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Japanese: フェイト/ゼロ
English: Fate/Zero
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Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 2, 2011 to Dec 25, 2011
Premiered: Fall 2011
Broadcast: Sundays at 00:00 (JST)
Licensors: Aniplex of America
Studios: ufotable
Source: Light novel
Genres: ActionAction, FantasyFantasy, SupernaturalSupernatural
Duration: 27 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.271 (scored by 859557859,557 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #2932
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #79
Members: 1,498,123
Favorites: 33,639

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Both animes are about receiving or meeting a third party to supply you with powers to fight in a survival game, and aim to defeat the other parties to win the game. Both have groups that build bonds over the time they spend together. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Because Gen Urobuchi is an amazing writer. If you've watched and enjoyed one, you will be very likely to enjoy the other; ignore that they seem to be completely different genres. 
report Recommended by ddrcrono
Same director, same composer, both based of Type Moon novels, along with both containing a similar feel and atmosphere. Both have a mature history. If you like one, you will most definitely like the other.  
report Recommended by ChrnoTodd
Both anime pull legendary heroes (Fate takes those from world history and lore while Re:Creaters takes those from otaku media) from other worlds into one and seemingly duke it out with each other.  
report Recommended by Ahegyao
Two men who undertand each other more than anyone else but have completely opposite goals. 
report Recommended by PerlaNemesis
Fate/Hellsing = Drifters. Not quite the exact same premise but famous historical figures fighting each other on a death battle.. well you get the idea. Both are action series but Drifters is more action and much less Philosophical and Ideal clashes than the Fate series.  
report Recommended by royaldocks
Action shows with involving stories, dark atmospheres and very pretty, very flashy battles. 
report Recommended by Keirik
If you like the idea of Battle Royale showdowns involving magic and supernatural powers, then GET READY... for 20-minutes of exposition/waffling, followed by maybe 30-seconds of action. Yeeeeee-haw! 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Both of these series involve loads of chracters making intricate plans against each other for various motivations. There is action and a supernatural element in both. Code Geass has a lot of high school age characters while Fate/Zero mostly involves adults, and there are more not-so-serious episodes in Code Geass. Code Geass has mechs while Fate/Zero has swords and sorcery. But they both have more plotting and gambits than you can count. If you like that aspect of one, you'll almost certainly like the other. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
Set in a different world, where magic/alchemy is common. They are both fully packed with action, and are likely to leave you on the edge of your seat by the end of every episode. Whether you are looking for something with a similar plot, similar fights or something epic with that dark feel to it; Look up the other if you haven't watched it yet. 
report Recommended by hal89
Shounen battle shows that spend more time talking about ambitions, rules, and mechanics than actually fighting, making the plot and action even better since the viewer fully understands the importance and consequences of every move the characters make. 
report Recommended by NavyCherub
Both are technical masterpieces--featuring beautifully animated fight sequences, sounds and scores. If you're looking for an amazing action series, look no further than these. Beyond the technical aspects, they are also both quite visceral in nature--raising the question of whether or not we need to abandon our humanity to defeat the enemy, and exploring the consequences of doing so. 
report Recommended by linnaes
Both main characters are somewhat fictional in the world that the action is taking place, deal with swords and increasing inner strength/ skill. Also, in both shows the art and sound are great. 
report Recommended by naerayan
Awesome battles with a very nice and mature history like Fate/zero 
report Recommended by ChrnoTodd
First of all, Alucards voice actors in this series which I didn't know at first and boy there is irony and reminiscene when the character with Alucard's voice appeared. If youve watched Hellsing I reccomend this sooo much butjust for fun the reason why i made this reccomendation was because,which you shuld just skip to for a sneak, of a scene six minutes into EP 8 there was a forest fight scene with the char with Alucards voice that made me just think back at hellsing and fights(nd see such irony).... like using a holy bayonet to block a barrage of bullets...so priestly *hint hint* Episode 11  read more 
report Recommended by kUshPandA_ENJOi
This anime has a similar focus on action and intense battles, and also features complex and morally ambiguous characters. The storyline is well-crafted and keeps you engaged from start to finish. 
report Recommended by FAKECROSS97
This also applies to Fate/Zero Second Season. Anyways, both series: -Can tell a mature and intelligent story -Have no fanservice, which goes along with the aforementioned mature story -Are quite dark and suspenseful -Have characters with complex motivations -Are fantastically written and executed -Have characters with a dark, complex, or mysterious past -Although previously mentioned, both series have a shroud of mystery surrounding certain characters -Have intense thriller moments -Large amounts of characters dying -Examples of anime at its fineset 
report Recommended by Gilgy
Both of these shows involve a ridiculous amount of plotting and tactical gambits. They both take place in a modern day setting, but both have a supernatural element involved. Fate/Zero has a lot more major characters and different motivations whereas Death Note has a 1v1 feel, but there is a life-and-death competition in both and plenty of suspense as you wonder what the characters have up their sleeve next. 
report Recommended by Rikudo14
If after watching Fate/Zero you were left wanting more in the way of 'Battle Royale' believable brutality and less in the way of circle-walky talking, then Basilisk is the anime for you! Instead of Zero's premise of seven masters with seven revived heroes of lore (complete with 'middle-man' pace slowing rules overload) battling it out until only one pairing remains, in Basilisk ninja with superpowers (two sides, with ten on each side) every bit as powerful as those wielded by servants, quite simply, fight a desperate battle to the death; dying in quick succession. You can not get much more intense! In contrast, no-one really died  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Similarities: -Dark atmosphere -Battle to the death between sides -14 actual participants with many more involved -Dialogue heavy -Flashy action sequences -Both feel kind of incomplete. Fate/Zero is a prequel while the X manga hasn't actually finished. Dissimilarities: -X is to do with the end of the world while Fate/Zero is more to do with the battle for the holy grail. -In X, there are 7 members on each side while in Fate/Zero, there are 7 teams of 2. -X has CLAMP-like character designs which may not appeal to everyone. Fate/Zero has the Type-Moon designs which have a much more universal appeal. 
report Recommended by Miraclezify
People summoning creatures to fight in their commands. The art style is similar too. Although Persona have a lot of comedy, while Fate/Zero is darkly serious.  
report Recommended by taterhead
Both of em are from Type-Moon and produced by ufotable so u can expect the same theme.u can see character similarities as well like Souren and Kotomine (later on). 
report Recommended by amirhoss
The both of the main characters are the same prototype of a tragic hero. Seeing Okabe Rintaro is pretty similar to Emiya Kiritsugu in the aristotelian concept of a tragic hero, it's like i could see Emiya Kiritsugu living other story with different events.. I LOVE THEM BOTH "Something tragic is an error caused by a character, who is not perfect and his punishment is treated as something greater than the crime, this crime is committed by the free thought of the character, but mainly due to fate. The character has a ruin, that ruin does not evoke an absolute despair in the character, since the  read more 
report Recommended by claaro
Both series have incredible (psychologically unstable) characters immersed in a dark storyline. The main characters in either are seeking redemption, while fighting to stay alive. In both series you find yourself questioning the decisions of the main characters. A warning though, Elfin Lied has much more gore and some nudity. The nudity usually has a purpose other than fan service or ecchi, but not always. 
report Recommended by Alahue
Both have some kind of tournament, where only one can be the winner and gain a special power. Fate/Zero (and 2nd season) is really serious, while Shaman King is more comical. And Fate/Zero is more violent than Shaman King. 
report Recommended by chaosflame5
If you like one, there is a big chance you will like the other. They are both amazing shows that take their time to get you into their world, but once they do you will be hooked and you wont look back. Protagonists share a lot of similarities, but saying anything more would be a spoiler. These series are epic and thrilling, with an amazing plot and a lot of plot twists. Definite recommendation to check them both if you haven't 
report Recommended by acaCZV6
Both are amazing , wonderful , full of action and excitement. the battle scenes are awesome. The story is just bomb. 
report Recommended by i0kabe_rintar0u
Both are thrillers.Both have numerous interesting and conspicous characters with no defenition of which is the main.Both have a fast pacing with something always happening but with quality dialogues as well.Both have supernatural elements and heroes with sad back stories. 
report Recommended by ElectraHeart6
- Both anime have great animation using digital filter to make it even more beautiful. - The two focus more on dialogues and interaction between the characters than on fights. - Both have a great worldbuilding and story. - Both series have large amounts of information that some people may find boring and others may find it interesting. 
report Recommended by lukinhasholic
Both anime contains candidate for a king. Powerful sidekicks that will guide and help them  
report Recommended by chaoz28
Kiritsugu and the Phantom Thieves want to change the world through their powers (Servants in F/Z and Personas in P5) while opposed by their rivals (Kirei and Akechi/Sae/Law Enforcement) in a dark supernatural setting with actions that deal with certain and questionable morals and what is just and not just. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Main Protagonist are strikingly similar due to their resemblance and the story is dark and light at the same time. Drama is involved not only the main characters but others as well. 
report Recommended by Rikudo14
Both anime revolve around using powerful spirits to fight alongside the characters with a main character who's an anti-hero alongside a character who's always in extremely high danger. 
report Recommended by EmperorMiyamoto
A contest only has one winner and in both series, the ultimate prize is up for grabs. Thus, both series has the battle royal theme featuring characters using their supernatural abilities to win. There is plenty of action in both series and a cast of characters of stark personalities, goals, and ideologies. As episodes progresses, more truth is revealed as drama and dark secrets revealed. While Fate/Zero lacks up romance, it makes it up for its stunning visuals. Both series also contain powerful soundtrack by the talented Yuki Kajiura. Both series are certainly something to remember by.  
report Recommended by Stark700
both anime deal with a master who has a servant with special powers…though the situation is a bit different both anime have a dark atmosphere and show the wicked side of human beings 
report Recommended by KuroYume-96
Both are action based and follow characters with a history and specific goal in mind that they wish to achieve. Both have quite heavy themes. 
report Recommended by RepublicRevolt
Very similar themes of chivalry and what it means to be a hero. Emphasis on souls and powers associated with personality. Story is short but insanely well done. 
report Recommended by ewest1220
If you enjoy watching characters that are based on historical figures then you might like to watch both, also, yeah... there's a coffee in the Holy Grail. NTF is pretty much like F/Z just with mechas. It also had some predictable flat plot flag lines in the series. 
report Recommended by Azraniel
Both anime have similar dark atmospheres, and involve wars taking place in a modern (if not futuristic) setting. Both of them also have visually pleasing animation styles. 
report Recommended by Gabii-Tachibana
Both series revolve around war and have a lot of awesome action scenes. Both contain scenes of thought-provoking dialogue that revolves around characters' different attitudes toward a subject. The characters in both series are composed of a variety of entertaining personalities. To a lesser extent, the characters in both series aren't necessarily good or evil but instead somewhere in between. Legend of the Galactic Heroes does a much better job of portraying its characters neutrally while in Fate/Zero it seems that in general everyone was leaning toward the evil side of the spectrum; they're similar in that neither follow the story of a good protagonist  read more 
report Recommended by Dakk
Fate/Zero and Yugioh GX are considered to be deconstruction of their perspective series even though Fate deconstructed it twice in UBW and HF. Both take a realistic and moral approach on what fictional beings are of and what the consequences are. Fate Zero is more darker than Yugioh GX but GX gets darker until in the later seasons. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
These animes are similar in the idea of calling upon another entity, either servant or stand, to aid in combat. In addition, both Fate/Zero and Jojo have beautiful color palettes, amazing writing, and great music. Not to mention that the action within both animes is phenomenal!Lastly, viewers can really feel engaged watching both animes. The scenarios presented in both animes are well thought out and make a viewer really think about how the event will play out and what tactics the heroes will employ in order to achieve victory.  
report Recommended by flapjack48
The Fate series draws inspiration from mythology around the world while Mo Dao Zu Shi is a dive into Chinese mythology. Both series take their historical inspirations and transforms them into something exciting and explosive. Both shows are excellent stories featuring magic with a dark twist, summoning spirits, spectacular fights, large casts, complex politics, and a universe with extensive lore. Complex character relations involve alliances, betrayal, and conflicts on both small and massive scales. The art styles are both highly polished, and the animations are smooth and dynamic. The character and costume designs are detailed and beautiful. Both shows make use of CGI to enhance the visuals  read more 
report Recommended by whither
Both shows draw a lot of mythology and historical references in a contemporary setting with fictional characters. What both have in common is the use of supernatural powers and spirits. Both are dark but Fate/Zero is depressing and gorier whereas YuGiOh is dark in general. Characters in the series employ intelligence than action by using strategies and other methods to ensure their victory. Every character are ambitious into pursuing what they desire. Also the desire to change the world is one of the aspects both shows have. As for character similarities, Gilgamesh and Kaiba have a lot in common despite being different characters.  
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
-Both animes are about receiving or meeting a third party to supply you with powers to fight in a survival game, and aim to defeat the opposing parties to win the game. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Main characters in both anime need to make a lot of hard choices and abandon everyone and everything to achieve their goal. While Kotarou's and Kirtsugu's personalities are different, their circumstances and way of saving the world is very similar. Both shows are on darker and more depressing side, while not being tearjerkers. 
report Recommended by JustAnotherShiro
These shows feel very alike to me. Not only do they have the same composer (Yuki Kajiura), but they're both war stories told from various perspectives, both heroic and villainous, all of whom have their own agendas and reasons for fighting. The main characters are both fighting for pretty much the same goal i.e. to bring an end to all wars, although personality-wise Madlax is a lot more like Irisviel than Kiritsugu. In my opinion, "Fate/Zero" is much better, though I'd definitely say "Madlax" is worth watching too. 
report Recommended by Joe_Devaney
tanya and kiritsugu are very similar imo, both psychotic, intelligent, pragmatic, sad middle aged man lol though tanya may be a little more umm energetic, if you enjoyed watching one, you should the other. both animu have war and magic 
report Recommended by nobeernolife
Althought these two are from very different genres, they're from the same scenarist (Gen Urobuchi), and they're both a lesson of realism against over-idealistic views.  
report Recommended by hannibalmick
Prequel from a franchise with a more dark and violent story. 
report Recommended by ObscureObsidian
- In Both series the female protagonist is a strong warrior who gets dragged in twisted battles that put her life in danger and must fight to survive. - There is a decent amount of action with story building, a bit of mystery about the main character's past and a background story that connects the characters together. - Both series holds tournaments as part of their story. Eien no Filena also has some subtle romance and theme of dealing with loss of losing loved ones. 
report Recommended by Mikoshiba-san
Similarities: -Lots of screaming -Lots of dying -Both the shows have a protagonist that is involved with assassination. -Both have mother like figures who teach and raise the protagonist. -Really touching story -You will cry a lot. -You will cry a lot. Again Differences: -One has a potential harem while the other doesnt. -Fate/zero has a fantasy genre BASICALLY WATCH BOTH  
report Recommended by Alvin_Abiliuse
Emiya Kiritsugu and Punisher have a lot in common: -90s anti hero -go through lengths to save their loved ones -clash with their partners (Saber and Black Widow) -professional killers with no emotions  
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Both are a darker take on their respective series with realistic themes. What they have in common are pretty much high caliber animation and visuals with better art and character designs. At times I can't help but feel depressing moments in both series. What they have both in common is deconstruction of what it means to be a hero. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
This anime serves as a prequel to "Fate/stay night" and explores the events that led up to the Holy Grail War. Like "Fate/stay night," it features intense battles, complex characters, and themes of morality and justice. 
report Recommended by FAKECROSS97
Both are a darker take of their respective franchises with realistic themes in a real world with fictional elements. Plus they are considered to be a deconstruction except that Fate/Zero takes it in a more mature way than Digimon Tamers. Both are well praised and received from viewers and critics alike.  
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Both are dark stories set off from their main storylines that deal with emotionless and cynical protagonists fighting with evil means for their unjust cause. The difference is FZ is a prequel and CGATE is an interquel. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
-Both are darker prequels of a big franchise. -Both feature more mature characters. -Both MC are cynical and have sad depressing childhood. -Both focus more on building up characters; development, relations, background informations. -Both characters seek a powerful mythical object; Key of the Twilight/Holy Grail. -Both have less action but more well-made dialogues. -Similar music (by Yuki Kajiura). 
report Recommended by Deago
Both series are darker than the previous series and have to do with survival through wars. I found Mikazuki Augus to be the Gundam version of Emiya Kiritsugu plus his Gundam is similar to Berserker as well. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Both have fantastic visuals, soundtrack, art, and character designs as well as adapting some of the best LN in the works but not to the expectations of the fans who thought that the LN is better. The MCs in both shows are OP and does not lose to any of their adversaries. What they have in common is their personality. mindset, strength, and preferred weapon. Magic is the biggest factor in both shows making you think that these two shows are uncanny in terms of similar themes and story. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
If you're a masochist who enjoys consuming nihilistic material, then both of these series will probably be to your liking. 
report Recommended by AmbiguousMonster
These two anime may have different plots, but they have a similarly dark atmosphere and similar themes in their stories. They both focus on the idea of whether or not we need to abandon our humanity to defeat the enemy. They are both filled with action and violence too.  
report Recommended by Genocyberfanboy
Both have thrilling moments that will give u chills Their antagonists are also well written i love their characters tho And most of all my fav is their op and ed songs<3 
report Recommended by naim_nakano
Both have confusing ass stories and gore that can be very impactful to the characters and the story. Nothing feels forced and they both have amazing fight sequences with great choreography. 
report Recommended by UnionRaid
Fate is a battle royale where you can summon great soldiers and kings from the past to help and the winner of the battle royale will get a wish of theirs granted to them. GOH is a martial art tornament where people start to summon gods. and the winner will get a wish of theris granted aswell. GOH is not really good becuase the pacing ruins it, while fates pacing was really good and they did it much better. 
report Recommended by Sanyko20
It's also a dark Death game with lots of tension and fun fight scenes. 
report Recommended by Justice2free_US
The duels have the same aura there is a tactical thinking before engaging, it is not about raw power. With the weapons involved any misstep is lethal. Characters rely on applying the right technique and/or tactics rather than their power level. 
report Recommended by andrewgon
- Both MC must to survive from "battle royale" mode - Both have similar prize (for Fate Zero is Holy Grail and for Platinum End is becoming God) - Both MC have servant - Both have countdown (for Fate Zero is 269 hours, for Platinum End is 999 days - Both show have 2 cours 
report Recommended by BGans
These anime (Code Geass, Shingeki No Kyojin, and Fate/Zero) deal with this one question sacrifice? Does the sacrifice of a certain amount of people's lives, help in making the world a better and nicer place to live in? One thing I learned from these anime, is that if you have a goal in life you have to make plenty of sacrifices. Sometimes those very sacrifices can hurt you deeply but continue moving and marching forward to the dream you have. We should learn from our mistakes but should not despise them, as those mistakes and experiences are what make you right now. As there are  read more 
report Recommended by Rith21
Stories darker and edgier than their respective main series, with some known characters appearing with a new twist on them. The protagonist in either story is someone who was previously only a side-character. Between all the darkness there's a small bit of hope. 
report Recommended by Sveniboy
Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba) and Fate/Zero are both supernatural action-packed dark-fantasy anime series that were produced by the same over-the-top animation studio and shared the same singer for their openings. They also both have a focus on character development plus positive tier characters, and their action scenes featuring supernaturally swords or attacks are stunning, but I’d say that the quality found in Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba) is smooth and fresh while the one found in Fate/Zero is clean and crisp (well, the visuals in Fate exceed in the later parts of the franchise). Overall, Kimetsu no Yaiba  read more 
report Recommended by SurgingSoulZX
Pretty dark and epic, a “Zero” story that serves as the prequel but needs to be watched after finishing the main series for the best experience. Riku and Kiritsugu, the main protagonists from the two stories, are brooding, edgy, and obsessed with the idea of utilitarianism, willing to sacrifice the minority for the sake of the majority and would do anything in order to achieve their goal. 
report Recommended by kizumi91
Literally the alternate timeline to the sequel. Not the same plot but's pretty dang close with the dark aspects of zero and the heaven's feel trilogy. 
report Recommended by KurisuNoba
These anime (Code Geass, Shingeki No Kyojin, and Fate/Zero) deal with this one-question sacrifice? Does the sacrifice of a certain amount of people's lives, help in making the world a better and nicer place to live in? One thing I learned from these anime, is that if you have a goal in life you have to make plenty of sacrifices. Sometimes those very sacrifices can hurt you deeply but continue moving and marching forward to the dream you have. We should learn from our mistakes but should not despise them, as those mistakes and experiences are what make you right now. As there are mistakes,  read more 
report Recommended by Rith21
It's a revenge story, with a protagonist that isnt neccisarily right or wrong. 
report Recommended by Yo_Ghurt
Now now now let me explain the similarities between Nanatsu no taizai and the Fate franchise. Both shows have really similar characters, for example Ban really made me think of Gilgamesh with their greedy personalities and overall chaotic neutral vibe and King made me think of Waver because of their laid back and soft character. Now to the obvious, both shows are centered around wars the holy grail war for Fate and the holy war for Nanatsu no taizai which are about medieval looking dudes fighting against themselves. And last of all both Mcs (Meliodas and Kiritsugu) have profound and sad backstories that lead them  read more 
report Recommended by lysanthrope
Both of them use very realistic approach when it comes to combat, characterization, society, social issues, and violence. Both of them have very realistic use of "magic" in real life. 
report Recommended by Ventus_S
Although these series aren't terribly similar in terms of setting or plot, what links them together is their fights. If you, like myself, believe Fate/Zero to have some of the best fights in all of anime and craved more even after watching other installments in the Fate franchise, Mukou Hadan is the anime for you. Everything about the fights within this movie whether it be the animation, the choreography or even the directing is just as phenomenal, if not more so than Fate. If awesome fights that go above and beyond your typical shounen match are your thing, Mukou Hadan is worth watching.  
report Recommended by Scuff
First of all they both have a similar plot in that both are centered around servival of the best. They both revolve around the characters reciving aid from an ally that is more powerful then themselves.(fate zero is reserected magical super spirit people while beatless is androids with hyber andvanced ai and abilities) they both have a very interesting cast that all have their own objectives and desires out of these events. finally they both have many different interesting and changing relations between each character (for fate both spirits and humans, for beatless both android and human) 
report Recommended by frostydeath
similar in the way that magic is a thing and a large portion of the world knows about it but not everyone can use it but FT world kind of relies on it....still a good show, watch it 
report Recommended by Zukumei
if you loved fate zero based on the knowledge about the each hero background and love to know about the history and what the power he/she have in the past, campione too will be great for another choice, you will be caught off by the epic story among god and their super-existence and their war to each other, cause the campione is a story about bunch of people who fought each other and fighting the god for capturing their power. And all i say both anime represent about the fighting of god. 
report Recommended by the-one-man-show
* Both are darker more violent prequels to (arguably) less interesting anime * Both are stunning both visually and soundtrack wise * Both have been considered to be the best part of their respective series * Both have been regarded as the best anime's of all time 
report Recommended by Zibsidian
These anime are just....sucky. Of course they are both fantastic series, but are set in a fatalistic world that is really really sucky for everyone; breaking free isn't hard, rather it's impossible and laughably futile. The main difference in the nature of their worlds is that at least in Fate/Zero the illusion of hope and light is cast....in Ergo Proxy it is never present at all. The themes and focuses are quite different between the two worlds, but both hold their own as solid watches. Ergo Proxy is more Greek-inspired (see Oedipus) and Fate/Zero is more 19th-century-Germany-inspired (see Nietzsche, Goethe's Faust, The Ring Cycle). 
report Recommended by cam609lee
Fate/Zero has magic and Fullmetal Alchemist has alchemy. Magic and Alchemy aren't exactly the same thing but they are pretty similar. Both shows also have Homunculus. These two shows are also relatively dark and share the themes of war, idealism/morality and Hope.  
report Recommended by NitrogenAA
What I liked about JJK 2nd season was the constant action. A lot of things going on all over the place without really knowing what's going on. Fate Zero is the same.  
report Recommended by Wwwwat
fate zero is a prequel to Fate/stay night, it flashes out some of the past events mentioned in heavens feel and also has a similarly darker tone. 
report Recommended by 1yuri2
These two series are superficially about fighting, pretty much like any other fighting series. But beneath the surface it's much more about character development, finding a purpose and all that.  
report Recommended by txrxgxu
These two action pack anime have a with Battle-royale theme between other powerful warriors that are force to fight to the death. They also have a bunch of tragic characters that must rail against their humanity. These two anime also have plenty of action too. 
report Recommended by Genocyberfanboy
Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha is relatable to Fate/Zero due the main character nature. Kiritsugu resembles, somewhat, this greatest world assassin by also being an skillful person while coming to contracts and "hitman" portfolio. Important to be said that, yet, Fate's mc seems to be more carrying and does have a slightly clearer goal, although, kinda distorted and idealistic unlikely to happen. I don't know much about the "Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha" development but both figures have some serious chaotic neutral alignment, after all, there's hardly any ego traits in their persona, making hard to them being their judges besides using logical reasoning. In the end,  read more 
report Recommended by AlCreed
Fate Zero and Rahxephon have what's in common: -Both have reconstructed elements that were derived from the deconstruction of a certain series (UBW and Evangelion) -Stories that revolve around the war that pits between humans and fictional beings -surprising and unexpected deaths -have both a seemingly positive mood and a more importantly dark mood  
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
Both have a lot of fighting and the blood is pretty awesome. Each have memorable moments that you will find entertaining.  
report Recommended by deathnote2468
Most anime typically concentrates on one point of view, the main character. However, these two anime jumps around to several points of view throughout the main cast. Durarara has several episodes revolving around a different side character while Fate Zero doesn't really have a main character so it hops around between the main cast. Both excel in their characters too, by the way.  
report Recommended by Fujaku
similar visual quality/effects. Fate/Zero brought me to Jormungand. 
report Recommended by sinkershel
Both anime combine great action with great slice-of-life/drama. Both also have superb graphics. 
report Recommended by sora2eugene
Fate/Zero has some sort of spiritual/virtual figures made real which are called Servants, Fantasista Dolls have servants called Fantasista Dolls. Both anime has the character who handles their servants to be referred as "Master". Plus,in both anime, the servants can be called at will. Both anime has their servants fighting for their masters. The difference between them is that Fantasista Doll is more children friendly.. 
report Recommended by Ghrizz
The two arnt similar at all in terms of story, but if you loved the off the wall epic action of one, the other is where you can go to get your next fix. 
report Recommended by lastmann
Epic battles with masters and magical servants are basically what builds the background for both series. The characters are summoned from another world/time to fight in a war until the last one standing in order to achieve some goal.  
report Recommended by flvss99
A lot of drama, suspense, and action involved as well as revelations. Christian references is used in both shows as well. Emiya and Shinji are in a quest which involves similar conclusions as well as bloodshed which will impact their lives forever.  
report Recommended by Rikudo14
Emiya Kiritsugu and Setsuna F Seiei are similar in character, personality, and a desire to achieve world peace by any means necessary (Emiya Kiritsugu-Saber and Holy Grail and Setsuna F. Seiei-Gundam and Celestial Being arm intervention) 
report Recommended by Rikudo14
Power to change the world (servants and gundams), dark tone, suspense, gritty, drama, action, and a full scale battle (holy grail war and armed interventions 
report Recommended by Rikudo14
Both shows are produced by Ufotable and if you saw either one of them, check em out! They both have magic, weaponry, light hearted moments but at the same time dark as well, points that will change the story forever as well, romance, and drama. 
report Recommended by Rikudo14
both characters have tragic pasts, same personality, and fight to achieve goals through bloodshed. both shows have same conclusion, gritty theme, suspense, and dark tone. 
report Recommended by Rikudo14
Emiya Kiritsugu is similar to Heero Yuy as well as Irisviel to Relena. Characters in both shows shed blood for their desires such as peace, greed, etc. Fate Zero however is much more darker and has horror and deals with sorcery and warriors whereas Gundam Wing deals with mecha and a modern tone. There's a sense of pacifism in Fate Zero other than in Wing. 
report Recommended by Rikudo14
It's about 7 heroic spirits with diferent abilitys (7 ghost in 07 Ghost) chosen to fight in the war of the Holy Grail to obtain a power (eye of michael) which grants a miracle (the power), it has action, magic, etc 
report Recommended by kairi07
It may be a stretch to compare these two titles, since Hetalia is so silly and nonsensical while Fate/Zero is so dark and intense; however, both of them are anime that give history lessons while simultaneously entertaining the viewer. While Hetalia involves countries and their history, Fate/Zero (along with its alternative versions) involves various historical figures. 
report Recommended by Gabii-Tachibana
-Both animes are about receiving or meeting a partner (coincidence or not) to fight in a survival game, and aim to defeat the other partnerships to win the game. -The last one standing is granted a wish and/or physical prize. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
-Both animes are about receiving or meeting a partner (coincidence or not) to fight in a survival game, and aim to defeat the other partnerships to win the game. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Both mature shows, there is no good or bad (which is rare in anime) The main characters fight for their ideologies alone and not some general good. Psychological and physical violence present in both.  
report Recommended by Xi__s
Both storylines are dark and bloody. In Higurashi, one is left wondering who is controlling things from behind the scenes, while in the other, one is left wondering about the people's motives. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Magic battles have a big role, in which we get to see several different types of spells and magic users. 
report Recommended by Bocknoi
Both animes are about receiving or meeting a partner (coincidence or not) to fight in a survival game, and aim to defeat the other partnerships to win the game. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
-Both animes are about receiving or meeting a third party to supply you with powers to fight in a game, and aim to defeat the other opposing parties to overcome it.  
report Recommended by MagicFlier
A master serving their servant. They battle other people with similar powers 
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
In some ways, I find both of these series to be similar in which a human and their partner fights to accomplish their ultimate goal. Both series also have plenty of action although involving different themes. 
report Recommended by Stark700
It seems, these absolutely various two serials aren't compatible, but together with infinite fights of heroes these animes force to fall in love with a fascinating anime 
report Recommended by BeautifulSmile
similar atmosphere with intensive battles and explosion. Similar animation style .The characters have extraordinary power. Both series ended with a cliffhanger of an arc to open up for a season 2 
report Recommended by Hanaki_Neko
Sexy Art style and music. 
report Recommended by UnknownDepth
Both shows are dark, suspense, twisted, and light hearted moments but at the same time not happy. Both shows are in the same season format meaning they cover the first half episodes leaving a cliffhanger ending. 
report Recommended by Rikudo14
While very different in story and setting, both are very similar in style. Both have mature, complex stories and characters. Both and very serious and grim in tone, having minimal to no comic relief and absolutely no fanservice.  
report Recommended by VolatileSeraph
If you like Fate/Zero, you may want to enjoy FF because FF and Fate are alike. Both have real life setting embedded with fantasy elements. Dark atmosphere envelops the series with serious characters. Swordplay is one thing that you can expect the most because people are big into swords than just guns which too are in both of them. You can enjoy the rivalry of Kiritsugu/Kirei as similar to Cloud/Sephiroth plus the way the develop throughout the series are the same despite having different backgrounds and backstories. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
The Signers and Masters have whats in common: marks and fictional servants either a monster or a warrior. The Dark Signers Arc is identical to the Holy Grail War due to gathering number of warriors to fight for the ultimate prize and sacrifices are made in order to achieve that certain goal. Catchy dialogues and action pack occur throughout the story that affects the pacing towards the conclusion. The main difference is that 5Ds is shonen but is darker and mature than it's predecessors and its current successor whereas Fate Zero is seinen due to violence.  
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
Both are centered on characters who have different desires (7 magicians and 7 servants) and (Naruto's, Sasuke's point of view and Akatsuki's) that involve conflict regarding wishes and desires that paces throughout the story only to be twisted by certain events that will change the story forever. Fighting in both shows aren't just action packed but methodical and strategical plus it is at the same level. Swordplay and other types of weaponry (mostly long range) are heavily involved.  
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
Another high quality anime with the exception that Ufotable has a more visual and aesthetic look that transcends beyond animation quality. Fate/Zero is as dark as Devil May Cry and it too deals with supernatural elements, monsters, fantasy, weaponry, and action. Both show's pacing are at a similar rate until they reach to the conclusion where everything gets climatic until the very end.  
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
D-Gray Man too like Fate/Zero is dark but the only exception is that it is shounen. Naruto/Bleach/One Piece are hated so it's not worth wasting time on the big 3. D-Gray Man and Fate Zero heavily involves with Western and Catholic themes. Supernatural elements and weaponry are a major part of the story. Yes there are major deaths that occur throughout the story as well as dialogue and moments you won't forget. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
Both are made by Ufotable and the animation quality is at the same level. Fate/Zero is better than TOS because Fate/Zero stays true to it's story but watching TOS is worth it since both the Fate Series and TO Series are highly alike due to magic, swordplay, and fantasy setting. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
1. Magic exists in both worlds, but only certain people can utilise it. The magic in both anime also require some form of sacrifice before the magician can equip it (i.e., tools that civilisation use in Zetsuen no Tempest, magical power in Fate/Zero) 2. The two main male protagonists in both anime seek completely different goals. However, in Zetsuen no Tempest, the two protagonists are friends. Also, all four characters from the respective anime are really intelligent. 3. A lot of planning and plotting are involved in both anime. All the planning and execution are really intriguing and entertaining. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
Both series use a similar system : ♣ with the différents djin equipement for magi ♣ the servant for Fate/zero with différents classes  
report Recommended by Jekfail
They are both about a story of someone betrayed by the world. In Gankutsuou, Edmond is betrayed by his friends and was made to suffer as a result. In Fate/zero, Kiritsugu was betrayed by someone close to him that caused the death of the ones he loved. They both kill and in exchange for their lives set out to change and bring the world that betrayed them back to it's rightful self. Both contain a supernatural element that they use to aide them in their quests. 
report Recommended by MTstriker10
Both have a plot that focuses on changing the world (or the city). 
report Recommended by Maderra
Dark characters... very serious. Not little kid's anime for sure :D 
report Recommended by kratFOZ
This show is also a Type-Moon work. The series both have very strong and profound characters, both have romantic themes, and both have fantastic music. However, Fate/Zero seems to have better animation. 
report Recommended by MetalUpa
Supernatural elements and fantasy setting are alike with the exception that Fate/Zero is seinen as opposed to YuYu Hakusho's shonen theme. Despite all that, fighting may be action packed but at the same time its methodical too as fight progresses.  
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
What is common in both shows=prequel to the main series. It covers both of the main characters past and the events that led to it. Kiritsugu and Kenshin are cold blooded killers who experienced a tragic past even in the show as well only to end up having their lives changed through their loved ones as well as making enemies who will hunt them down. Blood, violence, and gore are seen in both shows and are well animated and written. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
Both anime are similar in a sense that the characters have to use their hands to unleash the power though in both animes the characters are already strong 
report Recommended by Gladeo
Both have people with magic/powers that could lead to disasters They both have some kind of 'family' blood line (Vongola has the vongola blood line, magician blood etc) Fate/Zero has more 'pairing' relationships, whereas Hitman Reborn has a lot more grouping. Fate/Zero has 'Classes' and Hitman Reborn has 'Flames' Overall, they're both great series, noting that Fate/Zero has a bit darker side to it. (Personal opinion: All their openings and ending songs are really great) 
report Recommended by Iflybees
This is also a masterpiece by the same scriptwriter, Urobuchi Gen. It is similar to Madoka in a way that both are twisted. The art is arguably better in Fate/Zero and, most of all, it is, like Madoka, a destroyer of people's opinions. Fate/Zero is actually a prequel to Fate/stay night so naturally, people were not expecting much when Ufotable announced that they would make a prequel anime based on Fate/stay night. And, like how he did with initial Madoka fans, Urobuchi proved them wrong. Go watch it. If you enjoyed Madoka not for the cuteness (actually if you enjoyed it for cuteness you would hate Madoka) then  read more 
report Recommended by MotherOfUltra
Both have an interesting concept of magic, used in pursuit of obtaining something that holds immeasurable power/potential. In Tsubasa Chronicle the items are Sakura's feathers, and in Fate/Zero the item is the Holy Grail. Honour and insanity among the different characters are constantly coming into conflict to bring forth an engaging plot line. I also found that both their OSTs have similar feels/styles. If you like OSTs from one of these animes you'll certainly enjoy the OSTs from the other.  
report Recommended by lunafly
I began watching both series with the same expectation, a bit of simple, somewhat silly, guilty pleasure action. However both series develop a surprising amount of sophistication and intensity that the initial introduction to the theme would not lead you to expect. Both series have regular gripping combat scenes, and despite an initial impression of simplistic personalities, develop very engaging and unique characters. Both these series manage to take seemingly juvenille and cliche concepts to create an engaging and unique story. 
report Recommended by Azeal
Black Bullet somehow reminds me of Fate/Zero Both anime needed a Servant (Fate/Zero)/Partner (Black Bullet) in order to survive and defeat their enemies. As much as "dark" as Fate/Zero they strive to find Justice in a cruel world, not being able to find time to have fun or love they have no choice but to fight to live. One by one they lose people close to them, people who are important to them. And somehow Rentaro reminds me or Saber, because Saber sacrifice a lot of things for her country despite that she's being hated by her own people, Rentaro choose to be feared by  read more 
report Recommended by Chento
It's not a tournament with a wish granted in the. Instead, it is a group of high schoolers forced into a a game where they must kill their opponents, their reward is their freedom, and they too fight to find a way to thwart this fate. 
report Recommended by Mythical_Truth
Both animes consist of characters being forced into a survival/death game. The ones competing in DW fight on their own behalf, however in the fate/zero, those chosen to participate have heroic spirits they summoned to serve as their servants. 
report Recommended by radionoise
Vash and Kiritsugu have horrible pasts which led to to a perilous battle to fight to save the world. Trigun has comedy and seriousness whereas Fate Zero is pure seriousness. Not to mention both have major deaths tolling along making the story even darker than ever. Both have guns as well. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
-Both female main characters have good hearts and a strong, and are some of the awesomest female characters you can find in anime -Both have epic fights -Lots of lead characters and support with good development .Both is a very good anime Different Fate/Zero is darker and have many adult male character . Toaru Railgun have mostly girls.  
report Recommended by EatMee
Story-wise, the Shiki and Fate/Zero aren't all too similar. However, they explore the darker side of human nature, with morally ambiguous characters and no clear answer to who's right and who's wrong. Both series start off slower (*COUGH COUGH F/Z EXPOSITION*) but build steadily towards tense and thrilling climaxes. 
report Recommended by tsukiyo123
Both contain an extreme amount of action and violence. Select group of warriors are chosen to do battle. Very heavy on the 1v1 
report Recommended by Vroknokmen
Dark series where individuals are chosen to fight to get their wishes granted via proxy battles. The question of what it means to win plays a prominent role in both series. Cliffhangers in the finale force you to watch the second cour. 
report Recommended by SaveTheAralSea