Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, Gabriel DropOut Recommendations

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Gabriel DropOut
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Gabriel DropOut
- Both are slice of life featuring supernatural beings - Both have low-key hilarious jokes that would be actually be super dark if not for the way they are executed
report Recommended by bubbletea23
- Group of characters who arrives from another world and tries to addapt to life here. - Both have the same amount of Comedy/Slice of life and a good equilibrium in both. - Similar random situations on their everyday life - Both involves fantasy and real world character.
report Recommended by fourd444
If you enjoyed Maid Dragon, you probably enjoy cute girls, yuribait and pinches of fantasy here and there. Maid Dragon is similar in those ways but has a bit more story than GabDro. They ARE both focused on slice of life, though. So if that's your thing... Have fun, I guess?
report Recommended by YakkiBoi
Les deux ont quasiment le même style Et c'est drole The both have the same style And it's funny
report Recommended by ladolyfamily
Both of these animes have fantasy elements and are very lighthearted/feel good with the best of girls.
report Recommended by Melee_Miller
Both are slice of life animes featuring characters from other worlds with a very similar feel to it. The main cast is predominantly female in both series, the art style is similar as well. If you liked Dragon Maid, you'll like Gabriel DropOut and vice versa.
report Recommended by Maiika-chan
Episodic narrative following cute characters doing cute things, with a slight fantasy twist to dynamics. One features cynical angels and demons with limited understanding of human social structure, the other cynical dragons with limited understanding of human social structure.
report Recommended by YeOldeGamer1
They are both similar in the fact that they're fantasy type slice of life comedys, one is about dragons, other is about angels and demons. Both will give you a good laugh.
report Recommended by GloriousPancake7
Both good-looking slice-of-life shows that are above average and actually funny in addition to being cute. Kobayashi deals with some adult themes and there are actually emotional points in the show, while DropOut always stays carefree. Kobayashi is heartwarming while DropOut features socially-unacceptable behaviour that would only be funny in an anime (I mention this because sometimes I am not in the mood for the latter)
report Recommended by TMoane
Very very similar fantasy setting. Gabriel Dropout is more focused on comedy and less on slice of life than Dragon Maid, but they have a pretty similar feel to them. I enjoyed both thoroughly.
report Recommended by ABPAEAE
I watched both shows within a week or so and I was amazed how much of a striking resemblance they have! If you liked the comedy and the fantasy aspect of Kobayashi-san you should really try watching an episode or so of Gabriel Dropout, it's just 12 episodes + 1 ova!
report Recommended by AJChirag