Fate/Zero, Juuni Taisen Recommendations

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Juuni Taisen
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Juuni Taisen
If you like the idea of Battle Royale showdowns involving magic and supernatural powers, then GET READY... for 20-minutes of exposition/waffling, followed by maybe 30-seconds of action. Yeeeeee-haw!
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
- Battle Royale - Survival - Winner will get everything they want
report Recommended by Aori_Fuku
Both are a survival anime, one with heroes fighting to the death, and one with Chinese animals (or something like that) fighting to the death. Both anime have them competing for something that grants any wish they want.
report Recommended by Hodor97
If you like Junni Taisen then you will most likely Fate Zero which is a much better and more deeper with much better characters in comparison. 1. Largely based on the same premise on killing each other in order to be granted a wish 2. Both action animes with dark themes 3. While characters in Junni Taisen are based in fitting on Chinese Zodiac Signs, Fate Zero is based on historical figures fitting in Servant Classes such as Rider, Archer, Saber, Assassin, Caster and Lancer.
report Recommended by Izuru_Kamukura10
These two has a very similar plot - a survival game where people have to kill each other. The one who wins the game may have a wish granted. Of course people dies in both and there are good fights. In my opinion, the characters and the animation are much better in Fate Zero. Still, the plots are really equals.
report Recommended by Ia-san
Plot revolves around characters facing off against each other and the winner gets a wish granted. Quick pace, close combat fight scenes. In Fate characters resemble historical figures and in Juuni Taisen they are based on zodiac signs
report Recommended by claris