Mar 2, 2012
Amberleh (All reviews)
Well seeing as there are no reviews for this, I figured I would write one. It's my first one by the way, so I apologize for my poor formatting skills.

Miyuki-chan in Wonderland is what I refer to as CLAMP throwing out all of their built-up sexual tension into one tiny manga volume. As many CLAMP fans know, CLAMP doesn't often do super-sexual things. Their most sexual work, other than this one, was Chobits- Which still just felt like an ecchi shoujo rather than a shounen.

But anyway. Miyuki-chan in Wonderland is essentially a yuri ecchi manga with very pretty art and an Alice in Wonderland theme, as the name would imply. Each chapter is a different story that usually stats out with our heroine, a high school girl named Miyuki, in some every-day situation- Being late to school, brushing her hair in the mirror, watching TV, playing video games going to the movies, etc. Then, something odd happens and she gets sucked into an alternate dimension of sorts- and it's a different world in every chapter that always relates to whatever she was doing at the time. In every world she gets sucked into, she invariably runs into a series of scantly-clad women, all trying to grope, seduce, undress, or otherwise sexually violate her in some form or another. Amusingly enough, there's never even any real nudity- Just... Everything else.

Story: 4
Well I pretty much summed it up in the above paragraph. It repeats itself in every chapter with new characters and a new world, but the same formula.

Art: 9
Alright it's CLAMP. Their art is superb- hard to deny that. To top it off, it's their old style, which was much more rich with beautiful detail than the style they use now. The only reason I did not give the art a 10 was because I felt that the costumes, which CLAMP is normally AMAZING at, were very dissapointing. With so many characters, I expected to at least be looking at tons of pretty clothes.

Characters: 5
The only reason this even got a 5 was because the last chapter features the females from X, which is my favorite manga and the reason I even purchased this silly thing. So forgive my bias. That being said, the characters are.. well... They are what they are. They don't really seem to have personalities outside of wanting to molest Miyuki. Miyuki's personality is nothing to talk about either- She gets sucked into a world, gets freaked out (although less freaked out than the average person would be in this situation), and has the cycle repeated.

Enjoyment: 7
Honestly I just like looking at CLAMP's art, and seeing the X females was a huge plus and made me smile. So that's the only reason this got a 7, but for anyone who is not an X or CLAMP fan, I doubt you'll enjoy it much unless you really want to see some badly done yuri.

Overall: 5
Yeah it's pretty bad. Honestly, unless you're a CLAMP and or X fan, I wouldn't bother. It's pretty, and I did get a couple chuckles, but that's about it. And with how much anime/manga has changed today, any ecchi/yuri fans would be SORELY dissapointed by this- There is no actual nudity or any kissing, just a lot of groping and such.