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04-09-14, 10:50 AM
January 17, 1987
with ..... ^_^
July 28, 2008
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Shuidee | 02-09-10, 4:24 AM
thanks :D I'm a free person now XDD

Shuidee | 11-24-09, 5:08 PM
ya well not the weather is getting cold but it's still better then hot weather XDD

it was ok ~ not the best Yaoi anime but you'll love it I guess XDD I'm waiting for the 2nd ep to be translated so I can watch it , but heard that lots of people who saw the Raw ep didn't like it XDD but gonna wait for it to be translated so I can judge :3

Showstopper34 | 10-17-09, 1:44 PM

Showstopper34 | 10-15-09, 1:42 PM
im good how have you been

Showstopper34 | 10-12-09, 10:36 AM
how are you?

Shuidee | 09-15-09, 2:05 AM
we don't have noramally rotoba in my city but in Jeddah and Damam *east and west side of Saudi* there is XDD so I'm not used to rotoba >.<

woow mashllah you're so lucky XDD I'll start college again on the 3rd of Oct. around 2 weeks from now ToT

Shuidee | 08-26-09, 8:50 PM
oooh good luck with your college studies :)

well so far everyone who went there in Dubai told me it's hot and *rotoba* XDD

right now it's raining but in few hours I'm sure the sun will come out and as if nothing happened awhile ago *I mean rain :P*

haha I guess it's getting near that Maiden Rose new ep to be out XDD

Shuidee | 07-22-09, 12:31 AM
woow Dubai never been there but I wanna go there to do shopping XDD I heard it's a good place to shop but the weather is really bad :O anyhow hope you'll have fun =D enjoy your summer ~

I am going back 3 weeks before college start so I guess have lots of time to watch more anime and read manga's XDD

waah is that anime already out I better download the first ep XDD the next one will be at the end of Aug long time ToT

MissVampire | 07-09-09, 10:33 AM
LoL ~

Shuidee | 06-30-09, 7:27 AM
I'm really sorry I was busy with non stop tests and then finals and I'm free now =D I have nothing to worry about other then marathoning anime/manga and finish as much as I can before leaving to Korea XDD urrh i hope I'll manage to finish lots of things before leaving

ooh and that Level C anime was ok not the best but I've enjoyed watching it ;D

Shuidee | 06-09-09, 10:16 AM
I didn't read Yaoi in awhile T___T it's sad but hey 3 more weeks and i'm done with college yaay !!

ooh that Yaoi looks so goooooooood !! I can't wait till I watch it !

Shuidee | 05-14-09, 4:55 AM
for me it'll start next week @.@ and srsly I don't know what I have XDD I should check out my college email or something XDD

good luck on your tests !

ooh I read this good manga few days ago I think you should check it out ;D full of smut and i loved it got weird idea XDD it's called Neji no Kaiten and I am looking for new Yaoi anime's to watch but there is nothing I guess I've seen the good ones and there is nothing good I DIDN'T see yet XDD

Shuidee | 05-07-09, 5:23 AM
ya I was sick but now I'm all better ;D and I'm done with my first mid-tirms but not for so long cos I'll have quizzes this week and then the week after back to mid-tirms O.o;;;;

I can't wait till summer vacation I need a long break :(

Shuidee | 04-29-09, 2:37 AM
thanks @.@ urrh but right now I'm sick T__T and good thing it's now not next week or else I'm gonna go crazy XDD

Shuidee | 04-27-09, 4:56 AM
I've been busy with meeting my friends and such and didn't have time to watch anime or the mood to it >.< currently reading manga but still I don't feel like to :(

I stil have 2 more tests after this break :( and I need to start studying soon or I won't do my best >.<

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