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Mar 29, 2012
Mod note: This review was originally posted for "Don't Say" and has subsequently merged into "Comic Lily".

Alright so I won't say much about this little one-shot. I mean, I suppose I could make a terrible pun with the name but... I won't do that.

I happened to stumble upon this with Mangafox's "Surprise!" feature, and being a sucker for cute shoujo-ai, I gave it a shot.

Don't Say it just a little shoujo-ai one-shot about a school's 2-person braodcasting club and I guess why there are only two members.

Story: 4
Well I already summed it up. Not much to it really. At the very least it read more
Mar 2, 2012
Well seeing as there are no reviews for this, I figured I would write one. It's my first one by the way, so I apologize for my poor formatting skills.

Miyuki-chan in Wonderland is what I refer to as CLAMP throwing out all of their built-up sexual tension into one tiny manga volume. As many CLAMP fans know, CLAMP doesn't often do super-sexual things. Their most sexual work, other than this one, was Chobits- Which still just felt like an ecchi shoujo rather than a shounen.

But anyway. Miyuki-chan in Wonderland is essentially a yuri ecchi manga with very pretty art and an Alice in Wonderland theme, read more