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Both animes are about receiving or meeting a third party to supply you with powers to fight in a survival game, and aim to defeat the other parties to win the game. Both have groups that build bonds over the time they spend together.
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Both are really high quality anime overall. Both deal with a survival competition between people and a lot of mind games and fighting. Watch them, You won't be disappointed
report Recommended by Jimbo_X
Both focus around a group of people fighting each other to obtain a God-like power. They both take place in modern day (more-or-less) and each character is given a special power to help them fight (Zero=Servants/Nikki=Diaries). Fate/Zero is basically a prettier and way less convoluted version of Future Diary.
report Recommended by Melanon
Both anime have a kind of competition of survival and domination. If they win, they'll get something that can change their life and the world.. The characters are given something special to use for the whole competition.. They might die in the competition too.. Both anime have genre of action, drama, fantasy, and good plot twist and character development.. I score both anime 10 (masterpiece)
report Recommended by stream_eon
Like survival? Like action? Like good OST and art? Then, both these series may spark some interest as they share the collected theme of capturing a reward upon winning a battle-royale between other characters. Both series has spectacular soundtrack as well.
report Recommended by Stark700
•both animes are more or less just a bunch of people thrown/expected it to happen, into a game where they will have to battle others until there is 1 winner to obtain enormous power. •both are different in the way they do battle, as in one the actual person/diary has to die, but the other there 'avatar' has to die, to make them lose and not be in the running to be the victor. •both contain fair amounts of great action which motivates the viewer for a particular person to win, and a slight somewhat of romance, to also add a bit of humour. •both animes are different   read more
report Recommended by Lupta
>Both anime have a "battle royale" background, if you live, you win a great power, in the other hand if you die, you lose. >Both have a lot of action, even if they are different in that, Mirai Nikki have a more realistic style (guns, knives etc), Fate/Zero fights are between GDR role (Saber, Archer, Caster, Lancer etc). >I really enjoyed both anime, hope you will have the same fun if you decide to try them ;)
report Recommended by xNihalx
Battle Royale story with top-notch writing and action... though I feel Fate/Zero is better in every aspect EXCEPT the conclusion...where Mirai Nikki is better.
report Recommended by fatmouth7
Morally ambiguous characters fighting to the death for an all powerful prize.
report Recommended by NeoRinTinTin
Both involve a survival game between a group of people aided by a supernatural power in order to win a near omnipotent power. They both feature a large variety of "players" with different motives to win. They both have fantastic, but very different soundtracks.
report Recommended by Varyn
Both series involve characters fighting each other in a survival game and they must fight each other in order to win whether they defeat or even kill each other. Both series can be very dark at times with characters facing difficult situations such as loss and death. Each of the characters in both series have motivations to win and utilize the prize from the victory of the competition. However, within Fate/Zero, there is more emphasis on all of the participants yet in Mirai Nikki, there is more emphasis on Yukiteru and Yuno. There is action within both series, yet Fate/Zero is much more fluent while Mirai Nikki is   read more
report Recommended by Zeal_Seal
They both have a "battle royal" setting where the many different characters fight to the death to gain something such as the holy grail in fate or to become god in Mirai Nikki.
report Recommended by Marifrit
People vs people/kill or be killed concept. Mirai Nikki focuses on the psychological aspect while Fate/Zero is more philosophical.
report Recommended by Zelev
Both animes have similar plot. They focus about death match and strange people that are participating in it. In the Mirai Nikki, characters are fighting to become a god, while in Fate/Zero they are fighting for Holy Grail, which can make any wish come true.
report Recommended by NNMP
Both shows are about a big survival game. One must fight to survive and beat the other parties to win. They both use a third party which aid the main character. One show uses servants and the other simply uses a overly attached yandere. Over time the main groups grow bonds as they fight for survival.
report Recommended by kyle8998
Both encompass a battle royal scenario where people are competing for some grand mythical prize. Both carry mature themes, but the stories for both are interesting. If you liked one, you'll probably like the other.
report Recommended by Hamaneko
If you like battle royale esque anime then these two are for you. However, I think Mirai Nikki is extremely flawed and I urge you to check out Fate/Zero over it.
report Recommended by NoahKujo
''Open world'' battle royal with plenty of characters to love and hate.
report Recommended by jesselentz13
both series have a "hunger games" vibe to it, with the last man standing wins, between a few people
report Recommended by Kazooo
Although I personally wasn't a huge fan of Mirai Nikki, if you were into the battle royale that was Fate/Zero, you might enjoy Mirai Nikki's sometimes dark plot, with some interesting plot twists along the way.
report Recommended by barycentricbash
They are shows with a battle royale setting, fighting to the death with the goal of having one lone winner granted with a seemingly omnipotent reward. The themes explored are of similar nature, a set of mature ones that involved the act of what is right or wrong. High tension and suspense are also similarities that both possessed when it comes to the battles.
report Recommended by OVERPOWERED99
I have to say, watching all the TV shows and movies out there, the premise with a fight to death is definitely compelling. With something to stake, your own life, and an award at the end in order to change your life or even the whole world, you are compelled to the characters as they dance to the tune of the game. Mirai Nikki and Fate/Zero are just that. With the endless action and compelling plot-line, I urge you to watch the other if you liked either one. Let the Battle Royale begin!
report Recommended by BlackRose_1210
both are a batte royale, fate is a lot better
report Recommended by Sanyko20
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