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Jun 21, 2:08 AM
December 11, 1981
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April 11, 2008
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Welcome to my page! Was it serendipity or passing fancy that brought you here? Have a seat, have a chat, have a cup of tea. ^_^ Beinvenue!

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My wishes go out to you, Japan, in your time of dire need and my condolences to all the families who have been effected by this travesty. You are in my thoughts and I wish you and your loved ones well!

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DystopianLove | Jun 22, 1:42 PM
Oh nice. I was out @ Half Moon Bay last weekend. It was fabulous.

I recently read A Scanner Darkly by PKD and that was erhh..interesting to say the least. I picked up a copy of Beagle's short stories. I'll get to that soon.

Hope you're doing well.

Orion1 | Jun 14, 1:38 PM
Well I just got back from close to your neck of the woods if I remember correctly. I was in Spokane and Northern Idaho for all last week on vacation with the familia and friends in Spokane. It was really cool. I'm actually considering moving up that way if my parents decide to relocate up their as they've stated. But who knows, still at least a year for me in that department. I wanted to go to Seattle as well but didn't have enough time. Next time I'll make it your way and maybe you can find one of these advanced screenings! ;)

DystopianLove | Jun 9, 11:14 PM
No problem, take your time.

I live in San Mateo, CA (effectively the bay area :P). Santa Cruz is about an hour away from me. It's really nice.

Fantasy is one genre I've been least exposed to, though I'm working on that. I tend to deviate towards a lot of philosophical fiction, classic literature (though this is the broadest most ambiguous genre imo, but it gets my point across [specifically 18th-20th century]), magical realism (i.e Kafka, Marquez, Allende), non-fiction (generally dealing with politics, war, history, philosophy, and other cool liberal sciences) and basically anything and everything besides YA and self-help books haha. I'm hopelessly attracted to books with a psychological embellishing, existential basing, and an encompassing insight. Books that are soaked in humanity (or lack of)...;)

My favorite authors/writers/poets range from Dostoevsky, to Borges, to Dickinson, to Tagore, to Hesse, to Butler. Speaking of Octavia Butler, do you enjoy sci-fi/dystopias?

Also, I've partly read Children of the Sea. I just could never find the fully translated version. Help?

You can be my fantasy-senpai :-) (not the lewd kind :O)

Orion1 | Jun 4, 1:39 AM
I really only checked the legal sources like Amazon/Netflix and then ADC. Those sourced didn't have it. But I'm really interested now. On another note, Amarantos suggestion of Survive Style 5+ was fantastic. Check it out. I was shocked I'd missed that one. I found it on ADC.

oeyee | Jun 4, 1:06 AM
Sorry for extremely late reply. I don't turn on computer very often :)

Haha, you're adorable :) I wonder if my parents let me to name myself Claude :D

You're lucky! I wish you to visit as many museums as possible! Have you been to Paris?

Oh...I adore prerafaelites, impressionsm, post impressionism (especially some Russian artists) and some classics like Tiziano. Do you like sculpture? Do you like Benvenuto Cellini??? I recommend you to read a book about him written by one of my favourite authors, Dumas!

ArekusuYaeger | Jun 3, 2:06 PM
No, I did not :D

Orion1 | May 25, 3:47 AM
Hey Starshine, I recently dropped by Cinema of Japan and saw you had mentioned a film that was like Taste of Tea. You know that got my attention. Little Forest: Summer/Autumn. Found it on adc, but not subtitles yet. I'm curious where you saw it, because I didn't see an officially subbed version on Amazon yet either, boo :(

DystopianLove | May 15, 10:00 PM
I haven't updated mine fully either. I find the task of updating lists incredibly daunting and hopelessly boring. I'm thinking about reading that book you just 5'starred called The Last Unicorn. Looks pretty interesting.

Are these fantasy novels? (the ones you just mentioned).

You don't need to rush or even provide feedback if it's annoying for you. I just coerce ask people who I know can provide me with some constructive feedback. I know there's a lot of setbacks in my content or evaluation of works, at least with anime, so I'm looking to get some helpful commentary. That way when I start submitting reviews on GR or crafting my blog (pls subscribe :P), my work is more on the quality side and less on the *ahem* shitty side :P

Thank you for your help, in whatever doses it may be.

My passions range from reading and writing to playing the violin to arts and crafts, though concerning the latter, I have neglected them for far too long due to getting caught up with the drift or life, work, and my other obviously thrilling activities. I currently live in the fabulous state of California (for work) and there is much to do so I'm planning on visiting some vineyards (for the natural beauty, of course) and some national parks. I do love nature and spending time in the mountains or by the beaches. How about you?

Berkeley? Nice. It's one of the universities I'm applying to.

Poker is poker, always fun :) and no problem about length, respond at your own leisure and length. :)

DystopianLove | May 4, 2:14 AM
I would have been utterly devastated if you forgot about me so fast.

No problem, busy weeks are understandable. I've been not-so-busy lately so taking full advantage of that and maximizing on my procrastination and non-productivity. Hope you get some time to relax and read a good book :)

What book is that? I could just check your good reads.

That paper sounds interesting, be sure to send it my way once you finish so I can indulge in all your wisdom, tehehe. I'll be looking forward to it.

I'm actually in IT atm. I work in business intelligence as a data/strategy consultant. It's really boring most of the times, but the peaks of problem solving make it worth it. I hope to get out of this field soon as it isn't really something I'm passionate about nor do I find much to like/love. It's great money which is my only real incentive. I eventually want to pursue law school and hoping to start by spring 2016. Alas, my plans have been failing though, so I hope I can actually follow up with it.

In terms of studies, I did a double bachelors: one in Political Science and the other in Economics, but that was a long time ago.

The only real highlight of my weekend was going up to Stanford to play poker and winning some money. Lol. How about yourself?

You read some of my reviews then? :O Any feedback?

oeyee | Apr 21, 4:23 AM
Hello! Nice to meet you!:) It's great to have a new friend, especially who shares my love to Music of Marie! And your nickname contains the name Monet. Do you like this artist? He is my favorite!

DystopianLove | Apr 20, 11:00 AM
What is the paper about?

A librarian? I might be the one forming a new crush :x That's really cool. What do you hope to study given the chance of re-entering school? I wish you all the luck and hope you can get into whatever you want soon. I'm facing a similar situation so I can sort of relate.

The fact that her entire philosophy was drenched in these notions of absurd objective maxims and notions like reality and how quantified 'unquantifiable' (if you will) characteristics were displayed. Her quantification of human emotion, desires, and etc was totally disastrous (hilariously ironic considering how she was basically the perfect antithesis to her entire philosophy). I think there are far better systems of thoughts that strain similar elements of rationalism and even of objectivity/morality but not in such a jack-ass-ish manner. That woman is every bad CEO's wet dream and that should tell you something in itself.

Thanks for the request on GR. I'll get back to you on After Dark once I finish it. I might even review it. My first review on GR, hope senpai likes it ;) hehehe.

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

I made the mistake of walking into B&N and now my wallet is missing $200. Spectacular, isn't it?

Edit: I see you're reading Shigeshoushi and Petshop, hope you like them. I did :)
Also, have you seen Rose of Versailles?

DystopianLove | Apr 16, 3:43 PM
oh, feel free to add me on GR; the link is on my page :)

DystopianLove | Apr 16, 3:16 PM
Seriously, I'm beginning to question if you're a real person or just a figment of my warped imagination. How can we have so much in common? I adore Haibane Renmei, I even wrote a review on it, soaked with all of my love for it. You should check it out if you want and give me some feedback because that's what friends do, right? right? ;). I think I can safely assume that you dislike Rand and that's even more of an appeal factor for me, since my sentiments on her and her works can be summed up as: horrendously overrated. Most of my problems with her don't arise from her writing, but her ideas and her ridiculous philosophy. rand pls, just pls!

I actually have yet to see Spice and Wolf. I downloaded it not too long ago so I'll be getting around to it sooner than later. I've heard only but good things about it so it's definitely up there on my priority.

"Can you turn into a car"

I can also turn into a prince ;)

Thanks for the friend request and the invitation for tea. I humbly accept and look forward to the Shakespearean recitations, the exquisite ceremonies, and of course, the Rand bashing.

DystopianLove | Apr 16, 12:20 PM
Hahaha, she's grrreat. We like to pretend that Ikuhara is influenced by us and that Utena and Anthy were crafted in the honor of *us*. We're weird.

Actually, there's a few of us that read books together and then discuss. We've recently been reading dystopia-based works and since I had read 'WE' a long time ago, I recommended reading it, considering it is a fundamental and influential work for later, more acknowledge works by the likes of Orwell, Huxley, etc. Have you read it?

I absolutely love meeting people who enjoy reading so the pleasure is really all mine :)

DystopianLove | Apr 16, 12:15 PM
You are absolutely welcome. My manga favorites almost mimicked your to the tee before I changed it to a follow a more shoujo-suit.

I actually haven't seen Maoyuu yet. I remembered I tried at one point but didn't get through all of it and can't remember exactly why. What's so great about it, if you don't mind me asking? Have you seen Spice and Wolf? What about Haibane Renmei?

>bookworm with a tea problem

First the manga imitation
Now a personality imitation
...I might believe in fate now....

Hyouge Mono is interesting to say the least. I enjoy historical based works so for me that was already a seller. It's a nice Reconstruction of the sengoku era with warring conflicts in the background coupled with the hilariously-profuse antics of an aesthete in the forefront. Also, since your a tea-enthusiast, you might find a lot of this appealing as it really delves into the artistry behind tea-related matters haha. It's a good show so far.

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