weren't for homework and other dedications, I would most likely finish the anime that have already finished airing and actually be able to follow all airing anime. I don't think the anime have gotten worse over the years (just the past 2 years), and this super season is a big exception with the return of Mushishi and Jojo but I don't follow Jojo because I have the mindset of finishing prequels before sequels. Finally something worth given a score of 9 or maybe even 10.

If you did not like the first episode of Nichijou and don't like exaggerated anime, then this is not the anime for you; seeing as you really liked Kill la Kill, then nevermind. They do have a sequence of all the events happening unlike others which totally disregarded what happened last episode or part; until the end of the series to have some 'development'. If there's just a legitimate reason that you didn't watch them, it's fine. I can still try to persuade you either way; more fun this way, anyway. But I just can't let this one go... You didn't like Spice and Wolf? I can understand Maoyuu because they make it painfully obvious what they are trying to do and they don't actually encounter hardships.

GJ-bu: although playing quite heavily on stereotypes, they still somehow make it more interesting than others of it's kind. Mikakunin de Shinkoukei: also playing on stereotypes but less than GJ-bu, in my opinion, it's a more modern version of a well known anime (if I tell you what anime, it will spoil quite a lot). Nana: I don't know what anime would top this or is just similar to this. Servant X Service: a great break from highschool related dramas because they are actually adults in the workforce. The OTP's are very real in this anime.

I spent quite a lot of time adding the tags. Approximately 6 hours just to do all of them. They serve to help me remember what it's about even though I remember all, if not most of them. One things I have trouble remembering is characters though. I've seen too many anime that I keep getting Mikasa, Misaka and Misaki mixed up all the time. The anime they come from are Attack on Titan, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. I don't think the names are in order, but you get what I mean. They are all very similar names.
henriiez May 6, 2014 4:38 PM
Nah, there will always be misclicks which lead to magnificent finds on the internet.

Well, lower your scores then I'm sure you'd find someone like that quite easily; either or you can just find other people who have given the anime they have seen very high scores. I've found someone who had 95% of their anime a 10 out of 10 and I kind of left it there and left straight away.

The moment when you complete it and usually, they would try to end it on a high note which initially messes with the score. After everything has settled, gathering your thoughts and coming up with a score makes it more subjective rather than objective which, in my case, resulted in low scores. The anime I re-watch are either very good or either I'm not quite too sure what to think regarding that anime since I had made this account after a year of drowning myself in anime, saw about 100-150 during that time. Although, I don't have the most solid of reasons for giving my anime certain scores, it's usually close enough to what I genuinely think of the anime.

I started watching anime on TV but that was all dubbed and I was too young to even try to start understanding other than, 'Pirates!' and 'Fight! Fight! Fight!' The first time I actually got on a computer and watched anime was likely 2005-2008, I honestly have no clue at all. The difference between us, other than our scores, are the fact that I strive to finish majority of the airing anime I do try out and (want) to pick up rather than dropping them. I only started watching airing anime because I kind of had a craving for more anime because I had finished all 500 episodes of One Piece at the time which got me to this point.

Regarding you dropping anime, there a few anime that I recommend finishing. One of them, because it is one of the greatest anime I've ever seen and you do literally have to finish it to grasp why it is that it is one of the best. That anime would be Baccano. That would be the true recommendation from the dropped list. Others such as GJ-bu, Log Horizon, Mikakunin de Shinkoukei, Nana, Nichijou, Servant X Service whicih I would try to persuade you to give a little more consideration towards picking them back-up and finishing them.
henriiez Apr 15, 2014 12:54 AM
It's not random if it came from somewhere. :P

The highest I've seen my anime list compatibility was about 92%.

I looked at your list, and you are very generous with your scores, where as I'm slightly harsher with mine. I like grouping up the anime from one score and see if they are on the same level of goodness, if they aren't then I either move them up or down depending on if they should belong on either the higher group or bottom group. Although, I do have a few bias scores. Only a few. Those few anime are anime such as Toradora since it was one of the first anime and I feel like I have a connection with that anime, that it has received the very high score it has. Realistically, I would give it an 8, but due to my complete and utter love for the series, I gave it a 9.

I did check Mahou Shoujo Taisen out and it definitely does look nice but I'm not willing to follow to just for that reason. Unless, it looked absolutely amazing. But it doesn't. So, no. Yeah, I do tend to follow majority, if not all, the anime that come out every season since that's basically what really kept me going when I finished One Piece and wasn't too sure what to watch. I've been following airing ever since the Autumn 2011 season.
satsujinisa Jul 5, 2010 5:14 PM
Trusis :D