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First of all, Alucards voice actors in this series which I didn't know at first and boy there is irony and reminiscene when the character with Alucard's voice appeared. If youve watched Hellsing I reccomend this sooo much butjust for fun the reason why i made this reccomendation was because,which you shuld just skip to for a sneak, of a scene six minutes into EP 8 there was a forest fight scene with the char with Alucards voice that made me just think back at hellsing and fights(nd see such irony).... like using a holy bayonet to block a barrage of bullets...so priestly *hint hint* Episode 11   read more
report Recommended by kUshPandA_ENJOi
The servant to master relationship is a very big part of both shows and each express dark themes and qualities. Alucard's nature and arrogance reminded me a lot of Gilgamesh for some reason as well. Furthermore, the catholic church is a massive part of both series. The characters were all very smart, and some of the tactical plots in both shows were genius and amazingly well executed. Additionally, each show is mostly based off of a war that was detrimental to society and the endings were very similar. I don't want to spoil anything, so I won't say any more, but I will say that   read more
report Recommended by qwedrfs
> the characters are mythical heroes from antiquity which you can only find in legends or true hisorical personalities ( but they still add to it ) and each has an own desire for fighting > the main subject that links the characters is a 'War' - Note : Hellsing Ultimate is much more gory than Fate/Zero and has waaay more action scenes.
report Recommended by LeEliteVy
Both anime are a feast to the eyes. Both have a story line that goes way back and I don't have much to say about it just watch it if you haven't already.
report Recommended by Johan_Liebert_
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