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Like a bolt from the blue Chihayafuru striked to my mind while watching Sangatsu no Lion: - despite Sangatsu alternates quite some dark moments or very sad ones to the happy ones while Chihayafuru is rather cheerful most of the times, both series still have that colorful atmosphere and very heartwarming vibe that catches your heart. - both are heavily mainly focused on old traditional japanese games who are setted to be 1 vs 1 players type, Chihayafuru deals with Karuta and Sangatsu has Shogi instead. Both games are greatly introduced and developed in a charming way that could easily let you curious with the will to   read more
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
an anime about traditional Japanese game being played by high-schooler trying to be pro. both games (shogi and karuta) were somewhat less popular compared to other games, so the setting is very similar with fewer people to interact with both in rivalry and friendship. the main character will be supported by their rival back in their early days while keep on maintaining rivalry relationship as well. although chihayafuru is brighter than 3-gatsu and with less psychological complex, both anime tells a similar story.
report Recommended by sora2eugene
Traditional Japanese games that are not so popular in the digital age 3gatsu has a much grander vision, whilst focused on its high school protagonist, it still gives plenty of screen time to everyone else from the professional Shogi world, taking care to explore their stories as well for a more 'whole' sort of experience. Granted the pro Shogi circle is very small, there are very few 'mob' competitors whose sole purpose is to explore some aspect the protagonist. Chihayafuru is more focused on the high schoolers with their lives, their loves, and their drama taking main stage. The characters also feel flatter compared to 3gatsu   read more
report Recommended by Lemon
First off both are mainly focused on old traditional Japanese 1 on 1 games, Chihayafuru (Karuta) and Sangatsu (Shogi). The games are considered competitive sports where players are ranked and compete to go higher reaching the top position. Both main characters admire that position and consider the people at top their biggest rivals. Of course the main characters are very talented and are both bounded to childhood friends who are skilled at the games too. Both series show amazing characters' development and how they deal with struggles and improvement. The games are greatly introduced and developed in a charming way that a viewer could easily   read more
report Recommended by fleurobin
both have this soothing and unique feeling and athmosphere to them. 1v1 games. Character development and character's feelings are the main focus
report Recommended by Salokannel2
Both about old Japanese games Both Mc's have friends from karuta in chihayafuru and shugi in 3-gnl Both mc's are lonely in school Botch are talents
report Recommended by Guts187
Both are emotional dramas featuring teen protagonists. Both have competitive strategy games as a part of their stories, however while Chihayafuru focuses more on the game aspect of things, 3-Gatsu no Lion focuses more on the MC's growth in regard to interpersonal relationships, understanding the meaning of family, and the daily struggle of living with major depressive disorder - these themes are elegantly intertwined within the world of competitive shogi. Incredibly melancholic and inspiring. This isn't meant to be a review though Chihayafuru is also REALLY, really great and does a wonderful job of creating a drama around the world of a competitive poetry card   read more
report Recommended by C_M_
They are both great game anime's that are similar.
report Recommended by no-ma
Both anime explore sports of Japanese origin and the mind-sets of those involved. While 3-gatsu goes a step further in exploring themes of depression, bullying and more psychological problems outside of shogi. Chihayafuru remains rather lighthearted and instead focuses more on players styles and affection for karata. Both shows are accompanied by a phenomenal cast of memorable and loveable characters and lush visual presentation.
report Recommended by RoryBurrows
Very similar concepts, very good characters + despite 3gatsu being a good drama narrative visual kind of series, Chihayafuru being a good drama yet good and refreshing concept with a good Slice of life genre. I love both series because they're not shy to show the Traditional Japanese culture. I think Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu goes also that way but that show is a pure drama and I can closely compare Madhouse's Chihayafuru to Studio Shaft's March Comes in like a lion.
report Recommended by riorangel21
If you are interested on Japanese games/sports, then both series will grant your wishes. Both, karuta and shogi are considered competitive sports. Players are ranked and compete on very important tournaments all over the country. There are amateurs as well as professionals, which are very respected. Now, that is not the only thing both series have in common. Chihayafuru shows us a school club for students who are fond of competitive karuta. The show highlights the passion of the characters, their objectives, their relationships through karuta. Sangatsu is about competitive shogi outside school. They emphasize the great work there is behind a shogi player. They   read more
report Recommended by MisaoAino
-Both have niche sports (3-gatsu has shogi and chihayafuru has karuta) -Both are dramas, but they have their fun and positive moments (chihayafuru is mostly positive)
report Recommended by IDKMike
-Both shows focus on traditional Japanese games, Sangastu on Shogi and Chihayafuru on Karuta. - the shows revolve around them trying to get better to achieving their own goals also helping others to get better as well. - The character development part is quite strong in both shows.
report Recommended by Motherofrodents
Both anime are slice-of-life drama with a traditional Japanese game as the game of choice for the characters. Also, although the tone of these anime differs greatly (Chihayafuru is the definition of relaxing and cheerful whereas 3-Gatsu no Lion is much more serious), both treat character development well (this is 3-Gatsu's strong card) and provide enough hype with the games (this is Chihayafuru's strong card). They also don't shy away from showing the main characters actually getting defeated in games and feeling anguish. Still, in case one looks for superior drama, they should prioritize 3-Gatsu no Lion, whereas Chihayafuru is well-suited for people who prefer the   read more
report Recommended by Kran_Weeb
3-gatsu no Lion is about shogi. Chihayafuru is about karuta. The main characters play their respective games obsessively. They have centers where the practice, matches and tournaments that they play, and high ranks they wish the achieve. What really makes these two anime similar is the overall atmosphere and plot. Half of the story is shogi/karuta, but the other half is about relationships. Most sports anime (and yes, this is considered a sports anime) tend to have the normal life become a backdrop, used every few scenes to remind the audience that the characters are people. But these two shows balance the games with the   read more
report Recommended by PureBitter
Tells a story about a girl named Chihaya who loves game karuta very much, with the slice of life story that is very good and interesting, I recommend this anime for slice of life anime genre lovers ..
report Recommended by MonFlynnigan