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Hanasaku Iroha
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Each person has to come up with a dream for themselves. However, sometimes you need someone to show you the way. Both of the females try to make their dreams come true, one in finding her dream, and one in achieving the dream she's already found.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
the protagonist in both is very similar in personality. both anime are about achieving a dream. In both the protagonist has a school friend that has feelings for her. Both give you a nice relaxing happy feeling. Great animation and ost too.
report Recommended by Orulyon
Ohana and Chihaya are strong-willed female leads. Both series are similar in terms of tone, themes, and execution with regard to character building.
report Recommended by Kuiper
•Both Females have the same view on life •Both feature people trying new things with new friends •Both have the same warmhearted feeling to them •Exploration & Emotion!
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Both have gorgeous animation and are about the lead characters pursuing their dreams. They also give a similar feeling when you watch them.
report Recommended by valdemort
Similar main female leads with straightforward personalities. Both series involve the main character trying to achieve her dream. Both series are also dramatic and emotional at times, especially Chihayafuru.
report Recommended by Dashiawia
Both series are lighthearted and contains a small cast of likeable characters in a typical every day life of view. Both series contains characters who are following a dream and hoping to make it into a reality through hard work, determination, and a little help with the encouragement of their friends. The series' main characters also has strong wills and determined to achieve that dream. Both series contains drama, comedy, and a little inklings of romance here and there as the characters interacts with one another (either from the past, present, and what's to come for them into the future). Both series' main female protagonists also has   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
Both Chihayafuru and Hanasaku Iroha are coming of age stories about young women struggling to find their place in world. Ohana and Chihaya both search for something to be passion about and their stories follow them through their hard work and determination towards their goals: becoming the best, succeeding and making the people around them feel good. Both stories center themselves around traditional Japanese cultural themes (inn keeping, karuta). Both have beautiful animation and character designs, paired with wonderful costumes. There is also a degree of romance (specifically love triangles) in both series as well as lot of female bonding. Both of these series are   read more
report Recommended by cureelliott
The art. The art in both anime is just beautiful. It's stunning really. The characters are refreshing. Both anime have a strong female lead looking for a goal to reach. The supporting characters are also written really well. They are both heartfelt touching stories with a hint of love in it.
report Recommended by MimiKat
Two series that focus on some of the more traditional side of Japan, Karuta in Chihayafuru and running a traditional inn in Hanasaku. Both show clear slice of life elements and and quite light to watch, if you enjoyed the characters and exploration of the more traditional side of one of these anime then I would recommend the other xx
report Recommended by AngelBeatsYui