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Girl x Girl x Boy: Otome no Inori
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Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep
Dec 24, 2015 3:10 AM
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BannoBunka_snork May 5, 1:31 PM

I would like to request access to the feminist fangirls club.

I am male, 50 yo, northern German, don't know too much about anime.
It would be nice for me to have some sort of place to retreat to, when the general forums get too annoying for me. Even without actually going, just knowing I could retreat to your club probably would help with keeping calm / ignoring gamergaters or such.
Also, I may want to ask questions, resp. for opinions some times.

Right now I feel like posting in the non-anime recommendations. :p

so long - snork
Nickienator Apr 27, 11:44 AM
You're welcome (twice).
Nickienator Apr 27, 4:59 AM
Happy birthday.
AreyKyoya Apr 27, 2:36 AM
aikaflip Apr 14, 11:38 AM
I'd probably enjoy Mayoiga a lot more if I could play "Death Bingo" with it. :D Right now I just want to throw it in the drop bin with the 6 other shows I've dropped this season. I used to be a hardcore completionist, but, with the recent exception of the incredibly dumb Samurai Flamenco, which I only finished because I was close to the end, I can't make myself finish shows that I don't like any more.

Congratulations on the new job. Who are the ubers?

Anime and manga routinely romanticize assault, incest, and pedophilia. It's dangerously easy to lose moral perspective if you get too caught up in this stuff. I think shows like Super Lovers have a right to exist, but we have to remind each other when something is seriously fucked up, and hopefully there will eventually be less of a demand for it.

I have Not Mirai Nikki on my plan to watch, too. I'm not that excited about it, but I'll give it a couple of episodes. Attack on Trains had a really nice start. I'm not sure how good it is yet, but it definitely has my attention, and the visuals are amazing. Aside from that, and Girl Meets Bear (actual title, haha), the new JoJo a.k.a. Attack on Animals has been entertaining. It's no Sailor Moon, but it's amusing in a brazen kind of way.
aikaflip Apr 13, 9:11 AM
Lol, I can see why you'd call Shinbou's style stupid, and why many others would call it pretentious. Personally, its pretentiousness is what appeals to me. A lot of anime is so visually stiff and generic. Shinbou breaks convention by bombarding you with lots of random shit, visual ideas, poses, etc, and my ADD is very satisfied by this. It's too bad he's a raging lolicon though.

How have things been going with you? Are there any shows that you're enjoying this season? I think Kuma Miko is my favorite. It's so low-key and cute.
aikaflip Apr 12, 10:30 AM
Is Akiyuki Shinbo's work pedophilic or harmful? I like his gaudy style and work ethic, but the questionable way in which he depicts child-like characters has me questioning my fanship.
krazykillerkurt Apr 8, 12:03 AM
NAMBLA wtf? You really have something against Super Lovers. It's really not pedophilia. If you've really read the manga then you'd know that it's nothing as disgusting as Boku no Pico which is an actual pedophilia hentai. Calling Super Lovers a "NAMBLA" show is just disgusting and uncalled for.
krazykillerkurt Apr 7, 10:21 AM
FYI I have read until the updated chapter. I honestly don't care if people label it as pedophilia or not. All I know is that Haru only did Ren a favor when Ren was feeling that something wrong was happening to his body (he suddenly had urges and gets a boner every time he's with Haru) Also wtf Haru is not a pedophile. Haru didn't immediately got attracted to Ren just because he's "young", he keeps on taking care of Ren as his adoptive brother and jokingly kisses him from time to time until it becomes all too real, and Ren also becomes slowly attracted to Haru because of how kind and caring he is. I do know that pedophilia is bad. Though, I refuse to accept that Super Lovers is pedophilia and nothing will change my mind.
krazykillerkurt Apr 7, 9:02 AM
Touché. Still, I don't think Super Lovers is pedophilia. Pedophilia actually means "sexual" attraction to an adolescent/child; Super Lovers doesn't have that. Super Lovers is about a child and a teen whom develop a romantic relationship as they get older.
granuli Mar 25, 6:43 AM
Oscar is incredible! More than I had hoped for. I wonder if her father will ever be proud of her as his daughter and not his son.
granuli Mar 20, 6:55 AM
It's disappointing that only 50% of the story was covered. I would have loved to see an even more grown Shuurei and to see how a certain kind of relationship would or wouldn't develop.
If learning to read Japanese wasn't so much work...
In case you haven't seen this and it's of any interest to you:
It seems some volumes (past the anime/manga adaptions) have been fully translated, while there are only translations for selected scenes or chapters of others. But although this is inconsistent, there seem to be relatively detailed summaries for every single volume available.

Hanasakeru Seishounen was stunning as well. Kajika (how could she possibly be just 14 at the beginning?!) is one of the most strong-willed and capable women I've seen yet.
I was surprised how much the plot shifted into a political thriller.

I want more :p
Continuing with Chihayafuru for now since watching in parallel didn't work out so well when those anime you recommended didn't leave me much choice than to marathon them.
Thanks again :)

BTW: Have you seen this?
Further OVAs but of much later chapters? I hope those commenters aren't right that this is a bad sign for a season 2.
I haven't even watched yet the first OVA that was released earlier, still hoping for a continuation of the series.
granuli Mar 14, 2:31 PM
Saiunkoku Monogatari is AMAZING!!!
I couldn't stop watching, I'm glad there are 39 episodes and 2 seasons ;)
Thank you!

Right from the start it was so funny to see how she handled the emperor.
The misogynistic environment, especially in the beginning, was quite extreme, but the more satisfying it was to watch Shuurei grow so much and show everyone how wrong they are and how very capable she is "*shock*".
And that she finally grew those thorns and didn't let anyone kiss her anymore without her consent (I've waited for that. Those scenes happening over and over again were some of the more unsettling ones).

The scene with her and the Sa Clan's grandfather regarding the forced marriage was especially amazing I thought. I was really happy when she didn't bow before him. I feared she would agree after hearing all those threats, but she stood up to him so much, his head almost exploded. This was very satisfying :D

Eiki is also a great character "men are foolish, they always end up having to be rescued by women" loved it!! :D I hope there will be more of that.

The only thing I found a bit strange was that, after she reached Koren, sexist encounters against Shuurei decreased *that* much, so soon, compared to the beginning.
At first there were such huge loads, not just against her, that it was difficult to bear and so it felt a bit strange to me that there was no obvious prejudice and resistance coming from her new subordinates or colleagues.

Now continuing with season 2, the poor emperor :/
akisame__ Mar 12, 7:05 AM
Ah, are you talking about what occurred in the introduction thread? IF so, then I'm not that bothered by it (though I was kind of shocked to be accused of racism lol). You seem like a very warm person though, so I'll stick around!
granuli Mar 11, 5:04 AM
Thank you very much for all the recommendations!!

Funny, yesterday I was thinking about Saiunkoku Monogatari, but then decided to first take a look at Chihayafuru. I already heard lots of good things about both shows and since they are very much different it could be nice to watch them in parallel.

I'm glad about what you said about the main characters of both shows you mentioned! I find it more and more difficult to watch anything else.
I also don't mind any reverse harems (automatically). The few I've seen were quite different and didn't bother me at all.

Also thanks for the encouragement regarding Natsume's Book of Friends! I have to give it another chance. I just took a quick look right after I had watched Mushishi expecting something remotely similar in atmosphere and that seems to have been a mistake ;)

BTW: what do you think of this small story: Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii?
For *such* a cliched premise, there's a very different heroine who's very strong-willed and doesn't easily bow down to anyone. + There's "girl saves boy" at least 2x and not the other way around. While it might not be completely devoid of cliches and I'm quite sure that I don't catch every bit of sexism especially at first sight, it has some not so common scenes I found interesting, like

At times I had the feeling it almost seemed a bit like a Disney parody (rainbow, castle, but a different princess... hehe).
I think, regarding sexism, it might be better than Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (although they are not really that comparable)

Also Legend of Basara looks interesting. I think I found it listed in another list of feminist anime, but I don't remember where anymore.
Unfortunately I can't find this show anywhere :/

Thanks again, definitely going to watch the first 2 and give the Book a serious try ;)