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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Alternative Titles

English: Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
Synonyms: The maid dragon of Kobayashi-san
Japanese: 小林さんちのメイドラゴン


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 12, 2017 to Apr 6, 2017
Premiered: Winter 2017
Broadcast: Thursdays at 00:00 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Kyoto Animation
Source: Manga
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.181 (scored by 219,229 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #3362
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #145
Members: 382,885
Favorites: 6,853


While both are rather different content-wise -- Kobayashi is CGDCT where as Maou-Sama is mostly a comedy slice of life with some action and drama mixed in, both are what I like to call "reverse isekai," wherein people from a fantasy world enter our world rather than the other way around. The thing mostly in common between the two is in that sense, and in that there tends to be a lot of humor derived from the difference in common sense between the two worlds and the characters from the fantasy world adjusting/reacting to life on Earth. If you've watched Maou-Sama and liked that type of humor  read more 
report Recommended by zanahorowa
Nichijou and Kobayashi are both shows that give you a similar vibe in comedy. Nichijou is comedy focused where Kobayashi has some fantasy and more serious moments as well. Both shows are lighthearted and give you the same feeling and are animated by Kyoto Animation. If you have seen one or the other I would highly recommend the other to you. You'll be in for a very comedic and character driven story. 
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
- Both are slice of life featuring supernatural beings - Both have low-key hilarious jokes that would be actually be super dark if not for the way they are executed 
report Recommended by bubbletea23
Tetsuo and Kobayashi lead ordinary lives until their chance encounter with supernatural beings thrust them into exciting situations filled with many laughter, adorable moments, and heartwarming scenes. While Demi-chan focuses on Tetsuo and his desire to learn more about the monster girls, Dragon Maid chronicles the life of the dragons as they attempt to understand Kobayashi and humanity itself. Although Demi-chan and Dragon Maid are lighthearted series, their powerful message about society leave something to think about. 
report Recommended by Skittles
Another light heart'ed slice of life, full of girls and their everyday life  
report Recommended by AnimeThink
Cute girls with superpowers find themselves doing cute things around town with puny humans. Ika certainly acts like she's a civilization destroying dragon but doesn't show off as much power and everyone just accepts she has a weird head thing while Dragon Maid each new character has superpowers and is hiding. Both are great comedies and have a touching moment here or there. 
report Recommended by Ptrico94
While Flying Witch is less gag-heavy and contains no fanservice, both shows contain fantasy elements, a mostly female cast, emphasize the importance of family, and are overall very easy and fun to watch. 
report Recommended by CatSoul
Same enjoyable experience They're both comedy Both have a super cute character Both have otaku characters Also... Even openings have same experience  
report Recommended by abramz
Both are bright comedies about a human surrounded by monsters or dragon girls. Though Monster Musume is for a more 'mature' audience, both are funny to watch. 
report Recommended by IceDragoness
Both shows have a main girl who decides to crash at a random stranger's house and forces them to take her in so she can grow romantically close to said stranger. A majority of the main cast are otherwordly beings( dragons and aliens ). They also feature many openly LGBT characters (but don't cross over into full yuri/yaoi territory), 
report Recommended by delightfulweebs
Great mythological beings turned into cute girls. Shenanigans followed. 
report Recommended by MoeGod
Both animal have several cute dragon girls (and a black male dragon) learning how to interact with humans. Both are cute, both have lolis without being gross about it, both are well-animated, and both are funny (although Dragon Crisis can be a bit more serious). 
report Recommended by mimidori
- Both main character are living with supernatural creatures - Both anime are slice of life comedy - Both supernatural creature are in love with the main character 
report Recommended by sanatora
When I first started watching Kobayashi-san in early winter 2017, I couldn't shake how I was reminded of I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying. Sure, the art style is pretty recognisable as Cool Kyou Shinja's, but the two are very similar tonally as well. The two shows are primarily comedy focused. While the comedy may not be bust-a-gut hilarious, it is very comfortable. Both shows feature a series of recurring jokes that your mileage may vary on, but personally, they never failed to illicit a smile. I'd compare the the comedy style of these shows, and especially the recurring jokes, to a good cup  read more 
report Recommended by Soapbox-Hero
Both are comedies featuring a lonely main character whose life changes after living with supernatural beings that deal with the struggle of understanding basic social rules an human behavior. 
report Recommended by Joseloperro
Both are moe SOL with monster girls as common trope. Highly recommend Centaur no Nayami if you're into politics while still wanting some cute loli girls  
report Recommended by dagr8D
Similar style of comedy focused on a cast of air heads of various degrees. Introduces it's own Kanna in Renge who also becomes by far the best part of the show immediately. 
report Recommended by Ajgeo
Fell in love with Maid Dragon slice of life, funny situations and really cute, adorable, amazing and unique characters? Then I'll show you another show really similar: Oshiete Galko-chan! Although at first it may not seem like they're alike at all, they both have the same humorous yet heartwarming vibe, present friendships really well and all stuff of the sorts. You won't regret it.  
report Recommended by MaahHeim
Although not very similar aside from the "comedic sketches" format, Jashin-chan feels like a parody of Tohru being a serpent whose tail keeps getting cut up and served for food (although Kobayashi refuses to eat from it). They're also both about a human living with a supernatural creature. 
report Recommended by Modo942000
Both are made from KyoAni. Both have very similar feel despite having different type of background (highschool vs working woman) 
report Recommended by laistrogian
These two shows involve people or mythical creatures from other worlds savoring the flavor of hidden surprises that our modern day world has to offer. 
report Recommended by QuanekiQuen
- Both are very lighthearted slice of life series about powerful girls from other worlds trying their best to fit into the human world. - Both series have very similar style of humor, focusing on culture shock and misunderstaning the way humans live their lives. - Both series have lots of very cute, moe girl characters. - Both series have some fanservice and risque moments, Magipoka being the "heavier" one in that department (although not by much). 
report Recommended by ninja666
They are slice of life lighthearted comedies, about people fitting in new circumstances they got involved in, accompanied by a group of people with different quirks. 
report Recommended by maattthhhh
It has the same kind of vibe as miss kobayashi's dragon maid 
report Recommended by Ricardobrug
Both of these shows have a similar sense of heart and purpose, they both show families trying to come together and they also have a heavy focus on jokes and gags as well to keep it light. 
report Recommended by jarbenmate
The mood and ambient that Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon gives is really similar to Blend S, a funny and cheering mood that brights up your day. We also can see the fact that Blend S and Kobaysahi-san Chi no Maid Dragon have the "waitress/maid" formula to join in the equation, that makes even better.  
report Recommended by MordecaiMapper
Both are slice of lifes that have to do with different species of creature that try to stir up some romance. They also both have a cute, heartwarming feel to them. In where you don't have to do a lot of thinking to understand whats going on.  
report Recommended by Aproudweeb
A hard working female main character of rather stoic demeanor finds herself sharing her flat with an non-human. The series are slice of life, with a good bit of comedy thrown in. Despite the obviously crazy setup of the story (alien freeloader/dragon maid), this background is only ever hinted at, never explored indepth. Instead, the human main character is center to the show and steals it, too. Having no male lead prevents both serious from following romance/harem clichées. 
report Recommended by Xeeron
While the two are significantly different in the character department, both have a similar atmosphere with their general lack of serious drama. That might be an advantage or disadvantage depending on personal preference. HisoMaso tells a slightly more serious story, though, where characters have to cope with their self-esteem issues through piloting, while Dragon Maid is more focused on daily dragon hijinks. Oh yeah, and both have moe dragons. If that's your thing, go watch both. 
report Recommended by Wynnmore
Both are "Normal meets supernatural" kind of anime. Both feature over-powered lolis. And they both have characters who despite their differences have to learn to live together. 
report Recommended by Lamaaddict
Both anime are about women with strange powers who decided to became maids. There is some resemblance in tone and style that makes me think that Mahoromantic influenced Kobayashi-san. 
report Recommended by NarcosBG
Let's get the surface-level stuff out of the way first. Firstly, both shows have an element of magical realism, Kobayashi with the dragons and Haruhi with the espers, time travellers, and aliens. Both shows have a deadpan loli-style character, a fanservice character with massive breasts, and the main character in both is quick-witted and snarky. Finally, both these shows look like typical otaku bait, but reveal themselves to much more than that. On to the more important bits. Both these shows maintain a comedic tone interspersed with some truly masterful scenes of emotional weight with some pretty awesome action scenes sprinkled in for good measure. Just like life,  read more 
report Recommended by Soapbox-Hero
> Same animation team, KyotoAnimation > Same director > Magical creatures from a fantasy world in the real world adjusting to the real world. > Comedy with light romance > Tame and decent fanservice > Main character starts off bored and average but as the show goes on they start being more happy and motivated. > Both are light hearted feel good shows  
report Recommended by PikaCheeks
They just want to live peaceful lives but they are unlucky because around them happens a lot of stuff. Kobayashi is similar to a certain extent in questing what she did to deserve this. You will find yourself entertained every second of the anime. 
report Recommended by Felix
-Both contain a somewhat cold and more down to earth character matched with a ditzy and eccentric character, both pairs also having one of the characters with an aspect of them that would be terrifying/dark if not for the comedy aspect of the show. -Are easy to watch and don't quite feel like a chore or tiring to watch. -The humor of both shows are random but don't feel farfetched or unrealistic, even if the unrealistic or other worldly aspects of certain characters are involved, the comedy is still real and believable -Both shows are mainly comedy based, but have an underlying warmth to them, especially involving the  read more 
report Recommended by MissMisu
Both of these series revolve around an average person who ends up with a bunch of crazy fantasy-ish people living with them and has the mc gradually grow to love them. They are both very sweet and endearing series with a healthy amount of fanservice. 
report Recommended by dipperpines
The main characters Tooru and Kyouko have a really similar... aura? ^^' Like, their crazy straightforward personalities, and their silly over-the-top actions, and the poses they make, and the way they talk, right down to their overflowing love for one of the other female characters, and the way they express it. It was killing me while I was trying to figure out who Tooru reminded me of, until I finally remembered Kyouko and everything clicked into place. Both of the shows are also really enjoyable slice-of-life/comedy animes that make the most of their really interesting and diverse groups of characters, and  read more 
report Recommended by StrawberryKitKit
They both have the same tone and feel. Also the voice actor for the main characters are the same in both shows. They have the same kind of humor, they're light-hearted and they're both about someone who gets an unusual guest that starts living in their home. 
report Recommended by Aurakin
Something about the comedy of maid dragon made me think of skip beat! where you sometimes can just laugh and enjoy a good anime. 
report Recommended by jere169
You thought it's just nonsense moe but badumm tss. 
report Recommended by LadyYuki_
Both series have a main characters who live otherwise ordinary lives until a fantastic being comes into their life and craziness unfolds. 
report Recommended by ShadowBlazer3000
Family, KyoAni, Other things. I can't be stuffed writing what I wrote in my Tamako Market review again.  
report Recommended by Tenderizer17
-both have some yurii undertones -both are amzingly animated -both have a "fantasy" (oriented) setting  
report Recommended by Momonee
As much as these shows could be considered very different from each other, they have similar themes of family and parenting. While Dragon Maid has a more laidback approach to these topics, not going too deep into family issues or the complexities of raising a child, Usagi Drop explores them with a grain of realism. Also expect from these shows many cute, funny and some heartwarming moments. If like me you have grown old too fast to the point of enjoying a parenting tale but haven't grown out of anime yet, you will like Usagi Drop for sure. If you also tolerate some moe and minor,  read more 
report Recommended by agendator
Both are outlandish comedies about living a strange life. Kobayashi is a bit slower paced but carries over a lot of the same themes about adapting to a new world and having new friends. 
report Recommended by stealthswor
The atmosphere. Both series feature an intersting cast of non/otaku characters. Main characters having trouble with the appearance of another character. Takes place in apartement most of the time. 
report Recommended by noahbolliger
Dragon Maid is the SoL comedy version of the adventurous romance story Spice and Wolf. Both feature human protagonists that have unique interactions with their inhuman partners. They also feature a world with some fictional elements, where the inhuman characters try to mingle with human society. Holo helps Lawrence with her extraordinary wit and her wolf-like features, and Tohru in Dragon Maid does the same with her dragon powers.  
report Recommended by PHAT_LEWT