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Awesome battles with a very nice and mature history like Fate/zero
report Recommended by ChrnoTodd
Fantasy animes that revolves around knights swords and epic fights.Lead character in both of them is a female knight.
report Recommended by karlotas
Now Claymore is quite underrated but if you enjoyed complexities of the story line, the art style and delving into the world of human actions and emotions than Claymore in my opinion is a must watch. It has intense action with an intriguing plot that ultimately creates a great show. I have been trying to find anime similar to Claymore and this is the closest I have gotten.
report Recommended by friendzonesenpai
“There never was a way out nor a means of salvation.” - Both series are very dark and and quite brutal at times. Likeable characters have a very real chance of dying or facing an even worse fate with evil reigning supreme. Furthermore neither of the two really employs fan-service or annoying comic-relief. (Waver+Rider-scenes in Fate/Zero and some of the scenes with Hellen in Claymore may be somewhat lighter than most of the rest, but neither feel out of character for any involved party and everyone always behaves in appropriate ways for the given situation.) Other than that both series have nice fights (to those of   read more
report Recommended by FJW
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