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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
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Both have a colorful cast. The stories lean more towards casual viewing, so they're nice and calming shows to watch.
report Recommended by FormerFreeloader
Both are truly funny shows with a very lovable cast. It is pretty wholesome at times, and then suddenly becomes unbelievably funny.
report Recommended by Lancerrr
The mood and ambient that Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon gives is really similar to Blend S, a funny and cheering mood that brights up your day. We also can see the fact that Blend S and Kobaysahi-san Chi no Maid Dragon have the "waitress/maid" formula to join in the equation, that makes even better.
report Recommended by MordecaiMapper
Light, fun and well known for memes. How not to relate these two? - Both works are cute examples of Slice of Life that share a very similar humor and jokes. Both Blend S and Maid Dragon present a "colorful" and "fun" atmosphere, tending to the moe style in a good part of the characters' attitudes and, mainly, in their designs. - Both animes invest heavily in the interactions of their diverse and charismatic cast. Some of the archetypes presented in one are also used in another, such as otaku, cute loli and onee-san. It's worth remembering that, in Blend S, the personalities I'm talking about are   read more
report Recommended by Marander
I feel like someone who watched one of these two shows can easily enjoy the other: both are really moe and they have the binomial waitress (Tohru) and maid (Blend S' cast) I also felt some similarities in the osts which are really relaxing for both these two animes :3
report Recommended by justasadguy
Both of these anime are funny and wholesome with a great cast of characters. They are both anime that you can just sit back and watch after a long day of work.
report Recommended by ramenandramune
Both are SOl and very cute, have memorable casts in each, and are only 12 episodes.
report Recommended by Bloomberry
same comedy/joke style, as well as animation style too. Both are colorful and have a lot of characters with interesting personalities.
report Recommended by acidycat
ING-US Obviously the premise is very different, but each of this kind of anime both resemble in the form of humor mainly over stereotypes, fun to watch in their slice of life rhythms with cool characters and cool humor. I like them 2 equally but Kobayashi has a much superior production. PTG-BR Obviamente a premissa é bem diferente, porém cada qual deste tipo de anime ambos se assemelham na forma do humor principalmente por cima de esteriótipos, divertidos de assistir em seus ritmos de slice of life com personagens legais e humor bacaninha. Gosto igualmente dos 2 mas Kobayashi tem uma produção muito superior.
report Recommended by Pedro_Bolinha