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Fate/Hellsing = Drifters. Not quite the exact same premise but famous historical figures fighting each other on a death battle.. well you get the idea. Both are action series but Drifters is more action and much less Philosophical and Ideal clashes than the Fate series.
report Recommended by royaldocks
In both anime people from the past/present or future go to an anknow land and time and fight
report Recommended by Regalia96
Both are seinen series with Battle-royale theme between heroes that transported / summoned to different era / places. They share similar theme, but Drifters more gory and brutal while Fate/Zero is more focused on Heroic action for claiming holy grail ..
report Recommended by TKZmine
I recommend Drifters beacuse it also involves the "resurrection"/summoning of important historical figures related to warfare and some of them also use/know magic.
report Recommended by nicolascarmona
The same idea, great warriors from different eras brought together to fight a war.
report Recommended by Dinamicx
If you like historical characters being summoned by magical powers to fight each other, good plot, and a mature history, both, Fate zero and Drifters are a good choice to you
report Recommended by Gintoki3301
Both involve infamous people in the world who were sent somewhere to fight with each other. The fighting scenes are so intense and it makes you say "woooww". the most exciting thing is when you can learn a little about the history from them. It includes for all fate series btw
report Recommended by Chan_Chun
- both shows are centered around historical figures who are summoned in the same time so they could fight in battle that could change the fate of the world.
report Recommended by Nikiforova
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