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Both are technical masterpieces--featuring beautifully animated fight sequences, sounds and scores. If you're looking for an amazing action series, look no further than these. Beyond the technical aspects, they are also both quite visceral in nature--raising the question of whether or not we need to abandon our humanity to defeat the enemy, and exploring the consequences of doing so.
report Recommended by linnaes
If epic shounen-y shows with a healthy dose of well-thought out plot, angst-driven characters, and the theme of people battling forces larger than themselves, only to discover that the biggest obstacles are actually themselves, float your boat, then current watchers of this season's mega-epic must not miss (and likely have already watched) Fate/Zero, the only Type-Moon related series to receive a superb adaptation. Toss in epic soundtracks created by two musical titans of the industry (Yuki Kajiura of .hack, Madoka, and SAO-fame, just to reference her most recent works; Hiroyuki Sawano of Sengoku Basara, Guilty Crown, and Gundam Unicorn epicness), and these two will go down   read more
report Recommended by jinkaine
-Both are dark -Have great action and great characters
report Recommended by EatMee
in the sense that it is a dark and intense story with complex characters and high stakes.
report Recommended by FAKECROSS97
Far from your typical fantasy, both settings feature a cynical and often downright cruel setting that has the point of whether it is worth to become ruthless and set aside one's humanity for the greater good. A large and variable cast is featured, that often resort to dishonest means to fight desperate and often pointless battles. There are tragedy elements involved in both shows and both also feature music from two famous and brilliant composers, Kajiura and Sawano.
report Recommended by Krankastel
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