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Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Yesterday, 3:12 PM
Watching 8/25 · Scored -
Seishun Buta Yarou wa Yumemiru Shoujo no Yume wo Minai
Seishun Buta Yarou wa Yumemiru Shoujo no Yume wo Minai
Dec 9, 4:57 PM
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Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden (TV)
Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden (TV)
Dec 9, 3:00 PM
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Spy x Family
Spy x Family
Dec 7, 8:27 AM
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Nov 17, 7:32 PM
Reading 250/? · Scored -
5-toubun no Hanayome
5-toubun no Hanayome
Nov 9, 11:24 AM
Reading 108/? · Scored -


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ShirayukiNoYurei Nov 1, 3:07 PM
I don't want to cut my neko's tbh, don't think we ever did it even..

It's just so blurried by all the mash up of memories and emotions and bleh...just smh

it's way more active and easier tbh lel ^^' gonna send my name
ShirayukiNoYurei Nov 1, 1:47 PM
Eh, being mentally effed can apparently do that to ya...

I get nervous when it's only about my cat for that matter lmao don't want to do sth wrong ^^'

I suppose, piercings should definitely be of your own accord and not during a teen phase... it's a scientific fact people are the dumbest during that time^^' but just earings Ig I'm happy with having ever since I was a kid, seriously just always had them now when I think about it o.o
Do you have discord by any chance?
ShirayukiNoYurei Nov 1, 12:09 PM
Hahah arigatou, it's still 4 hours left *from where I am at least* ^^
And gomenasai, it got real bad over here with my head, hope it'll get back to who I was with my birthday really, I've so had enough of tears and nausea and everything...

Literally !! I don't even know how do they manage, I mean the nail is so chibi o.o

I am actually kiiinda grateful for that? Idk, I just wear earings daily, silver round ones and I'm totally used to it because I've had it since forever... but I'd never get to do it intentionally tbh x.x it being like this, I don't even remember the actual thing lel ^^'
ShirayukiNoYurei Oct 23, 3:26 PM
Gosh, I'm so exhausted from everything... literally the second I touched the bed like 30 minutes ago everything in em died x_x
I'll have only a day smhh, but hey it's my birthday so will make good use of it I hope~

Oh you don't have to tell me anything... my 4 yo niece wears nail polish, just why, she barely has nails
I tell you, parents and the media do that, or well most of the society lel, sad truth
ShirayukiNoYurei Oct 19, 8:17 AM
Desho! Was exactly what I meant ^^

I already live for the winter break... or any for that matter, such is the case with next Friday ~

Well it's when girls get baka and put too much or for example don't remove and wash it off before going to bed... Happened once in gosh darn elementary school, now that girl was a real bakayaro... enjoyed all the attention even right after the ambulance drove her back to the camp we were in *just facepalm
ShirayukiNoYurei Oct 19, 6:36 AM
Is how usually ends up being when you actually focus I'd say, that's kinda why I like working with people I kinda know at least, because otherwise I won't be sure whether it's a "working fully concentrated" silence or the awkward one lel

I know, I know gomenasai, I'm just so curious ^^' it can kill a neko you know :s
Definitely, and I LUW it !!!

I'll make sure I do, you'll just have to forgive me for not doing it straight away since the university has struck finally along with my birthday planning and all social things going on...hontoni gomenasai!!
Hope you can end up doing so, literally love to read and watch what people can create ^^

Oh that, I can understand aye, there was this one girl wearing lenses and I remember she once had an issue and almost got an infection even because fo too much makeup *but she really overdid it almost every time... not saying you wear lenses or not, just a throwback that popped in ma mind, gomen >.<"
ShirayukiNoYurei Oct 17, 4:12 PM
Some things cane be done better with the help of others for sure !! But tbh whenever I do something, it's so distracting if someone has a different way in mind ^^'

SPOILEEEERSSS !!! lmao :') I'm looking forward to next arcs that's for sure ~
Really loved the music and the feeling he gives off and teh voice, design and animation *all ^^'

Nuuu, never read any, nanai kore ???
Hope you'll have more time after graduating, it's a nice way to fill time while looking for a job

Going home is actually planned quite rarely ^^' it just happens when you don't feel like staying I suppose~
Oii, what is that supposed to mean even?? Not wearing makeup is perfectly fine tbh, I just like how eyeliner looks like and overall eye makeup with high lashes and such, but I leave out most of the facial stuff :)
ShirayukiNoYurei Oct 15, 2:26 PM
I really need to organize my time better literally... but things that just pop out of nowhere are making me lose even that ounce of planning I might've had lel ^^'
So relatable if it helps, moral support your way sis~ I'm already staying up just for homework smh...

That's a shame, but hope the villain got more focus then tbh, I loved everything about him (kinda minus that "shallow" reasoning scene regarding his looks)
Now hold up a minute fam !! You go and write 'em rather than read them because they're gonna be awesome~ *and send the 1st copies right here, don't be a stranger now ^u^

Desho!! It murders you and you're out of it the next day 100%, just makes me think if it's worth it, same like with makeup since that's such a pain in the a$$ when you get home at 5 am dead tired and just want to wwe land on your bed.....
ShirayukiNoYurei Oct 13, 3:32 PM
Gomenasaii for drifting there, was outgoing over the weekend, went to bed around or after 5 am 2 days in a row, literally dk about hitting uni tomorrow, am so dead...

Desho!! It's so amazing when that happens, usually end up in hours of conversations afterwards ^^'

She has kinda affirmed her role I would say, demo for a character like herself not to have more screen time is a waste quite frankly...have you read the manga, I don't remember? Maybe she was given more attention there?

Gosh same...the homework just keeps piling UP I'll drown x_x
I mean hitting clubs and cinema and going out ain't helping...but still, if I'm locked inside, it ain't gonna be pretty ^^'
ShirayukiNoYurei Oct 9, 2:19 PM
The title cracked me a bit tho, I didn't know it was THAT big to be fair ~

I suppose, but books lend you more freedom and when you talk to somebody whose image of a character for instance is similar to yours is just "woah sugoi, me too" and it's the best me too there is *one of ^^'

Looking forward t it then for sure
Well you kinda like the fact she resisted the effects right off the bat, then the fighting adds up, but definitely could've been more put into there to convey her personality more

Luckily, I have no spare time lmao ^^'
Hoping to enjoy it yeah! But I'll definitely try not to "pre-read" the rest of the story, really miss being super hyped about that anime...
ShirayukiNoYurei Oct 8, 3:49 PM
I'm definitely watching it so that's god to hear tbh, getting quite hyped about watching that one as of late
Speaking of manga, have you seen this title lmao

I don't find it hard, on the contrary kinda like having it all in my mind ^^' but love graphic novels and manga as well don't get me wrong there~

It was rushed on the emotional side for me, Idk just felt the story ought to have been stronger on that ledge *might just be my emotional state being in turmoil atm
Desho!! I totally agree on that note about Nezuko, saw her being my fave female character for sure, but Shinobu started climbing more and more, of course her design is breathtaking in certain scenes, but also started to like the character since she's really humane with all flaws and virtues

I guessed it would be done by now, might dig into it once I get the chance, but then again dk if I'd be more hyped about S4 if I didn't know what will go down *as was the case with S3 ^^'
ShirayukiNoYurei Oct 7, 4:40 PM
I hope it just doesn't feel rushed, cos Kimetsu no Yaiba had that in some occasions and honestly, I'm the one to appreciate the moment and b engulfed in it fully so not a fancy of mine there... but both of those mangas are still ongoing if I got it right, no?

I'm watching when I'm not sleeping tbh ^^'
Books I can't read because my focus both vision and concentration wise are terrible...and books I wish to be in 100% :3

I'll most definitely be watching the film, but they did rush it in the anime there's no denying that
Can see certain explanations, but still would be better imo if the main character wasn't a typical shounen~

Might be, I started the next arc but since it only had a few chapters at the time wanted to stop before some bad-ass cliffhanger which would destroy me lmao ^^'
ShirayukiNoYurei Oct 5, 3:22 PM
How many chapters does that even cover than? I'd guess like half tops

Honestly I'm so tired of sitting x_x and I have a headache already from just staring at screens day in day out, so can't wait to start being a part of the world again lmao

Really is, but I'm just missing that humane emotional part in it, the story is so powerful so to me it's a proper shame not to feel it fully :c
I don't actually know everything coming up! But BnHA I haven't even seen s3, read it all the way until the end of s4 I'd say since it covers the Overhaul arc I assume so will join you on that one for sure (after I see s3)
ShirayukiNoYurei Oct 5, 9:28 AM
Yep, so literally there is "legal language", economical, for geodesy etc etc and if one is to translate those, they would need to learn it first

Of Dr.Stone? How long is it btw, think the anime is only halfway through by now

Aye, I kinda got sick so not much to do while drinking tea in bed ^^'
Will have to stop watching so much starting Monday tho~

Btw planning to see the Joker film next week, soooo hyped for it !!! *-*

Arigatou!! As soon as I saw that scene I just though "oh please let me find a gif of it for the design" lel :'3
Literally loved watching that anime for all the color matching and the music
ShirayukiNoYurei Oct 5, 5:48 AM
It's just about the fact that every profession has its own terms and phrases which outside of the context either convey no meaning or an incorrect one, for instance terms in psychology are at times combinations of words whose individual meanings a person might very well know and based on that he comes to understand the scientific term by combining the 2 meanings, while the actual meaning of the term may be something completely different
So by taking up a scientific book in a certain field of expertise basically means taking up a whole new vocabulary, it has no relation to the conversational language

I'll definitely wait for Dr.Stone to finish airing and then watch, since I can't take cliffhangers >.<"
Am very much looking forward to Violet Evergarden tho~

It was quite good, might be my current state of mind that affected my enthusiasm, but also have a few thoughts on it so think I might do an overview on that one ^^
But definitely among the better series I've seen, I like the dark atmosphere and animation for sure