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Pandora Hearts: Caucus Race
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gaussian_ Oct 12, 6:10 PM
I agree that the there are probably more teaching issues in high school, but I also know that I would have a lot more restrictions on what I could do to change the teaching in that setting. Combining that with less mature students and less financial reward is what really makes high school teaching less attractive to me. I have a lot of respect for teachers that want to work with that age group, especially since I had several good science teachers when I went to high school (including one who did have a doctorate.) I just wish that society were willing to appropriately compensate them for all their work.

Welcome to the club! It's not very active, but if you have any ideas on increasing how lively it is feel free to do so.

What did you think of the first episode of The Day I Became a God? I personally really liked it. The humor was mostly funny, even though it was over the top. It also sold me on the character chemistry between the main character and the self-proclaimed god, as well as doing a good job of laying out some mystery to explore in future episodes.
gaussian_ Oct 8, 3:49 PM
I've really enjoyed writing advice from Brandon Sanderson. He teaches a writing class every year at BYU and has the lectures posted on Youtube so that anyone can watch. It won't have any art advice, but I assume that his advice would still be useful for you on the story side.

I really enjoy the sciences, since I love understanding how things work, but I discovered over the course of my PhD that I'm really not that passionate about performing science research. It is interesting, but required more commitment than I am willing to give. On the flip side, I've really enjoyed all the teaching opportunities I've had, so I've decided to pursue that route instead. Hopefully I'll be able to get a Chemical Education postdoc position to help me turn that corner and learn some more about teaching and ways that I can work to improve science teaching (which, in my opinion, is generally weak.) I want to teach at the university level, so at least I won't have to deal with all the issues that secondary science teachers have to manage. I also have respect for those that want to teach at that level. I personally think I could probably manage teaching at the high school level, but I have no incentive to accept the inferior pay when I can probably find a university position without much more trouble.
gaussian_ Oct 7, 3:02 PM
Thanks! I'll try to keep that in mind.

That makes me even more excited for the series! Hopefully they end up approaching the matter of how young they are reasonably, since I definitely see how it could unwittingly promote dangerous ideas if they aren't careful.

I definitely understand about ending up living at home. I get along very well with my family, but I haven't lived at home in more than five years and have no desire to go back to living at home (I really enjoy my independence.) Still, it is nice to know that it would be an option in an emergency. I write as a hobby, but it really is hard to make time to work on a project even when you feel pretty excited about it. Hopefully you can find the time over these next few months and make some progress toward your goal of living off of your writing & drawing. I don't think that they had comic art degrees at either of the universities I've attended. Did the degree focus on hand-drawn art, digital art, or a mix of the two?

I'm finishing up my PhD in chemistry. I'm hoping to find a postdoctoral position in chemistry education, and then move from there to a teaching position. As long as I don't have to be constantly writing research grants and can focus more on teaching, I think I'll be happy with the job.
gaussian_ Oct 6, 9:23 PM
I'm actually watching Chihayafuru right now; it is indeed very enjoyable. I should probably give a couple more well-rated sports anime a shot, since some of my problems with sports movies (cookie-cutter plots) probably don't translate completely across cultures. Still...they're near the end of my list.

It is so refreshing that the romance in Tonikaku Kawaii is already settled at the beginning, which I'm hoping will let them explore all sorts of other interesting questions and conflicts related to what makes a relationship actually work. We spend far too much time focusing on the concept that love is all about finding the right person and almost no time on what happens after the wedding is over. As for the girl's stated age, I sort of suspect she isn't precisely human and may not have told the truth on the form.

I hope that graduating this year hasn't been too much of an impediment to you finding a job you like. I plan on graduating this spring and am already dreading searching for a job, which I should probably be doing now. I absolutely hate applications, so I only applied to one college for my undergrad and graduate programs respectively, but I don't think that will work for job hunting...sigh. Good luck working on your various projects. What did you study, if I might ask?
gaussian_ Oct 6, 11:08 AM

Sleepy princess was hilarious! I haven't picked up Haikyuu! since sports shows aren't really my type, though I may pick it up at some point since it is so highly rated. Still, there are several shows that I think I'm going to like a lot. Tonikaku Kawaii seems like it will be a quirky and comfortable romantic comedy. The first episode of the Higurashi remake did a good job of keeping the tone of the old series without being a carbon copy. Majo no Tabitabi had a great first episode that convinced me that it will be a really good adaptation. I'm also really looking forward to The Day I Became a God, since I loved Angel Beats! and liked Charlotte despite its flaws.

What about the end of this year is keeping you so busy?
gaussian_ Oct 5, 1:45 PM
gaussian_ Sep 29, 9:52 PM

gaussian_ Sep 29, 3:30 PM
Happy belated birthday!
suifengdou Aug 30, 6:07 AM
echidonut is so cute ngl, eventhough she is a greed witch XD thanks for the accept anyway..
gaussian_ Aug 28, 8:25 PM
I re-watched the first and second seasons before the third aired and enjoyed them more the second time around, especially the second season. Once you know the characters, you can pay more attention to the nuances which significantly increases the enjoyment of the series.

I better shorten my PTW list pretty soon, otherwise it will overtake yours!
gaussian_ Aug 28, 9:28 AM

That is an interesting way of selecting new shows to watch. I feel like I'd end up rerunning the random number generator until I got a show I really wanted to watch in the moment anyway, but hopefully it works well for you.
gaussian_ Aug 27, 3:12 PM

I also loved this week's episode of Oregairu and would love to talk about it once you've watched it yourself.

I also see that you've started Chuunibyou. That's a pretty fun series; I hope you enjoy it!
gaussian_ Aug 27, 7:01 AM
What did you think of the latest Re:Zero episode?

gaussian_ Aug 18, 6:04 PM
That definitely does seem to be true for the YA genre. I don't know if it is just that readers have less focus or if authors get published with their one good idea and then don't really know what to do after that. It's also a little annoying that everything is published in trilogies; there used to be more variety in the length of series.

I think that final arcs tend to be bad when a series continues as a result of its being popular and not as a result of the author still feeling clear direction for their series. Thus, they keep going until the writer gets fed up or has a bad case of writer's block, which destroys the popularity and thus ends the series. If manga were published on a more forgiving schedule (like half the year on, half the year off,) I think we'd see at least more consistent storytelling without really sacrificing the series popularity by letting it sit for too long.

That's exciting. I hope you enjoy them! I really need to drop by my local bookstore and try to get a copy of the newest Re:Zero novel, plus check if they have some of the later 86 volumes in stock.
gaussian_ Aug 16, 6:41 PM
I've never quite figured out why she isn't more popular than she is. I had a good friend who was genuinely surprised when he found out I'd actually read her books, since he'd never met any other fans of her work. Maybe she was more popular back in the day. I don't remember ever having her works recommended to me, so I must have simply picked one of her books off the library shelf by chance.

Let me know if you're ever looking for people to beta-read your work. I'm always willing to help!

I don't mind shows with odd premises, so I should definitely give them a shot! Just so you're aware, the Railgun series gets progressively more serious as it progresses. The first season is a little fluffier than later seasons; in particular the first arc of the second season is quite dark, so just be aware of that (someone else I recommended the show to recently was turned off by the dark turn, so I figure I should give a heads up.) As for the final arc of Food Wars, I have absolutely no clue how it got this bad. It's the kind of terrible that should have been nixed in editing, so either the company was just money grabbing or some other disaster happened behind the scenes. I tend to score high, but this is easily earning a one from me unless it somehow improves drastically.