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Ouran Koukou Host Club

Ouran Koukou Host Club

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English: Ouran High School Host Club
Synonyms: Ohran Koko Host Club, Ouran Koukou Hosutobu, Ouran Koukou Host Bu, OHSHC
Japanese: 桜蘭高校ホスト部


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 5, 2006 to Sep 27, 2006
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Special A and Ouran High School Host Club are both shoujo comedies that center around a somewhat special group of high school students. In Special A this group is an elite class of the best students in school while in Ouran its a "host club". Still, the characters in both groups are eerily similar; in both groups you have a perfect male (lead), a cool reserved character, a cute character and a guy who appears to be a dummy.

Also both animes (being shoujo) center around a very clueless (but strong) heroine. Both shows have a lot of silly comedy. The character designs are alike. Overall both animes have the same feel, so I think that fans of one of them will like the other.
Both anime center around a lovable girl who is surrounded by a bunch of bishies (hot guys). Both also has a lot of sweet and comedic moments that will tug at your heartstring and make you laugh out loud. All in all, both are great anime with a list of characters that you can't possibly hate.
Like Noelle said, both shows have a reverse harem thing going on (where boys are after the girl). Not all the guys in Yamato Nadeshiko are after the girl, but it's close enough to be considered a reverse harem. Comedy, weird situations. You'll enjoy both shows.
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it has an interesting love story and the characters are really funny. i think that if you found kaichou wa maid-sama interesting, then you'll probably enjoy this anime as well
It has funny moments as well as serious moments. The characters aren't just crazy and hilarious. They all have backgrounds that aren't really that happy. The main character is also sort of thrown into a world that she isn't used to. There are also many cute guys.
Pretty much the same, its just that Ouran is more focused on humor and LoveCom on romance. Love them both SOO much :D
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Both are hilarious and they are almost on the same line, only difference is that Ouran probably has more drama in it.
Both stories are harem. Both stories involve cute guys that will make you fall in love. :)
Reverse harem, although La Corda D'Oro is more serious. There ARE quite a few funny areas too. Also, the main characters' (a.k.a. Haruhi and Kahoko) personalities are similar.
Although their plots are very different, both offer the same type of humor. The characters fall under certain stereotypes, as well. In Hetalia, the characters are stereotypes of the countries they represent. In Ouran, the characters fall under stereotypes of different types of men that would appeal to girls. And of course, both contain plenty of bishonen, but do appeal to all demographics.
These series have the same brand of humor behind them. If you like gay jokes, cheerful school settings, and light romance, both of these series fit the bill. They're both on Netflix too.
A light-hearted circus-like genderbender with some substance.
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I have a strong suspicion that Otome Youkai Zakuro was made to resemble Ouran. Both Tamaki and Agemaki come from a strict family, yet each are kindhearted. Haruhi and Zakuro are both strong, independent women who don't want to rely on others.
it is similar in sveral ways. 1. the main character haruhi is made to part of the host club for breaking an item in the club. where as toru is nominated to part of the princess system. 2. haruhi is a girl and dresses as a guy to pay her debt, b/c the host club is made up of all guys. where as toru is made to dress like a girl b/c he and the others in the system are morral builders for the boys at the school. and 3. both characters impact the other characters around them.
Both are associated to cross-dressing that contain hilarious gags complemented with an interesting cast of characters.
Similar characters,similar script and similar people but they are boys of course and similar reactions with Ouran High School Host Club :)
Both reverse-harem type shows with similarly intelligent, practical women at the center. Ouran's a little perkier and funnier (and frankly, better) overall, but if you're a fan of the genre and like watching all those pretty, pretty guys falling in love one by one...
It's been a while since I've rewatched Ouran back in 2009 but I will never forget how it made me laugh and moved me with each character development. Truthfully, I've only seen 3 eps so far of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun but I've laughed and giggled in each one. I like the main heroine, Sakura, because like Haruhi, she doesn't get carried away into each character's unique world, and like in ouran, the guys are handsome, and plus, gekkan shoujo has their own Prince. (And Nozaki-kun's tall height and sexy short black hair reminds me of Mori-senpai.)

I'm highly recommending this anime because of its high school rom-com qualities and not because of the "reverse-harem" label some people have stuck on it. It's not a reverse-harem and it would be a shame if people overlooked it because they thought it was. Its demographic is actually Shounen and published under Square Enix according to wiki. BUT, don't let that fool you either. It doesn't seem to have any ecchi scenes or slight yuri fanservice. So far, it's just about Nozaki-kun and the people around him. If you're cursing me for not telling you the plot right now, it's cuz I can't. Sakura is in love with Nozaki and he's oblivious, but it doesn't seem to be the main plot right now. You just have to see it for yourself. It's just really funny and the characters are really handsome.

If you're a shoujo anime fan that's looking for something to watch but is slightly sick of "handsome, rich, young man suddenly falling in love with a strong-willed heroine" but still wants a little bit of love in your life or a Kaoru-Hikaru fan that would like to indulge in the innocence of very very subtle gay otp couples that are never meant to be. (disclaimer warning: you must have a very sexy imagination to see these subtle pairings.) I have no idea if this could be for you, I just wanted to say that it's probably too late to save you guys haha xD

SUMMARY TIME: All joking aside, If you are looking for a reverse harem just like Ouran, then this anime is probably not what you want. If you are looking for something funny, (ongoing as of right now as I'm typing,) AND have bishounen in it, then look no further. This is it. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.
The story-lines aren't very similar but the random (and not logical) experiences both Haruhi's experience (well, in melancholy's case, mostly Kyon's experience) are quite similar. While watching Melancholy, I thought of Ouran so yeah. They're both quite funny too.
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If you liked Ouran you'll probably like Vampire Knight too! The humour, artstyle and coloring of Vampire Knight kinda reminds me of Ouran, but also the fact that it's centered about a girl and many boys around her. Anyway, I can really recommend them both!
Revolutionary Girl Utena and Ouran host club are cut from the same cloth...
They both parody many shoujo anime themes such as roses.
The shows have very similar art, and both use a fair amount of symbolism.
They are both set in prestigious boarding schools for the rich with a french architecture design.
The comedy is similar using abstract arrows and creative use of camera angles.
Both shows also have a lead female character that dress as a boy.
Both have strong homosexual themes and jokes.

On the other hand Utena is much darker and also part action show, featuring a duel nearly every episode.

I believe if someone likes one of these shows it will carry over to the other (unless your against incest and rape)!
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Remove Haruhi and Mori, remove the extreme rich school setting and make them all "commoners" and you´ll get Kimi to Boku. Just imagine Ouran without the boys being hosts but instead, Childhood friends, and with a more slow pacing. You´ll get a cheerful mixed blood blonde, a serious intelligent megane, funny twins, and a fluffy boy that likes cute things living their daily lives in extreme fun.
Also, although both center in friendship, both have hints of a love triangle (a straight one) XP
Many bishounens help girls with their problems, both are comedies
Both are harem, one girl and bishounen guys. Another think that is similar is the wealth part (only Haruhi wasn't rich). But the difference is that Ouran is more lighter than Hanasakeru Seishounen.
Just like fruits basket and Ouran High school host club, hana yori dango has that aspect of reverse harem. But hana yori dango and Ouran high school host club both are stories about a poor girl attending a prestigious school for rich kids. Both poor girls are independent and full of life so all the rich guys are interested in her life and spirit and the differentness. Both anime are wonderful and both are a must watch.
They have similar elements of comedy, and are fun to watch.
This show has been getting similarities from toradora to soul eater. I would say the relationship of shizuku and haru is kinda similar to the one that haruhi and tamaki share in ouran high school except you make tamaki and rebel instead of a prince.
Meganebu is like Ouran, minus the plot, but 10 times the absurdity.
Both series have a group of cute guys who do things to make women happy. The main characters of each are similar (despite the fact that Tamaki is much more spontaneous than Nokoru). CLAMP School Detectives has more "mystery," and Ouran has older characters, but chances are if you enjoyed one then you'll enjoy the other.
Breaking the Vases, and working for someone rich to pay off the depts=D
Ouran is about a girl who ends up pretending to be a guy while Tenshi na Konamaiki is about a girl who used to be a guy, until a curse turned him into a girl. Both are hilariously funny series' about friendship with a touch of romance. Both have many heartwarming moments as well as crazy hi-jinks.

The characters in both also have similarities since they are parodies of commonly seen types of characters that at the same time are very lovable and dynamic. Ouran has the prince-type, the cool-type, the quiet one, the lolita, and the mischievous "boy's love" twins. Tenshi na Konamaiki has the female best friend, the macho man, the bishounen, the average high-school boy, and the pervert (who thankfully is downplayed).

I think anyone who liked one of these series' ought to give the other a chance.
Both have to do with school and comedy with a little drama as well, a interesting melody (music) that plays in both series.
Cute guys in a high school setting who happen to have their lives revolve around one girl.

Both cross-dress characters were force to join the club due to debt.

Both involves cross dress main characters.

Both have the same comedy and gender bender genre.

Both cross dress character's serves as the club's dog.

And both also have the same harem element.


One cross dressed character from one anime was a girl, while the other is a boy.

One anime has an extra romance genre while the other is more on comedy.

One was a 26 episode and 23 minute long anime, while the other anime is more of an 12 episode omake.

The cross-dress character from one anime was rescued by the student council members and paid-off his debt, while the cross-dress character from the other anime was duped into joining the club.

Both are really funny at the beggining and throughout the series. But they both make you feel sad at the end. But Ouran isn't as sad at the end as Angel Beats! is.
First off, let me just say that both Hayate no Gotoku and Ourah High School Host Club are zany, random, and absolutely hilarious shows. I'd say they're a definite must watch if you're into comedies. How are they similar? Hayate no Gotoku has our hero, Ayasaki Hayate, who becomes a "combat butler" to pay off his debt to Nagi, who paid off his outrageous debt to some Yakuza; Yakuza of whom his parents borrowed a ton of money from, lost said money in gambling and crazy dreams, and then decided to skip town and leave Hayate behind with the debt. Boy is HnG a whacky show... As for Ouran, our heroine is Fujioka Haruhi, who has a debt to pay off as well. Commoner Haruhi accidentally broke an 8 million yen vase belonging to the her prestigious high school's host club. And she's gotta pay it off by way of cross-dressing as a guy in the host club after school.
It's another great comedy/romance shojo series, although it's definitely got less of a horror/mystery flavor.
Both series involve a young girl suddenly thrust into a world full of wealthy young men. Both are reverse harems with wacky antics and a crazy cast, however Brothers Conflict takes itself seriously whereas Ouran is purely comedic.
When I watched, immediately comes to my mind Ouran Koukou Host Club image. First the "Prince", then the "Intellectual", after that the "Big guy" and finally the "Childish" one with a "teddy bear" in his hands. What's the difference? This is not a club, they are vampires. Maybe I forget the twins... but well, until now is the same.
Does this website remind anyone of facebook or is it just me?

If you like the reverse harem thing and you wouldn't mind it so much if Haruhi were actually a boy...I guess this series would be for you. This series doesn't quite reach Ouran's height in brilliant characterizations or comedic wit but it does have its charms.
When i saw this one, it reminded me of OHSHC in a way, but its hilarious, and both Haruhi and Saito are both kinda clueless of the people around them (like how Tamaki obviously likes Haruhi (but Tamaki doesnt know it) and how Louise likes Saito (but doesnt know it and tries to deny it)). Did i mention they're both hilarious?? And perverted, in a way.
Both are anime about a new girl at school who is liked by a prominent member of the school.
Kimi ni Todoke is a very sweet and cute anime. The story relies on the building of the relationships and leaves you smiling. However, it isn't as funny as Ouran High School Host Club but i definitely would recommend it.
It is a reverse harem type of show with the girl being the center of attention it is also during a high school atmosphere.
An anime comedy involving high school girls
not exactly similar, but if you liked the humour in kare kano, you will defineately love the humour in ouran!! both school relaxing comedy atmospheres.
Both anime's are set in a world full of richdom and welth. I think the art is also kind of similar, but I don't know if other people agree. Kuroshitsuji also has those random funny moments like Ouran High School Host Club. Here's a funny fact: Both main-characters (in Ouran High School Host Club it's Haruhi, and in Kuroshitsuji Ciel) are voiced by the same seiyuu! Ouran High School Host Club & Kuroshitsuji both have shounen-ai hinted themes.
Both are light-hearted slice-of-life shows with just the right amount of romance, comedy, and drama. Overall, the general atmosphere gives off a "refreshing" feeling as well.
In both, the main character is forced into a school club and harem that they do not wish to be part of. Despite being different genders, both main characters are not really into the antics that the club members continuously crack up.
Ouran has more character development and romance, while SYD is comedy focused. However, the hilarity that ensues in both series is more or less the same.
The plot is VERY similar: main char. enrolls in an elite school and meets very interesting and good-looking guys, and tries to fit in. The only difference is, Ouran's main character is a girl, and GH's is a guy.
They have a very similar feel to them as two people (Haruhi and Teppei) are thrust into the world of rich folk and parties and such. The two may be TOTALLY different people, but at the start of their journeys into the world of riches they are both extremely worried at what would be next to happen.

In all, they are similar anime and If you like one of them you will like the other.
Both anime have cute guy characters that are mischievous, smart, narcissistic, and meanies that will keep you entertained and wanting more all the time. You wont regret watching and it will make you laugh with a small taste of romance.
Gakuen Alice has the same silly sense of humor as OHSHC. The characters are quite different, but, I dunno, I find that these two series just go hand in hand. If you read the Gakuen Alice manga as well as the OHSHS manga, you'll find that there are some characters from both stories that have quite dark pasts. Both heroins, Mikan and Haruhi, are loved by a variety of different characters. They themselves, however, are mostly clueless to this love. MOSTLY. ;)

They're both very cute, very funny, and definitely worth a look.
Without doubts both series do not share same nor similar genres but:

- The main character in both series has a cheerful, cool and brave personality.
- Both main male characters are played by the same Seiyuu: Miyano Mamoru
- Both made by Studio BONES

Star Driver kinda gives the feeling to have Tamaki (Hos Club) with a mecha background.
So somehow i feel to advice to watch one if you liked the other :3
Edgar is just like Tamaki (dazzling, handsome, blonde and self-centered) and Lydia is a little bit like Haruhi (natural and easy-going). Great romance comedies both!
Ouran is a show that portrays similar feelings and emotions to Toradora! but conveyed in a different manner.
They are both silly and have such fun story lines. I recommend them both, but in particular Welcome to the NHK!
They both to deal in the same genre. Plus while I was watching this it reminded my of it.
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nothing is particulary similar in these animes. but both are really fun to watch. if you liked the funny parts in nabari no oh than you will definately love ouran high school host club. well i did ...
Comedy, drama, bishounen, bright colors and nice animation. You need to have a weird sense of humor to appreciate them. Mawaru is a bit more naughty.
Both Mimami ke and Ouran will make you laugh time and again. They are funny, can be poignant at times, are mostly random though Ouran does have something of a plot. Though they are not entirey similar (no anime can be), if you like one then there is a high chance you will enjoy the other.
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They're both ridiculous in many ways but the characters are lovable and adorable.
B Gata H Kei is a fun, hilarious, romantic, very perverted anime that i really enjoyed! These two animes are at the top of my list and i think if you liked one, you'll like the other.
Sweet romantic story with love triangles.
Both are very funny anime with cute boys. Though ouran isnt yaoi, it does have boy x boy suggestions and has cross-dressing in it.
Both these anime focus on the relationships of a group of people (this is probably true for most anime though): in Ouran it is the 'Host Club' members while in Working it is the part time workers at the family restaurant 'Wagnaria'. Comedy, a variety of characters with distint personalities and quirks, a slow and comfortable pace and episodes following the daily life of the characters (in the Host Club and in the family restaurant) without a strong plot (this is more true for Working!!) are similar elements in both. Ouran has more character development and shows the pasts of the characters while Working!! has a lighter focus on this. Working may seem to have a lot of repitition - Takanashi always gets hit by Inami, chief is always serving the manager - but this is not really a negative aspect because it just shows the daily life at the restaurant which is mostly unchanging. However, we do learn more about the characters, they do develop a little, but that is not really the main focus of the anime.

In general both are fun to watch. You may not necssarily enjoy the other if you liked one, but there is a probability of doing so. Try a few episodes in any case.
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They both have a female main character but they have a more manly attitude to them. Also, both the animes are made up of smaller stories that effect the ending. Both the animes are really good.
a girl is stuck with hot guys to pay a debt
Both feature an introverted protagonist, who joins a club, and makes new friends. While Oreki Houtarou is more into solving mysteries than serving wealthy ladies, if you're like me and love Ouran for its characters and humor, Hyouka is a good choice. And of course, there is a hint of romance too.
Haruhi and Sayuri Both are commoner girls how get a scholarship to a elite school.
Sayuri to Fleurir Confectionary Academy and Haruhi to Ouran Academy.
Both Anime are reverse Harem.

Haruhi seems not to care about being mistaken for a boy and is happy to play along. Hourou Musuko takes a more serious look at kids in this situation. It's not a comedic series, but it's extremely touching.
The plots of these two shows are very different, but if you're looking for a refreshing comedy they have a lot in common! Both shows make references to various media, such as manga.
- similarly enticing /romance/, with two individually /lovable mains/
- same sense of /humour/ that ties in with the relationships, very enjoyable, with a /friend-family/ feel that sucks you in
- around the same number of episodes, so /similar format/, but different story
- very /unique music/ and themes
- /not too serious/ most of the time, but doesn't take away from the plot

~ In comparison, based slightly more on /attitudes to class, funny stereotypes, and romance/, slightly tongue in cheek at times
~ ever-so-slightly more slapstick
~ has one or two /filler episodes/, rather than a /final 'special'/
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Kamigami is like Ouran with Gods. Both are reverse harem.
Very similar in terms of how their system works. They are a group of men who help out ladies just like Miracle Train.

If you like Miracle Train you'll definitely have the same feel with Ouran Koukou Host Club.
They have weird antics and activities in their Club
Both animes are reverse harem, they give of a nice comedy feeling, and a little bit of romace. OHC focus's on a host club while UNPS focus's on their music. But if you like one or another you'll enjoy this.
The story is very similar because it revolves around a central character(who actually kindda look alike) surrounded by members of the opposite sex; also, the main story isn't love, but it seems to involve all of the characters.
Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi is no where as famous as Ouran, but the similarities are there.

The genres of the two shows are Comedy/Romance, with a touch of action near the final episodes.

Both the series follows a high school girl, in a club, where her closest friends are all in that club.

Both main male character seems useless and screwed up at the start, but later on, as the series progresses, we find out there's more to him than meets the eye.

In both series, one of the main character's friend include is a lolita type of character, looking cuter and younger than they actually are.
The same a little bit but there both comedy. But the only think fairy tail is shounen and ouran high school host club is shoujo
both MC's a dragged into a club while doubting it at first but then they start to like it more and more if you like D-Frag you'll like this
Both of these shows involve a group of high school students organizing their own club. They are equally hilarious comedies.
1. Same type of exaggerated, stereotypical, ironic and satirical kind of comedy.

2. Same settings -- it both take place in a private school. (Though it is not directly stated or emphasized in The World God Only Knows.)

3. Both series stereotypes love, romance and the kind of characters.

4. One of the main characters is very intellectual, manipulative and has that sexy nerd feel.

5. One of the main character is surrounded by the opposite sex.
Both are about the main character pretending to be the opposite gender to keep a job as a butler.
A girl with a bunch of guys as best friends that are hot.
They both are about school. Aikatsu is about school girls and Ouran is about school guys. They both have beautiful special effects. And they both have a beautiful character. So if you like Ouran, you should watch Aikatsu, if you like Aikatsu, you should watch Ouran!
Suoh Tamaki of Ouran High School Host Club is somewhat like Kida Masaomi of Durarara!! especially their way of speaking.
They are both really humoristic, sometimes perverted humor in different situations. Jin in Kannagi are a bit of a pervert, and so are the twins in ouran with their brotherly love. I really love the humor in both animes! they've got 10 points both from me! <3
One boy (with OHSHC it's a girl) coming into the lifes of other, quite important boys. I think Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club and Yuuta from Marginal Prince are the same- they try to help other people out, talk to them, get to know their past (and sometimes future), warms one another's heart, help them sort their problems out. It may not be the same setting, but OHSHC was the first other tv serie that sprang into my mind when I watched Ouran High School Host Club. You can always watch a trailer on youtube if you're not sure whether you'll like the serie.
The waiters in Ristorante not only capture the hearts of their customers like the boys of the Ouran Host Club, but they also all have their own unique attributes despite most of them wearing glasses. Nicoletta, like Haruhi, questions the strange yet entrancing ways of these gentlemen and eventually becomes fond of the warm atmosphere surrounding them and the restaurant they call home. If you want a more European version of Ouran without all the frills and sparkles (and a bit of pasta, too), then give Ristorante Paradiso a try.
Well, the first episode started on a school... there are lots of bishies trying to get to one girl. This girl, angelique, is quite dense. She wants to protect the orb hunters or those somewhat like guardians against those evil spawn... even though some of the bishies will risk their lives for her... she kinda like the lead girl here in ouran, haruhi, doesn't care bout herself only of other's well being...
Well, there are lots of bishies trying to get to one girl. This girl, angelique, is quite dense and a little clumsy with her emotions and compassions that sometimes she makes the guys hopelessly romantic for her. She wants to protect the universe and those somewhat like guardians against those evil spawn... even though some of the bishies will risk their lives for her... she kinda like the lead girl here in ouran, haruhi, doesn't care bout herself only of other's well being...
-the comedy is really similar, you'll definitely be laughing
-the many hot guys that surround the main character
-in Ouran, you really get to know the characters past their surfaces, and the same goes for Shugo Chara!
-only difference is that it's magical girl. Romance is similar though, the guys are hotttttt!!!
As I have said in the first season, both are reverse harems. Main protogonist is dense towards romantic relaionships AND they don't bow down to the guys :D If you liked Saiunkoku Monogatari II, I think you'll like Ouran just as much, or even more! XD
A fairy normal person becomes involved with a group of not-so-normal people. Everyone has a quirk of some sort that is very fun to watch.

Both are very hilarous!!

Soul Eater uses a similar style of humour to Ouran, and this is due to the same staff from both series being part of the team working on Soul Eater. Both series are by Studio Bones.
This is an alternative idea in which a boy is pretending to be a girl. It has a different story line and is not as good and popular as Ouran Host Club in terms of quality, but the plots give you a somewhat same amusement. Give it a try ^_~
Ouran is very different from Ginban, it's a bit more mature as well as more slice-of-life-ish. But I still find the humor in both stories very similar. They both are funny, sweet, romantic shows. Plus, the main female character in both is very strong!
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Light and funny, the two stories are different, but both are heartwarming and simply great. If you like one, you'll definitely appreciate the other one!
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If you fell in love with tamaki (or any other host for that matter)then you'll 100% like howl.Even the love story is similar (haruhi=sophie) If you dont know anything about this howl's moving castle and probably you've seen some pictures and your not going to think twice,thrice or go over it 100x if you dont watch it you'll regret.
Both are slice-of-lifes with comedy and romance, both center around clubs and their daily happenings, and both have some of the best character interaction in all the anime I've seen.
Both are slice-of-lifes with comedy and romance, both center around clubs and their daily happenings, and both have some of the best character interaction in all the anime I've seen.
Both outstandingly fantastic comedies, and probably the two funniest shows I've seen at this point. They both have a light romantic element, and are just downright fun to watch.
Similar character types among the main group. You have the twins, the glasses-wearing guy with short dark hair with the occasional short fuse, the exuberant blond guy, and uh . . . okay, so there isn't really a genderbending person in Kimi to Boku, there IS a guy who's a tad on the feminine side when it comes to interests, and who originally had long hair and got confused for a girl in the first half of the first season. Also similar humor type, though for Kimi to Boku it is much more subtle and understated.
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The humour and silliness is very similar, but it has some serious moments too
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Although these two are different by reality and fantasy they both include the misadventures of friends and are both quite enjoyable. Both stories are centered around two girls of both which the guy falls for.
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Probably more people have seen Ouran High School Host Club than I My Me! Strawberry Eggs, but if you haven't seen it, it's about a girl persuaded into posing as a guy at school. Otherwise the guys in the host club are definitely of the shounen type because they too frequently cross the gender line. The show is a hilarious comedy satirizing the whole boys love genre among other things. Even if you didn't like Strawberry Eggs, you might like this!
Both shows feature pretty boys who come together to form a family of sorts while serving cake to girls. Although Antique Bakery is definitely BL, Ouran is only slashable.
they are both awesome comedies and both are in like a school setting and both have fantastic chracters. also the characters/character interactions sort of like similar or something cause that reminds me of each show too.
They have similar senses of humour, although Bamboo Blade is more serious (sometimes).
i have not watched Chou Kuse ni Narisou yet (sorry >_<) but after reading the des i can tell it is IN A WAY similar to OURAN as the main character Female dresses up like a boy.
If Gintama is shounen crack, then Ouran is shoujo crack. They are both utterly random and hilarious.
Both revolves around school.
They are both cute, crazy animes.These animes are suitable for all ages .And believe me watching both anime will be a great experience.
Ouran revolves more around school boys and one girl(dressed as a boy)
Gokujou Seitokai has several tomboys who govern over their school (There is also a mad puppet in this anime). They do several exciting and funny things.The story is simple and crazy... not serious type
Well, I think that since Tamaki Suou from Ouran High School Host Club talks and talks and talks, he could possibly out-talk Watashi from Tatami Galaxy in terms of monologues. Both shows as a result of these two characters fill the silence with a whole lot of "Blahblahblah" in a very amusing way--either over-hyper or over-monotone--whatever it may be these two individuals easily make the Japanese language seem so dang art-y and word-y. Watashi and Tamaki, also, have the worst time trying to successfully woo the girls of their dreams (Akashi and Haruhi, respectively) who seem to be single, smart, and generally "normal" if not a little hard to approach. Both shows do not really focus on a successful romantic love story...more like the hi-jinks that come in being young, awkward, and failing; it is a miracle if they have a lucky moment or two that fulfills what they've wished for deep down. The side characters are very important to the main characters; however, the main characters Tamaki and Watashi sometimes dismiss them as not as important as their love interest or whichever narrow or broad interest they are pursuing.
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Same as Special A in thats its a school setting and has lots of funny. The only diffrence is that it has zodiac reference but its still very good.
The female protagonists are very similar. They are strong, funny and yet vulnerable all at the same time.

The relationships they enter into with the male characters are also great because they develop more naturally over time. They are not sappy or fake but there is a lovely tenderness and protectiveness towards one another that was great and heartfelt.

So overall witty and lovable characters, great stories, nice artwork..
The main characters in both animes starts at new school, special schools where the main characters are different from the others on the school, they have a secret, there are a lot of humor in both of the animes, the the main characters both animes join clubs :P and (this is the last one, i promise) they are both about love.
You just gonna die laughing watching either of them.Gto reckless jokes and action(by onizuka) plus random jokes(and very lovable characters that develop nicely) of ouran == pure fun!!! And of-course both of them are about school. Dont miss!!
Both are slice-of-lifes with comedy and romance, both center around clubs and their daily happenings, and both have some of the best character interaction in all the anime I've seen.
Ouran High School Host Club OHSCHC and Tokyo Mew Mew are HILARIOUS, somewhat kid-friendly, well made shows. There is a small of romance in OHSHC, but Tokyo Mew Mew has a little more. Each show is fun and has a very "happy and enjoyable" atmosphere.
both anime are increidbly funny, you will laugh if you watch acc/ouran.
both shoujo, good characters, and they both have romance.
An anime comedy involving high school girls
Well, if you like the kind of anime that combines comedy with a slice of life, then the Aria series is for you, though the themes are completely different, I found that it appealed to much of the same things... An extremely prevalent and light sense of humor, but is serious when it should be.
They're both really sweet romantic anime, kobato is about a girl who is trying to fulfill her wish by helping ppl. Their character is pretty similar since they are both clueless when it comes to love.
Both are light-hearted comedies featuring a lovable buffoon (Chisato/Tamaki) and a healthy dose of shonen-ai.
The main characters are both forced to work somewhere and are slowly enjoying it, learning some lessons and enduring embarassing moments:D
Both main protagonist girls pretend to be a boy. Both main boy and girl fall in love. RomeoXJuliet is more dramatic, less comedic, and less light than Ouran, though. Ouran is mostly comedy, as to RomeoXJuliet is more of Drama. But, if you liked how the girl pretends to be a boy and then falls in love kind of set, then you would enjoy this one/ the other. (:
Both are mixture of romance and comedy. The difference is that Suoh Tamaki's (one of the male main character) personality is quite similar to Nodame's, and that Fujioka Haruhi is almost like the female side of Chiaki.
For different reasons both girls become servants for rich guys, however Ouran is much funnier and is more elaborate in plot.
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